Making My Niece Cry Uncle Ch. 03


I knew that after coming in my niece’s mouth, I wouldn’t be ready to go again for awhile. It was her turn to come anyway, so I instructed her to lie on her back and get comfortable. I didn’t want to let her out of my arms, but I knew that it wouldn’t be long before she was back in them.

Kristie put a pillow under her head and crossed her ankles, almost chastely. It occurred to me that I still hadn’t really seen her pussy, but that would soon change, too. As I looked down over the swell of her breasts and the concavity of her stomach, leading to the thin, blond strip of pubic hair, I wanted to ravage her amazing body. My hands were trembling a little, even though my recently spent cock was unable to respond.

Rather than plunder her, I decided that I would treat her like the most delicate piece of fine china. I was lying on her right side, but I started with her full lips, moving down to her chin. I began to lightly kiss the line of her jaw, following it to her ear which I gently sucked between my lips as I blew softly into it. I was pleased to see her eyelashes flutter and color rise to her face.

I gently kissed my way along her neck to her collarbone. Moistening my lips, I let them drag along her clavicle, then softly dragged my teeth across her breastbone and did the same to the other side. I began to kiss my way toward her nipples, and felt her chest rise up to meet me. Her breath was coming faster, but I forced myself to take even more time. Before I got to her nipple I moved back to her right side and wetly kissed my way down that breast. Again, I stopped before I reached her nipple, but I was close enough that I was sure she could feel my breath against it as I forced myself to go back up and kiss her shoulder.

From there, I worked my way with more wet kisses to her elbow. Her arm was close enough to her body that my hair was brushing over her breast as I moved and her breathing was still fast and shallow. I licked the inside of her elbow with the tip of my tongue as I gently bent her arm up toward me. I kissed the tip of each of her fingers and ran my tongue around them, then licked my way across her palm, following her life-line to her wrist, which I lightly nibbled on.

Her ankles were uncrossed, I noticed, and her hips were moving slightly up and down. Rather than kiss my way back up her arm, I moved my head so that it was over her stomach. Supporting my weight on my left arm, I let my right hand trace circles on the outside of her thigh as my mouth made its way along the bottom of her rib cage from right to left. Her body jerked a couple of times, though whether from pleasure or ticklishness, I couldn’t tell. I saw that her left hand was twisted in the sheets, gripping and releasing over and over. I glanced up at her face and saw her watching me with that lustful look that I’d bursa eskort bayan seen earlier.

I moved my mouth along her breastbone, my right hand moving up to her hip and making soft circles on the smooth skin between her hips and the landing strip of blond hair that led to her pussy. I could smell her arousal now, and the odor was definitely causing my body to react, too. I almost couldn’t believe it as I felt my cock started rising again.

I licked and nibbled my way down her right breast to her nipple, pausing for just a moment before eagerly sucking the small bud into my mouth.

“Oh, God,” Kristie moaned. Her breathing was ragged as I flicked her nipple with my tongue while sucking on her. Her hands both went up to twist in her hair. Her eyes were shut and what looked like concentration was etched on her face.

My right hand moved up and under my body, gently pulling on her nipple as I released it from my mouth. I moved to the other side of her body and repeated my ministrations on her other nipple. A low moan escaped her lips as I drew her breast deeply into my mouth. My hand left her nipple and tenderly squeezed her firm, young breast.

I moved my body over hers, inching my way down with more gentle tugs of my teeth and the increasingly urgent movements of my lips and tongue. Her legs parted to let mine between them. I was careful not to touch her pussy with any part of my body as I my mouth drew toward it like iron filings to a magnet.

I realized that I needed to catch my breath or I knew that I would go far faster than I wanted to. I wanted this moment to stretch out — to never have to stop enjoying the wonders of my beautiful niece’s body — so I knelt between her parted legs, looking at a body that was flawless.

My niece’s breasts heaved with her breathing, her hips still flexed with the need in her body, and her hands were still wound into her golden hair. I noticed all of those things in a fraction of a second then my eyes were drawn to her vagina.

Kristie’s legs were spread, pulling her outer lips aside and exposing the gentle pink rose petals that were opening as she became more and more aroused. Her clit, a tiny, little nub crying to be licked, was exposed just below the strip of her light pubic hair. I reached back and put my hands on her ankles and started rubbing my way slowly up her legs. My eyes never left her body, which continued to react as my hands moved up her legs.

I drew a tattered breath, trying to calm down my own body’s reaction then gently lifted her left leg. I pulled it up to my mouth and started using my lips, tongue and teeth as I began at her calf and made my way across the back of her knee. Gently scraping the sensitive skin behind her knee with my teeth produced a noise from my niece that sounded almost like bursa merkez escort a kitten’s mewling — but it was obviously a sound of pleasure.

Setting her left leg gently on the bed, I followed the same routine with her right. My teeth didn’t produce the same reaction, but her hips flexed upward and I saw that her pussy was now glistening with moisture. Her breath was a loud, steady pulse.

Rather than putting her right leg down, I continued to hold it up as I let my mouth trail along her thigh, headed for her sex. Using the lightest touch I could, I let my teeth nibble along the tendon on her inner thigh. My tongue licked the small area between her pussy and thigh, but I was careful not to touch even the outer lips of her vagina.

Leaving my face where it was, just millimeters from her glistening sex, I lowered her right leg to the bed then lifted her left leg again. Using most of my willpower, I pulled myself away from her pussy and tenderly used my mouth to trace the line from her pussy to her left knee.

“Oh my God, Uncle Mike, you’re driving me crazy!”

I couldn’t help my smile. I doubt that any man has so little vanity that he wouldn’t want to hear a beautiful woman tell him that he’s arousing her. I put her left leg back on the bed and my eyes widened as she pulled her legs further apart.

I traced a line from each of her knees to her pussy with the fingers of each hand. When my fingers were almost to her pussy, I softly moved them up and onto the pronounced bones of her hips. I heard a note of frustration, or maybe desperation, in a moan from my niece, but in letting my hands move so far up her body, I was pulling my mouth closer to her vagina. My hands moved up together over her flat stomach and the lines of her ribs to gently grasp her breasts.

As I started to gently squeeze with my hands, I blew warmly across her clitoris. Her body almost jumped at the sensation. Kristie’s pussy was damp with her juices and her smell was intoxicating. I couldn’t resist any longer and I allowed the tip of my tongue to flicker across her clitoris.

“Oh, oh, God,” she squealed, moving her hips up to me again. “Oh yes, oh please.”

I stopped myself for the briefest of seconds to get my hands back down where I could get them into the action then began licking my way along her outer lips. Her juices were flowing enough that I could taste her, a mixture of sweet nectar with the barest hint of saltiness. It was all I could do to keep myself from driving my tongue into her as soon as I had my first taste of her pussy.

Instead, I used the fingers of one hand to lightly trace her outer lips and I licked my way around the outer edge of her hole. My nose brushed her clit as I licked my way around her and her body jumped again.

I bursa sınırsız escort bayan couldn’t take any more waiting; I had to taste her as deeply as I could. Without warning, I used my fingers to spread her lips even further and drove my tongue into her. Kristie emitted a series of wordless grunts as my tongue plumbed her depths, flicking against the sides of her pussy. The succulent taste and heady aroma were overpowering my senses. My brain went into autopilot, but my niece was so close to orgasm that I didn’t have to work much to draw her over the edge.

Two fingers replaced my tongue in her cunt, my fingers caressing the upper walls of her pussy. My tongue moved up to her clitoris, moving over it with broad licks interspersed with flicks of the tip of my tongue. Kristie’s hands were squeezing her breasts and pulling her nipples as I continued to work on her pussy.

Her wordless moans continued as her hips bucked against my mouth. When her moans became even more frenzied, I knew that her orgasm was very close. My fingers, slightly curled, picked up the pace and I pulled her clit into my mouth, sucking on it as my tongue continued to circle it.

“Oh God!” Kristie shouted, her hands reaching down to hold my head against her quivering pussy. “Now! Now! God, oh God, oh yes!”

Her body, bucked, but I managed to keep my mouth on her clit as she fucked my fingers. Her juices flowed out over my hand as she screamed wordlessly. I kept my mouth and fingers moving until her body began to slow, then I slowed the movement of my fingers and tongue.

Her body continued to shudder with the aftershocks of her orgasm for half a minute or so then I felt her hands gently pushing against my head. I lifted my mouth off of her and pulled my fingers slowly from her dripping pussy.

I gently kissed her stomach as I took my place back beside her on the bed. Her eyes were closed, but I could see them moving behind her eyelids.

“Holy shit. I never knew,” she muttered.

I smiled to myself, more proud than I should have been, since I was the first guy to do that to her, but what the hell. I still had it.

She opened her eyes, her face turning to me as the flush of her orgasm left it. “I mean, I’ve had orgasms before, but they were like- God, I don’t know.” Suddenly her face flushed again as she blushed. She looked down at my chest as she continued, “I only came once with Eric, and I’ve come by myself. But, God, that was something else. I think my mind shut down for awhile there.”

She chuckled and I joined her. I was feeling better than I had in a very long time. She rolled onto her side, throwing her leg over me and snuggling into my arms.

“I need to rest a little, is that okay?” She asked. I must have given her a puzzled look, because she said, “I really want you to make love to me, if you want to.”

“Of course I want to! Are you sure that you want to?”

“Definitely. Just give me a few minutes.”

As I looked down at her, cuddled in my arms, my only hope was that she wouldn’t want to rest for too long. I couldn’t wait to feel my cock ensconced in the warmth of her pussy.

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