Man of the House Ch. 03

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I rushed in the door and found Mom standing in the living room with her head in her hands. She whimpered softly and didn’t look up when I approached her. I put my hands gently on her shoulders and directed her to the couch, sitting her down. I nodded towards the stairs, and Cassandra took the hint, sneaking upstairs to get changed.

“What’s wrong, Mom?” I asked. “Did something happen?”

Mom put her head against my chest and cried. “I… I just… I couldn’t do it. I was finally going to get over him, but then… I saw the pictures and I couldn’t move on. I called the guy and canceled our date and…” She trailed off with another barrage of wet sobbing.

“Hey, slow down,” I said. “You mean you’re still not over Dad? Do you want to talk about it?”

She looked up at me, eyes foggy and tear-filled. “You look so much like him. Your nose. Your hair. Your body. Even your smell, God. It’s all him.” She leaned into my chest again and took a deep whiff of my scent, seeming to melt into me. Her tits pushed against my arm. They were even bigger than Cassandra’s, touched up and perfected for the modeling industry.

“Um, I guess so,” I said, laughing uncomfortably. “I’m sorry about your date, Mom. Listen, how about me, you and Cassandra go out for a movie or something. It’ll help take your mind off things.”

She seemed amenable to the idea. Cassandra came down wearing denim shorts and a crop top that showed the bottom of her boobs when she lifted her arms. The silver necklace Mom had given her was nestled in her cleavage. She gave me a defiant look, daring me to say something. I just shrugged in exasperation.

‘This family is a mess,’ I thought. ‘I guess I’ll be the one to keep it together.’

All three of us went to the movies together. Cassandra and Mom colluded and finally decided on watching the romantic comedy ‘Back with my Ex?’, which only made me want to die a little bit inside.

Cassandra insisted on sitting nestled up against me in the theater, hugging my arm with her head resting on my shoulder. Mom didn’t seem to notice. She had snuck vodka into her soda and sipped on her drink like a toddler suckling at a breast.

As soon as the lights dimmed and the room went dark, my sister sprung into action. Like a cat, she slid down so that she hovered over my lap and undid my pants. I glared at her, but I could hardly make out her outline in the weak reflected light of the screen. Luckily, Mom was completely focused on the movie and didn’t notice her kids’ frisky behavior.

‘This kid. I swear she does this just to get back at me.’

Cassandra pulled out my cock and kissed all along my shaft and head to get me hard. She stroked it, running her tongue along the back of my cock head.

Just as I was getting into it, she bit down on my shaft and almost made me cry out. I had to bite my lip, body going stiff as I held back a shout. I glanced over at mom, but against she seemed to be too preoccupied to notice. Cassandra smiled up at me, and I gave her the middle finger, but she didn’t seem to pay that any mind.

She dove right back down, wrapping her lips around my member and squirming her tongue around my tip. She slid her mouth up and down my cock, dragging her lips. It was extremely pleasurable, which made it hard to sit still properly. I had to grab the seat’s armrests in a white-knuckled hold as my sister sucked me off.

She was being uncomfortably loud, smacking and slurping at my long, hard member. Luckily, the movie played over most of it, but if Mom was astute she could have picked up on it. Maybe she was angry at me for taking Mom out. I don’t see how I could have acted differently, considering it seemed like she was on the edge of a proper breakdown.

Cassandra used her teeth a bit more than I would have liked, letting them scrape against the bottom of my dick. She seemed to get a kick out of torturing me. It reached a point where I’d had enough, and I grabbed her hair with both hands and started thrusting into her properly. This forced her jaw escort bursa to widen to its absolute point, and my dick hit the back of her throat as she gagged and drooled.

I finished in her mouth. Not excited at the prospect of a messy cleanup, I made her lick up every single drop of cum before swallowing. She slid back into her own seat with a final squeeze of my crotch, and not long after the movie wrapped up with the main protagonist realizing his faults and going back to his ex. Mom cried big bear tears and I offered her a napkin.

Mom seemed happier once we got out of the movie theater, if more than a little drunk. We got dinner at a nearby dive and took the bus home. I had to help Mom in places as her footing was a little unsure, and several times her tits were pushed up against me, uncomfortably close to falling out completely.

When we got in the house, I had Cassandra put Mom to bed while I cleaned up the mess in the yard and boarded up the broken window with some cardboard.

I got back in and Cassandra had come downstairs. We embraced in the hall, and she pulled me down for a kiss.

“You promise you actually want me?” she asked. A bit of her characteristic snideness had been replaced with genuine uncertainty.

“I promise,” I said. “I can’t really explain it, but it feels… good, being with you.”

She grinned. “Good. Up for another round, then?” She tugged at my crotch.

“I’ve still not forgiven you for earlier,” I said. “We’re gonna have to work on your attitude, Sis.”

She pouted, but let herself be led upstairs. We both slept in my bed that night. She snuggled up against me and fell asleep within minutes, but I was awake for longer, staring at the ceiling with one arm on one of my sister’s heavy tits and the other behind my head.

I had meant it. I really did hope things would work out with Cassandra. It was an unusual arrangement, to say the least, but one I felt I needed. There was no posturing with her. No honeymoon period of getting to know her before the inevitable falling out. I knew everything about her, and she knew everything about me. We’d loved each other since we were kids, it was just deeper now.

“You think too much,” Cassandra whispered in my ear. She bit my earlobe. “Sleep with me.”

I chuckled and closed my eyes after a long day.


My alarm didn’t wake me up that morning. I was surprised to rouse from my sleep at the sound of the doorbell. The Alister family didn’t have many friends.

I untangled myself from Cassandra’s splayed arms and legs and jumped into some clothes, a pair of slacks and a baggy t-shirt. All the while, the insistent ringing spurred me on.

‘Must be something important,’ I thought as I went down the stairs two steps at a time.

I opened the door. There stood a tall, stately man in a suit with messy but stylish hair that tumbled in perfect, black curls. He wore a bright smile, hands in his pockets. Behind him on the curb stood a shiny silver car that must have cost a fortune.

“Andrew,” he said. “You must be the man of the house. May I come in?”

He didn’t wait for an answer. He pushed past me into the house, wandering around the kitchen. He opened the cupboard under the sink and threw away his gum.

“Who are you, exactly?” I asked. I followed him as he walked into the living room, watching him with my hands on my hips.

Andrew turned to me and smiled. “Oh, I’m very sorry. I get a little caught up sometimes. I’m looking for Tessa. She’s your…”

“Mother,” I completed.

Andrew nodded. “I see. You have her eyes, I can tell. Is she in the house? I would very much like to talk to her.”

I gave Andrew a once-over. He seemed nice enough, but I could put two and two together. He was probably the man Mom had agreed to go on a date with, only to reject. Knowing her, she probably didn’t have the mental faculties to deal with an awkward situation like this.

“Actually, she’s not in,” I answered with a manufactured bursa merkez eskort smile. “She slept over at a friend’s house. Maybe you could catch her some other day.”

Andrew took his hands out of his pockets and placed them on the leather couch’s backrest. “I see. I’ll have to try again later, then. I’m sorry for barging into your home and taking up your time. I’ll be on my way, then.”

I shrugged. “I could brew you up a cup of coffee if you want.”

“Nah,” he said. “Not much of a coffee drinker. Do you think I could borrow the bathroom before I go?”


I waited patiently while he was in the bathroom, then saw him off.

“When you see your mother, tell her I said hi,” Andrew said as he opened the door.

“I will.”

Andrew left. I watched as he crossed the lawn and entered his car. I kept an eye on him until he drove around a corner and disappeared from my view. I shivered. There was something about that man which put me on edge.

I made myself breakfast and ate in silence while I pondered the appearance of this strange man. Cassandra came down and stole half my food.

“I really ought to teach you some respect,” I said, sipping my coffee.

Cassandra stuck out her tongue. “Come here and punish me then, Big Brother.” She bent over the kitchen counter, sticking that huge ass out at me. Her skirt rode up high, leaving none of her round ass cheeks to the imagination.

She sure knew how to get my blood boiling. I wiped my mouth and rolled up my shirt sleeves. I stood and walked up to her, ready to give her a well-deserved spanking.

Just then Mom walked into the kitchen, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. Cassandra shot up straight, pulling down her skirt, while I diverted my path to the fridge and got some more milk for my coffee instead.

“Morning, Mom,” I said, heart about to thump its way out of my chest. That had been too close. I couldn’t even imagine what Mom would do if she found out what was going on between me and Cassandra.

“Was someone at the door?” she asked, pouring herself a cup of coffee from the kettle I’d brewed.

“Uh, yeah,” I said. “Just some salesman. I sent him away.”

Mom seemed to buy that answer.

My week continued in a predictable manner. I worked, I went to the gym, I got home to make dinner for the family and to rest. The added benefit was that I had Cassandra around to pleasure me, but as the days went on she was starting to get on my nerves. She seemed to do everything she could to annoy me. She left her mess around the house even more than she used to, empty food wrappings and clothes strewn about. Maybe she had ‘attempted’ to be cleaner before we got together, as a way to impress me, and simply gave up on any pretense of cleanliness now that she had me.

She would also do an intentionally bad job while sucking me off like she had done in the movie theater. She would bite down on my dick occasionally, and when I came she would spit most of it out with a disgusted facial expression. I knew that she could do better than that. She was a clever girl, and I’d seen her gentle side, which meant that she was doing it for kicks.

On Friday I got home after a long workout to find the house a mess. Someone had spilled soda all over the kitchen floor, and a half-hearted attempt to clean it had only resulted in spreading out the sticky substance. Piles of clothes lay strewn across the couch, making it nearly impossible to sit in without moving the mountain of used fabric.

The new TV I’d bought with some of the few scraps of money I had saved up was blaring, wasting power with no one watching it. I switched it off, grinding my teeth.

I’d had enough. If my sister was trying to rile me up, she had succeeded. I stomped up the stairs and threw open the door to Cassandra’s room. She was on her bed, playing some video game with half a joint glowing on a tray next to her, diffusing a trail of faintly smelling smoke.

I didn’t say anything. bursa sınırsız escort I just grabbed my sister by the hair and pulled her off the bed. She let out a surprised squeal. I dragged her downstairs, ignoring her pleas and attempts to fight me off. I threw her on her hands and knees in the kitchen. I got a dish rag, wet it, and threw it down next to her.

“There,” I said. “Start by cleaning that up.”

“Fuck you, Buddy,” she said, trying to stand up.

I put a foot against the back of her head and pushed her back down against the floor.

“I’m not asking. I’m tired of your fucking nonsense. Clean this up to start with, unless you want things to get worse for you.”

“Fine, fine.” Cassandra grabbed the dish rag and started scrubbing the floor in a lackluster manner. “Hitler over here.”

“I don’t expect much of you,” I said. “If you could just clean up after yourself and avoid making the house look like a bomb shelter, none of this would be necessary.”

I watched patiently as Cassandra cleaned up the floor, not once taking my foot off her head. I’d had enough of treating her like a gentle little princess when she didn’t seem interested to give anything in return. Once she was done with the floor, I pulled her up again.

I took her to the living room and made her clean up all the mess she’d made. She moaned and complained the whole time, but I was past caring. Once she was done, I sat down on the couch and switched on the TV just to relax.

“Good,” I said. “Now get started on dinner. You’re at home most days, anyway, so I’ll expect you to start cooking.”

“This is so unfair!” Cassandra said. “I have work too, you know. I won’t pass my classes if I’m stuck doing shit for your lazy ass all day.”

I gave her a single, dark look. I didn’t say anything, but she seemed to understand quite well what that look meant. She trailed off, backing away a step. I stood and followed her. She continued backing away until she hit against the kitchen table. I grabbed her arm and flipped her around, pressing her head down against the tabletop cheek first while pulling her ass up into the air.

“Listen, Jake,” she said. “Why don’t we talk about this, huh? I can be reasonable. How about we do every other day, and I clean on Sundays?”

I rolled up my sleeves.

“Wednesdays and Sundays!” she cried.

I pulled up her skirt over her waist so her bare ass cheeks were exposed to the air, separated only by a thin lace thong. I slapped her ass with the flat of my palm, drawing a pained gasp from my sister.

“Stop! Don’t do that!”

I continued spanking her. The sound probably traveled up to Mom’s bedroom, but at that moment I didn’t care. After a while Cassandra stopped protesting, reduced to a sobbing, shaking mess. Her ass was red and bruised.

I stopped and beheld my work. I had to catch my breath for a few seconds. I had gotten a bit carried away–I shouldn’t have been so hard on her.

To my surprise, once I let her up off the table she turned around and hugged me. She closed me in a tight embrace, sobbing against my chest. I stroked her hair, letting my fingers search through the gentle waves of her silken tumbles.

“It’s alright, Sis,” I said. “It’s over now. You’re okay.”

“It was scary.”

I kissed her head. “I know. But you needed it.”

Afterwards, Cassandra made dinner for us. Her pasta bolognese wasn’t particularly impressive, considering that she’d never been very interested in cooking, but I could tell that she’d tried her best. After our meal, we settled in front of the TV to rest, and I threw a blanket over my sister to keep her warm.

She looked up at me with those big, blue eyes, and my heart jumped with how beautiful she was.

“So, what happens if I defy you from now on?” she asked. “Will you… spank me again?”

“If I need to,” I said. I squeezed her butt for emphasis. “As long as you do what I expect of you, I won’t.”

She bit her lip. “Hmm… Kind of makes a girl want to be bad.”

I just chuckled and returned to watching the TV, hugging her a little closer. As accomplishments went, getting my sister to bend to my will, even temporarily, had to be up there. It was the kind of thing that actually made me feel like a man.

‘I’m kind of hoping she’ll be bad, too,’ I thought.

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