Mandy and Dixon

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BIG FUCKING DISCLAIMER: Some people thought my tone was a bit dickish in this disclaimer, so please bear in mind that that’s not my intention.
First: this story is COMPLETELY FUCKING HORRIBLE (although, I hope, not horribly written). The cruel and disgusting acts of Mandy’s two previous adventures seem like BEDTIME CUDDLES compared to this story. Even if you REALLY ENJOYED the previous entries, this one might still be a bit too much. SPECIFICALLY: there is a SHITLOAD of … erm … well, SHIT in this story. This story, despite having many other themes and tags, is primarily a SCAT story. If you browsed in here for another tag, please bear in mind that all of those elements will be hard to enjoy if you’re turned off by the scat parts.
Second, this is a work of FICTION, and I in no way condone ACTUALLY DOING any of these things! The people who made Die Hard aren’t bank robbers in real life, it’s JUST A STORY.

So, if you’re a connoisseur of utterly disgusting, depraved, mind-blowing filth, come with me and enjoy:

Mandy and Dixon

Mandy swallowed the last of her bowl of dog food, choking slightly. Dixon, her German Shepherd, sat quietly licking himself in the corner of the unfinished, dimly-lit basement. Mandy’s tiny cunt still oozed with her dog’s cum from her pre-breakfast fucking, and she reached around to scoop some of the watery semen onto her hand before licking it clean and repeating the process. It had been at least a week, but she still held out hope that her daddy might come downstairs to fuck her, and she wanted her cunt to stay clean.

She hadn’t seen her daddy since that last, brutal fucking, the day after her encounter in the woods. After dragging her home, he had cleaned her off in a scalding hot shower and tossed her into the dark basement for what seemed like forever. The next day, he had come downstairs with his belt in one hand, a bottle of tabasco sauce in the other, and a bucket.

Her daddy had pissed and shit into the bucket, then told her to do the same. He left her alone again for a few hours, coming back smelling of beer and medicine, and emptying a full bladder and a strained bowel into the bucket. He came down twice more, each time spraying even more piss into the rapidly-filling bucket, and shitting what little he had left in him.

When it was full, he had forced her onto all fours, and shoved her head into the putrid miasma. She threw up immediately, uncontrollably, but knew that she had to be a good girl if she wanted her daddy to love her again. So she took a big gulp of the thick, stinking sewage, prepared to raise her head and show her daddy that she could swallow it.

But when she tried, she felt his hand on the back of her head, holding her under. She did swallow, but reflexively, in a panic, as she tried to pull her head up. Without warning or lubrication, she felt his cock slam into her ass. She was barely four feet tall, and his cock felt like it was about to come out of her mouth with each thrust.

She tried to stay calm as he pounded in and out of her, but she couldn’t breathe, and she could feel her asshole tearing with each merciless thrust. Suddenly, she felt the belt crack against her ass cheek, then her back. She felt something enter her cunt and realized, in horror, that it was the open bottle of hot sauce – a plastic bottle, which he squeezed into her cunt.

She opened her mouth to scream into the bucket full of shit in which she was drowning, and accidentally inhaled a lungful of the mixture. She coughed violently, vomiting more in the process, but her daddy kept slamming his cock into her ravaged asshole, kept cracking his belt with all his might across her sides and ass. She felt herself losing consciousness, but her daddy gripped her hair and pulled her face just above the surface of the foul muck, holding her there. She coughed for almost a full minute, and as she caught her breath, she felt her daddy’s hand reach up, over the back of her head to her face. As he continued to relentlessly pound his cock into her ass, which she could feel had become at least somewhat lubricated with her own blood and shit, his fingers reached her eyelids, and pulled them open – before he forced her head back under the thick soup of shit, piss, and vomit.

She could no longer separate the pain into its individual sources – the bleeding welts from the belt and the torn sphincter muscles and intestinal wall and the raging, out-of-control flaming pain in her cunt and eyes mingled into the tightness she felt as she lost control of her lungs and began breathing the shit-mixture in and out. Her entire body was pain, and she could feel herself succumbing to a numbness and darkness which seemed about to swallow her whole.

She had awoken, in more pain than she had ever imagined possible, to find that she had been washed clean, the bucket apparently poured down the drain in the center of the basement floor. Dixon, her dog, a solid hundred pounds of fur and muscle, had been put into the basement with her, with a note pinned to his collar. It read, simply: “Keep the floor clean – Daddy”.

That had been a week ago, she thought, although she wasn’t sure. The only light was a 100-watt bare bulb shining day and night in the dirty basement, and she had only slept when she couldn’t physically stay awake anymore. Sometimes she thought about her friend Jenna, and the rest of her sixth-grade classmates, and wondered if they missed her as much as she missed them. But she missed her daddy the most, and thought about him more than anyone.

An hour after she had woken up, Dixon had mounted her for the first time, unexpectedly. She knew that her dog was a boy dog, of course, but she had never thought about the fact that this meant he would fuck other dogs, much less herself. She struggled to get away, but the dog outweighed her already, and after her rape in the woods and her father’s utter, excruciatingly thorough destruction of her body, she simply couldn’t resist the animal.

Her cunt still burned somewhat from the tabasco, and her asshole ached with a deep, unyielding pain; both of these dull torments spiked into pillars of agony each time the dog thrust its massive, slippery cock into her tiny pussy. His paws scratched and scrabbled against her, each tiny contact igniting a wildfire of pain across the dozens of gashes left by her father’s belt.

Her daddy’s relentless obliteration of her asshole had been more physically güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri painful, but nothing in her life had ever made her feel more worthless and alone. The dog pinned her in place and fucked her, on and on, jackhammering into her, as she tried not to cry. She thought about the boys in the woods, and how she had betrayed her daddy, and how she knew she didn’t even deserve to be fucked by an animal, much less her daddy. When she felt her pussy fill with the dog’s hot cum, she felt like she had been hollowed out and filled with salt, every tissue in her cunt screaming out in searing pain. As she pulled away, however, she was struck by another jolt of agony – the animal’s knot had lodged itself immovably inside her, and she finally gave in, crying uncontrollably as Dixon yanked her off her knees as he lay down, oblivious to her misery.

She woke up again to a familiar sensation, but an unfamiliar taste. Dixon, eager to mark his territory, was pissing on her face. Remembering her daddy’s note, she quickly opened her mouth and began swallowing, desperate to keep the floor from getting dirty. The taste was horrible beyond words – she had been drinking her daddy’s piss for as long as she could remember, and even at its worst it had never come close to the disgusting flavor of dog urine.

When Dixon was done, he padded into a corner and lay down, licking himself. Mandy sat up and examined the floor – while she had been passed out, Dixon’s cum had leaked out and dried in a surprisingly large puddle, and much of his piss had splashed onto and around her face. Resolved to obey her daddy, crawled to the cum-puddle and went to work to cleaning the mess with her tongue – but it was too late.

She didn’t know how her daddy was watching her, but the basement door slammed open and he stormed down the stairs. He swung his right leg back and kicked her in the belly, hard. Wracked with pain inside and out, her vision swam as he forced her face into the puddle and dragged it back and forth, coating her in sticky dog cum and scratching open the side of her cheek. He grabbed her by the throat, slapped her scraped and bleeding cheek as hard as he could and tossed her against the wall.

She had watched, sobbing, as he mopped up mess with a towel. Before he left, he simply pointed to the floor, and to the note which Dixon still wore on his collar.

After that, she had known she needed to be more careful. She crawled over to where Dixon was laying and put her mouth on his cock, just in case, until it occurred to her that since the dog had already pissed, she had a more pressing mess on its way. Still crying, but quieter, now, she moved her head around and clamped her mouth onto the dog’s anus, determined not to let a single piece of shit touch the floor.

She had doubted herself immediately – the dog’s first fart had made her vomit, and she’d desperately licked the floor clean of the bitter stomach acid. The first bowl of dog food was already at the bottom of the stairs, somehow – her daddy must have left it there on his way back up. Crawling on all fours beside Dixon, she had begun the twice-daily routine of desperately eating as much as she could before Dixon finished the entire bowl of wet, brown, foul-tasting meat. She shoved her face into the bowl alongside her dog’s, never once trying to use her hands – she knew that if her daddy had given her dog food, she didn’t deserve to eat it like a person.

When the food was gone, she dutifully followed Dixon from behind, staring at his asshole, trying to mentally prepare herself. She had eaten plenty of shit during her short life – and every time had been a struggle. If Dixon’s piss had been anything to go by, she knew she’d need to try her hardest if she wanted to do as her daddy had told her.

She crawled around after him for hours before the moment finally came, and she knew instantly that she could never have prepared herself. The odor alone triggered her gag reflex, and she had to force down a primal urge to turn away as the dog crouched on its hind legs and began to extrude a stinking, light-brown log.

But Mandy loved her daddy, and she would do anything to see him again, to feel his hand on her skin and his kiss on her cheek. So she lay on her back under the distracted animal, and opened her mouth.

The taste was unimaginable. She vomited instantly, half-digested dog food spraying around the turd onto her face and into her eyes. Panicked, she realized that the dog was pissing, as well – but in a moment of inspiration, she pulled her long, thick hair out from under her and used it to soak up the piss, wiping some of the vomit from the floor in the process. She turned her attention back to the feces – the dog had pushed out two further logs onto her face, and she held them in place with her hands as she began to chew the first piece of dog shit in her mouth.

Each time her teeth opened it further, she vomited at least a little. She swallowed a large piece early on, but spent several minutes retching and throwing it back up. Terrified that she would drop the other two pieces, she came up with a way to hold onto them without dirtying the floor – she lifted her hips and stuffed the logs into her cunt, ignoring the stinging pain and mashing the shit into herself, until her pussy was overflowing with dog shit. Keeping her hips up to prevent spilling, she could feel the shit seeping deeper and deeper inside of her. She took her time chewing the shit and vomit in her mouth, using her tongue and saliva to slowly liquefy her meal, swallowing a little bit at a time, and re-swallowing it several times after vomiting it back up. She wiped her eyes clear of her own puke and licked her fingers, then wrung out her piss-soaked hair into her mouth in an attempt to wash away at least some of the overwhelming taste of dog shit.

As she began using her fingers to scoop the remaining shit out of her cunt, her heart nearly stopped – Dixon was sniffing her face, then her neck and tiny, budding tits, and moving down her body until his pulsing red erection dangled in her face. He sniffed her shit-stuffed cunt and seemed about to walk away, but she felt the sting of a drop of his pre-cum falling into her eye and knew she couldn’t risk him dripping onto the floor while she cleaned out his remaining shit. Reaching up to hold him in place, one eye closed and leaking salty seminal fluid, she took her dog’s cock into her mouth and güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri sucked as hard as she could, using her tongue in all the ways her daddy had always liked best. Dixon struggled a few times, but she had been sucking cock since before she had eaten solid food, and eventually the dog gave in, beginning to hump her mouth as though it were a pussy.

Mandy had never been good at deep-throating, and the first thrust brought up a spray of vomited dog shit that she coughed over her face, spraying into her other eye and forcing them both shut. She tried to pull away to breathe, but Dixon wasn’t interested – he rammed his cock into her throat again and again until she had emptied her stomach all over her own face and tits. Eventually she managed to move her head away and match his thrusts so that his thrusts were in her mouth, not her throat, and soon she got her first taste of her dog’s cum.

After consuming and re-consuming Dixon’s shit for half an hour, she hadn’t imagined his cum could make her gag, but it did, but only because of its unexpected taste. Once she had gulped it down, she would have preferred to drink a gallon of it than to eat even another mouthful of the shit filling her pussy and coating her body. Dixon, contented, wandered off, and she resolved to suck his cock as often as she could, to avoid taking his knot in her pussy again – drinking dog cum was unpleasant, but she could only endure so much more pain. Diligently, she used her hair to wipe up the vomited shit from the floor, licking up what was left. Her pussy itched from the mountain of shit inside it, and she pushed two fingers in again, scooping out a hunk of the stinking brown shit mixed with her own juices. She sucked it off her fingers and scooped again, and again, managing three mouthfuls before vomiting again. She kept her mouth closed, however, and her cheeks filled with the soft, pulpy mixture. Wiping her eyes with the back of her hand, she swallowed again, before returning to the task of cleaning her cunt.

Her daddy had brought a bowl of water later, and more food after that. Dixon had managed to take her by surprise and fuck her once or twice, but mostly she kept his balls drained with her tiny mouth. She had the idea to place her spread pussy below Dixon as he pissed, rinsing out her cunt. She then lifted her hips and pushed, the dog piss mixing with the leftover shit from inside her and dribbling down her stomach and into her mouth. Realizing that she too needed to pee, she emptied her own bladder as well, thirstily gulping her own piss, its familiar salty tang a welcome relief from the unending horror of constantly consuming Dixon’s bitter, inhuman fluids. Dixon pissed and shit regularly, and she became accustomed to filling her cunt with the excess feces until she could choke it all down. Sometimes his shit was too wet to catch with her hands – she’d drink what she could directly from Dixon’s asshole, but some would inevitably fall onto the floor, and she would always throw up her initial mouthfuls shortly after swallowing them. If anything remained on the floor for more than one minute, her father would be downstairs in a flash, kicking her in the gut or the cunt and rubbing her face in the mess.

The stress had kept her from shitting for the first few days, but eventually, after her daddy had mixed plain oats into a few of her bowls of dog food, she felt herself beginning to shit. Her asshole was still recovering from the damage her father had done, so she had difficulty controlling herself, and the pain was a vibrant reflection of his devastating assault on her ass. She clasped her hands below herself and let the shit pile up, days and days of dog food and dog shit coiling into a pile in her little girl hands. It had taken her hours and hours to eat that pile, nearly as large as her own head, and when she had finished, she had thrown the entire thing back up and started over, frantically slurping the mess from the floor where she had hurled.

Despite her swift re-consumption, she knew she had failed her daddy, and wasn’t surprised when he came down the stairs again, bucket once again in hand. It seemed that he had filled it beforehand this time, and from the smell and congealed texture, it had been several days beforehand. He held her head in the nearly solid mass of his shit and piss, and guided Dixon’s cock into her ass, which tore open again as the dog’s cock pounded her bowels, almost as hard as her daddy before. When Dixon finished, he lifted her up and sat her on the bucket, letting the dog’s copious torrent of cum to pour out into the mix, along with some of her own shit and blood from her damaged asshole. He slapped her suddenly across the face, hard enough to knock her onto the floor, and then walked away, pausing only to point to the bucket before returning upstairs.

No food or water came later, and eventually she realized that no more would come until she had consumed the entire contents of the bucket. Mandy was grateful – not only was her daddy’s piss and shit a welcome break from Dixon’s, the bucket gave her somewhere to keep Dixon’s shit instead of her own cunt. But more than either of these things, the bucket was a way for her to show her daddy she loved him – even though he wouldn’t give her his cum or fuck her, she could at least have a little bit of his love with each mouthful of his excrement. When her stomach was too full to eat anymore, she would play with it in her hands, smiling – because she had had an epiphany.

She had realized why her daddy made her eat his shit, why he forced her head under the sewage in the bucket – it was because she was just like the sewage in the bucket – that she was a piece of her father’s waste. She enjoyed every moment that she could still smell and taste her daddy’s distinctive taste in the filth, and wished she could simply curl up into the bucket to be with the rest of his waste.

Eventually, she could swirl a mouthful of the brown slurry in her mouth and not taste anything from her daddy – her own shit and Dixon’s had been mixed in, and she had vomited countless times into the putrid stew. She had cried for a while, but ate much faster thereafter – even re-depositing her own shit into it, she finished in less than three days, her belly bursting, her body growing weaker and sicker as days went by without sustenance beyond her own recycled excrement.

At one point, when the bucket was half empty and güvenilir bahis şirketleri Mandy had to stick her head all the way in to reach the muck, Dixon had caught the scent of her cunt and started fucking her. And while it was painful, for just a moment she could imagine it was her daddy, and she shoved her face into the gooey, black-brown mixture, swallowing as much as she could and smearing it into her eyes and nostrils, oblivious to the pain as she reveled in the fantasy that her daddy would once again put her head into his filth where she belonged. Her first orgasm rocked her body at the thought, a lance of pleasure that overpowered her beaten and broken body, leaving her shuddering with her head below the surface, feeling the shit, piss, cum, and vomit slide down her throat into her stomach, into her father’s toilet.

She took to letting Dixon enter her pussy every time she drank from the bucket, and after the bucket was finished and her father started bringing food again, she would present herself to him every time her hands were full of shit, whether it was Dixon’s or her own, and she would push her face into it while he fucked her, eating until the shit was gone, then putting her fingers down her throat so that she could eat it again, cumming each time.

Eventually, her daddy had come down again, this time carrying a mattress, sealed in plastic. He laid the mattress down, and then took out a measuring tape and marked a point on the ceiling above the mattress.

Now he had brought another dog bowl, and she was wiping her cunt clean from Dixon’s last fucking when he came down again. He stood over her, and as she tried to decide whether she should look up at him, she heard the distinctive sound of him unzipping his pants. She snapped up her hands to reach for his cock, but he slapped her face and held her hands behind her back for a moment to make it clear he wanted her to stay still. Staring up at his cock, she opened her mouth wide, feeling it start to water in anticipation. Finally, after what had felt like a hundred years of torture, her daddy gave her his piss again. He pried her eyes open and filled them up with his piss, then shoved his cock into her throat, pissing directly into her stomach. She swallowed greedily, and licked the floor clean when he was done. He went back upstairs, and the next day, there was a loud noise, and the spot on the ceiling that he had marked suddenly gave way, dropping dust and debris onto her new bed. A moment later, a long PVC pipe, only two inches in diameter, was lowered until it was only half a foot above the bed.

Curious, she lay down beneath the pipe. She could tilt her head up and touch it with her tongue, and she idly put her lips around it for a moment – and released it suddenly when she felt a knock vibrate along its length from above. But as she removed it from her mouth, she heard another sound carried down by the pipe, a sound that made her eyes well with tears – the sound of her daddy’s piss hitting the toilet bowl. Not long after, the first trickle of piss dripped onto her face from the pipe, and she immediately opened her mouth wide and sucked down her daddy’s piss. She realized her fingers were inside her cunt only after she had cum, and she forced her fingers down her throat until she puked up her father’s piss, so that she could drink it again. She did this until she was exhausted, and lay on the bed, half asleep. She was still mostly asleep when Dixon began taking a shit, and she shuffled, eyes half-closed, over to where he perched, catching his brown load as it fell and eating it, vomiting, eating again, and so forth, one piece at a time for all five pieces until she had only one left, all as a matter of sleepy routine.

Suddenly, she was jolted fully awake – this time, there were two knocks on the pipe.

Mandy swallowed the last mouthful of dog shit, and choked – but only a little. She knew what was about to happen. Pulling Dixon with her, a long, solid piece of his shit still clutched in one hand, she began frantically stroking his balls until his cock emerged. Shoving him inside her, sh wrapped her mouth around the pipe just as her father’s shit reached her, flowing faster than she could have imagined she would ever be able to drink. Dixon, confused, humped away at her cunt while she gulped and slurped and sucked at the pipe, pausing when the torrent slowed to hold her face under the gentler stream, prying her own eyelids open to let the piss and shit burn her eyes. A full-grown man’s piss and shit takes some time to be forced down a two-inch pipe, and after her first two orgasms, Dixon had moved away, spent and his knot faded. Still hungry for more, she flipped around on the mattress and lifted her hips, sliding the pipe inside her cunt just as another wave of sewage poured down into her, filling her up too quickly and spilling down her front, coating her body. She pulled herself free and scooted down, this time rubbing some of the mixture onto the pipe itself to allow it to slide into her ass, and she took Dixon’s shit and stuffed it into and out of her cunt over and over as her father’s waste emptied into her bowels, filling every inch of her intestines. Frantically fucking herself with a rapidly-softening log of dog shit, she forced her fingers down her own throat, vomiting into her own closed mouth only to swirl the excrement on her tongue, orgasm as she swallowed again, and repeat the process.

Soon, however, the torrent slowed to a trickle again, and eventually stopped. Smiling, Mandy held a hand over her cunt and ass, holding her daddy inside her until she reached the bucket. She sat on it and violently expelled an entire toilet worth of shit and piss from her bowels and cunt, throwing up what she could and drooling it down to mix with the rest.

Lifting the bucket to her lips, she began to drink, thinking only of how much she loved her daddy, certain that someday, if she was a good girl, he would come back to her. She swallowed the entire bucket without gagging, and fell asleep, dreaming of the day when she would, finally, feel her daddy’s cock inside her again.

If you’ve enjoyed the incredible depths of depravity reached here, please comment and rate! Feel free to contact me directly with a message on! (I’m ThankHeaven there, too!)

Stay tuned for more filth! (What did you think we were DONE? Hell no!) And if you missed ’em, go back and see how Mandy ended up here in “Mandy and Daddy” and “Mandy and Danny”

(And if you didn’t enjoy it, you probably stopped reading quite some time ago, and are only reading this because you’ve jumped to the bottom to comment on how awful a person I am.)

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