Marcia’s Birthday Surprise

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It was Marcia’s birthday and her boyfriend Joe had arranged a special surprise for her. They’d been together for a couple of years and they were still really hot for each other, but Joe wanted to spice things up a bit and her birthday was the perfect opportunity to do that. Marcia was going to be celebrating at the weekend, so she wasn’t expecting much to happen when she came home from work on her actual birthday.

Joe had a nice hot bath waiting for her when she got home, with candles dotted around the bathroom. He knew she would love it after a long hard day in the office. He helped her slip out of her pencil skirt (which was tight around her gorgeous round arse) and she removed her stockings and lace panties. He unbuttoned her blouse and she unfastened her bra, leaving her completely naked in front of him. He leant forward and kissed her lightly on her lips, leaving her wanting more. Marcia knew from the mischievous look in his eyes that he was up to something, but decided to enjoy her soak in the tub.

Joe disappeared to the bedroom to continue making his arrangements for the evening. He’d been shopping earlier in the day, making sure he’d got everything he needed for this night of fun. He got his bag from the wardrobe and pulled out the items he’d bought: a bottle of lube, a blindfold, some silk ties to act as restraints and a bright pink rubbery feel vibrator which was only about 4 inches long. Joe grinned to himself as he thought about his plan. He looked at the clock: 6.55 pm. He put the toys and the lube into his bedside cabinet and went downstairs; his friend should be arriving in a minute. Marcia was still relaxing in the bath as Joe had planned, completely oblivious as to what was in store for her.

Joe heard a knock at the door and let his friend Dave in. Dave was tall, well-built and good looking; Joe knew Marcia had the hots for him and she’d often joked about being with him. Rather than annoying Joe this turned him on more than Marcia could imagine. Joe had been wanting to orchestrate this night for months, and he was excited that things were going as planned. Dave looked nervous and whispered “are you sure this is a good idea? what if she doesn’t want it?” and Joe laughed, telling his friend that everything was going to be great and that Marcia would be thrilled. They ran through the plan briefly, and Joe took Dave up to the spare bedroom where he was to wait for the plan to unfold. Joe went to the bathroom to check on Marcia and found that she was just about to get out of the bath. He noticed her pussy was now shaved, and she gave him a flirty wink as she wrapped herself in her fluffy towel. Shaving was something Marcia did every so often, as a little treat for Joe. He smiled to himself, thinking about his plan for her.

Joe followed her to their bedroom, telling her it was time for her massage. Marcia loved having a back-rub and it always made her horny, feeling strong hands roaming over her body. Her skin was still damp from the bath as Joe began the massage, working his hands from her lower back up to her shoulders, then back down again, moving his hands in circular motions and tracing his fingertips along her spine. Marcia gasped at his warm, firm touch and Joe knew she was getting turned on. He pulled out the blindfold and the restraints from the cabinet and turned Marcia over onto her back. She glanced at the items and gave a wicked grin: Joe told her to lie in the middle of the bed spread-eagle and she did as she was told, feeling her pussy becoming wet with anticipation. Joe then put the blindfold on her, making sure she couldn’t see, and tied her wrists and ankles to the bedposts with the silky restraints. Marcia liked the feel of the restraints; she wasn’t tied too tight and they felt luxurious against her skin. She felt quite exposed lying like that on the bed, and her nipples stuck out because of her arousal.

Joe lightly touched each nipple, circling the outer edge of them with his fingers. Marcia’s nipples were always sincan escort very sensitive but seemed even more so now she was blindfolded. She let out a gasp as she felt Joe’s breath on her right nipple, followed by his warm wet tongue flicking over it. It was over in a second, and Joe laughed as she begged for more. He moved to the bottom of the bed, sitting on the edge looking at his girlfriend’s freshly-shaven pussy. He could see that it was already glistening, she was already extremely excited. Joe quietly left the room to get Dave from the spare room. Both of them undressed and returned to Marcia, who was desperate to cum by this point. Little did she realise that the evening was only just beginning…

Dave’s cock was rock hard but he was a bit apprehensive about what to do. He’d never been in a threesome before and felt a bit awkward about it all, so Joe broke the ice by going up to Marcia and kneeling next to her face, lightly tapping the tip of his cock on her cheek. She immediately turned her head to his cock and opened her mouth wide. Joe grinned at Dave and began fucking Marcia’s mouth with his cock. He couldn’t help but moan when she started to suck his cock harder than she ever had before.

Dave recalled the plan in his mind: Joe had said that once things got going, he should lick Marcia’s pussy as it was her favourite way to cum. He watched as Marcia hungrily sucked Joe’s cock and knew he wanted some of that later!

Dave quietly walked over to the bed and reached his fingers towards her pussy, lightly brushing her engorged lips. Marcia continued sucking Joe’s cock, and this gave Dave more confidence. He pushed a finger inside her pussy and his already hard cock grew when he felt just how wet she was. He fucked her with his finger for a few moments and then sucked his finger clean of her juices. His cock twitched, she tasted so good. Joe moved away from Marcia so that the game wasn’t given away: he knew Marcia wouldn’t have suspected anything because it could have been his hand on her pussy. Dave knelt at the edge of the bed and moved his mouth to her pussy, kissing her outer lips and breathing in her scent. Her pussy felt smooth against his face, and he used his fingers to pull her sexy lips apart. He marveled at the wetness and licked from her pussy entrance to her clit in one slick motion. Marcia cried out as Dave expertly licked her pussy.

Joe stood back and watched his girlfriend moaning as his friend fingered her pussy and licked it at the same time. From time to time Dave would suck on her clit and she would go crazy as she came with his fingers inside her. Joe rubbed his cock, which was wet with her saliva, as he watched her cum over and over again.

Eventually Dave stopped and stood up again. Marcia was exhausted from all the orgasms but she kept saying she desperately needed a cock in her. Joe told her to relax and be patient, and motioned to Dave to go get a blow job.

Joe stood nearby and said told her to open her mouth wide and she did. She thought she was going to suck her boyfriend’s cock again but instead she got Dave’s big hard cock in her mouth. At first she didn’t seem to notice, and sucked away as she had before. Since she couldn’t see anything she assumed she must be imagining it when she thought the cock in her mouth felt and tasted a bit different to what she was used to.

“Baby you must be really turned on, your cock has grown a bit,” Marcia stated.

“You have no fucking idea, I’ve never been so turned on in my life,” Joe responded.

Dave pushed his stiff cock back into her mouth and she started sucking again. He let out a deep moan as she took more and more of his cock into her mouth; she started to deep-throat him. Joe and Dave looked at each other, both surprised. Dave’s cock was probably about an inch longer than Joe’s, but it was fatter and Marcia was really determined to fit it all in her mouth. Joe knew it was time to give her what she really wanted tandoğan escort – a cock in her pussy. He signalled this to Dave, who pulled his cock out of Marcia’s mouth even though he was really enjoying the most amazing blowjob of his entire life. Joe wanted Marcia to be fucked by Dave before she found out what was happening, and Dave was more than happy to be the first one to sink his cock deep into that lovely wet hole.

Joe stood back and watched as Dave knelt in front of Marcia and gently rubbed his cock against the entrance to her pussy, making her squirm and moan. He slowly but firmly pushed his cock into her pussy, watching as it stretched to accommodate his large 9″ cock and then looking at her face contort as she felt the whole thing go deep inside her. He stayed still for a moment, letting her get used to his cock, and he could feel her hot pussy twitch around him. He used his thumb to slowly rub her clit, rubbing her own juice into it, round and round. In a matter of maybe a minute Marcia was having an incredible orgasm right on Dave’s cock. She wailed as she came, louder than she had been earlier, and Dave felt her pussy flood his cock with her cum. Joe was amazed at how intense her orgasm was, and stood slowly jerking himself off as he watched.

Dave began to fuck her rhythmically now, slowly at first, then faster and deeper. He untied her ankles from the bedposts and lifted her legs around his shoulders so he could fuck her even deeper, and she cried out each time he penetrated her. Joe went to her wrists and untied them, then removed her blindfold so she could see who was fucking her. Marcia looked at Joe, then Dave, then back at Joe, and a smile crept across her lips. She opened her mouth wide for Joe’s cock and sucked him as she had done Dave, only this time it was slightly easier for her to take his whole cock in her mouth.

Dave pulled his cock out of her pussy and told her to turn over onto all fours: she did this gladly, she loved being fucked from behind. Joe took the opportunity to get the small vibrator out and handed it to Dave with the lube. Marcia returned to sucking Joe’s cock while Dave squirted some lube onto the vibrator. He put some lube on his thumb as well and started to thumb her arse. Marcia moaned onto Joe’s cock as she had yet another orgasm on Dave’s cock. Dave then replaced his thumb with the vibrator, which stretched her arse and made her cum again. This time it was so intense that she had to stop sucking Joe’s cock and cry out in ecstasy. Joe looked at Dave and the two of them grinned at each other. Marcia had never been fucked in the arse, but she had allowed Joe to finger it before. Joe knew she was ready for it now, and he wanted Dave to be the first to fuck her arse. It hadn’t taken much to convince his friend, either: Dave had been more than up for this whole thing from the outset, but he was especially thrilled at the idea of taking her anal virginity.

He pulled his cock out of her pussy, much to her disappointment, and concentrated his attention on pleasuring her arse. He fucked it with the vibrator and turned the vibe on, making her cum without even touching her pussy. She carried on sucking Joe’s cock while Dave worked on stretching her arse in preparation for his big cock. Dave pulled the vibe out of her arse and watched as her hole slowly closed, before working 2 fingers in. Marcia moaned in pleasure as he finger-fucked her arse, and Joe pulled his cock out of her mouth to give her a break from sucking. He stroked her hair, then squeezed her nipples between his fingers, making sure she was enjoying the attention. He kissed her on the lips then got up and walked round to the end of the bed, to watch as Dave stretched her arse with his fingers.

“She’s ready,” said Joe as he passed Dave the lube.

Marcia knew then what was going to happen and she wondered whose cock was going to penetrate her arse. She didn’t say anything, she just tried her best to relax. Dave tunalı escort removed his fingers from her hole and stroked his cock for a few seconds, making it stand to full attention again. He dipped his cock into her pussy and thrust a few times, making her moan. When he pulled out of her his cock was wet with her cum, but he still rubbed some lube onto it. Joe instructed Marcia to lower herself down on her elbows and he gave her a cushion to rest her head on. He then went to watch as Dave tentatively pushed his large cock against her tight hole, telling her to try and relax. She took deep breaths as his cock pressed hard against her arse, and after a few seconds of pushing Dave felt the resistance give and his cock was in. Marcia kept quiet as he slowly advanced his cock into her hole, and Dave reached around to rub her clit as his cock was gradually swallowed by her arse.

Marcia adjusted to the sensation of having such a large cock in her arse and started to enjoy it. Dave had now got most of his cock inside her, and stayed still as she slowly started to move on him. He was still circling her clit, which would almost certainly make her cum yet again fairly quickly. Joe realised his cock was harder than ever and stood in front of her so she could see. She stuck her tongue out and he rested his cock on it rocking his hips slightly. He thought she looked so beautiful being fucked anally by his friend and with her mouth wide open for his own cock.

Dave couldn’t hold back any longer, he had to start fucking her tight hole. He pressed his left hand on her lower back to keep her still and slowly began to withdraw from her arse, about half way out, then pushed back in deeper than he’d been before. Marcia cried out and then began to suck Joe’s cock as Dave proceeded to thrust faster and deeper in her arse. She felt so stretched by Dave’s cock, it felt so good.

It was now time for the final part of Joe’s plan: he removed his cock from her mouth and Dave slowly withdrew from her arse. Dave lay down on the bed and told Marcia to sit on his cock, so she lowered her pussy down onto him. She rode him for a few minutes, bouncing on his cock. Joe moved behind her and Dave pulled her arms down which shifted her position to expose her arse to Joe. Joe slapped her arse cheeks a couple of times and pulled them apart to look at her hole. He lubed his stiff cock and positioned it at the entrance, slowly easing it into her arse. Marcia, who until tonight had never even had a cock in her arse, now had both of her holes filled with throbbing cocks. She could hardly move as she was impaled on the two cocks, but she probably didn’t have any energy left to move anyway. The two men moved in and out of her holes in a rhythm which felt really good, making her pussy convulse around Dave’s cock. Joe could also feel her orgasms as he fucked her arse, and Dave kissed her on the lips as she pretty much collapsed in a heap on top of him.

Joe and Dave both needed to cum so Joe pulled out of her arse and Marcia climbed off Dave’s cock. Both men stood at the side of the bed and she knelt in front of them as they jerked themselves off. They both furiously jerked their cocks in front of her face as she looked up at them. Dave couldn’t hold back any longer and came, shooting his gloopy cum onto her tongue and face and moaning loud as he did. Marcia licked his cock clean and gave it one last suck as it stopped squirting. Joe looked at his girlfriend, her face covered in his friend’s cum.

“Oh my god I’m going to cum!” Joe shouted.

He swiftly shoved his cock into her mouth and started squirting his hot cum deep into her throat as he let out a long moan.

Dave went to the bathroom to get a warm wet flannel which he brought to Marcia, who was now lying on her back, and he gently wiped her face clean of his cum. All three of them then climbed into the big bed, Marcia in the middle. She thanked Joe and Dave for giving her the best birthday present ever and fell asleep between them.

“She thinks it’s over but really it’s only just begun,” Joe announced.

Dave couldn’t believe his luck, he was going to have more chances to fuck Marcia! They both turned over and went to sleep, to dream of what might happen next time…

To be continued!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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