Marilyn and Ben

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Chapter one — Ben

Ben always considered himself to be the normal guy, at twenty-seven he had completed college, been married for five years to the love of his life Marilyn and had worked his way up to a middle management position leading an IT group at the software company he worked. From the outside Ben’s life was fantastic, he and his wife both had good jobs, owned their home, had nice cars and took nice vacations. Anyone looking on them, especially at their age, was jealous of what they had built through their hard work.

While all of those looking in saw the fantastic things about the marriage, as with any relationship things were not always as they seem. Ben struggled with a great sense of longing on a daily basis, he had a great marriage to a woman that he loved more than anything, yet he felt unfulfilled, incomplete. While he had no doubt how much Marilyn had loved him and how much he loved her, he couldn’t help but wonder if she was ever going to be the woman that he wanted/needed sexually.

Ben had grown up to think of sex as something that was to be enjoyed, experimented with and to not shy away from. Neither of his parents was overly open with him; however he had grown up at the early age of internet porn and had also found his father’s pornos at a very young age. Looking back on it he tends to wonder if his early introduction to sex was not a bad thing, but it was the only thing that he knew and led to him having many fantasies, which he always expected were only a matter of time until he experienced.

During his college days Ben found himself with several opportunities to engage in some of his fantasies, but that was not good enough for Ben. Ben had always expected that he would not only experience these fantasies, but do so with someone that he loved and the girls that he was with in college just did not qualify, that is until he met Marilyn. She was the most beautiful woman that he had ever seen and he knew when he met her that she was going to be the woman that he wanted to be with and the one that he wanted to experience and share not only his life but his fantasies.

When Ben and Marilyn had first started dating experiencing his fantasies was not his primary concern, given that he knew he half of the equation had been met as he had found the woman he wanted to be with. During their yearlong courtship, several nights were orgasmic for both Ben and Marilyn, and Ben was certain enough that Marilyn was who he had dreamed about all of these years that he asked her to marry him. Marilyn of course happily accepted and they set the date for nine months later.

Almost immediately Ben had noticed a difference in Marilyn, he was not sure what it was, but he wrote it off as the stress of being a senior in college as well as planning a wedding. Thinking back this time should have been an obvious red flag for Ben that something was different that the love life he had come to enjoy was going to change forever; but alas Ben was in love and excited about beginning his life with Marilyn. He figured that this would just be a fad that she was going through and that once she was married they were would be able to explore their dreams and desires as they wished.

Unfortunately for Ben, Marilyn’s change in the lead up to the wedding was less of a change and more of who she actually was. It became obvious that during their initial courtship Marilyn had stepped outside of her comfort zone. Whether she had done this in an effort to woo Ben or simply out of college experimentation was irrelevant to Ben he knew very early in his marriage that the chances he did not take in college would come back to haunt him, thoughts that just killed him to think. Ben hated to think about anyone other than his wife or that he had made a bad decision because no matter how bad his sex life was he never felt that he had made the wrong decision.

As the first few years of their marriage drug on not only did the lack of experimentation cause strains in their marriage, but eventually the overall frequency of sex came to cause major issues. For a long time Ben was masturbating more than he was making love to his wife, a fact that not only brought great discomfort to him, but also to Marilyn. Ben had gotten to the point that he was tired of being rejected when asking for sex, so he found it easier to just masturbate before Marilyn got home from work, as Ben usually beat her home. This was generally not a big deal as Marilyn really did not have the need or desire to have sex on a regular basis and was only an issue on the few occasions that Marilyn was actually horny.

During the rare occasions that Marilyn wanted to have sex it was always the same, it was predictable to the point that it really was not exciting for Ben anymore. It would start with Marilyn on top riding him. While Ben would play with her ample breasts, Marilyn would grab the one toy (out of seven or eight that Ben had gotten her) that she actually liked and would use that on her clit until she got off. Once she got off she would Ankara escort want Ben to finish her off while in the doggie style position. While this may not sound all that boring, in fact to many people that would probably be an exciting night of sex, the fact that it was the same thing that they did each and every time, with very little exception, made it routine and ultimately boring to Ben.

After five years, Ben was at a loss as to his options, rather which option to take. The way Ben figured he had three options: he could sit and hope that Marilyn will eventually change and become more adventurous and open minded, he could leave Marilyn and find someone who was more in line with his beliefs when it comes to sexual relationships or he could just ignore the sexual problems and focus on all of the positives of the marriage. Obviously Ben would prefer the first option, although that he the least likely chances of actually occurring, finally Ben decided that the latter option would be the best as he truly did love Marilyn and decided that nothing was more important than his love for her.

Chapter two — Marilyn

At twenty-six Marilyn’s life could not be better; she had a loving husband, a great job, a beautiful house, everything that she could ask for. For some reason though she felt something was wrong, that something was missing and she never really could figure it out. She had known that her husband, Ben, had not been happy with their sex life, but she figured that was because there was something wrong with him, and that he was too overly sexual because his parents never really put controls on him when he was an impressionable youth as her parents had.

Marilyn had grown up in a very strict, religious household. She had been taught starting at an early age that sex was only for marriage and was nothing that she be thought of or experimented with otherwise, not only by her parents but by the church where she spent countless hours as a youth. Not only was she taught this, but all of her friends were as well, so sex was not something that she could discuss with her peers as, even if Marilyn had wanted to, it would have been inappropriate in her particular social setting.

Finally when Marilyn was ready to go off to high school she was able to convince her parents to send her to the local public high school. They did so reluctantly; however given that the nearest Christian high school that agreed enough with their beliefs was 40 minutes away they were left with little choice. High school was a whole new world to Marilyn, one where people dressed differently, talked differently and overall acted differently. She had never before seen her peers dressing in such provocative outfits and openly discussing their dates from the previous weekend.

High school was also where Marilyn met her best friend Chloe, whom like Marilyn had a religious upbringing. Fortunately for Chloe she had been able to break out at an earlier age than Marilyn had and realized that not only was she feeling like something might be missing, but that something actually was missing from her life. Marilyn found this fascinating and immediately become good friends with Chloe, which worked out nicely for Marilyn as with Chloe’s religious upbringing she was the perfect kind of friend for Marilyn in her parent’s minds. Marilyn used to chuckle to herself every time her parents would say something nice about Chloe such as “she’s such a great girl”, thinking to herself “if they only knew.”

In Chloe Marilyn had finally had someone that she could confine in and talk to about her sexual desires; but never having talked about them before and not being comfortable in talking about them, Marilyn mostly listened to Chloe’s exploits and wondered what it would be like if she could be that free herself. Listening to Chloe talk about the guy she was dating or what they were doing always gave Marilyn what she considered a very weird feeling, looking back on it now it is obvious to her that it was basic arousal, but back then it seemed weird and foreign.

When Chloe was not around to tell her sordid tales, Marilyn found herself longing for excitement. Finally she was able to obtain a few trashy romance novels through Chloe and other friends and found herself staying up to all hours of the night reading those. She was doing the best she could to hide them from her mother and as far as Marilyn knows her mother never found them. While she was reading these, just as when she was listening to Chloe’s stories, Marilyn had a strange sensation between her legs, but she did not know what, if anything to do about it. Never had the thought of masturbating ever even crossed her mind, despite talking about sex with Chloe and reading the trashy romance novels, the thought of masturbation was foreign to Marilyn and she wouldn’t have even known what to do if she had thought about taking on the task of loving herself.

Marilyn went through all of her high school life as described, it was not until college when she finally had someone, including Ankara escort bayan herself, touch her in a sexual way. Unfortunately for Marilyn, this was her first college boyfriend and he was more religious than her parents and every time he would do anything with her he would feel guilty and their relationship would take several steps back. After a year and a half together they had gotten as far as to give each other oral sex, but that was the extent of their relationship and Marilyn was desperate to experience more. Finally one day when walking on campus together Marilyn came across a tent giving away free condoms, when she went to stop her boyfriend told her matter of factly that they would not be needing them, ever (he didn’t believe in birth control). The encounter brought out great rage in Marilyn, she was only 19 and was not looking to get married at that time and was definitely not interested in having children, ever. Seeing as she already had doubts about their relationship, the incident with the condom tent was the preverbal straw that broke the camel’s back and she soon thereafter dumped him.

Having never had sex, Marilyn was extremely curious and wanted to find someone that would sleep with her; but she didn’t want it to be some random encounter either, she wanted it to mean something. Shortly after dumping her first boyfriend she started dating Robert who was not overly experienced but who was not a virgin either, perfect for what Marilyn was looking for. She dated Robert for about three months and during that time tried to have sex with him on a few occasions, but for some reason Robert was not able to get excited enough to finish the deal and they never actually were able to go all of the way. Between the way she was treated by her first boyfriend and the failures of Robert, Marilyn was beginning to wonder if she would ever have sex and know what the big deal was.

Marilyn had met Ben while dating her first boyfriend and it very quickly became clear to Marilyn that Ben was interested in her; however she had always stayed away from him after being told that he was only looking for sex. Also, Ben was a little more experienced than Marilyn had been hoping for, by no means was he a man whore, but he had gotten around more than Marilyn was comfortable with. Finally though, after the fiasco with Robert, Marilyn thought it would be worth the chance to be with Ben.

Three weeks after starting to date Ben, Marilyn knew he was the person she wanted to get lost in, her body grew warm and moist with each thought of him and she knew he had the answer to what her body needed; Ben on the other hand was not so sure and made her wait an additional three weeks. When the night she had been waiting for had finally arrived, Marilyn laid on her bed in anticipation, she could hear the shallowness of her breath as she saw Ben slowly make his way toward her from the end of the bed. Her body arched unconsciously as he dipped down to take her into the most passionate kiss of her life. She threw her arms around him and tried to pull him as close to her as possible, her body yearning to become one with his.

Marilyn was not in any mood to be teased this evening and she wanted nothing more than to feel Ben enter her, reached for his hips and tried to move him closer to her as fast as she could. She was not concerned with savoring the moment or being overly romantic, she just wanted to know what it was like to be filled with Ben, when finally Ben began entering her. The initial pain was intense but just as quickly as it came it was replaced by the most intense pleasure that Marilyn had ever experienced, far more intense than she even believed to be possible. She threw her arms around him and held on as his cock drilled her again and again, she screamed out in pleasure and begged him not to stop, and her body continued to jar out of control as her pussy accommodated each thrust. She bucked her hips, trying to take in as much of his cock as she could letting her desire fall out of her in gasp and moans with each thrust of his body into hers, she closed her eyes and wrapped her legs tighter.

Her heart was screaming in her ears as the pleasure rose to the point of no return. She came and came over and over again, orgasm after orgasm ripped through her body. It was at that moment that she had not only experienced sex for the first time, but that she had found her soul mate, the man that she wanted to be with for the rest of her life. Marilyn felt that any man that could make her feel this good was a man that she would not let get away.

Marilyn and Ben went on to fuck like rabbits for the next year, doing each other any chance they could get, anywhere they could find. They did it in the staircases at school, the beach, hot tubs, and friend’s houses during parties, anywhere and anytime possible. They could not keep their hands off of each other, Marilyn was obsessed with the pleasure that she experienced every time she touched Ben’s cock or he touched her pussy. It was not long after that first night that both Escort Ankara of them began to think of marriage and after the best year, both psychically and emotionally, Marilyn finally got to say yes to Ben when he asked her to marry him.

The nine months between the engagement flew by before Marilyn knew anything. During that time both she and Ben had graduated college, gotten their first professional jobs and bought their first house together. It all seemed to run together for Marilyn, and by their wedding night she had noticed that their sex life had fallen by the wayside in all of the excitement. Marilyn assumed that once the hoopla from the wedding died down that things would return to normal; but for some reason the next five years of her marriage were similar to the nine month long engagement rather than the original year long courtship.

She never really has understood why, but once she was engaged she did not really feel the need to have sex and when she felt the need Ben had already masturbated or was not in the mood. For a long time Marilyn thought that something was wrong with her, she felt unattractive and scared about what would happen to her marriage. She and Ben were obviously in love and had a great relationship outside of the bedroom, fortunately the arguments over the bedroom were few and far between; but when they did happen they tended to be very heated and would cause great strain on their relationship for several days. Marilyn was sick and tired of this cycle and felt the need to do something about it and try to get their marriage back on track.

Chapter three – Disappointment

Looking to do something to liven up their sex life Marilyn had designed plans for her Friday evening with her loving husband. Unfortunately for Marilyn her plans did not work out as it had been a long day at work for Ben; the twenty-seven year old IT manager had to get in at 5am for a database conversion. One of the major problems with Ben’s early success was that he was expected to be on site for any major work that was done to his companies systems. Once the conversion was successfully completed, Ben still had his regular work to do which would keep him to work until five o’clock that afternoon. To make matters worse, the power went out halfway through the day and it wasn’t until almost 7pm that he got the systems back up and running, after that he began his sixty minute commute home.

Marilyn had taken a vacation day at work, a day that Ben had originally planned on spending with her until the aforementioned database conversion was scheduled. Once he had to go into work in the first place Ben decided that it did not make sense to waste vacation day when he would have to drive all of the way there and all of the way back home. It was an especially easy decision for Ben since he did not know Marilyn had anything special planned, and in reality he had no reason to believe that she would, given the previous five years they had been married.

Marilyn was greatly disappointed to be alone during the day, but she figured that she would have as much fun with it as she possible could and spent the entire day texting and teasing him telling him what a great time she was having without her husband. She didn’t tell him everything, after all she wanted to keep some surprises for that evening; but she made sure to know how much fun she was having at the spa when she was getting her massage and pedicure, oh how she just loved having her feet massaged!

After a day about town Marilyn went home to prepare for her night with Ben. Around 5pm, she sent him a text asking, “When will you be home?”

Ben grudgingly replied, “Probably pretty late, have a few more hours to go…big issues.” He knew that she wasn’t going to like that response almost as much as he hated sending to her, especially after hearing about what a great day she had been having without him. He was just looking forward to getting out of work, having a drink and hanging out with his love watching a movie. He had no idea what Marilyn was preparing for him, and really had no reason to expect it either. Ben was right, Marilyn did not like his response and she was immediately saddened as she had been more bored most of the day, despite what she had been telling Ben, and was lonely.

Ben and Marilyn live in a suburb of a middle sized metropolitan city in a house that they have owned since they were married five years prior, right after college. They were college sweethearts and had what many would consider a normal marriage; both had excelled in their professional careers to the point that they lived a very comfortable life and allowed for improvements to their modest house as well as twice yearly cruise vacations.

While not in the shape they had been in college, they were both what many would consider attractive. Ben has blond hair and blue eyes and stands six feet tall while weighing in at 195 pounds, about ten more than he like, but all in all given his desk job he did not complain. Marilyn still looked amazing, especially in the eyes of Ben, she was five feet seven inches and weighed 125 pounds dripping wet. Her short, straight red hair perfectly framed her attractive face, and her 34D chest along with her tight ass gave her the perfect figure.

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