Marking His Territory

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This story is absolutely true, and was one of the best days ever. The situation between Maya and I is complicated. But we provide each other exactly what the other needs in our lives, especially on this day.


Maya started talking to me about how she had been thinking about getting a breast augmentation. First of all, Maya has a smoking body. You could bounce a quarter off her flat stomach. She is athletic and has almost no fat on her body, especially for a woman. She has smaller boobs, with perfect, small nipples. I think her boobs may have been bigger before, but I don’t know. I am fine with the way she is and I love fucking her brains out anyway. But if she decides to go bigger, I am going to do nothing but support her. I mean what is a guy to do – oppose it? Hell no!

So Maya decides to go through with it, and this means she is gone and out of my world for about 10 days. I helped her in the beginning with deciding on what size to pick and encouraging her that everything would be ok. But, due to our situation, I can’t go with her. She gets into the consultation and I am not there. I wish I was. We have gotten so close, and I can help her handle this situation, I can read her. I can make decisions and work with the doctor. Maya knows this and even though I’m not the one with her, she texts me for advice and informs me of the doctor’s recommendations. I love that she wants my opinion and I am happy to be a part of it. We text back and forth and she makes a decision. She goes into surgery and it’s done.

I do my best to express my concern, but am limited to the time I can spend with her. I can’t wait to see her, but know she is in pain and is recovering. About four days pass after surgery and an opportunity presents itself for us to get together. We get the details figured out and I make it known that I just want to spend some time with her because it’s been so long since we’ve seen each other. I imagined sneaking over to her house, and just having some good conversation and a drink. To me that was the plan. I get in the house and she is dressed casually in a low cut sweater. I thought I would have a hard time kızılay escort not just staring at her boobs, but it’s easy to look her in the eyes. I set myself up for just sitting, talking and having good quality time. I mean I had a few looks but wasn’t overboard about it. It was just so good to see her. I wanted to wait to see her boobs when she wanted me to.

We grabbed some drinks and we went to the living room and sat in chairs opposite each other in the living next to the fireplace. We sat for a few minutes, talked for a bit, but then we couldn’t get close enough to each other. She was soon on my lap. I was holding her and had no expectations but to just hold and kiss her. She was just in surgery only 4 days ago and is still in pain.

Eventually, she gets off my lap and walks away and says, “You know I had to do something exciting for you, right?”

“What?” I say.

“Oh come on, I have the opportunity to have you at my house alone, and you think I am just going to sit here and not take advantage of the this situation, come on, you know me better than that!” She smirks.

She begins to walk into the kitchen behind me. I catch her out of the corner of my eye removing her clothes. She sees me look over my shoulder.

I can sense her nervousness, so I ask “Do you want me to just close my eyes and let you walk out in front of me?”

“Yes,” she says, in a shy voice.

I close my eyes and I hear her walk down and can tell that she is now in front of me. I open my eyes.

My first reaction is put my fist in my mouth to muffle my “Oh shit she is fucking insanely hot” reaction. So with my fist in my mouth, in awe, I kind of jump to the side and spurt out

“Wow, damn girl, oh fuck you look amazing.”

She is wearing a bra and panties combination that connects to each other via about 3″ of material. On the bust of the bra, straps follow the upper parts of her beautiful cleavage. The panties have straps that raise above her hips and connect to small patches of material in front and in back. I wish I could just give you a picture of it because everybody kızılay escort bayan should experience that sight. I was amazed. I felt like this was something I always dreamed of happening, but knew it never would. She saw my reaction and obviously got off on it, her reluctant shy demeanor started to fade. She seemed to feel confident and she knew now how amazing she looked.

She took it in and then knowing I love her in heels, said, “I need heels, I mean that would perfect right now, right?”

She disappears into her room and comes back in her nude colored stiletto platform high heels. I am hard as a fucking rock now. We picked a perfect size for her body, they look great. I love that even in her post surgery state, she wanted to impress me and do something special and hot. We come together, hug, kiss and hold each other. She can feel my cock against her. I can feel her body against me. We are looking for real estate to fuck. It’s obvious that we are looking for the best spot to fuck as we just hold each other and kiss. Finally we decide on her room.

I don’t want to take off her lingerie. It’s so fucking hot I could just look at her in that every day. At the same time though, I want at her pussy. Her pussy just sucks me in and drives me to give it attention. I don’t know why it is that way, but that’s how it’s always been with Maya. I am wishing that this outfit included crotchless panties, but as I run my finger over her slit, I know that I am going to have to rip this thing off her. Once I realize it’s in the way, even though she looks amazing in it, it’s got to go.

Now she’s naked and lying on the bed. I want to see the new view from her pussy. I go down on her and check out the new view. It’s great, I am not going to lie, but I just love being in a position to pleasure her. She tastes good. She tries to get me to sit on her chest, well hover above her chest, and put my cock in her mouth. I refuse. I know what state she is in and I respect her for still wanting to suck my cock. But right now it’s time to fuck. I know it’s gotta be gentle, but I am so pleasantly surprised by what escort kızlay is happening that I could be transported out of her at any moment and be completely satisfied. She lays on her back and I insert my cock into her pussy. We both moan with pleasure. We have been missing each other you can tell. My cock goes all the way to the back of her and we both pause and enjoy the moment.

I am doing my best to be gentle, but it is hard. I kind of relate to a woman trying to hold back her screams as she is ravaged by a lover. I am being as careful as I can, but I have to restrain myself from fucking her harder. My hands are having a hard time not man handling her and shoving her onto my cock. I fuck her for a while but I am holding back too much. I can tell she wants a little more intensity. I give it to her for a bit but then, she is eager to be on top. I let her, but I am concerned that she will over exert herself. She likes to fuck and is great at it, especially when she is on top.

She has her way for a bit. The view is incredible. But then I returned her to her back. She was going to take my cock this way whether she liked it or not. I wanted her to take care of those awesome tits and not hurt herself. I fuck her gently and slowly. She encourages me to go harder. I do for a while and then she closes her legs and crosses them beneath me with my cock inside her. It feels so tight and I am feeling my orgasm build. I am looking at her tits and body and the view is encouraging my orgasm. She can tell I am about to cum.

“Cum on my tits!” Maya says with a sexy encouraging smile.

“What?” I say in disbelief.

“Cum on my tits, mark your territory.” she says.

That is all I need. I thrust in her pussy a few more times, until I am about to explode. I pull out just before cumming and straddle her chest. I spew my cum all over her chest and new boobs. It shoots up her neck and gets on her hair. It is so fucking hot. Her body is covered in cum, and we both have big satisfied smiles on our faces.

What just happened is a first for me and her. I will never forget it and it will forever turn me on. I wish I had more time and she wasn’t fragile. I would put my cock back in and give her another load. I easily could have too. I can’t believe this all just happened. I reflect on the last few minutes and can only relate it to being a kid who tastes chocolate for the first time, but can’t wait for the next bite.

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