Mark’s New Bitch

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Mark and I had been conversing for a couple of weeks via e-mail. We had met on a sports related message board and were both bitching about some of the recent trades. That changed when Mark told me he was going to send me something in the next e-mail. It turned out to be a picture of his cock.

To say the least I was shocked. We hadn’t talked about anything but sports, and there was no reason for Mark to think I was gay. In fact, I wasn’t. After getting the picture, I didn’t e-mail Mark back for several days. However, I frequently found myself opening the e-mail to get another look. It was fantastic. It curved up beautifully and was extremely large. He had huge balls that looked full of semen and capable of covering a woman’s face with goo. In fact, I would compare it to my own cock and we must not even be of the same sex. My cock is nothing compared to Mark’s beautiful tool.

After about a week of constant views and several masturbation sessions, I wrote back a single word reply, “Impressive”.

Mark quickly responded with an e-mail of his own, “I thought you would like that. Something in the way you were writing made me think you need a real man. Why don’t you come over and get a close up look at a real man.”

My response was equally as quick, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m not gay. However, I will admit that I enjoyed looking at your cock, but that’s as far as it goes.”

Mark and I e-mailed back and forth a few more times, and somehow Mark got me to tell him what city I lived in. It turned out that we live in the same city. Mark suggested I come over for a beer, and if I really wasn’t interested, I can just leave. I felt there was no harm and headed over to Mark’s place.

When I got there, the door was open with a note hanging from it. It read “Dan, take off your clothes and leave them in the grocery bag sitting by the door. I then want you to get on all fours and crawl through the open door. Do not think about turning around and leaving.”

The whole scene was very surreal, and felt like it had come out of one of my fantasies. I occasionally would look at pictures of guys with huge cocks fucking women and masturbate to the thought of being one of the women. I wondered what a cock would taste like and what another man’s cock would feel like. However, once I would cum, I would feel very ashamed and quickly return to heterosexual thoughts. What would happen if I let this fantasy escort ataşehir actually happen?

I finally thought, “What the hell. Maybe it will be fun. I can’t believe I’ve gone this far anyway.” I took off my clothes and started to put them in the bag when I looked in the bag and saw a pair of women’s panties with a note safety pinned to it. The note read, “Put these on, my little girl.”

I had to admit, I was getting harder and harder, and I was willing to take my clothes off, what would be the harm in putting on some panties as well. I kept looking around, but there didn’t seem to be anyone on the street watching. When I had completely stripped and put on the panties, I followed the instructions and crawled in the front door. As I entered, there was Mark at the end of the room wearing nothing but a pair of boxer shorts. The picture Mark sent to me was only of his cock. He was impressive in all regards. He looked strong and masculine, and here I was in a pair of panties on all fours. It was pretty obvious who the woman in this relationship was.

Mark immediately began giving me orders. “Crawl over here and let me know how happy you are to see me, Dani. That’s what we’re going to call you now. We want to give you a girl’s name, since that will be your role.”

I crawled over to Mark, and started rubbing my hands all over his crotch and lower body. He felt strong. I used my tongue to pleasure him by licking his tight stomach and his inner thighs. I then proceeded to lick his boxers, and rubbed his cock through the material. After he had gotten extremely hard, I lowered his shorts and out sprang the monster. I fell in love immediately. I grabbed his cock with both hands and then impaled my mouth with it. Mark had already been dripping some pre-cum, and I immediately felt the salty taste. The taste was better than I could have imagined. I bobbed my head for several minutes, before it hit me that I was noticing the occasional flashing light.

I slowly lifted my head from Mark’s cock (it tasted so good I couldn’t force myself to lift my head too quickly) and turned around. Standing behind me were three guys, two with movie cameras and one with a digital camera. Mark introduced his friends as the choreographers of my conversion into a woman. Mark said “After we all cum in every hole on your body, we’ll watch the film. It will be hard to deny your new life.” When Mark said it, I came in my kadıköy escort bayan panties. I could not believe how hot it was to be treated like a girl. Mark placed his hand on the back of my head and directed me to continue sucking my tasty treat.

It was unbelievable. A couple of hours ago I was a fully heterosexual man, and now I was worshipping the cock of a man I had only met for the first time a few minutes before. The whole feeling was intoxicating. Marks’ smell, his taste, his feel, every one of my senses was on overdrive. My mouth was being stretched to the limit, and my hands could not stop running all over his thighs and chest. I was literally in Heaven.

Mark then led me to a chair in the middle of the room and sat down with his enormous cock sticking straight up. He told me to turn around and he pulled my panties to the side of my ass, revealing my pussy. He stuck a finger in it and began massaging in and out. He told me how wet my pussy was getting and how he was going to stretch it to unfathomable lengths. While this was going on, two of Mark’s friends walked over and dropped their pants. Another two cocks were staring me in the face. Mark said, “Go ahead. Treat the men like men. You are here to serve.” I think I came again when Mark said it.

I reached out and grabbed both cocks, and began bobbing from cock to cock. It was unbelievable. All the years of fantasizing about what a cock must taste like, and in a matter of minutes, I had tasted three different ones. I continued to suck for several minutes as Mark worked a fourth finger into my cunt. He pulled his hand out and told me to sit on his lap.

I slowly lowered myself onto his cock, and came for a third time before I had even filled my pussy with his tool. One of Mark’s friends said “You’re really making a mess of those panties. It’s a good thing we have several more pairs for you.”

When I was completely filled with cock, Mark told me to fuck myself. Using the cocks in each hand for balance, I began bouncing up and down like a piston on Mark’s cock. Mark told me what a good, eager bitch I was and how well I took instructions. He told me to, “Be a good girl and squeeze your pussy tight around my cock.” As I continued, I was able to start stroking the cocks in each hand which really excited the guys. They both came in rapid succession, and I was told to try to catch as much cum in my mouth as possible. I must have looked escort bostancı like such a slut with my tongue out, lapping like a dog in heat.

Once they came and I had completely cleaned their cocks with my tongue, Mark pulled me back on his lap and stuck his tongue in my ear. He started giving me instructions on how to tighten my pussy around his cock with each pump. As I tightened around his member, I could fell the pleasure in Mark’s breathing. He was breathing in my ear, giving me that bitch in heat feeling. I was in an uncontrolled frenzy. I needed Mark’s cock more than anything I had ever wanted. Mark whispered in my ear to declare my love for him. I shouted out, “Mark is my man. I am his woman. I adore his cock and will do anything in my power to please him. Show the world the videos when we’re done. I want everyone to know my unbridled love. Mark owns me.”

Mark said, “That’s my girl.” He then turned to his third friend and asked him to join in. He walked over and dropped his pants and I quickly took him into my mouth and got him up to full length. All four guys made my cock seem so small, that they referred to it as my “clit”. When the third friend was hard, Mark stood up behind me and I was bent over with a cock in each end. The thought of being pierced by two cocks at once made me cum again. Mark told me how sexy I was with a cock in each end. He said “We’ll have to make this position a regular occurrence.”

The two guys got into a terrific rhythm and began fucking me like a rag doll. This continued until both guys came in me simultaneously. Mark came and came in my pussy, filling it beyond capacity. Mark’s friend came in my mouth and I almost choked trying to swallow it all. When they had finished cumming, their cocks slowly went down and I found myself collapsing to the ground.

When I woke up, all four guys were dressed, and had begun watching the video. I opened the door to gather my clothes, but noticed the bag was gone. The guys noticed I was awake and told me to join them. I said, “Just a minute. I’m just trying to find my clothes”.

Mark said, “Didn’t you notice what the bag said? It was a donation bag to the Salvation Army. Those panties are your clothes. We can get you a fresh pair, but you don’t need those male looking clothes anymore. Come over here and give me some sugar.”

As he said it, I could feel myself getting hard. He was right; it was going to be hard to deny my new life and I could never deny Mark. I was now his bitch. I went over to Mark and put one arm around him and my other hand on his lap. Mark put his arm around me, planted a huge kiss on my lips and pulled me close saying “Good girl, what do you want to do next?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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