Married for Third Ch. 01

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K. Nitsua. Copyright 2011 by the author.

Part One: Initiation

Brad saw them almost as soon as he walked into the hotel bar. Sid and Walt were sitting together at a table by the window. They smiled and waved almost at the same time, and stood as he reached them.

“Good to see you in person at last, Brad,” Walt said, as they shook hands. He was the older of the two, in his early forties, hair just beginning to be touched with gray. The pictures he’d sent had shown a handsome man and they hadn’t lied.

Brad turned to Sid and offered his hand. Sid smiled and took it. “Ditto,” he said. Sid was a bit younger than Walt, probably in his thirties, taller than his friend and a bit beefy in build. Brad was relieved that they didn’t have gym bodies, but looked like real people. He exercised regularly and thought he looked pretty good, but knew he’d never be featured in any fitness magazine.

They sat and Brad ordered a beer. The three men chatted over drinks, covering the usual subjects of men getting to know each other: their jobs and their families. Brad knew some of this already. He had exchanged a few e-mails and photos with Walt since he first replied to the “Married for Third” personal ad he’d seen on Craigslist. He was here because Walt had invited him to meet him and his friend Sid face to face.

After a while there was a lull in their conversation. Brad saw the other two exchange a glance. Walt turned to him and smiled. “Well, Brad, it’s a real pleasure visiting with you.”

Brad said, “So is this my cue to leave?” He tried to hide his disappointment.

“Oh no!” Walt said. His embarrassment was genuine. “Just the opposite, in fact. Sid and I were just about to suggest we continue this upstairs, right, Sid?”

Sid nodded vigorously in agreement. “Absolutely. If that’s okay.”

Brad nodded, relieved. “Well, I hope you all can tell I’m sold on this idea. If you’re sold on me.”

Walt’s gaze was steady. “You’re a very attractive man, Brad. Sid and I are looking forward to getting even better acquainted. Shall we?”

As they walked through the lobby and toward the elevators, Brad asked, “So tell me again how you guys met?”

“Golf,” Sid said. “Our families belong to the same club. One day my regular partner had an emergency and canceled at the last minute. Walt was around and volunteered to take his place so I wouldn’t lose my spot. You could say we really hit it off,” he said, grinning at his friend.

By now they were in the elevator. Walt said, “Of course it didn’t happen right then. We kind of gradually figured out that, though we were both happily married, we were interested in a little more. Just now and then.”

“I caught him checking me out in the locker room shower one day,” Sid laughed. “One thing led to another, and here we are.”

“As you can imagine, we don’t see each other all that often,” Walt continued. “Anyone who joins us can’t expect a regular thing. Sometimes things can free up on short notice and we get together on the spur of the moment.

“So today is really an exception. We’ve got a room and we’ve got the whole evening. Sure looking forward to it.” He smiled, moving closer, and patted Brad on his butt, just as the elevator door opened on their floor.

Walt’s and Sid’s room was a suite. When they were inside the two friends turned to Brad. “Why don’t you wait here a moment? We’ll be right back.”

“Do you want me to…” Brad asked.

Walt winked at him. “Not just yet. Sit. Make yourself comfortable. Have a drink,” he said, pointing at a refrigerator under the TV.

They walked into the bedroom and shut the door. Brad did as Walt suggested and sat on the couch. His heart was thumping and he couldn’t sit still. He opened the refrigerator and got himself a bottle of Perrier, just for something to do. He’d taken a sip or two and put the bottle down when the door opened again.

Brad looked up and his jaw dropped. His two friends were standing side by side, smiling. Stark naked. Sid was built like a linebacker, with bulging biceps, thighs and pectorals. The fur Walt’s chest was tinged with gray like his hair, his stomach a bit soft but still modest. Actually Brad’s eyes were focused further down. Sid had told him Walt was hung and he had been telling the truth-his cut cock was only half hard but already it was enormous. Sid’s equipment was pretty impressive too. Brad licked his suddenly dry lips. He shifted, trying to relieve the sudden, painful pressure in the front of his jeans. He was blushing with embarrassment, sure that his friends would be disappointed when they finally saw what he had to offer.

“Want to come on in the bedroom?” Walt asked.

Brad nodded. He got up and followed them through the door. The bedroom had one king-sized bed with a couple of towels, a small bottle of lube, a bottle of poppers and condoms already unwrapped and ready laid on the spread. Walt and Sid turned to him at the same time.

“Looks like you could get a little ataşehir escort bayan more comfortable,” Walt observed, looking down at the bulge in the front of Brad’s jeans.

“Looks like,” Brad agreed, looking into Walt’s eyes. As if on cue Sid moved around behind him. His arms encircled Brad’s waist and his hands began to unbuckle his belt.

Walt pulled Brad’s polo shirt out of his jeans and slid his hands up the other man’s chest. His fingers found Brad’s nipples and squeezed. Brad gasped and Walt grinned.

“You like that?” he said. Brad nodded. His heart was thumping so loudly he thought Walt and Sid might be able to hear it. Walt raised a hand and stroked his cheek.

“You are a fine looking man,” he said in a low voice, before putting his lips to Brad’s. As they kissed Sid slid one hand under the waistband of Brad’s bikini briefs and grasped his hardening cock. “Nice,” he said in Brad’s ear. “Hot underwear too.” He knelt and pulled Brad’s sneakers off before pushing his jeans and briefs down his thighs. Brad’s cock sprang upward, a drop of clear fluid oozing from the pink circumcised head. Walt stopped making out with Brad long enough to pull his shirt over his head, tossing it onto the floor. He smiled. “How are you doing?” he asked.

Brad let his breath out in a whoosh, shaking his head. “Awesome.”

Sid chuckled from behind him. “Wait, it gets better.” He turned Brad’s head with his hand and pressed his mouth hard to the other man’s, thrusting his tongue inside. Meanwhile Walt fell to his knees and swallowed Brad’s erection. Brad let out a muffled moan, his mouth still locked with Sid’s. Walt blew him for a few minutes, then just as Brad started to feel dangerously close to cumming, stopped, stood up and gently pushed him into a sitting position on the bed. His two buddies stood in front of him, their erect cocks bobbing a few inches in front of his face. He leaned forward and took Sid’s into his mouth.

“Mmm,” Sid said, grabbing his head. After a few moments he guided Brad onto Walt’s cock and made out with his friend while Brad got used to having his mouth stretched. Walt pulled his cock out and got Brad on his back, feet on the floor. He and Sid climbed onto the mattress and looked down into Brad’s face.

“We’ve talked a bit already. You know what we’d like to do now, right?” Walt asked.

Brad nodded.

“Sid and I are both versatile-one of the reasons we play so well together.” He grinned at his friend. “We both love to watch the other in action, though. We’ve had a fantasy of tag teaming a guy who’d be willing to bottom for both of us. Are you up for that?”

He shrugged and smiled. “Like I said before, I’ll do anything you guys want.”

“Good man,” Walt said. “I think this is going to be real hot.”

“Can I ask a favor, though?” Brad said.

“Sure. What?”

Brad looked at Walt’s massive organ. “Can Sid go first?”

They laughed. “Fair enough,” Walt said. “At least you’re willing to try.”

“Oh, I want that thing in me. Bad,” Brad said. “I have to work up to it, though.”

“That’s part of the fun,” Sid said, hooking his hands under Brad’s armpits and hoisting him up. He positioned himself between Brad’s legs and lifted them into the air. “We’ll get you loosened up, don’t worry.”

His head disappeared between Brad’s thighs and a moment later he groaned as Sid’s tongue found his asshole. Sid was an expert ass eater, tongue licking, flicking and teasing the sensitive flesh, finally pushing as far as it could go into the opening. Brad whimpered and thrashed in Walt’s arms as Sid continued his oral assault. Finally he drew back, his scruffy smiling face wet with spit. “Fuck, you taste great,” Sid said. His own cock jutted up between his legs.

Sid took the small bottle of lube that was lying on the spread and squeezed a handful out. He thrust first one, then two fingerfuls up Brad’s ass, working the prostate gland and causing Brad’s cock to ooze clear precum onto his stomach. “So, Brad. How do you want it?”

Brad looked Sid in the eye. “Any way you want to give it to me.”

Sid grinned. “We’re going to give it to you every way we can, buddy. I like the way you are just fine to start, though.” He pulled his fingers out, picked up a condom and hooded himself in one smooth motion. Walt, who had moved behind Brad’s head, reached up and pulled his calves back until he was bent double, his lubed asshole totally exposed and vulnerable. Sid knelt between Brad’s legs and looked down.

“Damn, that’s hot.” Brad felt the blunt head of Sid’s organ press against his ring, then gasped as it broke through and slid inside. A sharp pain knifed through his insides and he cried out.

“You okay?” Sid asked.

Brad nodded, smiling through gritted teeth. “Just give me a minute.” He took quick deep breaths, willing himself to relax. In a moment the hurt passed and he took hold of Sid’s hips, pushing him further in.

“You got it all, buddy,” Sid said, his balls pressed escort kadıköy against Brad’s butt. “How’s it feel?”

Brad’s breath was coming in quick gasps, his heart pounding. “Great.”

Walt’s smiling face appeared above him, upside down. “You’re doing great.” He bent and took one of Brad’s nipples into his mouth. Brad caressed Walt’s torso. His cock was rock hard, even though he hadn’t touched it for minutes. He took hold of it. Right away Walt’s hand was around his wrist, gently but firmly pulling his hand away.

“Not yet,” he said. Before Brad could object, he put a small brown uncapped bottle under his nose. “Take a hit of this.”

Brad pinched one nostril shut and inhaled deeply. The sharp odor was followed by spreading warmth in his face. He lay back, looking at nothing, as Sid began to pound his ass.

“Fuck him,” Walt said, spread-eagling Brad’s arms and pinning his wrists to the mattress. He leaned forward and kissed Sid. Brad raised his head as far as he could to watch Sid’s hooded shaft slide in and out of his stretched hole. Sid was obviously enjoying himself, varying the pace, alternating between rapid shallow thrusts that massaged Brad’s prostate and hard, deep fucking that caused him to grunt every time Sid slammed his cock home.

Walt pushed himself back on the bed to get a better view of the action. He jerked his still half-hard cock, taking a hit of the poppers as he watched his friend fuck Brad. “Save some for me,” he told Sid.

Sid grinned. “Oh, this guy’s got plenty left. Turn over. Doggie style now, bud,” he said to Brad, pulling out. Brad obeyed, assuming the position on his hands and knees. He felt Sid slide his cock in again, easily this time, and braced himself against the renewed onslaught, dropping to his elbows. He peered back between his arms and saw his dangling cock and balls, swaying in rhythm to Sid’s thrusts. He tightened his ass muscles around Sid’s sliding shaft for more friction.

“Oh yeah,” Sid cried. “Squeeze my dick, buddy. You’ve got a great hole-so hot and tight.” He shoved Brad’s head down to the mattress so that his ass was high in the air.

“Shit, Sid,” Walt said, “You’re getting me worked up here. When’s my turn?”

Brad turned his head. “He’s loosening me up pretty good.”

“I haven’t cum yet,” Sid protested, but pulled out of Brad’s ass. Walt had already hooded himself with a rubber and was applying lube. Brad looked at Walt’s cock jutting up between his legs and felt himself getting nervous again. Walt caught his eye and nodded, understanding.

“Why don’t we start with you on top?” he said.

“Okay.” Brad moved toward Walt as he rolled over onto his back and straddled his belly, rising up on his knees and positioning Walt’s stiff prick against his asshole. It had loosened up from Sid’s fucking but still, he wanted to take this slow. He bent his knees and began to lower himself onto the cock. It pressed hard against his ring before he felt himself opening. “Oh, god,” Brad moaned as the thick head stretched his hole to its limit, then cried out in pained delight as his sphincter closed abruptly around it.

Sid put the brown bottle under Brad’s nostrils and he took another hit. As the flush from the poppers hit Brad expelled his breath in short puffs, willing himself to relax. He felt Walt’s strong hands on his hips.

“I’m inside, baby,” Walt murmured. “Just let yourself get used to it. Take it slow.”

Brad opened his eyes and looked into Walt’s smiling face. He nodded and tried to smile. “I’ll get it.” When he was ready he let himself descend further onto Walt’s pole, little by little. Finally he felt himself pressing into the warm flesh of the other man’s lower body. He reached around and took hold of Walt’s balls, felt the end of the shaft entering his hole, stretched to enormous dimensions. An indescribable mix of pain and pleasure flared in his innards from being filled to his limit, Walt’s penis pressing mercilessly against his prostate.

Brad threw his head back and laughed. “Damn, you’re big,” he said. The next moment he cried out again. Walt had taken his slick cock and given it a quick twist, causing Brad’s ass to tighten in response.

Sid’s face was in front of his, bathing him in warm breath. “Good man,” Sid whispered. “Now you know how I feel when he does it to me.” He put his mouth to Brad’s and they exchanged a wet kiss as Walt began to fuck, thrusting his hips upward, sending shock waves through Brad’s impaled body.

Brad’s mouth opened and his eyes lost their focus as he surrendered to Walt’s all-conquering cock. His own erection bobbed up and down as Walt’s thrusts rocked his body, leaking a steady stream of clear fluid onto his partner’s belly. Walt smiled, reaching up and tweaking his nipples. He grasped Brad behind his neck and brought him down to his face for another kiss.

“You doing okay?” Walt asked him when they broke apart.

“I’m going to feel this tomorrow,” Brad told him. “Hope I don’t give myself away bostancı escort at work by the way I’m walking.”

Walt chuckled and gently slapped his cheek. “Naughty boy.”

“Hey, what are you guys whispering about?” Sid protested good-naturedly.

“You, of course,” Walt said. “I was telling him how you squeal when I fuck you.”

Sid harrumphed in mock outrage. “I could tell him a few things about you too.”

Walt reached out and squeezed Sid’s organ. “You know I’m just kidding. Brad’ll find out everything soon enough.” He turned back to Brad. “Ready to stand up and take a bow?”

“Huh?” Brad replied, before he understood. “Sure.” He lifted himself gingerly off Walt’s cock, unfolded himself and got off the bed. In a moment Walt was standing by him, placing his hands on Brad’s hips and turning him around. “Bend over,” he said. Brad obeyed. He felt the pressure between his cheeks again and grunted as Walt filled him again with his hard cock, keeping a firm grip on his hips for leverage. Sid moved around to his front, stripping off his rubber. “Suck it,” he commanded.

“Fuck yeah,” Brad murmured, before he took Sid in his mouth. His two buddies settled into a back and forth rhythm as they stuffed both Brad’s ass and face with hard cock. Brad held on to Sid’s thighs for dear life as they pounded him at both ends. His eyes were closed, his brain drinking up every ounce of sensation.

Walt bent down as he increased the pace of his thrusts. “You got me so hot, buddy. I’m fixing to cum. It’s going to get rough. Can you take it?”

“Mm hmm,” Brad moaned, his mouth still full of Sid’s cock. He let go and said, “Give it to me.”

“You asked for it,” Walt said, and began to drill Brad’s asshole, slamming into his butt cheeks and making his entire body shake. Brad cried out in pain, but the worst of the assault didn’t last long as Walt first grunted rhythmically, then began to shout, “Oh…oh…OH FUCK HERE IT COMES!” He slammed all the way into Brad with one final huge thrust and held himself there, wrapping his arms around his partner’s chest and squeezing the breath out of him. Brad felt Walt’s chest heaving in release, his hot breath on his neck. The musk of Walt’s sweaty arousal filled his nostrils.

They stood there, locked in that position, until Sid tapped Walt on the shoulder. “My turn,” he said. He’d already hooded himself with a fresh condom. Walt pulled out of Brad’s ass with a sigh and let Sid move into position behind Brad. Sid shoved his cock into Brad’s stretched, abused hole without ceremony and began to thrust as he and Walt changed places, exchanging a kiss above Brad’s head. Brad gave his softening cock a few strokes with his mouth before wrapping his arms around Walt’s waist and hanging on as Sid rushed toward his own climax. It didn’t take long for his other buddy to cum, dumping his load into the rubber in Brad’s ass with strangled grunts, followed by pants and groans of pleasure. Finally Sid let his breath out with one tremendous exhalation. “Damn, you’re fine,” he announced.

“Stay inside him,” Walt told his friend. He knelt and looked up into Brad’s eyes. “Your turn.” He took Brad’s cock into his mouth and began to blow him with long, hard strokes, taking him down to the root each time. As Brad felt his orgasm gathering he felt the cock in his ass begin to move again. Walt’s skillful mouth combined with Sid’s hammering his prostate finally pushed him over the edge. He threw back his head and roared with delight as his cock let go with enormous, hot spurts down Walt’s eager throat, writhing in Sid’s arms as his whole body convulsed with the force of his climax.

Finally it was over. He went limp against the broad chest behind him. He felt Sid’s cock slip out of his ass.

Walt’s face was in front of his, a streak of Brad’s cum running down from one corner of his mouth. Brad’s eyes widened as Walt put his mouth to his and pushed his fresh load back in, coating both their tongues before forcing him to swallow it. He gasped as they broke apart, his mouth full of the salty bitter taste of his own semen.

Walt patted his cheek again. “You done good, buddy.” He and Sid each took one of his arms and guided him back to the bed. They fell onto the mattress all together on their backs, bodies covered with sweat, chests still heaving from their recent exertions. Sid’s cock still had its rubber hood on, filled with his cum.

Sid threw one arm across Brad’s chest. “So,” he said to Walt, “Think we should keep him around?”

Walt chuckled. “I think so. You okay with that, Brad?”

Brad said, “This was fantastic. You guys are fucking hot.”

“Glad you think so.” Walt turned to Brad. “You were a good sport to take all we threw at you. Of course you’re not just going to be our fuck toy. Like I said, we’re versatile. We’d like to do a lot more with you, Brad. If you’re up for it.”

“Absolutely,” Brad said. “Well, maybe not right away…”

Sid laughed. “Us neither. I’d say we’re pretty beat right now ourselves. Why don’t we get cleaned up, go have some dinner, and then see what happens after?”

“Sounds like a plan to me.” Brad put an arm around each of his friends’ shoulders and kissed them in turn. He was looking forward to the rest of the evening.

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