Marty Takes Charge in Malibu


Big men are surprised to learn that in any relationship the alpha male just may be the smaller man, and they certainly never expect to be turned every way but loose by a little guy.

My name is Martin Evers, better known to my friends as Marty. I’m 5′ 8″ and weigh 150 lbs. I work out regularly and have a nice build to show for it. Although in most relationships I’m usually the smaller man, I am also a natural top who likes his bottoms big and muscular; the bigger the better.

Chris, my best buddy in high school, asked me to come out to Malibu to house sit for him while he took a long overdue vacation. After we graduated from high school, Chris headed to California and, now seven years later, owns a small construction business and a beautiful house in the hills above the beach of Malibu.

Chris, by the way, is straight, but certainly not a homophobe. Chris never had a problem having a gay best buddy.

I was happy that Chris had asked me to house sit while he took a vacation, because this would be a vacation for me as well. I had always heard of the bodybuilding muscle beach culture of Venice and Santa Monica, and, with Malibu so close by, this was my chance to check it out myself. I did like the idea of meeting some new manhandling prospects. Like I say, the bigger the better.

I was floating around Chris’s pool, catching a few rays, when I heard a car pull into the driveway. Hank, the foreman with Chris’s company, had called earlier and said he would be coming by after work to drop off some papers for Chris to sign.

I looked thru the slats of the pool cage for my first glimpse of Hank and was very impressed with what I saw. He was wearing denim jean cut offs that were stretched tight by his thick muscular thighs and a plaid flannel shirt that strained to cover his broad shoulders and massive chest. His shirt sleeves were rolled up, revealing a pair of huge muscular arms, and he was wearing construction boots that showcased his muscular calves.

Chris had told me that Hank was the kind of guy I liked. Boy was that an understatement. Hank was huge. He was at least 6’4″ and probably 280 lbs. of solid muscle. Even his muscles appeared to have muscles. He was the answer to every sexual fantasy I’d ever had of a California muscle man, and if this guy’s cock wasn’t a size in proportion to the rest if him, there was just no justice.

I went to the door to meet him, and when I opened the door I found that I was gaziantep bayan eskort staring directly into the center of the big man’s chest. I had to step back and look up to meet his eyes. What I saw in those eyes was the arrogance of a big man used to intimidating smaller men. His smile was more like a smirk as he stared down at me. I could tell that it would be a challenge getting Hank to give up the alpha male role.

I continued to look up at him and said, “My guess is you’re Hank.”

“Hello Marty,” he said as he stared down, “Welcome to California.”

When I stepped aside to let Hank in, I checked him out again, and the more I checked him out, the more impressed I was by what I saw. I followed the muscle hunk inside and walked with him out to the pool. The big man led and the small man followed, which I’m sure was the norm for Hank. We each took a seat on a deck chair.

Hank looked out at the pool and said, “Boy after a day like today that water does look inviting.”

With big men, for them to accept that I am the alpha male, I’ve found it works best when I take charge early in the relationship.

I said, “Hank you look like you could relax a little. I bet you’ve had a tough day. I know that Chris has some swim briefs he keeps for guests to use. Go in, find a pair your size, change, and when you come back out you can float around the pool a bit and just relax.”

When Hank did come back out, I was doubly impressed. There was no question he was a bodybuilder, and even though it was the off season for bodybuilding contests, his body was shaved of all body hair. He had a deep tan and his muscles rippled as he walked toward me. My dick was hard and at attention, obviously impressed with Hank’s appearance.

I told him, “Wow Hank you’ve really done a fantastic job sculpting your body. I’ve never seen more impressive results.”

“Thanks Marty. I like having my body admired and I like it that you’re impressed.”

Then it was Hank’s turn to check me out. He smiled and said, “It’s obvious you’re no stranger to the gym yourself. So I know you appreciate all the hours in the gym it took to get this body.”

Hank was wrong. It wasn’t the hard work and hours in the gym that I appreciated. What I most appreciated were the results he had gotten.

“Bring those muscles over here and I’ll rub some tanning oil on them to make sure you don’t lose that great tan,” I said.

He then came over to me, just as I had instructed him. I took it to be a very good sign that, right from the beginning, Hank was following my instructions.

I had to stand on my toes to reach them, but I began rubbing the oil on his broad shoulders and back. When I started on his muscular arms, I realized it took both of my hands to rub the oil on one huge bicep at a time. Hank enjoyed showing off and flexed his muscles as I slowly rubbed in the oil.

Then I decided to go for broke and moved to his front and began first to massage his muscular thighs and then concentrated my attention on his massive chest and firm pecs. His deep breathing certainly indicated he was enjoying the attention and, with the growing bulge in his briefs, it was obvious he was getting an erection. But I decided to go easy on him and let him go.

“Alright Hank, I think I’ve got those muscles oiled up pretty well and you’re OK to float,”

I said.

We each grabbed a float and began to leisurely float around the pool. The contrast between his huge tan muscular bodybuilder body and my distinctly smaller dimensions was striking. We just floated and talked for the next hour and I made sure to compliment him on the impressive results he’d gotten with his bodybuilding.

Finally I said, “Hank I think it’s time for a little less talk and little more action.”

I took his large hand in mine and led him into the house. Nothing gives me more pleasure than taking complete control of a big man who in the past has always been the alpha male. When we were in the bedroom I ran my hands over his magnificent body.

I took my time, touching every huge muscle of that body, and finally focused on his muscular chest as I massaged and pinched his erect nipples.

I really had the big man in heat. I didn’t know how much more he could take before he erupted so I stared into his eyes and said, “Now drop the briefs Hank and lie down on the bed.”

He did as he was told.

His huge hard cock slapped against his abs when he released it from his briefs. Yes, justice had been served. His long thick cock was definitely in proportion to the rest of him.

To say my dick looked like it belonged to a cub scout when compared to his huge man’s cock is an understatement. I had never seen a more impressive cock. With that muscular body and huge cock, Hank would be a very popular male nude model.

I took off my briefs and laid down beside him. I wrapped my hand around that big cock of his. It felt like a velvet covered steel rod. I began to squeeze and stroke It, and with my other hand I gently massaged between his balls and butt hole. I slipped the tip of my tongue into his ear and Hank moaned in ecstasy, totally under my control. His engorged cock throbbed with each stroke of my hand and it wasn’t long before Hank erupted, spewing a huge load of cum over his abs and chest.

“OK Hank, now what I want is for you to put that tongue of yours to good use. I expect a blow job that I’ll rate as the best I’ve ever had,” I said.

Submissively he went down between my legs and began to lick and suck my hard dick. I doubt that big Hank had ever given another man a blow job, but he was a natural at it. He had the full lips and long tongue of a good cock sucker. When he wrapped that tongue around my dick, I knew it wouldn’t be long before I erupted. When I had, the big man swallowed every drop of my cum.

However, Hank’s fantastic blow job was only the beginning. I was ready to go again, and from the look of Hank’s growing erection, so was he.

I patted the mattress beside me indicating to Hank where I wanted him to lie down. With him on his back I pushed his knees to his chest and pulled his legs up in the air. I mounted him and began to rub my small hard dick on his huge hard cock. His cock was definitely twice the size of my dick but his moans seemed to indicate that my little dick was getting the job done.

I can’t describe the thrill I get dominating a big muscular man; muscle bear or bodybuilder, either one, and Hank responded to my cock rubbing like the bitch of mine he was.

When Hank did erupt, even more cum spewed from his cock than with his first orgasm, and shortly after he erupted I spewed an even larger load of cum, covering his cock and abs.

Then I bent down, placed my hand under his chin, lifted his full lips to mine and rewarded him with a deep tongue kiss. When we both stood up, I gave him a playful, but in charge, slap on the butt.

With that slap, I realized what a fantastic ass Hank had, and I promised myself that the next time he and I got together I wouldn’t be so distracted by his impressive cock and would spend some time focused on his magnificent firm round glutes.

As Hank walked away back toward the pool, I smiled. My eyes were admiringly focused on that very seductive bubble butt and my thought was of how much fun I’d had manhandling the big man.

However, I also thought I should ask, “So Hank, how was it having a little guy take charge?”

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