Mason: Letter 01

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Dear Figaro,

Sorry about the late reply, I have been so busy lately, hope you have been well. It feels really odd to be writing letters rather than emails but I guess you’re not getting much access to computers given your current situation. I still feel terrible about what happened the last time we met, I will try my best to get up to see you soon. I will look up the visiting times and let you know.

Since the last time I wrote you, Lockie finally got back to me and arranged a screen test for me at the porn studio he works at. I guess I finally wore him down. It is new but I am excited. Between getting ready for that and my writing course I barely have much time for anything.

I promise from now on to write as many letter to you as I can, after all you have done for Channing and I in the past it’s the least I can do. First things first, thank you so much for renting me this apartment, it’s out of this fucking world, I cannot begin to say how grateful I am to you, once again it seems like you are my guardian angel. It’s at least ten time bigger than the shitty two bedroom place Channing and I used to stay in when you first met us all those years ago.

I will try and takes some pictures for you to show you, it’s like something from a magazine, floor to ceiling windows in the living room, the shower alone is bigger than any bed I ever slept in, and I am going to have to learn to cook so the kitchen does not go to waste. The building itself is beautiful, right near the park, I have such great views of the lake. I have to pinch myself sometimes to remind me it’s real.

I have not met my neighbors yet but they are loud, all they seem to do is fight loud and fuck even louder. One guy I did meet and talk to briefly is Miles, the security guard. When I first saw him I was floored, he is just my type, toned, tanned and tattooed. He told me he knew you a few years ago when he was starting out on the force (you kept that quiet you dog ha-ha). He seems nice but sometimes I find him staring at me, maybe it’s just my imagination.

So about this porn audition, I know you are dying to hear about it lol.

Lockie called me up last Tuesday night and said Curtis had finally got back to him about getting me a screen test, he said one of their other newbie’s got cold feet so I was next on the list. He didn’t tell me too much about what the screen test involved but I have been on the website lots of times. Of course panic mode ensued, looking at all the big beefy studs they already had on the books. So I started doing extra crunches and decided I will join a gym once I get some money. I didn’t have a great nights sleep the night before the screen test, I was nervous and excited and not going to lie to you, I was getting turned on just at the thought of getting naked and jerking off in front of a camera knowing that men from all over the worlds were going to bash their meat to my video.

I know you don’t really know Lockie all that well so I will tell you a little bit about him so you know who I am going on about. We met in a shelter about three years ago, we both liked working out so used to run in the park together whenever we could. He has a similar story to mine, ran away from a broken home and ended up wandering the streets. He wasn’t as lucky as me and didn’t have his own Figaro to help him out.

People have commented in the past that we could be brothers, he has the same blonde hair as me abut is definitely more muscular and he has sleeve tattoos. He is my best friend in this city for sure, but lately his attitude and behavior has changed towards me. I have always harbored a massive crush towards him since we first met but he is strictly gay-for-pay had has a different girl each weeks so I have kept my feelings to myself, I don’t want things to get messy ha-ha.

On the day of the audition we agreed to meet at the cafe my housemate Theo works at. I guess you would call it a niche cafe, it has a few tables and always seems to be busy. I decided to get a housemate because I was lonely and I had hooked up with Theo a few times on Grindr, he is cool, you would like him. He is tall, thin and has a shaved head, only you and him know about my feelings for Lockie.

“What time is lover boy arriving?” said Theo with a smirk, placing the Orange juice in front of me.

“SSSH,” I hissed scanning the room, “He could have heard you!”

“Oh please if that guy doesn’t Ankara escort know that you have had the horn for him since day one then he is stupid AND blind.”

“Whatever Theo I have enough on my mind as it is,” I said as I began to shred the napkin.

I heard the door open and turned, Lockie was walking towards us looking better than any guy had the right too. Black leather jacket over a wine green t-shirt and tight dark jeans over boots, I was weak at the sight.

“Hey Mason,” he said with a smile. “You ready for today?”

“Not really,” I admitted, returning his smile. “I will once you tell me more.”

Without acknowledging Theo, as he never really got on with him, he barked his order. (Lockie thinks Theo is too forward and Theo thinks Lockie is a cocky idiot.) Once Theo had left to get the order Lockie began to tell me about the rough outline of the day. As he began talking I realized that I had missed him, he has been real busy doing photo shoots for the site, camming and he usually spends his free time with other people from the business. I feel he got bored of me always bailing on him to sit at home and write another chapter, but I vowed to be more flexible. Little does he know the real reason I have been avoiding him.

He said that it should not take more than an hour to do my test, but in this business nothing really runs on schedule, I would meet Curtis, the Owner and Director, fill out paperwork, take some pictures, then I would wank on camera, go home and wait for the call. It seemed easy when he said it like that and I started to relax.

After the cafe we got the train and caught up on each other’s life’s, he was saying that work was hard but busy and he was enjoying the money. He showed me a new watch that he was gifted from on of his fans from the chat rooms. He also said that he decided to cool it on the girl front as it was messing with this head, I grinned inwardly at that piece of information.

I told him about my writing course and the latest short story I was working on. He seemed interested and asked to read it sometime, which made me almost burst. While we walked to the studio he asked about my love life and when I told him I was just hooking up with Theo on and off he just grunted and said no more.

The outside of the studio looked like any other office building, the logo above the door way was the only sign that it made adult entertainment. I realized I was nervous again as we walked up the stairs to the office but I quickly shook them off, I was determined to do this and a little part of me didn’t want to let Lockie down, plus I really needed the money.

Curtis greeted us at the top of the stairs, hugging Lockie he turned to me, looking me up and down. He was in his thirties, I assumed, and resembled a Hippie almost, not what I thought the owner of a porn studio would look like. He had on beige cord flairs and I could see that he was wearing flip flops, which for some reason made me giggle as we walked into his office.

“Mm,” he muttered as he sat down behind his big brown desk, “I know you said he was hot Lockie but you never said he was a scorcher!”

My mouth went dry as I took my seat, Lockie thought I was hot!

“He’s real smart too.” Lockie said, as he poured two glasses of water, I didn’t make eye contact as I accepted mine.

I will skip the boring shit Figgy or else this letter will be fifteen pages long. I filled out the paper work and stripped down to my boxers as Curtis took some pictures. I did some generic flexes and poses, all the time trying not to look like a frigid idiot. Lockie stood behind Curtis, it felt odd to have him staring at me, my mind could have been playing tricks on me but I thought I seem something strange in the way he was looking at me, don’t ask me what though, we had seen each other naked the odd time we showered together in the shelter, he even fucked a girl in our shared bed when it was his night. That’s how bad things were, we had to alternate nights to sleep in the bed ha-ha. The biggest fight we ever had was the night after one of his liaisons and I woke up with his used condom stuck to me. I can laugh about it now I guess.

After Curtis took enough shots, the three of us walked next door to a plain room with a couch and a camera on a tripod with a small monitor to the right.

“Okay, lose the shorts, turn around and bend over.” Curtis said, snapping Ankara escort bayan me out of my trip down memory lane.

I did as instructed, the lights in this room were so fucking hot I hoped I had cleaned my cooch well enough because I definitely didn’t want to stink up the joint with the smell of my butt on the first day. I was glad now that I had trimmed my pubes and shaved my hole. I knew from his other movies that that was the preferred look, toned smooth twinks. Apparently, I fit the mold. After a few more instructions Curtis let me look at some of the pictures had had taken. I looked really good, if I do say so myself, the extra hours working out had paid off. I will try and send you one of me on all fours with my cheeks spread, it is my favorite. Curtis commented that I had one of the cutest little sink holes he had ever seen, so that has to be a good sign, right?

As I went to get another glass of water I could hear Lockie and Curtis whispering, I assumed they were talking about my pictures but as I walked back into the room Lockie was undressing.

“Curtis thinks we would look good together so decided to put me in the shoot as well, hope you are cool with that,” he said as he pulled off his socks.

I had no choice, if I wanted this job, which I did, I would have to grin and bear it and hope that I could maintain a boner long enough and not bust too early. He was naked as I sat down beside him on the couch, secretly glad that we were both doing the shoot now as I could openly perv on him.

“I guess so, if you are?” I added bashfully as we both began tugging ourselves to get ready for the action.

“Yeah, fuck it, it’s only jerking off,” he replies as he gave Curtis the thumbs up.

I began to get a semi going and with my other hand started working my balls, thoughts of the camera were gone. I took in more of Lockie’s body, he was way more toned that I remembered. I could have sworn he got a spray tan because his six pack was glistening in the bright lights. I was also shocked at the size of his dick, I had never seen him fully erect before, but now that it was beside me in full glory I was pleasantly surprised. I would have put it at seven inches for sure, thick at the base and narrowing into a dark pink helmet, the shaft itself had one giant vein running its length. His foreskin was a pale beige, the color of mocha. My mouth went dry and I looked away, trying hard to hide my blush. Curtis stood behind the camera adjusting it.

“Looking good guys, I want you to stand up and face each other pulling each other’s dicks, it’s only a test shoot so we won’t get too heavy but remember to have fun. We are rolling.”

With that he returned to looking at the monitor, my heartbeat began to quicken as Lockie wrapped his hand firmly around my member and began to gently pull, I went from a semi to a hard on in three strokes.

“Damn Mason, what a weapon!” he said with a light laugh, “you kept this quiet.”

I will admit through all my hardships and struggles I always felt blessed that I had a good solid dick, I was working with a thick eight inches, it was the only thing I ever felt proud of. How sad is that Figaro.

I spat on my hand and started rubbing his helmet, I could feel my saliva mix with his pre-cum and my hand felt sticky as I worked his length up and down. I couldn’t help it, I let out a little moan. Lockie took this as encouragement and began to beat me off more vigorously. My mind began to race and I could not fucking believe that this was actually happening to me, I was in a porn studio jerking off my best friend on camera.

I looked at him to see if I could see any awkwardness but there was none, and once again if I am not crazy I though I seen a flurry of desire behind his hazel eyes. His full lips were pulled back in a devilish grin and before I knew what was happening, we were kissing.

Our tongues were overlapping as he put his hand behind my head and pulled me further into him, I was surprised how good he tasted, a fool would think it was even passionate. In that moment of us making out and yanking each other, I wasn’t even worried that this would fuck up our friendship, right then it was the only thing I wanted in the world. I reached around and grabbed his ass, I could feel the fine downy hairs underneath my sweaty palm as I started kneading his cheek. He pushed my hips back a fraction and grabbed both our cocks Escort Ankara and began stroking them with one hand, one on top of the other. Again another moan escaped, this time from his lips. We continued like this for a few glorious minutes, until Curtis announced that we had to wrap things up.

“Guys! that was fucking hot and I hate to break up the party but I got a plane to catch so I am going to get you to cum on each other and they its in the can.”

“I am two seconds away,” whispered Lockie.

Thank fuck he said that Figaro, I was close to busting myself and really didn’t want to make a fool of myself. Never before had I felt more sexy or sure of my own body. Hearing his breathing change I impulsively sank to my knees before him(as I had done in many dreams). The shocked look on his face turned me on even more, I started rubbing his chunky thigh before snaking my hand up to his bulging ball sack, rubbing it gently. I wanted every last drop of his nut to be shot all over my face and maybe if I was lucky some might spray into my mouth.

I started to lick his helmet rapidly, he quickly began to shudder and with a loud cry I felt the first splash of his milk hit my face, it just kept shooting, all the way to my forehead. I was covered and it felt fantastic. I licked the last bit of his seed, that was dangling from his piss slit, slowly, then began to scrape all of his jizz off my face, into my mouth.

Distracted by the taste of him I hadn’t even noticed Lockie sit down. Spent. Seeing him so weak and satisfied turned me on so much that I quickly followed him to the couch.

I sat beside him as he took over from me, I lay back and closed my eyes as he muttered the standard porn tropes. I could feel the sensation tingle in my loins as he began to pull on me more furiously. I felt it surge out of my head and land on my stomach, the force of it made my clench my ass cheeks, it was like every nerve ending in my cock was a firework.

After a minute, the euphoric feeling slowly ebbed away, I glanced down to see the mess I had made and could see Lockie smiling at me. Needless to say it was the best moment of my life. Reality then sank in as Curtis handed us some paper towels to clean ourselves, I had just made out, jerked off and eaten my crushes load. No matter what, I told myself, things would not be the same between us. Curtis beamed at us as we pulled on our underwear, and claimed it was the best test shot he had ever seen and that I was a natural.

Lockie patted me on the back as he went to the bathroom. I dressed in silence and helped Curtis pack up. I went outside to wait for Lockie and have a cigarette(I know I said I would quit but I am trying). My thoughts were swirling and I was convinced that things were ruined between us.

“You ready to go?” he said as he came out the door, pulling on his leather jacket.

“Yes,” I replied, falling into step behind him.

“That was quiet a show you put on in there, Curtis said you could be a big star. He just has to show your clip to his partners and they will call you in a few days.”


“You okay Mason? What’s going through your head?” he asked. “After my first scene I was strung out for two days.”

“No I enjoyed it, I…just really don’t want things to change but I cannot see how things can go back to normal now.” I stopped walking, drained.

He began to look at his boots.

“It’s all good with me,” he said, smiling.

I didn’t believe him, this time I surely could see it in his eyes. Something had changed.

“We’re both twenty two I figure after the life’s we both have had, it’s our time to be taking control and doing stupid shit like this.”

With that he started to cross the street.

“See you around Mase, I gotta go see a friend, don’t think too much about it.”

I stood for a few moments watching go down the street. Walking to the train station, feeling deflated now that the shoot was over and the thing with Lockie, I began to think stuff over, I wondered what Channing would have said if he was still around.

That is what spurred me to write this letter, you are my last connection to him and that life, I miss him so much it’s such a fucking shame how things ended, and the fact that bastard Kash is still walking around free makes me so angry.

Once I got home I had a bath and started to feel better again, replaying the events of the day made me hard, put it this way Figaro, I slept really well that night.

That is all my news for now I guess, I will try my best to write to you soon and fill you in on the drama that is my life.


Mason X

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