Masquerade Madness 01

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“But Dad -!”

“No more buts from you, young lady,” Lisa’s dad Daniel replied. “This party isn’t for kids.”

“I’m eighteen years old,” she retorted, yet folded her arms and proceeded to pout like a two year old.

He rolled his eyes. “You’ve been eighteen for barely a month and you haven’t even graduated high school yet. And you’ll always be a kid to me.”

Lisa scrunched up her face and she left the kitchen in a pretend fit. Actually, she was happy her dad was going to this party. It meant he was getting better.

A few months ago he discovered that his wife was cheating on him with a much younger guy. She didn’t even try to deny it. She told Daniel that he was old and spent, and then handed him the divorce papers. Lisa didn’t even have to think twice about which parent she wanted to live with. She hated her mother for breaking her dad’s heart, and especially for doing it in such a cold manner.

So it was really nice to see him so excited to go out and do something.

The party he was going to was a costumed masquerade party (in honor of Halloween next week) that was being held at one of the fancy mansions in town. Daniel didn’t want to go at first, but his buddies convinced him it would be fun – a LOT of fun. He knew the reputation of the parties held at the mansion, and normally he wouldn’t go, but he decided it was probably the best way to get over Samantha; AKA the cougar slut who fucking ripped his still beating heart out.

“Lisa!” he called.

His young daughter appeared in the kitchen doorway. “Have you decided to let me go?”

“No,” he replied firmly, and she stuck her tongue out at him. “I just wanted to tell you that I’ll be going straight to the party after work.”

“Can I see your costume?” she asked.


She pouted. “Why not?”

He blushed slightly and for a moment he reminded her of a shy young boy. “Because it’s embarrassing. The guys picked it out.”

“Aw, come on! If you won’t let me go to the party, at least let me see your costume!” she complained.

He shook his head. “I’ll show it to you tomorrow.”

“Fine,” she said, allowing the compromise.

“Now, as I said I’ll be going straight to the party, so I won’t be seeing you. Here’s fifty dollars.” Lisa’s eyes lit up as he pulled the green bill out of his wallet and set it on the counter. “Go see a movie, hang out with your friends, eat junk food, whatever. Just be safe.”

Lisa skipped toward him and clenched the bill in her hands, then threw her arms around her dad’s neck. “Thanks Daddy! You’re the best!”

He laughed and hugged her back. “The party ends at midnight, so I’ll be back late. Don’t wait up.”

“I won’t,” she said, smiling playfully.

“And no boys!” he called as he left the house.

“No promises!” she called back.

Lisa heard him laughing as he closed the gorukle escort door. She sat at the counter, laid the fifty dollar bill in front of her, and contemplated what she wanted to do that day.

It was a Friday, but she didn’t have school. She didn’t feel like hanging out with her friends, and none of the movies in the theaters interested her very much. What she really wanted to do was go to that party…

Suddenly she was struck with an idea. It was a masquerade party, and everybody would be wearing costumes. She could probably get a wig and a mask (and a kickass costume, of course) and go to the party, and her dad wouldn’t know she was there! She would just have to get home before midnight.

She smiled. I’m a modern Cinderella, she thought to herself.

Before she could talk herself out of the plan, she grabbed the money and left. First she went to the costume store. Initially, she walked over to the traditional costumes. Then she paused when she saw the sexy costumes out the corner of her eye.

Normally she would never wear something so revealing. Not because she had a bad body – which she didn’t, her body was actually fucking fantastic – but because she’d been raised rather conservatively. But she was eighteen years old and could very damn well wear what she wanted.

Besides, she wasn’t going to be Lisa tonight. She was going to be a completely other person. So why not dress the part?

She strode over to the sexy costumes and looked them over. They was pretty much the same selection as the traditional costumes had, just that these were way more revealing. There were sexy superheroes, sexy fairytale characters, sexy princesses, and so on and so forth. But none of them were quite what she wanted. She was looking at a promising genie costume when she saw the one next to it.

It was a sexy showgirl costume. And it was perfect. Quickly she grabbed it and headed over to the wigs. It didn’t take her long to find one she liked. Then she found a pretty mask that matched the color of her costume. She picked it up the rack and then walked over to the cashier, who was a male probably only a couple years older than her.

He rang the costume up and smiled when he saw what it was. He looked at her and, without even bothering to hide it, slowly analyzed her body. She felt hot and cold all over, but instead of running away, she relished in it. She even leaned forward and put her elbows on the counter, putting her cleavage on display.

He couldn’t take his eyes off her tits. “Costume party?”

“Yep,” she said. “But you’re not invited.”

Lisa took the shopping bag and her change and sashayed out of the costume store, knowing that he was watching her.

Once she was around the corner, she had to restrain herself from jumping around with giddy excitement. She had never done anything like altıparmak eskort bayan that before! It felt empowering, and she felt sexy and hot and gloriously feminine.

She was definitely going to have some fun tonight.

Next she went to the nail salon and got a manipedi that would match her costume and mask. The lady even added sparkles to it, which Lisa figured would go with the showgirl costume really well. Then, since the costume showed a lot of skin, she decided to get a wax.

“What kind of wax would you like today?” the lady behind the counter asked.

Lisa bit her lip. She’d never gotten a wax before, but she’d heard a lot about them from her mother.

“A Brazilian,” she replied. Why not? she thought.

She was very nervous before the procedure, which had hurt a lot, but she really liked the look of her hairless pussy. She was admiring it in the spa’s bathroom. Experimentally, she stroked her pussy and gasped at the shiver that ran up her spine. The skin was very sensitive. Slowly, her heart racing, she parted her pussy lips and stuck a finger up into her pussy.

It felt so good!

Lisa bit her lip with glee and now stuck two fingers in her pussy, then began gliding her fingers in and out. She sat down on the toilet lid, and spread her legs, propping one foot up on the sink. Her other hand wandered down and began playing with her clit.

She gasped out a moan and smiled. It felt so good! Masturbating had never felt this good before, and so she’d never done it much. But now…oh, she was going to do it much more often now. In fact, she wouldn’t mind staying in this bathroom all day just touching herself. Forget the party, this was exciting enough.

There was a knock at the door accompanied by a voice, “Is everything okay in there!”

Lisa pulled her fingers out of her pussy and sprang up off the toilet.

“Fine!” she called back, her voice shooting up an octave. “I’ll be out in a moment!”

She quickly licked her fingers, taking a quick moment to revel in how sweet they tasted, and then quickly got dressed. She thanked the lady behind the counter and left the facility, headed toward her home.

What had gotten into her? She was like a completely different person! The showgirl costume must be having some sort of an affect on her. The thought that a few minutes ago she was just masturbating, and in a public restroom at that!

And even though she should have felt ashamed, she didn’t. She smiled and her fingers twitched, itching to touch herself again. But she had to have restraint.

Once she reached her house she had a quick lunch, and then saw that she had a few hours to spare before the party began. So she laid down on the couch and began surfing through the channels. One program in particular caught her eye: Fucking Sally.

Lisa nilüfer eskort bayan felt her pussy throb, and she selected the channel. It was a porno movie about a babysitter named Sally who (after putting the child to bed) had discovered the collection of porn and toys hidden underneath the coffee table. She began to masturbate, and then the dad walked in on her. Then he began to fuck her, and it was so hot.

Without realizing it, Lisa had unzipped her jeans and one hand was in her panties, the other was tightly gripping one of her breasts. The dad in the movie kept telling Sally how she had to be punished for being such a bad girl and masturbating while on the job. Sex as a punishment for masturbating didn’t make much sense to Lisa, but it was hot to watch.

Once they were done fucking, they cleaned up and pretended like nothing happened when the wife came home. They paid Sally, and the dad tipped her extra. Then it cut scenes (two weeks later) to the dad and Sally having sex, this time on the bed instead of on the couch. The wife then came in, and blew up at Sally and her husband.

Lisa took her shirt off and unhooked her bra, leaving them on the floor. Then she stripped off her pants, but left her underwear on. She twisted the nipple of her left breast as her other hand worked furiously at her soaking wet pussy.

On screen, the wife decided to punish Sally by showing her how a real woman fucked. She sucked and fondled her husband’s cock, then made Sally do it. While Sally gave the husband a blowjob, the wife sat on her husband’s face and made him eat her out. They switched positions and then the husband was fucking his wife while Sally sucked on the wife’s nipples.

Then the wife laid back on the bed and made Sally suck and lick her pussy while the husband came up behind her and fucked her doggy styles. Every time Sally quit licking to moan with pleasure, the wife forced her face deeper into her cunt. Then the wife moved so she was underneath Sally with her head by Sally’s pussy. She licked her husband’s balls as they moved back and forth across her face, and Sally bent her head down to continue licking the wife’s pussy.

Lisa almost couldn’t take it anymore. She grabbed the remote and began rubbing her pussy with it, her back arching with the glory of it all. She came at the same time as Sally, but the couple wasn’t done with their young babysitter yet.

The wife forced Sally on to her knees and had the husband cum in both their mouths, and then the wife stuck her tongue down Sally’s throat and they shared the man’s cum. As they made out, Sally fingered the wife’s pussy and the husband sucked on one of Sally’s tiny nipples.

The movie closed with the wife telling Sally that next time they’d use dildos.

Lisa lay panting on the couch, her body humming and buzzing with the thrill of the orgasm. Her fingers were wet and sticky, and she licked them until the cum was gone, then she got up off the couch and licked up the pool of cum. She gathered her discarded clothing, took off her cum soaked panties, and threw those in the laundry basket. She glanced up at the clock and smiled.

It was time to get ready.

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