Massage School Wife Ch. 04

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Over the next several weeks, Abby and I followed pretty much the same routine. I worked in Columbia on Thursdays, telling her that I would be home around 11, but show up about 9 to watch her playing with another man.

One week was a tall blonde stud, late 20s or early 30s, with a nice healthy sized erection. They played right up to a few minutes before 11, and I saw him cum twice during that time. Once into my wife’s experienced vagina, and just before quitting time, he came in her mouth. I left my window vantage point and pulled my car to the curb in front of our house. By the time I entered through the kitchen door, Abby was dressed in her massage uniform (white t-shirt & blue shorts), and the blonde stud was wearing khakis and a polo shirt. As I entered the living room, Abby came up to me and gave me a deep kiss. Of course I could taste the cum in her mouth, but I didn’t say anything about that. Instead, I blushed (or at least I tried to blush), and admonished Abby for not introducing our guest. She said she was sorry, and introduced Cal, stating that she forgot that we had never met. Glancing at the massage table, I shook Cal’s hand and asked if he was the lucky recipient of one of Abby’s free massages? He chuckled, and admitted that he was, and added that it was a great massage. He apologized, stating that he needed to run, and thanked Abby for the massage, mentioning that he would hopefully see her at school. I’m not allowed to park on the street overnight, so I followed him out, and pulled into the drive way.

As I walked in the back door again, Abby was folding up her table. She asked if I would pour her a glass of wine, and she was going to take a quick shower. I said certainly (or as Curley used to say ‘sointenly’), but first walked over to her, and gave her another deep kiss. I told her that she has a way of always making me horney. I poured our glasses of wine, and went to join her in the bedroom, placing her wine on the sink top in the bath, before returning to the bedroom, and starting to disrobe. After drying herself off, Abby came into the bedroom, wrapped in that damn towel. She asked me to lay down on the bed. I still had on boxer shorts on, but the erection stuck straight out the fly. She then dropped the towel and proceeded to straddle my face as she leaned over and took me into her mouth. We shared a glorious 69, with which we both orgasmed. Abby made a point of showing me my cum in her mouth, before swallowing it, then leaned over and kissed me deeply. I cannot tell you how much I just love this woman.

The following Thursday was not much different from the previous 3, with the exception that tonight’s free massage went to Alan (another student, and another young stud). Have I told you how hot my Abby is? These guys would be nuts to refuse a chance to fuck her. I let Alan leave before my “official” arrival at home, and found Abby in the living room, with 2 glasses of wine (she had poured one for me), and once again wearing that damn towel. This time, I added my cum to Alan’s before eating her out.

It had occurred to me, that perhaps Abby knew that I knew I was eating creampies from her “lovers”, but I could never tell for certain that she was doing it intentionally. I believe the first time, with Steve, may have been unexpected, and once she believed that she had gotten away with it (because I had not mentioned the different taste), she felt she was free to fulfill her desires.

The Saturday following her tryst with Alan, she once again went off to school for the public massages, and I went to play golf. I returned home just after 2PM, and saw Larry at our front door, speaking with Abby. They both waved at me as I drove up and parked my vehicle at the side of the house. I walked around to the front of the house, and shook Larry’s hand (he’s one of our neighbors), and was told that he had received another “free” massage from Abby, and was looking forward to her getting her license. He would like to be one of her regular clients.


It all started innocently, if you were to ask Larry. He had been in his backyard, trimming some trees and had looked over into his neighbors back yard, and at the back of their house. While looking at the back of the house, he noticed some movement in one of the windows. His neighbor, Abby, was walking through their bedroom (at least he assumed it was their bedroom). She was wearing a towel, maybe after coming out of the shower. The only reason that Larry was able to see into their windows was because he had climbed a ladder to trim this tree. While he was 6’2″, the fence between their yards was 6 feet tall. He had put up that fence for his pool, so that he had the privacy to skinny dip if he desired.

As he was watching the window (actually a glass slider leading to their back deck), he saw Abby get down on her knees and take her husband, Jack into her mouth. Well, these trees can wait. Larry was enjoying his little show. Jack & Abby’s back yard was fairly large, so Larry was quite a distance from the window, but he wasn’t leaving to try and find a closer vantage point. antalya escort He might have to figure out something better for future viewing, if they were going to leave their curtains wide open.

Larry watched from a distance as Abby gave Jack a glorious (it just had to be glorious) blow job. At some point, Larry assumed that Jack had cum in Abby’s mouth. As she rose up, she dropped her towel and Larry got a nice view of that shapely ass. She put her arms around Jack and gave him a deep kiss. Larry watched intently, imagining that Abby was feeding Jack his load. Little did Larry know, but that was exactly what Abby was doing.

After their kiss, Jack and Abby moved further from the window, and out of Larry’s view. Larry thought about this, and determined that he would need to find a better way to view their shenanigans in the future. Its not that Larry was hard up. He had plenty of sexual partners, but he also had a high sex drive, and an active imagination. He had spoken with Abby (and Jack) many times and Abby was one of the most attractive women that he knew. He wondered if there was a way to get her into his bed.

From time to time, Larry has gone to a local massage school to receive an inexpensive massage. Not every massage was great, but they were always decent enough that it was worth his time and money (only $25). On a Friday night recently, he had been in the waiting room of the massage school waiting for the student to come in and ask for him. In walked Abby. She noticed Larry immediately, and walked over to him, greeting him and asking if he was there for a massage. Of course he was, but he wasn’t going to get smart with Abby, he had the hots for her. He told her that he was, and asked if she was a student (she replied in the affirmative). This was almost too good to be true. Was she his massage therapist for the evening? Unfortunately for Larry, she was not. She had only come over to him because she recognized him. She told him that she does need to practice, and that she gives massages at her house on occasion (no charge). She would be happy to give him one some time. Abby excused herself, and called out the name of the lucky person that was going to have her hands all over her.

Larry’s student came in. His name was Andre, a rather large black guy. While Larry preferred to have female students, this would not be the first time that his masseuse had a dick. He was there to relax and receive a massage after all. With luck, Andre would have some talent. Larry found out that Andre was extremely good at massage therapy, and was very happy when he left.

A couple of weeks later, Larry was in his back yard, and decided to look in on his neighbors. By now, he had put a permanent bench along his back fence, so that he could look into their back yard. He grabbed his binoculars, and headed out back. It had already gotten dark, and as he looked over his fence, he saw lights on in their family/living/great room (however they referred to it). He looked through his binoculars and into the windows, and saw that Abby had a massage table set up. There was a young man (Larry was not THAT old, but this guy looked to be in his 20s). Larry couldn’t see Abby, but as he watched (using his binoculars) he saw the young man disrobe entirely, and slip under the sheet on the massage table. Abby eventually appeared. She was wearing a white t-shirt and some blue shorts. Larry recognized this outfit as the unofficial uniform that the students wore at the massage school. Larry assumed that this was one of the “practice” massages that Abby had told him about. Larry was going to desert his vantage point, but remembered the fact that the young man was in the buff below that sheet and decided to watch for a little while.

Not too long after the massage started, Larry saw someone come up the driveway of Jack & Abby’s home, and step up onto their back deck. Larry saw this guy look into their back window and stop. Larry now realized that the guy was Jack. He wondered why Jack didn’t go into the house. Larry moved his binoculars back over to the window that gave him the view of the massage. Nothing out of the normal was going on there, but Larry was now more curious. He moved his binoculars back and forth between Jack and the massage, until …. the massage got a lot more interesting. Well, if you want to know how interesting, you’ll have to read the first chapter (sorry about that). Larry wanted one of THESE free massages. While the window was not big enough to show everything that went on, he was able to see Abby in all her glory as she moved around that great room. She was (is) a fantastic looking woman. Larry knew enough to not ask her age, but guessed that she was in her late 30s. How the fuck did Jack ever manage to lasso this filly?

Larry watched Jack leave and come back a little while later. During his absence, the young man dressed and left, and Abby did a quick clean up of the great room and went into their bedroom. The next that Larry saw of her, she was wearing a towel. Jack entered their back door and Abby greeted him in their great room. Larry antalya rus escort saw Abby give him a long kiss and lead him off to their bedroom. Larry is not able to see their bed from his vantage point, so he left his perch and returned to his house to plot his next move.

The next day, Larry gave Abby a call. Jack, Abby & Larry knew each other well enough that they all had each other’s cell phone numbers. Larry inquired about the possibility of getting a massage, and even offered to pay Abby for the service. Abby said that she would be happy to give him a massage and that she was not allowed to charge for it yet, since she did not have her license. She suggested that he come over about noon on Saturday (the next day) and she would gladly give him a massage.

Larry met Abby at their front door a couple of minutes before noon. Abby invited him inside and offered him a drink, suggesting water, soda, beer, wine. Larry opted for a glass of wine. While Abby went to the kitchen to retrieve the wine, she told Larry that she would leave him alone in a bit to disrobe to his comfort level. After giving Larry his glass, and chatting a little about the weather, etc., Abby told him that she would return in a few minutes to start the massage. Now, Larry had to decide whether to completely disrobe, or to leave his boxer shorts on. With luck, Abby would give him one of those special massages that he had witnessed on Thursday. He decided that the best way to play this was to leave his boxer shorts on. They could be removed quickly if necessary.

Not too long into the massage, the back door of the house opened, and in walked Jack. He apologized profusely, quickly explaining that his golf game had been cut short, and rushed off to their bedroom area. Larry wasn’t sure whether Abby would do anything with Jack in the house. He hoped, but those hopes were dashed. While it was a great massage, it was nothing more than he could’ve received from any high quality massage parlor. Once done, Abby left Larry to get his clothes back on and went to the other side of the house where Jack was located. They returned together to escort Larry out of the house. Jack, being a gracious host, told Larry that he was welcome over here any time. Larry intended to use that open invitation.

Over the next few weeks, Larry watched as Jack spied on Abby and her massage partners. The very next week, Larry recognized the partner as Andre, the masseuse that had given him the massage a few weeks prior. As Larry watched the events, he was determined to receive one of the “special” massages that Abby was offering. He had to be careful about his voyeurism during the daytime. It was always possible that he could be seen looking over his fence, but was much more comfortable watching their house during the evening hours. Lights were on in their house, and he kept his backyard lights off when he was “viewing”.

Eventually, Larry was able to ask Abby for another free massage. He stated that he had tweaked a muscle in his back, and could really use some help. Once again, Larry met with Abby on a Saturday, at about noon. Much like the time before, they chatted for a short while before the massage. Abby left the room, allowing Larry to disrobe and climb under the sheet. This time, Larry decided to remove the boxers as well. Larry tried chatting Abby up a little during the massage. He found out that Jack was playing golf (again)( today, and wasn’t expected home until after 2.


Many days later, I learned of this conversation that took place between the two of them during this massage:

Larry: “I know that you give massages on Thursday nights, I’ve seen the different cars in the driveway as I walk my dog.”

Abby: “Yes. I trade massages with other students at the massage school”

Larry: “How does Jack feel about you massaging other men?”

Abby: “Jack encourages me to pursue this. He knows that the massages are entirely professional.”

Larry: “You ARE aware that Jack watches those massages from the back deck?”

Abby: Pausing for just a moment, before resuming the massage. “What do you mean he watches the massages? He never gets home until they are done.”

Larry: “Well, I don’t want to get Jack in trouble, but a few weeks ago, I noticed someone lurking outside on your deck. I was about to call 911, but I took out my binoculars first, and was able to see that it was Jack peering in the window. I have to admit that I looked through your windows with my binoculars to see what he was watching.”

Abby: “Oh? And what did you see?”

Larry: “Well, I could see the massage table and I could see that there was a little more than a massage going on. I apologize. I’m not a peeping Tom, but I was concerned about the person that I saw on your deck, and needed to check it out.”

Abby: “When was the first time that you saw him?”

Larry: “About 4 weeks ago.

Abby: “And you’ve seen him out there every week since then?” Larry acknowledged that he had.

Abby: “Thank you Larry. I appreciate antalya ucuz escort you letting me know about this. Now I’d like to thank you another way …”

After they were finished with the massage, and the thank you, Larry and Abby planned a sting operation for the following Thursday.

The following Thursday, I returned from Columbia at about 9 again, but this time there was no extra vehicle in my driveway. Abby is truly one of the hottest women I know, but even she must strike out in her attempts to find a partner on occasion. I assumed that she was not able to find a stud for the evening; however, before entering the house, I took a peek in that window anyway and I saw the massage table set up, and Larry under the sheet, and the sheet was tenting. While I’ve mentioned that Larry is a neighbor, I haven’t told you about Larry. He is in his late 30s, and stands about 6’2″, with a runner’s body (which he did in college). He still runs a couple of 10Ks a year, and trains on weekends (although how he runs in the Charleston summers is beyond my imagination). In short, there was not much flab on his tall body. Another difference from previous Thursdays, is that Abby was not in the room. Larry was just lying there with the sheet covering him from the waist down.

Suddenly, I heard something off to my right. There was Abby standing on our deck, topless and in her uniform shorts.

Abby: “Hello Jack. I thought that you might like to watch from inside the house tonight. I’ve got a chair set up just for you.”

Fuck. I’d been caught. I thought about trying to lie my way out of this, but something told me that Abby knew the truth, and wasn’t going to let me squirm out of it.

Abby came closer to me and said: “I love you Jack. Why don’t you come inside and enjoy the show?” She then kissed me lightly, and took me by the hand through our kitchen door. There in the corner of the living room, was a chair. Abby told me to disrobe, and take a seat in the chair. I did as she requested. Then she took my hands, brought them behind my back and tied them together at the wrists with something silky.

Abby: “I know that you’ve been jacking off while watching these massages. I want to keep you from playing with yourself.”

At this point, Abby returned to the massage table and proceeded to start her massage on Larry; however, any pretention that it was a “normal” massage was dispelled when Abby, having not put her t-shirt back on, leaned over and fed one of her nipples to Larry’s hungry lips. Of course, Larry did not object and he still had that tented sheet. After Larry massaged Abby’s nipples with his tongue, Abby moved down the table and removed the sheet from the lower part of his body. At this point, I saw Larry’s tent pole. It was quite impressive, probably a good 8 inches. A nice, long cock for a nice, long body.

Abby proceeded to massage Larry’s legs, bringing her hands well up into the groin area. I could see his cock bob each time she bumped into his balls. After massaging both legs, Abby then took that phallus into her mouth. I heard her moan. After bobbing up and down a few times, she looked at me, raising up off the cock, and said: “Not as large as Andre, but it is a healthy specimen … don’t you think, Jack?”

All I could do was nod. I definitely could not deny that the cock held my attention. Needless to say, the 6 inches in my lap was straining to get to 7 (the little engine that could).

While sucking on Larry’s cock, Abby removed her shorts, and moved her body to give his hand access to her ass and between her legs. Larry wasted no time, caressing her gorgeous ass, then rubbing her wet pussy. I heard a long moan come from my wife, as Larry inserted one, then two fingers into her love canal. She massaged his dick with her tongue, while he massaged her clit with his fingers. I don’t know if Abby was so turned on by the situation, or if they had been playing prior to my coming home, but I saw and heard Abby have an orgasm after only a couple of minutes of stimulation.

Abby straightened up, and took Larry’s hand, coaxing him off the massage table. She had Larry lay down on the floor right in front of me. She then proceeded to mount him, slowly taking that 8 inches into her married cunt. She turned her head, closed her eyes and purred.

Abby: “Oh Jack …. This feels so good. Larry has a marvelous cock. Are you enjoying the show?”

All I could do was to squeak out a “Yes!”. I have no idea why it turned me on to see my wife being screwed by another man.

Abby: “We’re going to have to come up with a suitable punishment because you’ve been spying on me, but for tonight, sweetheart, just enjoy the show.”

She then started riding that cock, rocking back and forth, leaning forward allowing Larry easier access to those magnificent breasts. I was so fucking horney, I thought I might cum without even being touched. Abby was staring into my eyes, while impaling herself on that tent pole. She glanced down, and saw the precum leaking from my cock, and gave a big smile. With that, she said: “Come on Larry, we can make this show a little better.” She jumped up and beckoned Larry over to the middle of the room, where she laid back on the rug, and invited Larry to enter her. Larry, being a normal, healthy male, hearing a sexy goddess implore him to fuck her, wasted no time in acceding to her wishes.

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