Maybe We Will Do This Again Sometime

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Work sucked as usual. I hate retail. If there is a worse job in the world it be retail. Anyway i got home after a long day of work. My roommate Chris had another girl over. He is what you might call and lady’s man. Anyway it was the start of the weekend and i had the next day off. So needless to say i was ready to drink a little relax maybe watch a movie, kick it with my buddy. But what actually happened was something that neither if us could have imagined. I’m a vodka drinker, anykind. Anyway i started drinking and then i got my buddy and the new girl in on it. Her name was Jessica. We all were up to the 4th shot when Chris stopeed drinking. He was pretty sloshed anyways. Jessica and i were up to 6 shots of straight vodka. We were both really drunk. I had my swerve on and feeling pretty good. Jessica was a good looking woman. Blondue hair,blue eyes and nice perk tits. She was wearing a tight blue shirt and jeans. She had a nice ass and nice lips. Chris was about 5′ 11″ brown hair, brown eyes pretty handsome, iguess so anyways, he is average build. I’m 5′ 11″ athletic build, brown hair and dark brown eyes.

As we grew to be very very drunk. I got an idea out of no where. I turned to jessica and simply said ” hey why dont you take off your shirt.”

I smiled i didnt think she would. But she did she lifted her shirt off and her perk tits were staring right back at me. Chris was amazed that she did what antalya escort i told her. I smiled kind of amazed. I then said ” next the pants.” She smiled drunkenly she slid of her pants and no panties either. It was like she knew what was gonna happen. She stood before me, nude. Her shaved pussy was so tempting. Chris was amazed. He said enough and took her back to the bedroom and i can guess what they were planning to do. Anyway I continued to drink for a while an watch some tv. It was then that i heard her moaning. She was screaming ” oh yeah fuck me…. Its so big.. it hurts..” I was a little curious. I sneaked to the door of Chris’s room. I heard the sounds of sex. He was grunting. I stripped down quickly and began to jerk off. I thought what the hell. I began to stroke myself hard. I felt that familiar feeling of the upcoming load. I stoppped and got another idea. I went to my room and got my camera. I thought itd be cool to black mail Chris or just tease him a little. I opened the door quickly and flicked the light switch. She was on top riding like there was no tommorow. Chirs was grunting they stopped and looked at me.

I took a picture and then another and another. Jessica kinda got turned on. Chris didnt like it he was telling me to get out and shut the ligt off. I stayed in the room. This would be god pay back for the many times he would tease me for not hainvg a girl over everynight kemer escort it was neat to get revenge in the most embarrasing way. Jessica moaned and Chris was getting distracted. I took more and more pictures. They both continued. She moaned. Chris moaned loudly. She screamed as he filled her pussy with his hot load. Chris relaxed. she got off of him. And headed to the bathroom to throw away the condom. She was lying on her back looking at me. She was playing with her self. She moaning as she plunged her fingers deeper and deeper into her pussy. I couldnt take it any longer. i hoped on the bed, still nude. and went for her hot wet box. My tongue licked her slit teasing her. She moanefd as i slipped my tongue inside her. Her eyes were glazed over with pleasure and drunkeness. I moved up to her nipples and teased them. moving ever so slowly. She groaned. She was so wet. I felt her juices on the bed. She moaned and said ” fuck me….fuck me hard like Chris couldnt.” I slammed my large into her. She gasped and bite her lip, she was moaning and groaning. I knew i was hurting her. I was much bigger than Chris. I also had a prince albert peircing. She groaned as our bodies slapped against each other.

We began to sweat. Chris walked back into the room. His eyes about popped out of his head. She was groaning. She smiled at Chris. He smiled back. We continued to fuck. She moaned konyaaltı escort as my massive meat plunge back into her over and over. She was so wet. Chris approached the bed. He moved behind me. I felt his hands playing with my balls. I felt him feel my ass. My ass hole was exposed. I felt a warm tongue slither over my gloryhole. I gasped. I about lost it right there. I must had gotten bigger ofr a second, Jessica moaned loud and screamed. Her finger nails dug into my back. She moaned and moaned. I felt her juices over my dick. Chris continued to rim me. I was almost done. Chris then rammed his tongue up my virgin ass. I moaned. I fucked her hard now. I pumped her harder and harder. She groaned and groaned. She screamed again. I felt her juices flood over my dick and onto the bed. Chris was now rimming me hard now. I couldnt take it any longer. I moaned loud and hard. I pumped Jessica rea l hard one last time and i let go. My load filled her pussy. My juices and her juices were flowing out of her and on the the bed. I pulled out of her. i collasped on top of her. Chris stopped rimming me. I took gasps of breaths. Chris now was leaning over my cock. He leaned down and took my semi hard on into his mouth. He licked all of Jessica and my juices off my dick. he loved the tast of my dick. he looked up at me and slowly moaned. He was fingering his ass. i looked at Jessica and she said. ” Have him if you want to he likes ass sex, i don’t so teach him what it feels like. I smiled and look down at Chris who had stopped sucking my now rock hard dick. He looked up with a painful face. He was getting up to run out of the bedroom. i caught his wrist and turned him around.

To be continued

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