Me And Dad Fucked My Mom And Sister

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Me And Dad Fucked My Mom And Sister

This is my true story happened 2 weeks back. My family contains me(19yr),father(42yr),mother(38yr),younger sister(priya 18yr).

This story involves all 4. About my mom super sexy damn hot lady(like tabu), sister hot chick(like alia butt)

We live in mysore(outside city) near by there is forest like thing and only our house(great grandfather’s) is there in between and there is not even a single house in 5km radius and all relations quarelled with us due to some matter and they left us and settled abroad. So not even a single person comes to our house and dad works for a software company(he brings all needed things while coming back from work), mom housewife, sister in puc, me doing be.

Coming to story:

I didnt had any bad feeling towards mom or sister. But addicted to iss i****t when I was @ 15 yrs and started to masturbate regularly watching porn, as I reached 18yrs

I was unable to control my urge, and started to think about my mom and sister in different manner. I tried to watch them nude but was unsuccessful and I wanted to fuck both of them.

Now my and my sis’s vacations was running and my dad had taken leave for a week to spend time with us. I was reading iss sitting in hall. I had huge bulge inside, my father came sat in front of me and was asking about my studies and college life etc he saw my bulge also, I somehow covered it. Then my mom and sis was going somewhere And my father asked them, they told that they are going to temple and they will return in one hour or so. So they went out and I locked the door and came back and sat.Then my father started to ask

Father- how is your college going on?

Me-not bad,but ok

Him- y any problem?

Me- no dad.

Him- girlfriends?(i was shocked to hear that from him)

Me- no dad.

Anyway in dat day @ dinner I was watching my mom’s boobs above her blouse while she was serving, dad saw me and smiled at me. Then dad told me dat he want to have some
Talk with me tomorow.I said ok( I was afraid dat he will scold me about boob matter).

Next day: mom and sis went to temple as usual I locked the door and came and sat back and dad also came and sat beside me. He asked me

Dad- what I am going to tell is very important listen carefully.

Me- tell dad.

Him- I saw you staring at your mom’s boobs last night. Why did you do that?

Me- was silent head down

Him- tell, I asked you some thing

Me- sorry dad, ill never repeat it dont tell to mom please.

Him- dont get afraid, it happens in your age and you are grown up too. If I dont want to tell your mom. You have to help me in one matter.

Me- yah, ill help u in whatever u ask.


Me- yah dad.Please tell

Him- I have crush on your sister, I want to have sex with her.

Me- daaaaad! !!!! What are talking about?

Him- I know you want to fuck you mom, ill allow you if you help me.

Me(in happiness)- yah sure dad. And thank you I had eye on mom and priya since 1year.

Him- then whats the plan how to seduce both of them?

And both discussed about the plan and apply it on evening.

Any way we finished lunch, and was waiting for evening to arrive. Finally at 7pm. It was boring and there was no power we had ups for only tube lights and not for tv. So it was boring all were in hall. I asked mom and priya about shall we play game? They said yah sure but what? I said what about truth or dare!!! They said yah and dad also joined. And I told the rules. For all task told they slould perform it compulsory and no one quits in between.All agreed and I went to bring empty bottle and closed main door and came back.

I started to spin bottle I stop @ priya she chose truth I asked whether she have any boyfriend. She told no. Then it pointed towards dad she asked does he ever cheated on mom. He said no. Then it pointed to mom dad asked same and she said no. Then bottle pointed towards me. Mom asked whether I smoke or drink. I said no. Then we played like this for 2 more rounds. Then it was the time for only dare. Dad spun bottle it pointed towards mom. And he asked her to remove her nighty. She said what the heck!!! She refused. Dad reminded about rules. Finally she agreed and stood up and removed nighty. She was wearing blue blouse and red petticoat. I was stunned to see her,

Then mom spun bottle it pointed towards dad she asked him to remove his shirt and the pant. He stood up and removed it. He was in just banian and undees he had bulge on my sis was starring @ it. Then my I spun bottle it pointed towards priya. I asked her to kiss dad for 10 mins. She hesitated bit but kissed him for 10mins.

They both were locked and were sucking each other lips. Mom was aroused by this. Then after 10 mins priya came back and sat and she removed her top and pant.She sat in bra and panty dad what so exited to see her. Then she spun bottle and it pointed towards me asked to remove shirt and shorts. I did it then it pointed towards mom I asked her get nude she removed all clothes on her.

I was stunned to see her naked. And I had huge bulge in my undies. And my penis was trying to come out. I saw her pussy trimmed with some hair on it. She spun bottle and it stopped towards dad. Before telling dad stood and removed his banain and threw his undee on my sis’s face. She smelt it and threw back. His penis sprung out and stood saluting mom’s naked body. My sis was exited and she was starring at dad’s erect penis and was about to eat it.

Then sis spun and it pointed towards me. I was about to remove my undee but she stop me and told that after u get naked u should suck dad’s penis. I was shocked to hear it. And asked her what are you talking about. And she told rules is rules. I saw my dad he sighd go ahead. I removed my banian and undee and threw away my 6.2′ cock sprung out and stood firm. My mom and sis was like woooowwwww!!!! Seeing my neatly shaved cock. And my sis too got naked and me and dad was amazed by her nude body. She too has shaved her pussy. I going towards her to touch her boobs. She told first u should give blowjob to dad for 10 mins. Thus we all were naked in front of each other without single piece of cloth on us.

Dad stood up I went near him and knelt down his penis was about 5.5″ and trimmed. I touched his cock. And held stiff and pulled foreskin back. I kissed it and started to give blowjob. I was sucking it like gay( but I was not) the I deep throated him. After some time he was about to cum. Suddenly she took his penis to her mouth and started sucking like pro.

Then I went near my mom and kissed her for 10 mins. And went down wards then I fingered her for 10 min and made her cum. I licked my fingers and started to lick her pussy like c***d. She was moaning ahhhh ahhhhha ahhh aha aha aha come lick yah ayah ahaha.

At that time my dad was licking priya’s pussy she was also moaning like hell. Then mom held my penis in her mouth and started to give me blowjob I was on cloud nine. Just imagining that my own mom sucking his son’s dick.I was unable to control I held her head in my both hands and started to mouth fuck her and deep troated her. Ashe gasped like lach lach lach!!! I cummed inside her mouth she drank all single drop of my sperm. And said tasty… At that time dad was already fucking priya. She was moaning like ya ya ya aya ayyo como on fuck me ohhh ya

Then I rubbed my penis over my mom’s pussy. I gave her 4-5 strokes and my full penis was inside her. And slowly started to fuck her and increased speed she was moaning like ahhh ahhh ayyo ayaa fuck me fuck me son of bitch… Keyyo nanna suule magne…Those words tempted me I fucking like anything. Then I was about to cum I was like ahhh!!!! I am cumming. Then I cummed inside her.She too cummed at same time then we both exhausted

Already dad was on top of my sis and he had cummed on her face. Then mom went and licked all cum on priya’s face and both smooched with cum in mouth. My sis licked my moms pussy. Then someone was touching my cock. It was dad and thanked me for this plan. And started to give blowjob to me. In some time my dick was hard again then I went near my priya and started to fuck her and I fucked heaar ass too she sucked my penis clean. My dad fucked my mom’s ass. Again we all were exhausted.

Then we saw time it was 11pm. And we were hungry like anything. Then my mom told she will cook something. And we made rule that we will be all nude in home all time. Me and went to room and bought my laptop to room and started to play i****t porn. My sister sat beside us we started to watch it. My mom bought roti but she couldnt make chutnee.

She asked me and dad to cum in a bowl we both masturbated watching porn and cummed inside bowl. This we cummed very less. Then my mom and sister ate roti with cum and we all ate and time was 12.30am that time. Then we decided that we all will sleep in one room itself. We arranged bed in room and joined two bed. We all slept naked itself. And we have sex many times. And I am nude now also writing this story.Ill narrate it after some days.

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