Meet the Neighbor

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I see you blink your eyes…you grin at first, but then a look of consternation crosses your face. Which immediately gives way to a sexy, delighted smile.

“Good morning, lady! You had quite a night last night!”

“Mmmmm…and I’m thinking I’m going to have quite a morning. How the hell did you manage THIS!?”

The THIS you were referring to was your current position in my apartment. Your head was resting on the soft back of a chair from my livingroom. It’s one of those wide chairs with a big cushion for the seat and the same size and shape cushion that runs up the back. The arms are solid and part of the frame running down to the legs. You woke up kneeling on this chair facing backwards with your head resting on a pillow that I had placed on top of the back cushion. Your hands are gripping the armrests…and are tied securely in place with some surprisingly strong silk scarves. Your knees are spread wide and tied to the uprights coming off of the front legs with more silk scarves…in about three places. Not that I think you want to…but you really can’t move. You are, of course, naked except for a pair of sheer stockings and some killer stilettos. The only other thing you were wearing when you came here was a little black dress so you still have two thirds of your clothes on!

“Well…do you remember how you got here last night?”

“Uhhhh…I remember dancing at a club. Some guys were grinding on me on the dance floor…getting me very hot…and they were buying me a LOT of drinks.”

“Yeahhhh…and I think you were all horny and drunk and wanting to fuck…somebody. I’m glad you thought of me…through the haze.”


“So you made it as far as the building…”


“You were knocking on my neighbor’s door at 2:37am.”


“Yeah, ooops…AND you were horny as hell. AND drunk on your butt!! He woke me up…we got you in here…you were grabbing my cock…taking your clothes off…telling me how much you wanted to fuck my brains out.”

“Mmmmm…yeah, sounds like me. So?”

“So you passed out!”

I move around the chair to stand in front of you. You can raise your head up and move it from side to side. Other than that, you are definitely stuck in the chair. My cock is at your eye level. I start to unzip my jeans as I continue talking. “And just look at THIS!” I pull my stiff, throbbing pecker out of my jeans. It points right at your mouth. I see you lick your lips. “You had me so fucking hard last night I could barely get back to sleep. And now, seeing you in your present pose…I’m even HARDER!” You are definitely eyeing my cock. “You want a taste?”

“Yes, please.”

I take a step towards you and slide my hard cock between your lips. I grab the back of your head, pulling your hair just a little. I slowly fuck your mouth. “I was so hard last night after you got here I was thinking about fucking you while you were passed out,” you moan, “but I wanted YOU to enjoy it, too…and I know how much you love being tied up…so it was pretty easy to lead your groggy ass in here this morning.” You try to pull your head away from my cock to say something but can’t. I just keep thrusting into your mouth. You shift your hot round ass slightly from side to side. I can tell you’re getting wet but you can’t rub your thighs together because your knees are tied to the chair arms and forced apart. The thought of your wet pussy makes me force my cock deeper down your throat..

“Mmmmm…your pussy is getting REALLY wet, isn’t it?” You nod your head slightly as I continue to slide my cock in and out of your sexy mouth. I fuck your mouth a little harder and a little deeper. “Wow…it would feel so good if I were to put THIS in your cunt, wouldn’t it?” I show you the star spangled vibe I’d given you as a gift. I found it in your purse which you dropped next to my bed. I hold it down by your face. You nod your head with short little movements.

“Well…I don’t know…fucking your mouth feels pretty DARN good…” I slide the vibe up one of your cheeks and down the other…teasing you with it. “And putting this in your pussy would mean me having to walk Ankara bayan escort all the way around behind the chair…” I pretend to contemplate my options while forcing your mouth full of my cock. I then decide, “oh, okay.” I pull my cock out of your mouth. You are breathless and panting.

“Oh my GOD!!” You gasp for breath. “I am SO FUCKING WET!! Please, please, PLEASE put that thing in my wet pussy…or fuck me with your hard cock…or SOMETHING!! Oh, shit!! I need some relief!!”

I turn the vibe on and trace it down your body. I pause and slide it under you so it touches your hard nipples. You jump and thrash in the chair. “Oh, FUCK!! Oh, please…in my pussy!! PLEASE!!”

I slide it down the cleft of your ass. I rim your asshole with it, then I let the buzzing toy just touch your pussy lips. You buck back in the chair, trying to force it into your hot hole, but I pull it away. “Ah, ah, aaaah! Not just yet…”

I slide my hand down over one creamy butt cheek and give it a good swat. You jump and then moan. “You are such a NAUGHTY girl…teasing all of those men on the dance floor…”, another hard smack, “…getting their cocks all hard…” and another swat, “I’m just wondering how many you fucked before you wound up here…any idea?” I switch to the other globe of your hot ass and give it a hard swat. “How many, you slut!!??”

“Oh SHIT!! Please, please, PLEASE, stick your fingers in my twat!!” You moan and there is a catch in your throat, then you say, “two…I fucked two guys at the club last night. One in the men’s room and the other one out behind the club. The guy I fucked outside had a huge cock. I remember jerking him off all over my tits.”

“Mmmmm…now that’s my naughty slut.” I give your now red ass another smack with the open palm of my hand.

I step to the door and you hear me whip my newspaper at a door across the hall. I shout “Hey, Jake!”. The door opens and in a few seconds a guy who looks like he stepped off the cover of an Abercrombie catalog is standing just in your field of vision. I walk up beside him. “Baby…this is Jake. He’s the guy who’s door you were knocking on last night. He’s 22 and a really great guy. He was commenting on what a hot body you had last night while we were wrestling you into my bed…and I thought, since he was so great about everything last night, I owed him a chance to see you in all of your non-drunken glory.” You look up at me with pure devilish lust in your eyes. I was worried about freaking you out…instead I’m starting to worry just a little bit about what you might do to Jake. This youngster may not be ready for the likes of you. I grab a kitchen chair and set it to the front and left of you. Jake has a seat. He’s sitting low in the chair, quietly, just taking in your gorgeous body.

“So, Jake…she is REALLY wet…I was just about to fuck her pussy with this vibe when I called you. I was also giving the naughty slut a good spanking because she was fucking random guys last night at the club.” I slide the buzzing vibe down over your wet lips again. You jump and moan as it passes over your hot slit…I gently ease the tip into you…slowly but firmly.

“Oh, oh, yeah…oh, yeah…mmmmmm.” You grind your hips as much as you can against the restraints. I work the vibe deeper into you. We both notice Jake shifting in his chair.

You lick your lips and say, “Hey, Jake…baby…you like seeing me get fucked?” Jake is speechless…he can only nod. “I can see it’s getting your cock REALLY hard and you look so uncomfortable in those jeans.” You sound so sexy and sympathetic with an almost baby-doll voice. “Why don’t you get that cock out and stroke it for me…I’d love to watch you stroking yourself while you’re looking at me. I like knowing my body is making you hard.”

It takes Jake all of two seconds to slide his jeans down on his hips and wrap his fist around his thick, hard cock. You moan as you watch him wrap his fist around his swelling shaft. I push the vibe deeper inside you.

“Why you DIRTY little girl!” I give your bare bottom another hard smack with my hand as I continue to fuck you deep with the vibe. The visual stimulation Escort bayan Ankara of this stranger pleasuring himself while looking at your hot body, coupled with the restraints and the intense pounding I’m giving your cunt with the vibrator sends you into an incredible orgasm. I’m amazed the scarves can hold up against your bucking and thrashing. Jake strokes himself harder seeing you cum. And so do I…

As soon as your cumquake subsides, I can’t wait another second. The teasing and torture has been fun, but I have to be inside you. I work the head of my cock into your still spasming pussy and then slam hard and deep into you.

“Ohhhh, yesss…oh that is IT. FUCK ME HARD, BABY!!” I slam into you hard and fast. Your hot cunt is so sensitive it closes around my throbbing cock like a velvet glove on each stroke. You are on the edge of cumming with each thrust…you are having mini orgasms that keep your nipples hard and your juices flowing. I love how easily you cum. You are so FUCKING HOT!!

That’s why stopping is so hard for me…but I do.

I stop…and pull out. Your hips lunge back towards my cock as I withdraw. You are so close to cumming. Pussy juices are flowing and your hot lips are drenched. Jake has been gripping his cock hard throughout my attack on your hot pussy. The head of his big pecker is huge and purple. I motion to him, “Jake…hey man…she was sucking my cock right before you got here. I’ll bet she’d love another mouthful of hot dick. Feed her, man! Jam that big schlong of yours down her throat.”

Jake doesn’t think twice. He is out of the chair in a flash. Your mouth hungrily closes over the head of his cock as he offers it to you. You start to deep throat him. His cock disappears completely and I can see your lips mashing up against his balls with each bob of your head.

It’s a glorious sight…but I have to stop watching so I can go find something very special: my ostrich feather!

My ostrich feather is thick and hard…but soft and tickly. It is the most deviously fiendish tickle device to be found in nature…and no man has ever created anything that can rival it for pure tickle torture!! I make sure you see my feather out of the corner of your eye before I start in on you with it.

I start at your ass…just above your hot cunt lips. They are so wet and so sensitive. And so is the soft skin of your hot ass. Your cries are muffled by the hot mouthfucking you are giving Jake, but I know I’m driving you wild. I work the feather down your inner thighs. You are shaking and your juices are dripping even faster. Your cunt is soaked!! I work up over your back…down under you and across your rock hard nipples…dragging it across your sensitive tummy makes your back arch like a cat…then I work it up to your neck, around your ears…down to your cleavage.

Your whole body is quivering.

Your muffled moans and screams are vibrating Jake’s cock to the point he is about to blow his load right down your throat. I can hear his breathing…it is shallow and labored…there is a faraway look in his eye…his chest is flushed. I know he’s about to blow!!

I shout, “Jake, dude!! Pull out!! Don’t shoot yet!!” Jake pulls his cock out of your mouth like he’s released a hi voltage wire. He almost collapses as he steps back from your hot lips.


I calmly look at Jake and say, “Ready? Jam it back in there.”

Jake steps back up to your lips and feeds you his entire length. Your ranting becomes muffled and indistinct. I concentrate the feather in a swirling motion around your tits ending up on your nipples.

In that pose, on your hands and knees, unable to move, your breasts are exposed and swaying back and forth as you thrash around in the chair. I run my tongue along the side of your gorgeous right boob then move my head so I am under you. I kiss all over your gorgeous tits then concentrate on your hard nipples. Bayan escort Ankara I suck on them, nibble on them, tease them with my tongue. It only takes a couple of minutes before your whole body tenses, your back arches, there is a muffled roar deep in your throat. I know you are having an incredibly intense orgasm with absolutely nothing touching your pussy. It is an awesome thing to witness. Your legs are straining to come together but they can’t close. You are desperate to provide the friction your pussy is demanding. Your hot cunt spasms and grasps for the hard cock that should be thrusting inside you but isn’t.

Now I know you’re ready.

I position myself behind you again. I run the head of my hard cock along your pussy lips. It is immediately drenched. Your cunt is so tight from the cumming, spasming muscles I have to work my shaft into you slowly before you can take my full length. Then I fuck you hard and fast…my balls slapping up against your tender pussy lips…my hand spanking your hot ass. Jake is skull fucking your mouth with a hand on each side of your head and his hard cock is thrusting into you to the root. I’m fucking you so hard the chair is scooting across the floor.

I hear Jake make a sound. “Hunnnhhh.” It’s the first sound he’s made since he’d entered the apartment…but I knew exactly what was happening. He was about to shoot.

I stop fucking you. I stand with my cock deep inside your pussy, not moving. I really want to see this. “Do it, man! Shoot your hot load all over her face!! Pull your cock out and stroke yourself until you shoot your hot load all over her face!!”

This time when Jake pulls his cock out of your mouth, all you can do is moan and grunt. He wraps his fist around his shaft and strokes himself. He moves slightly to your side, which is perfect for me because you follow his motion with your open mouth. I can see your tongue sticking out waiting to taste his hot spunk. Then he fires!! Blast after hot, white blast comes shooting out of his hard cock. Some lands on your tongue, but it is so thick it also sticks to your cheek…a blast on your forehead…a streamer in your hair. Jake coats your face with his hot jizz. He milks himself so dry the last couple of shots are just milky liquid.

As soon as he has unloaded his cum cannon on your pretty face, I resume my assault on your hot pussy. I fuck you harder, deeper, faster. At about the point you scream, “yes, baby, fuck me until I cum hard all over your cock!!” I hear the door slam behind me. Jake has made his exit, I guess. Possibly some embarrassment or modesty after doing the deed? I really didn’t care. I continue to hammer your hot cunt with my hard, fat cock.

I can’t stand it much longer. As I’m about to shoot I am hissing through my heavy breathing…”I’m going to fill you up with my hot cum, baby. I’m going to spray my hot load inside your wet pussy.”

You hiss back at me, “yes!! oh, PLEASE, yes!! Fill up my hot cunt with your steaming cum.”

When I unload inside you my knees buckle. I grab tightly around your hips to steady myself. I can feel your hot cunt grasping at my cock…you are having another incredibly hot orgasm and your juices are flowing all down your legs.

I stagger over to the chair Jake had been sitting in and plop down. You can see my spent, glistening, semi erect cock sticking up in the breeze. You are still panting and moaning…your eyes aren’t even focusing completely.

It takes a couple of minutes for either of us to catch our breath. Your face looks so sexy and dirty covered with Jake’s spunk. I stagger to the kitchen and grab a towel.

As I am wiping Jake’s hot cum off of your face, I realize I could turn those duties over to you if I would just untie your hands. Once you are free, you turn around and sit down in the chair. I hand you the towel and you start to dry juices off of your entire body. You are the definition of “spent”.

After a few minutes of grooming yourself…you look up at me with a sexy grin.

“You know…you don’t have to wait for me to be drunk to tie me up.”

I calmly and serenely answer, “I know.”

“And you don’t have to wait long at all before you invite Jake back over to join us.”

“I know.”

“So…does Jake have any friends?”

I snap out of my reverie, “Why you horny little slut!” I pause, “I don’t know…I’ll check.”

We both laugh.

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