Meeting Mr. X

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It was an eight minute drive, She had made it so many times before. Like a thief in the night stealing what moments she could and always wanting more. Tonight however was different, eight minutes seemed to take an eternity, yet pass in a blink. There was electric excitement buzzing on her skin. Sliding a cigarette from the pack on the seat next to her, lighting it, smoke swirling around her like fog. Trying in vain to calm her nerves, it wasn’t working. Right now she knew nothing would. They had been planning this for months, talking, preparing her body. And his. Tonight was the night all their preparation was working toward. She is about to see if it had paid off.

At this point knocking was a formality, she felt completely comfortable and at home in the cozy apartment. He met her at the door with that kiss she looks forward to all of the days they are apart. They are both happy with the context of this arrangement, each having their own lives outside of the few moments they share. Her with a husband and children, a good girl most would say. He was single, and happily so. A talented musician, and songwriter. But together, what they shared was perfect, a comfortable friendship within which they were 100% honest, open and without shame. The other side of this was the sex, good lord the sex!

They held nothing back with one another and were entirely free. In the beginning they shared their deepest darkest secrets and discovered how sexually compatible they were. He knew her needs and kinks and loved her for them. Tonight however was for him. His desires that had held her willingly captive for months. So entirely invested to his pleasure she would do anything to please him. And please him she did, he was open with her in a way he hadn’t known before. Trusting her with his secrets and fantasies. She coveted them as her own. She adored him for trusting her.

He felt her nerves the moment she walked thru the door and was glad they still had time. He took her hand and led her to the bed kissing her gently. He knew how to calm her and had every intention of doing so. Laying her back, slowly removing etimesgut escort her clothes, she shuddered in his arms. His hands moved over her demanding her response. His mouth found her breast and he knew she was giving in to him. Her back arched and his hand found her sex slick and wanting.

He moved over her claiming her mouth, entering her so gently. He moved inside her in deliciously slow even strokes, his mouth leaving hers he whispered “come on babe, give in, you know it’ll make you feel better.” She moaned softly into his neck “that’s a good girl, cum for me” those words, her undoing, she relaxed completely and her orgasm started to build. He pushed deeper inside and pulled out of her, rewarding him with a gushing, screaming orgasm, “God Joel yes” filling her once more he found his own release. She clung to him afterwards relishing in this moment of being his.

There was a knock at the door, it was time! He threw his pants on and went to answer. Pulling his shirt and her panties on she gave a cursory look in the mirror and shrugged… Wandering out to meet the stranger. Introducing him self, we will call him Mr X, feeling his stare she dropped her eyes to her feet. His arm went around her almost protectively. “Don’t be shy babe, let’s go get a drink” he knows she loves the bar in the living room, he went ahead as she kneeled on the barstool.

In the mirror she saw Mr X coming up behind her. Her eyes found her lover and saw him nod, X ran his hands from her breasts around to her ass. Pushing up slightly on her ass X prodded her up, pulling the damp panties down around her knees. “There’s no need for these” X’s hand went inside her shirt cupping her tit. Her back arched involuntarily. She squirmed and suggested they move to the couch. Her panties fell to the floor as she stood up. “Boys you seem to be over dressed” she said grabbing the strong drink Joel had given her. Glancing over her shoulder she saw the two men disrobing.

X was Joel’s opposite in almost every way. Joel, tall and adorably sexy, has amazing lips and a muscular body. His cock is a perfect etimesgut escort bayan mix of long and thick. He is also shaved smoothly. X was shorter and thin, his only noticeable muscles were on his abs. He has a deep v leading to a nicely trimmed dark patch. His cock was very thin and much smaller than Joel’s… She thought wickedly to herself how her lover will enjoy that cock. His clean shaven face was angular.

They followed her to the couch, and settled them selves. She went back to the bedroom to retrieve her cigarettes and made a stop to pee. Coming back to the living room she saw her lover bobbing on X’s cock. She went to him, kneeling in front of him she just watched for a moment, X’s head was tipped back eyes closed obviously enjoying him self. Joel was rock hard when her hand wrapped around his cock, stroking him she moved in to lick X’s balls. After a moment she brought her tongue up meeting him as he brought his mouth down on X. As he moved back up she caught him in a passionate kiss. They licked the cock together as if sharing an ice cream cone, eyes locked.

X pushed his hips forward to the edge of the seat and she took the whole cock balls deep in her mouth. Joel’s tongue met her at the balls. “Ride him babe” she stood and positioned herself on top of X facing away from him. Lowering herself Joel slid X’s cock in the wet pussy. Riding X was not enough for her and when Joel’s mouth found her clit she shuddered. X pulled her back against his chest kneading her tits roughly as Joel ran his tongue up the shaft that she was riding. When he licked her clit again she moaned, grinding down on X’s cock Joel’s tongue slipped inside her pussy. She put two fingers on her clit and started rubbing, her lovers tongue running up the cock and along the tender lips. X groaned with the contraction of her cunt. She ground on his cock milking him as she started to cum. Joel’s mouth pushed her hand away licking hard long strokes on her clit, when X felt the gush on hid balls he drove into her squeezing her tits painfully hard. X slipped out as she came and finished escort etimesgut cumming in Joel’s mouth. Her lover lapping up the mess she had just made brought her to a second gushing orgasm licking and sucking all evidence of X from her dripping pussy.

She finished her drink and helped herself to another, smoked a cigarette and say back on the chair enjoying the view of her lovers ass as X sucked his beautiful cock. Finishing her cigarette she took X’s hand and Joel’s leading him to the bed. Sitting at the edge of the bed legs spread wide she slid a finger inside her wet cunt, right hand grabbing her breast, she invited him between her legs. He knelt before her, spreading her wide for X to see, X reached out and shoved 2 fingers in her pussy, he fingered her roughly for a minute. X turned from her and went behind Joel using her cum to lube his ass. He moaned into her pussy as X finger fucked his ass, he reached up to the bedside table and handed X a bottle of astroglide.

He stood in front of her, teasing her with his cock, when he entered her X pushed him forward, bending him at the waist, also forcing him farther inside her. She was staring into his eyes as X entered him, there was a mix of sheer pleasure and pain, the noise he made was almost animal. He went still inside her, X was slowly working his cock all the was in. As he adjusted to the sensation his body relaxed and she felt his cock swell inside her. He filled her more completely than he ever had as X thrusted into him. He kissed her then, allowing X access to push deeper inside. He moaned into her ear, kissed her neck and started moving again, pushing into her he whispered “cum babe, cum for me” in a few strokes, moving in tandem with X she came, screaming her orgasm splashed between them.

He did not stop, fucking her even harder, and pushing hard against the now still X. She closed her eyes loving the sensation of him fucking her and himself at the same time. X grabbed his hips and pounded hard grunting. She smiled up at him, X was about to cum and she hoped feeling X fill him would push him over the edge. She not his bottom lip as X shouted announcing his orgasm. He went dead still inside her, really feeling X cum. When the first wave pumped inside him he lost control. He fucked her harder than anyone ever had, he came with her, biting her tit hard. They lay together shuddering catching their breath. She heard X open the door and leave.

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