Meeting My Online Lover


I met this guy online. He was so personable, and funny, and sweet, and intelligent. Can you believe it? An intelligent man online! It was terrific. We chatted quite often and eventually had incredible cyber sex. I told my husband, Kirk, all about it. He thought it was cute that his nice little suburban housewife was having a cyber affair. I was surprised to find out that it turned him on.

I told him that James was just 30 minutes away in the city and that he’d invited me to have lunch with him. I couldn’t believe it when Kirk agreed to let me go! What an incredible adventure!

I dressed carefully that day. I didn’t want to seem too prim or too sexy. So, I wore a black skirt that was short enough to be sexy, but not short enough to seem slutty. And I wore a black blouse that accentuated my nice, perky tits. A colorful scarf at my neck and 3 inch heels completed the outfit. I felt wonderfully sexy as I drove into the city.

The closer I got to our meeting point the faster my heart beat. I sat there waiting for James to come out of his office building wondering if he was really as cute as his picture online. My breath was coming in gasps and my palms were sweating. I couldn’t believe that I was doing this. I am the ultimate suburban housewife! I am always completely prim and proper. I never dress inappropriately or tease the neighborhood men. I was even a virgin when I got married! This was just SO unlike me!

As soon as he stepped out of the building I saw him. I thought my heart would beat out of my chest. He smiled as he recognized me and I stopped breathing. Fortunately, my respiration began again and I was able to squeak out a timid, “Hello,” as he opened the door to my car.

He seemed so confident. He grinned at me and said, “Hi, baby!” I looked at him, wondering if I’d be able to speak or not. I finally was able to breathe almost normally Sivas Escort and said, “Hi.”

As soon as he started talking, I relaxed. This was so much like chatting online. It was so easy to talk.

We got to the restaurant and ordered. I was still a little nervous. We chatted over lunch and had a lovely time. All my nervousness seemed to melt away over the meal. Occasionally, throughout lunch, he would reach over and place his hand on my knee or touch the back of my hand. His touch was so hot, it burned. Every time it happened, I felt my heart race and my nipples get hard. I wanted him so badly.

When lunch was over, we went back to my car and he looked at me. I saw the desire in his eyes and I felt the same thing. He leaned toward me and his hot lips touched mine. I melted into him as I felt his tongue caress my lips.

We sat there in my car and kissed. His hand was on my knee and began to move upward. I could feel myself getting hotter and wetter. I was so excited, but so scared. Am I really doing this? This is not me. I don’t do things like this… but I like it.

Gently, he eased my legs apart. Then he said, “You wouldn’t mind if I took a couple of pictures, would you?… You know… to remember the moment.” Well, how could I say no?! He pointed the camera up my skirt. I honestly didn’t care what kind of pictures he was taking as long as he kept kissing me like that.

His kisses were so warm and wet and inviting. And his hand on the inside of my thigh was making me so wet.

Then, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a woman jogging by. I could tell that she was watching us. It was so beyond hot.

I put my hand on his knee, thinking about the fact that I never do anything like this. And before I knew it, my hand was on his cock. I could feel how hard he was through his pants and it made me so wet.

He Sivas Escort Bayan pulled my thong to the side as his hand kept my legs spread wide. His camera was getting pictures of everything and I was praying that there wouldn’t be pics of my wet pussy pasted all over the internet.

His hot mouth covered mine. I couldn’t utter a word. He was kissing me so hard and so deep. His hand quickly traveling up my thigh. Up to my wet pussy.

Before I knew what was happening, his fingers were circling my clit… slipping inside me. I moaned and stroked his cock harder. Then I realized that I needed to unzip his pants. Wondering all the time if there would be pictures of all this posted somewhere.

My hands found their way inside his pants and pulled his cock out, stroking it. His fingers were still circling my clit and occasionally slipping inside me. I moaned and sighed and slipped my tongue in his ear while I begged him to fuck me.

He stopped the magical action of his fingers and took my hand in his. We moved quickly to the back of my suburban housewife mini-van. As soon as we were in the back seat, his hands ran up the back of my thighs, pushed my skirt up and grabbed my ass.

I continued to stroke his cock as his hands ran up and down my thighs and my ass. Suddenly, I felt his fingers slipping inside my hot, wet pussy. I couldn’t control my body as it shuddered and bucked against his fingers. They felt so good. I stroked his cock faster. He moaned. I told him how much I wanted to feel his cock inside me.

Before I knew what was happening, James was on top of me with my thong pulled to the side, slipping his big hard cock inside me.

It felt so much better than I ever imagined! My hips rocked up to meet his. My pussy dripped with desire for his cock. I wanted him faster and harder and deeper. He Escort Sivas was happy to oblige.

I asked him to roll over and I climbed on top of his beautiful cock. I slowly slid down on to it. My pussy was just dripping wet with wanton lust for his cock. I rode it and ground my clit into him until I came all over him. Then I kept fucking him just because it felt so good. He started to moan and grab my ass. And I moved faster and harder and faster. I wanted to feel him shoot his cum inside me.

His hips moved faster and faster as I whispered in his ear… “Fuck me, baby! I want your big, dark cock.”

I can’t help myself. I start rocking my hips… faster and faster… bucking up and down… moaning… oh god I want to cum… all over his cock… all over his face. I love tasting my pussy on his mouth. There it is… my cum… everywhere… so hot… so wet…

And there’s his cock grinding into me. Faster. Harder. Then his cum is spurting all over me. On my belly and my tits. I can feel it hit my face and land in my hair. I moan and scream and beg to taste it. Oh God, baby, I want to lick up all your cum. And I find myself licking and sucking his dripping cock. Licking up every drop of his cum that’s left. I feel like such a slut. I’ve never done anything like this before. I’m so hot. I know I’ve cum over and over again… but thinking about the pics he has taken makes me so hot.

I can’t help but wonder how many of those pics will make it online. How many people that I know will see those pics and think about how hot that woman is and never know that it is me. That just does something to me and I cum all over his fingers again… moaning out his name… begging him to finger fuck me.

The back of my nice suburban minivan smells like sex. I can smell myself. And I can smell his cum all over me. The hot, musky smell of sex is everywhere and I wonder how I can go pick up my kids from school. Then I think of his cock and his mouth and his fingers buried inside me. And, suddenly, I don’t care what it smells like… I only care that every time I get in that van I’m going to remember him making me cum all over him.

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