Meeting the Boss

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Hey readers!

Just taking a brief break from writing my multi-chapter story ‘birdcage’. This will be a stand-alone piece and I hope you all enjoy 🙂

As always, feedback, comments, votes and favourites make my day, so keep them coming!

Happy fapping,


Emilia wanted to fucking kill Trish. She’d asked for help with a compliance report, but had forgotten to mention that it was due the next day…and that it was for Mr. Grayson…and that she’d already told him Emilia was ‘on the case’.

She was still the new girl in the office, which meant she felt obliged to take that sort of shit. For how much longer though, she didn’t know.

“You really could have given me a bit more of a heads up.” She scolded Trish in the break room over a cup of crappy instant coffee.

“Oh I’m sorry love, you’re a young go-getter, I thought it would be good for you! Show off to the new boss and all. I have every faith in you.”

She plastered on a condescending smile and patted the back of Emilia’s hand.

“Anyway, I’m off early today…Big date night with the hubby. Let me know how the meeting goes!”

“Wait…what meeting?”

“For the report. Mr. Grayson expects it presented. Didn’t I say? Sorry! 4pm. You’ll do great lovey. Oh gosh look at the time…got to catch my train. See you!” She sauntered out of the room, her handbag smacking into Emilia’s back as she went.

“…Fucks sake.”

Emilia spent the next 2 hours desperately trying to pull together her presentation. She hadn’t formally met the big boss yet, but she’d heard he didn’t take any prisoners. She’d seen one of the admin assistants coming down from his floor one day in tears. He’d called her a ‘registered imbecile’ after she’d deleted a whole of host of his emails by accident.

He had one thing going for him though; he was unbelievably attractive, and Emilia and the other girls in the office had been known to make the odd ’50 shades’ reference.

He was tall and an athletic build, muscular thighs that suggested rugby rather than football. His eyes were a dark chocolate swirl and his hair a short crop of dirty blonde curls. Emilia had been single for far too long to let him go unnoticed, but despite her wandering eyes as he passed her cubicle, she had no intentions of pursuing it. He was after all her boss, and she didn’t want to start this job with the label of ‘office slut’.

The alarm went off on her phone to remind her of the meeting, and she begrudgingly gathered her half-finished paperwork and headed towards the stairs.

As she ascended, she regretted her outfit choice. Had she known she would be meeting Mr. Grayson, she might have worn a slightly longer pencil skirt, or a shirt with a higher neckline. It was however 40 degrees outside and the only air-con the office had was the two inches you were able to open the windows.

She reached the large opaque glass door at the end of the hallway and she knocked.

“In.” The clipped voice shouted from inside, and Emilia pushed open the door.

He sat behind the desk, brow furrowed at his computer. She waited politely, but it was several awkward moments before he looked up from the screen to acknowledge her.

“You’re not Trish.” He sighed impatiently.

“No. I’m Emilia. Trish asked me to take this on. It was a little last minute I apologise.” She took the seat across from him, having given up waiting to be offered, and fingered awkwardly through her stack of paperwork.

“Are you new?” He crossed his arms across his chest and sat back into his chair.

Emilia flinched at his short snapping tone.

“Yes. A couple of months now.” Emilia returned his tone, growing impatient at his obvious rudeness. She handed him the report and smiled politely as he leafed through it.

…She waited…the cebeci escort only noise in the room was the crisp turning of the pages, and he seemed content to let her stew in the silence. She watched his long fingers flick each page over, one by one. She could fucking kill Trish.

“This isn’t really acceptable is it.” He stated finally, throwing the report back towards her on the desk.

“There’s nothing about the June board meeting, and it barely covers the complaints procedure. How long did you take on this?”

“Yes…well I didn’t…”

“I haven’t got time for excuses. Hand this back to Trish to finish please. I’ll discuss this with your line-manager. That’s all.” He looked back to his computer and began typing.

Emilia stood to leave, but thought better of it.

“Trish gave me this yesterday. Yesterday! And I told her I hadn’t done this before, but she clearly didn’t give a shit about that…” He stopped to look up at her, aghast at her outburst.

“…and I get that you’re the boss, but you don’t have to be so fucking rude when all I’ve done is my best and…”

Grayson stood and in one swift motion, leaned over the desk, grasped the back of Emilia’s neck, and pulled her mouth to his. The kiss was firm and passionate and it stopped as soon as it had started. Emilia stumbled back when he pulled away, stunned into silence.

“Go and lock the door.” He commanded, unbuttoning his suit jacket and shrugging out of it.

Emilia stood motionless, her lips still tingling from his bruising kiss. His breathing was heavier and she watched his chest heaving gently in the crisp white shirt, the buttons at the front straining across his chest as he did.

“Unless you want to go back to your desk?”

Emilia turned and moved towards the door, her hand reaching out towards it as her heart hammered in her chest. She felt his eyes on her and she paused. She wanted him…desperately in that moment, and she steadied her breathing as she flicked the lock.

‘What the fuck am I doing here?’ Her mind raced.

“I’ve seen you.” Emilia turned at the sound of his voice. He was at the front of the desk now, leaning casually against it. His eyes were full of promise and it liquefied her. She pressed back against the frosted glass for balance.

“You swan around this office in those tight skirts…perky little tits bouncing around. I’ve spent many afternoons picturing you bent over that desk. If you tell me you don’t want this you can leave.” He unbuttoned the top two buttons on his shirt and pulled off his tie, discarding it on the desk. She could see the dark shadow of chest hair curling over the collar.

After a brief moment convincing herself she couldn’t possibly do this, Emilia stepped away from the glass purposefully and moved towards the desk. She reached out, pressed her hands to his warm chest and sunk into him, his arms coming around to envelope her. His mouth crashed down once more with renewed fire, his tongue pressing urgently against hers. His hands were demanding, untucking the shirt from her skirt and skating his fingers over the warm flesh he found there. Her skin burned at his touch, and goosebumps rippled down her arms.

Pulling away breathlessly he moved to bring his lips to her ear.

“Take them off.” It was barely a whisper.

Emilia’s muscles clenched hungrily at his words and she tipped her head back to look up at him, his eyes blazing back at her.

She held his arm for balance as she stumbled back two steps, and she slowly unbuttoned the front of her shirt with shaking hands. His eyes never left hers as he brought up his own hands to mirror her, and loosen his shirt off.

As she shrugged it off her arms and let it fall to the floor, he did the same. The corner of his mouth cebeci escort bayan pulled up in a dark smile as he looked down at the yellow laced bra, her darkened nipples plainly obvious through the delicate fabric.

She took another breath and brought her hands behind to unzip the back of her pencil skirt. He watched her attentively, bringing his hands to his own belt and then zipper. They pushed the garments to the floor in unison, and Emilia stepped herself carefully out of her heels, kicked them to the side. When she looked up her eyes were drawn to his erection, it bulged forwards into his boxer briefs. An unmistakeable outline down his left thigh. She thanked god she had chosen matching underwear today.

“Why don’t you help me with mine,” he nodded down at his feet, still in his dark leather shoes, with his trousers bunched around his ankles.

She smiled devilishly back at him, growing in confidence now, and dropped to her knees, crawling forward the short distance to kneel at his feet. She untied the shoes and pulled them free, doing the same with his socks. When she looked up at him next, his mouth was open a fraction and his eyes hooded with lust.

She gestured for him to lift his feet out of his trousers and she discarded them too.

“Fuck…I like it when you look up at me like that.” He groaned, reaching out to take the clamp out of Emilia hair. It cascaded down her back in thick wild curls, and he tucked a stray length away from her eyes.

His erecting was swelling now, straining against the thin cotton of his underwear towards her. She grazed her hands up his bristly thighs to meet it, and the air whistled through his teeth as she grasped it firmly through the fabric.

Reaching up to pull on the hem, she freed it, the thick head bouncing forward against her lips. She felt the cool wetness it left there, and licked her lips out to taste his salty precum.

“Shit…I feel like a teenager again.” He laughed and raked his fingers through his curls. Emilia marvelled at how relaxed he looked, a different man to the arsehole she’d met earlier. The smile suited him.

She was soaked now, and she could feel the damp fabric of her underwear rubbing against her inner thighs were she knelt. She moved her hips gently, trying to relieve the pressure that was building.

“No no wait…stop.” He pulled away as Emilia leant forward. She snapped back embarrassed.

“It’s just…I’ll cum in about 10 seconds if you do that.” He kicked off the last of his clothing from around his ankles and bent over to grasp Emilia at the waist. He hoisted her up and turned her in one swift move. Landing her on the edge of the desk gracefully. She opened her thighs instinctively and his throbbing member sat against her skin, his thighs pressing slickly between hers.

“I think you probably need to catch up.” He took a handful of hair at the back of her neck and tipped her mouth back, bringing his lips languidly down onto hers. Unlike their first kiss, this was a slow burn. Gentle and teasing; his tongue exploring her mouth lazily. She pressed her chest against his, feeling the hard nubs of her nipples rub against the lace of her bra. He must have read her mind, because without breaking the kiss, he snaked his hands back and unclasped it, pulling the thin straps off her shoulder and palming both of her breasts firmly. His thumbs rolled over her sensitive nipples and like lightening, the sensation shot down deep into her pelvis.

Emilia’s pace quickened now, she grew impatient and pushed him away from her slightly. Hooking her fingers in the top hem of her underwear, she rolled it down her thighs, kicking her legs to flick the tangled lace down onto the floor.

He collided back against her, slamming his mouth to hers and pulling her escort cebeci hips closer to the edge of the desk. He paused breathlessly to reach behind her to one of the drawers, and produced a condom.

“I want to watch you…” he handed her the foil packet, his hands falling to grip her thighs desperately. She tore the foil and grasped him in the other hand.

“No I’ll ask him…it’s due Tuesday!” They stopped dead, and Emilia looked over his shoulder to see a shadowy figure through the frosted glass door.

“…stay still.” He whispered into her ear.

“Alex?” The figure knocked loudly on the door, jerking the handle up and down.

Emilia’s heart pounded fiercely. ‘Shit shit shit’.

She held her breath and prayed that they couldn’t see their silhouettes. In the back of her brain she mused that she’d not known his first name until now.

“Has he left early?” The voice barked out, turned and walked away. His shadow disappearing down the hallway.

“…Alex?” She giggled up at him, breathing out in relief.

“Mr. Grayson to you.” He teased. His mouth split into a wide grin and he brought his head down to kiss her neck, stifling his laughter.

She looked down, the oily condom was still in her hand. She placed it at the head of his cock, and rolled it down slowly, looking back up at him through her eyelashes.

“Well Mr. Grayson…where were we?” She pressed her heels into his thighs, bringing him closer, and lined him up at her entrance.

“Christ you’re wet.” He groaned. Taking his cock in his hand and sliding it up her velvety folds. Emilia hissed as he grazed up against her clit. Desperate now she grasped his hips in her hands and pulled, staring hungrily down at where she wished they would join.


“Fuck…I like it when you ask like that.” He whispered into her ear and sunk into her, filling her up in one swift and forceful thrust.

Emilia arched back in ecstasy. She felt full like she never had before and he ground his pelvis into her clit as he bottomed out. Her skin felt like it was ablaze. She bit her lip to stop from crying out, but as he pulled slowly back she couldn’t help the loud groan that escaped.

Just as the tip grazed her entrance again, he pounded back down into her violently.


He lifted one hand, leaving the other around her hip, and pressed it against her mouth, silencing her groans.

“Ssssh…yes…you like that?” He skimmed his wet lips against her ear and she shuddered, nodding against his hand.

He fucked her relentlessly, at a maddening pace. Pulling slowing away before plunging back in forcibly.


“You going to cum for me? That’s it.” He egged her on, angling his head to bite at her earlobe gently.

He released his hand from her mouth to push her down on to the desk, her head hanging off the other end. The blood rushed there and Emilia saw the room spin around her. He took hold of her hips with both hands, and pounded, his balls slapping against her arse and his thighs slamming painfully into hers.

She clenched her eyes tightly shut as the pressure built, her muscles spasming rhythmically with his thrusts.

“Open them.” He gasped breathlessly.

“I want to see you.”

Her eyes flashed open to see him put one thumb in his mouth and lower it to her aching clit. He rubbing it firmly over her and she fell apart.

“Yes yes yes yes yes.” The words tumbled out as the room shattered around her. The waves of pleasure rushing over like a tsunami. With that, he joined her. He groaned his own release through clenched teeth, and shuddered into her, his body going slack and sinking down over hers on the desk.

They lay for several minutes like that. Their sweaty bodies slick to one another, and their panting breaths the only noise. She felt him lay a delicate kiss to her shoulder and he moved to stand, his softening member slipping out of her as he did. He rolled the condom off, wrapped it in a tissue, and tossed it in the bin before returning to her.

“Thank fuck for Trish.”

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