Meghan Goes Exploring

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In all her life Meghan could never recall meeting a man like Joshua. From the first time she met him, she loved his name. After talking to him for a bit, she realized that the name suited him perfectly.

Meghan met Joshua one day while doing some exploring about life. She had been involved with a man for a long time now, and always felt something was missing. Bill and her got along fine, but Meghan always felt she was missing something when they had sex. Still she was contented to remain in a relationship with Bill for the last 10 years. It was safe.

Now, at the age of 37, Meghan decided it was time to find out what was missing. She had grown weary of keeping Bill satisfied and wanted some for herself. Meghan realized that more and more these days she wanted to have sex… not just sex, but hot, intense, sex. The kind of sex that leaves a woman trembling and weak. Her hunger to know what was missing was how she met Joshua.

She still recalls mentioning to her good friend Patty, about her misgivings with her relationship with Bill. Patty had listened closely to her when she talked of how unhappy she was. The two of them had been close for a lot of years, and talked intimately about everything. So Patty suggested they try going to this new place she had gone to once before.

“Well, what’s it like there?” Meghan asked Patty.

“You will love it, trust me” Meghan replied.

So, that night when Meghan met Joshua, Patty and her went to this place.

Meghan still remembers when he walked in the pub. It took her breath away. He was dressed in khaki dress pants and a tennis shirt. Meghan could see chest hairs peeking through the opening in his tennis shirt, so she knew he had a hairy chest, and she had a strong weakness for men with hairy chests.

“Who is that gorgeous hunk of man?” Meghan asked her friend.

“I have no idea Meg, but he is a lawyer so not likely a good person to try with, or so I am told” replied Patty.

Meghan was intrigued by this man. She admitted to herself though that lawyers were not exactly her type. Still, somehow in some way… this man had caught her attention, and she couldn’t help but notice the warm feeling that she felt in her love canal.

Leaving Patty with the other friends they were with Meghan approached this handsome stranger. As she walked towards him she carefully admired his physique. He had a nice body, with muscles. Clearly this man took good care of himself. Then Meghan thought something that surprised even herself. She found herself wondering what kind of lover this man was.

“Oh, pardon me” a voice said.

“That’s okay” replied Meghan as her head came up to see who had spoke to her. She felt her face grow red with embarrassment as she came eye to eye with this sexy man she had been admiring. She wondered briefly if he had any idea what she had been thinking, but quickly realized there was no way he could have.

The handsome man reached out to shake her hand and said, “Hi there, my name is Joshua. I don’t think I have seen you in here before, have I?” Meghan couldn’t help but notice the friendly smile he had.

“No this is my first time here.” Meghan finally forced herself to say.

With the music playing in the background and the romantic lighting of the pub Meghan was completely drawn to this man. She couldn’t help but think how incredibly sexy he was, and found herself wondering what kind of lover he was.

“Would you care to dance?” Joshua asked her.

“That would be nice.” Meghan replied.

As they turned to head to the dance floor Meghan felt his arm go around her waist and she suddenly became very aware of how drawn to this man she was, and it surprised her. She had always thought of herself as a woman in total control of all situations, but she was realizing that with this man it was very different. She had to admit to herself that she liked the idea of letting him be in control, and it turned her on.

As they reached the dance floor the music changed, and the band started to play a slow romantic song. Meghan loved to slow dance, and was good at it, but wondered if this sexy lawyer would want to slow dance with her, when they had just met. Before she had a chance to ask if he would rather wait for the next song, she felt him turn her around and pull her into his arms, and they began dancing.

Meghan couldn’t help but notice how incredible he smelled. His arms around her waist, pulling her tight to his gorgeous body, were strong and she loved how they felt. As they danced together she realized the attraction was growing stronger, and she wanted this man. The pulsing in her pussy left no denying of that fact. Suddenly she felt his arms tighten around her waist as he pulled her closer to him.

Meghan’s breasts were crushing into his chest, and her thighs were pressing hard against him, and she wasn’t sure, but thought he was growing hard. She felt her panties growing moist and her nipples harden. She wanted this man, there was no denying that cebeci escort fact… but did he want her as badly. Meghan’s head was filled with these questions, and before she knew what was happening, he leaned his head down and kissed her lightly on the lips.

It seemed to Meghan that she had no control at all at this point. To her that was not acceptable in most cases, but for some reason tonight she didn’t care, she realized she actually enjoyed letting him have control.

Her mind was swimming with thoughts, when suddenly this gorgeous man pulled her even closer to him, and kissed her deeply and with passion that Meghan had no idea existed. His tongue traced the outline of her lips, and then pressed through to taste her. His tongue was searching and exploring every inch of her mouth, and to her amazement she was responding. Meghan felt her body mold to his, and with that kiss they became one.

When Joshua pulled back from the kiss Meghan felt weak and had to lean on him for support. Her knees were trembling, and her face was warm so she knew she was blushing.

Meghan felt him tenderly kissing and nibbling on her ear as he whispered to her “Lets go somewhere so we can talk and be alone”.

For a brief second Meghan thought about it. This was a man she had just met. She knew very little about him. Should she go with him and take a chance, or should she be cautious and talk him into staying here? Her mind was swirling with thoughts, but it only took a few seconds for her to respond.

“Just let me say goodnight to my friends” Meghan heard herself say.

“Okay, lets go do that now then” replied Joshua.

As they walked to where Patty was sitting Meghan was wondering to herself, what is it about this man that has me so completely drawn to him. She had no idea, but she knew she loved how she was feeling. Her body was more awake with desire than she had felt in years.

At the table where Patty was sitting, Meghan introduced Joshua to everyone and took Patty off to the side to confide in her that she was completely drawn to Joshua and would be leaving with him now. Patty was surprised, this was not like her best friend at all. Meghan convinced her not to worry though and that she would be safe. Then they made their way back to the table.

“Are you just about ready Meghan?” Joshua asked.

“Yes, I’m all set to go now” replied Meghan. And with that they made their good-byes and off they went. Patty couldn’t help but notice how great the two looked together, and while she was indeed concerned about her friend, she secretly hoped that this man could finally satisfy her friend.


Once outside the quaint little pub, Meghan felt the cool evening breeze on her legs. It was such a beautiful night and the sky was lit up with stars. Meghan loved nights like tonight. The silence between the two was a calm silence, but one that made both her and Joshua comfortable. Meghan couldn’t describe the feeling of ease she felt with this man, but she felt good being with him.

“So, where would you like to go?” Meghan finally broke the silence.

“Lets just go for a short walk and do some talking” he replied.

As they set out to walk, he leaned close to her and wrapped his arm around her waist. The pub was located in the country so it didn’t take long for them to be out in the beautiful night air, and totally alone. As they walked they talked, and Meghan was surprised at how easy Joshua was too talk to. He was a lawyer, 41 years old, drove a flashy little sportscar, and also involved with a woman that left him feeling the same way Meghan felt, unsatisfied.

Suddenly Joshua stopped walking, and turned to Meghan. He just stood in front of her, taking in her exquisite beauty. He wondered if Meghan had any idea how badly he wanted her. Did she know how great she looked in that sexy little summer dress? And, did she realize how he loved the sight of a woman in a dress? That was something that he didn’t get to see a lot of these days. With women’s rights, most of the time they were dressed in everything but dresses, and to Joshua that was tragic. He knew he had wanted this woman from the first time he bumped into her, but did she feel the same? They got along so well, and she seemed to feel as comfortable with him as he did with her. Standing there drinking in her beauty, thinking all these thoughts he felt his cock growing with want, and decided to act on it.

Reaching for her and pulling her close to him, he kissed her with all the passion he was feeling. His lips crushed against hers, and his tongue pushed hard through her lips. As he started to explore her mouth with his tongue, Meghan couldn’t help but respond and she felt her pussy grow wet. Meghan’s arms instinctively went up and around Joshua s neck and she thrust her body even tighter against his. Damn it, she wanted him to fuck her right then and there, and she decided to let him know how attracted she was to him.

With her breasts crushing into his chest, cebeci escort bayan she thrust her thighs against his growing cock. His arms wrapped around her so tightly that she thought she wouldn’t be able to breathe. Meghan ran her fingers through Joshua s hair. Finally, the passionate kiss ended, and Meghan was left trembling and weak.

Before she knew what she was saying Meghan heard her own voice say “Joshua, I want you.”

Joshua smiled and Meghan noticed what a handsome smile he had.

“I was hoping you would say that Meghan” he replied.

“Shall we go back to my place?” he asked and before she had a chance to reply, he leaned down and kissed her once again.

Meghan simply nodded… yes.


The drive in the car to his place was quiet, and filled with more sexual tension than Meghan ever dreamed possible. Her pussy was throbbing and very wet. She had never reacted this strongly to any man. What was it about this man that had so completely captivated her?

Finally Joshua pulled in to a driveway and stopped the car. Meghan was so sure that her hair would look horrible after driving in a convertible, but Joshua turned and looked at her. His cock grew hard at the sight of her. Her windblown hair and he could see her nipples through her dress. Without a word he stepped casually out of the car and came around to her door to open it for her. Reaching out her hand, he took hers and helped her out of the car. Together they walked into the house.

As they walked in, Meghan took a quick look around and noticed Joshua had incredible taste. His home was eloquently decorated, and she was impressed.

Meghan wanted Joshua so badly by now that she was scared she might come with very little help at all. Her mind was full of incredible lusty thoughts, and before she realized what was happening, once again she was in Joshua s arms being kissed. Her body molded to his, and she felt herself go weak in his arms.

Their passion had been denied far too long already and Meghan knew that this was the moment they had both been waiting for.

Meghan stepped back from Joshua, and gathered her thoughts. There was so much that she wanted to do with this man. She wanted him to take her over and over again. She wanted his cock to be inside her, in her pussy, her ass, and her mouth. Still, she was nervous. This man was so incredibly sexy… would he be disappointed? Finally after what seemed like forever, but actually was only a matter of a couple seconds she stepped forward and kissed Joshua lightly on the lips. Her lips trailed over his neck leaving little kisses wherever they went. Liking and sucking up to his ear, and nibbling gently on them she finally whispered to him “I want to make love with you Joshua “, and while doing this she started removing his tennis shirt.

Once Meghan had the tennis shirt off, she gasped aloud. She had never seen such a handsome chest, and she wanted to devour it. Instantly she started kissing her way down his neck to that gorgeous chest. Meghan’s tongue worked expertly over his chest, kissing, licking and sucking everywhere. She stopped at his nipples, and nibbled gently on them. Her tongue flicked back and forth across each of them making them stick out and hard. She thought she had heard Joshua moan when she was doing this, and realized that this was something he rather enjoyed.

Joshua stopped her then and pulled her up to his face and kissed her deeply. God she loved how this man kissed.

“I’ve waited long enough, time for me to see that gorgeous body of yours” Joshua said softly. And with that Meghan felt him undo the zipper on her dress. Kissing delicately on Meghan’s shoulders and neck Joshua played as he slowly removed the dress, and it fell softly to the floor landing there in a pile. Meghan stepped out of it and stood before Joshua.

Joshua drew in his breath sharply. Meghan was a beautiful woman with long flowing brownish colored hair with blond highlights. Her body seemed like it should be photographed and shown off in Playboy. She stood before him in a forest green lace and silk bra, with matching panties. He could not recall ever seeing anything so beautiful in his lifetime.

He groaned as he pulled her to him, and kissed her yet again. She reached down with her hand and felt his cock through his pants as they kissed. Meghan realized how hard he was, she could actually feel his cock throbbing through his pants.

Stepping back slightly from him, she used both hands and undid his pants, slowly letting down the zipper, and then slid his pants down over his hips until they fell to the floor. Kissing and licking her way down his chest until she was kneeling in front of him, she leaned in close and gave one long very slow lick on his cock, through his shorts. She could feel the throbbing with her tongue as she moved over his cock. Then with both her hands she reached up and very slowly removed the shorts, his cock springing free.

Joshua looked down at this beauty escort cebeci at his feet, and couldn’t believe his luck tonight.

Meghan took his cock in her hand and slowly stroked while leaning in further and gently kissing his balls. She gently licked and sucked on each one, feeling them grow even heavier with cum, while her hand moved up and down his hard on. Then another long slow lick the length of his erection and a small kiss at the tip of his penis. Joshua ‘s cock jumped at the attention it was getting.

Meghan used her tongue and traced around the ridge of his cock ever so lightly while her hand stroked up and down the length of him. She looked up at this handsome man, and while staring into his eyes, in one quick movement she thrust that massive erection down her throat, and wrapped her lips tightly around it.

“Oh God Meghan!” Joshua groaned.

“Yes baby, suck my cock” he moaned over and over as her lips worked like a vacuum over his cock. She could feel the throbbing in her mouth as it moved up and down over his hard erect cock.

Joshua was experiencing something he had never before experienced. His passion was so intense, he wanted her so badly. He simply had to make this woman his. Suddenly male instinct took over and he felt the strong urge to shoot cum inside her pussy.

His cock was throbbing with such intensity, the likes of which he had never realized. Looking down he noticed that Meghan had pulled her panties off to the side and was rubbing her clit with a fierceness. Then he watched as she started finger fucking herself while she was sucking on his cock.

Joshua moaned loudly and reached down and pulled Meghan to her feet. Wasting no time at all, he removed her bra letting her wonderful, beautiful breasts fall free. His head went down to them and he started sucking almost savagely on them.

The sexual tension in the room was not to be denied. Male instinct took over and before she knew what was happening Meghan felt herself backed against the door they had entered through only a short time before.

Joshua knew he was close to cumming, and he wanted Meghan to have the same earth shattering experience he seemed to be having.

While sucking on her breasts, his hand went down to her pussy and started to massage it roughly. Joshua always thought of himself as a tender lover, but there was something about this woman, and he could not, nor did he want to, explain it. He just knew he loved this feeling.

Meghan gasped and almost came as Joshua s finger went inside her pussy. She felt her muscles grasp around it and start to work on it. Joshua realized now that Meghan was indeed experiencing the same feelings he was. She was so wet she was dripping with want, and he knew there was no more denying what had to happen.

Pulling her panties roughly to the side Meghan felt Joshua’s cock press against her pussy. She moaned softly, and her legs seemed to part on their own, opening herself to him.

Joshua rubbed his cock up and down her glistening cunt, but both her and him were too far gone. They wanted, they both needed to cum desperately, and with one quick, hard thrust Meghan felt Joshua s cock enter her vagina. As he thrust inside her, he kissed her with what seemed like a new found hunger. Once inside he just stayed there for a moment enjoying the feel of her wrapped around his throbbing cock.

“Oh god, you feel so good Meg” Joshua groaned softly.

“Fuck me Joshua, please” Meghan almost sounded as if she was begging.

Very slowly, teasing almost Joshua withdrew his cock. The look in Meghan’s eyes when he did that though almost made him cum, and in a quick second, he was inside her again.

Meghan could feel his cock throbbing in her pussy, and she loved how it felt. She started moving her hips, riding his cock. At the same time he started to thrust in and out of her. Thrusting in and out, and her hips moving in time with him.

Both Joshua and Meghan were sweating. With every thrust Meghan was being pushed into the door and she was loving it. She was close… god she knew she was about to cum, but she wanted to hold off and wait for Joshua to cum as well. Her pussy muscles were spasming uncontrollably, yearning for relief.

She felt Joshua arch his back at the exact same time as she thrust her hips forward and the two of them came together. She coated his cock with her cum as he shot his huge load inside her, finally making this woman his. Joshua moaned a low guttural moan, and he knew that he had never cum as hard as he just had now.

Meghan’s orgasm seemed to last forever, and as she came she screamed out loud “Joshua!!! YEESSSSS!!!” The cum was running down the inside of her thighs.

Finally, the two collapsed against each other, Joshua s cock still inside her. He didn’t want to withdraw, he felt better than he had ever before.

“Meg, honey, wrap your arms around my neck and your legs around my waist, and I will carry you to bed, with my cock never leaving your body” Joshua said.

Meghan did as he requested and together they went to bed.

As they fell on the bed together, Joshua s cock still inside her together they talked, kissed and cuddled. Joshua was amazed at how well they seemed to fit together. It was like they belonged together Meghan and he.

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