Melvin’s Magic Love Juice Ch. 10


Author’s Note:

Well, this is it: the last chapter of Melvin’s saga (at least, for now). I’d like to thank everybody who has stuck with me as these things have more or less been fairly rough drafts from start to finish, and the grammar, structure, and language in some chapters send shivers of disgust through my gut. Thanks for being patient with me and thanks for your feedback, and I hope you’ve enjoyed at least some aspect of this little mini-series of mine…


Small droplets of rain pattered against the windshield of Melvin’s BMW: signs of the returning storm. Apparently, it still had some chaos to spread, unsatisfied by the drenching downpour it had unleashed earlier in the day. Rumbles of thunder gurgled overhead like an upset stomach preparing to unleash its bowels.

Melvin sighed and flipped on the windshield wipers. As if he didn’t have enough things to contend with.

He squinted through the darkness of the night, his glasses left behind at the club. Red brake lights and blinding white headlights were nothing but shaky blurs as he passed them, a horn blaring as Melvin sped by, Melvin feeling as blind to the world as he felt blind about the truth concerning Courtney.

Courtney. The mere thought of her sent a depressing weight sliding to the pit of his stomach. The sweet girl who had turned out to be an insatiable sexual vampire, thirsting for satisfaction rather than blood, taking on four men (one of which was Melvin’s best friend) at this very moment as Melvin sped through the rain. How could he have been so wrong about her?

Or was the love juice to blame?

Did it matter? The situation had only opened Melvin’s eyes to the fact that he had not so much fallen in love with Courtney, the person, as with the mental image, the innocent virgin with the girlish smile, of her he’d created in his head. Her dimples were the cause of this mistake; Melvin was now certain that they were hypnotically cute.

How had things turned so dark for him? Things had gone from the whimsy of a silly fantasy, complete with a sarcastic witch and dreams about humping leprechauns, to the darkness of a Grimm’s fairy tale, factoring his ex wife’s sudden obsession with him and the lesson of losing Courtney.

A bolt of lightening spliced the night sky with electric fury.

Melvin thought about Morgan the witch’s words and the choice he had to make concerning the love juice, and he wondered if he’d ever had a choice to begin with. The witch seemed to have control over the proceedings from the very start, the thought of her always in the back of Melvin’s mind.

He slowed the car to a stop and pulled up outside of the witch’s shop. He inhaled a slow, deep breath. This was it. Gathering his mental resources (or rather what was left of them), Melvin pushed open the car door and sloshed through the rain, making his way towards Morgan’s building in labored, lurching strides.


Dim, yellow light filtered through a lampshade of what may have been human skin from the looks of it, but a sense of warmth settled over Melvin as he entered through the door to the witch’s shop. Of course, anything would have felt warm compared to the cutting cold of the chilling rain.

Morgan the witch, whose love juice had set Melvin’s chain of events barreling into motion, seemed to be waiting for him and smiled at him from her position in a gothic-looking, cushioned chair, the kind of chair you imagined Poe sitting in as he conceived his darkest works. Its frame was polished wood, and the horned skull of some unnamable, huge animal sat on the top of it, its teeth set in an eternal grin above Morgan’s head.

The white end of a lollipop stick jutted from one corner of the witch’s mouth, and she pulled it out with a wet smack of her lips.

“Cherry. My favorite. Tastes like virginity,” she said and paused for Melvin’s response.

Melvin heaved a weary sigh as he steeled himself to face her.

“I’ve made my decision,” he said.

“Did you now? Is it sweet Courtney, after all?” Morgan replied, sticking the lollipop back into her mouth and rolling it across her tongue. Her long hair flowed gebze escort over her shoulders, and her dark eyes twinkled in the murky light. Melvin’s gut began to feel tingly. He knew better than to think it was the effect of some spell that the witch was casting; his feelings were all his own.

“Before I tell you, I need to know. Did I ever really have a choice?” Melvin said, peeling his wet coat off. A skeletal hand protruded from the wall from a shiny wooden frame, and Melvin hung the coat on one of its bony fingers.

“Of course, you did. I just happened to know the outcome of your decision before you made it. One of the small perks of being a witch, you know,” Morgan replied, pulling the lollipop out of her mouth again and licking it gently and gliding across her full, red lips.

She flicked it with her tongue, sending an unexpected shiver down Melvin’s back; then she winked at him and (CRUNCH!) chomped the remainder of the lollipop into bits between her shiny, sharp teeth. Melvin started at the sound of the destroyed candy breaking in her mouth.

“You knew all of this was going to happen?” Melvin said, stepping towards her. Already he could feel himself becoming entranced by the witch, by her beauty and her power, and he shook his head to knock away the clouds and cobwebs that had begun to form there, striving to maintain his clarity of thought. He wanted answers while he still cared to ask questions.

Morgan paused as she chewed the lollipop, crunching it, and then replied, “Not all of it. Your ex wife, for instance. I had no idea she’d have any part to play in this strange, sexual odyssey of yours. The love juice is an unpredictable thing sometimes. But always entertaining.”

“What those girls did tonight, that wasn’t any effect of love,” Melvin said, his brow knitting. No, it had been lust, plain and simple. An animal lust that had nothing to do with a committed relationship between two individuals. Visions of Courtney with Richie’s cock in her mouth as she moaned into it, Joey Dangerfield’s cock buried deep inside of her, her free hand stroking… all this burned through Melvin’s head.

“Well,” Morgan said, her eyebrows raising, “You’re right. Love and sex aren’t necessarily always on the same page. The base of the potion works on love, but that’s not what men really want, is it? Just mature and boring love? Nah! This is why I had to add your special individual essence to the potion. To drive the ladies wild. But who could have known that your essence would be so… potent. I’ve been waiting for someone like you for quite a long time, Mr. MacMuffin.”

Morgan flicked away the lollipop stick without looking, and it (unsurprisingly) landed directly into a trash can on the far side of the room.

“Swish,” Morgan announced with a laugh. A moment of silence hung in the air between them before Melvin spoke again.

“So it comes as no surprise that I’ve chosen you,” Melvin said, his heart thumping in his chest.

“To be honest, none whatsoever. But that doesn’t mean I’m not totally excited about it. Because I am. You’re mine, and I’m yours. And it will be forever,” Morgan said. She rose from her chair and walked towards him, her arms opening to claim him for her own; the shimmering, black dress that Melvin had first seen her wear the night they had met rippled behind her.

“Welcome to immortality, Melvin. My love,” she said, and her lips brushed lightly against his, sending shivery chills scurrying up Melvin’s spine.

Melvin leaned into her, and they kissed.

An electric surge of power seemed to flow through him, filling him with something that seemed beyond words, beyond the scope of anything he had ever known, doors of his mind opening to new and incredible depths of passion and need and want and feeling, and he fully realized in that instant, their lips touching, that he had made the right decision.

He remembered his first impression of the witch, that she was his goddess and he, her lowly servant. Had he known the truth even then?

Then she took her lips from his, and the moment was lost. Melvin göztepe escort felt as if something wonderful had just been stripped away, and now he was somehow incomplete. He do anything to get that feeling back and didn’t know how he had existed for so long without it.

“You know, I can be anyone you want,” Morgan said, looking deep into Melvin’s eyes. Even without his glasses, this close up her face was distinct to Melvin, every inch, every pore the epitome of human perfection. Then she changed. Melvin gasped in surprise.

“Courtney?” she offered. And that was who stood before him. In the blink of an eye, she changed again.

“Tina?” And again.

“Brenda? Or Bridget? Or both?”

“You,” Melvin finally whispered. “I just want you, Morgan.”

He felt as though he had never said anything more true.


She led him by the arm upstairs to the bed, the mattress long and luxurious, draped in velvet and covered with rose petals. Melvin wondered how long the witch had been planning all of this. Perhaps, before she’d even met him? Who could say?

Morgan wheeled towards him and brought her mouth to his, and Melvin was lost again in the feeling of becoming something more than he was, a bolt of ecstasy and fulfillment loosening his knees under him and almost stealing his balance.

Melvin broke their kiss and said, “This is like a dream.”

Morgan shook her head in the negative, “No, nothing has ever been more real.”

She helped him onto the bed, gently putting him down as she crawled on top of him. The mattress was soft, and Melvin felt himself sink deep into the bed. Even if he wanted, he didn’t think he’d be able to get out of it, but the thought didn’t make much difference either way. He had no desire to escape his lovely witch’s clutches.

Morgan worked her way up Melvin’s neck, her kisses soft, and she nibbled delicately at Melvin’s ear, tingles shooting down his spine.

“No jokes tonight?” Melvin said with a wry smile. Morgan brought her face close to his, shrugged and smiled.

“The way I’m going to fuck you silly? Yeah. That’s nothing to laugh at,” she said and pulled him into a deep kiss, her pink tongue darting out and wetting Melvin’s lips with tickly strokes.


The first time they were as animals.

Morgan’s hair flung from side to side, their grunts and moans loud and insistent, the sound of their flesh meeting with fleshy claps of skin. The salt of her sweat was strong on Melvin’s tongue as he tasted her breasts, her neck, her shoulders. His hands became animals themselves, wanting to be everywhere at once, grasping and stroking anything and everything they came into contact.

Morgan climbed on top of him and rode him with the skill of a professional cowboy on a particularly troublesome bucking bronco. At times, her breasts rising and falling in furious tandem, Melvin squeezing them with his hands before running them down and gripping her hips, he wondered how she managed to maintain her balance. Once or twice, he was sure she would fall, but Morgan just kept at it on top of him, working her magic in ways Melvin could never comprehend.

He inhaled her, absorbed her, striving to make her a part of himself. They were one entity, two separate beings combining to form something new as they became entangled in each other’s limbs, touching and kissing. This was what he had desired for so long. This was the way he was supposed to feel. If this was the witch’s doing, if she had tricked him in some way or cast some kind of spell over him, he didn’t want her to stop. Ever.

They came with loud cries and gasps, their trembling bodies climaxing and shuddering and finally, slowing. They held each other in their arms for a few moments and then started all over again.

The second time was better.

The nerves at every point of his body felt alive and aware, and Melvin didn’t believe he had ever experienced with the world with such clarity. His lips brushed against Morgan’s, and sweet tingles of pleasure coursed through every part of him, running through his mouth, down his halkalı escort neck and back to the end of his toes. Melvin wanted to take his time with her, and so he did, enjoying every feeling, every electric bolt that they shared during their temporary connection.

What would happen to him now, he wondered. What would become of him and his lover, the self-proclaimed witch? The mind boggled at the possibilities. She was a creature of magic, after all. And he truly believed that she was.

But what about the others? Bridget, Tina, Abby, and the rest? Would their lives return to normality?

“None of that matters, Mel baby,” Morgan whispered into his ear, reading his thoughts. “The only thing that matters is you and me. And in a century or two, we’ll more or less rule the world.”

Melvin couldn’t tell if she was joking or not. Half the things Morgan said, he wouldn’t be able to make heads or tails of them. He would have to get used to his life being a mystery from now on, he supposed.

His thoughts returned to her glorious body as he opened his eyes and took her in his admiring gaze. She was perfect in every detail. He made love to her slowly and gently, sliding deep into her and then pulling himself almost all of the way out before thrusting again.

Her hands caressed the back of his neck, the hairs their standing up in sensitive attention. Goosebumps pimpled across his skin.

He sighed feeling the warmth inside of her. No other woman had felt this good when he had made love to them. The sensation inside of Morgan was something else entirely, but he had no way of explaining it. It was a feeling more than anything else, a feeling that could not be described nor ascribed with words.

He thought about the dream he’d had after taking Morgan’s Rejuvenator, the one where he had made love to her and Bridget Briswell in a wisp of cloud. How much of that had only been a dream, a delusion? Had Morgan known even then what his choice would be? He figured she must have.

Melvin felt neither taken advantage of or used, just grateful that the witch seemed to want him as much as he wanted her. In the end, that was all that mattered, and the bond they shared was more powerful than anything he had ever thought possible. He had known her for only a short time, but already, he could feel the power between them.

What had she said?

“I’ve been waiting for someone like you for quite a long time.”

What did that mean? Perhaps, something to do with the potency of his essence that the witch had mentioned. Only time would tell.

Morgan’s nails dug into his back, and he sped up the pace ever so slightly. Morgan responded with a breathy gasp, and she pulled him tighter against her, their bodies rubbing each each other with every movement.

Melvin forced his eyes to stay open, watching Morgan with an intensity that was unlike him. A week ago, there wouldn’t have been anything in his life that Melvin would have met with an expression of intensity. But he wanted to see the expression on her face when he made her climax, wanted to see the ecstasy that he had given her sketched across her face. If only Abby could see him now.

Abby. And what would become of her? The last time he might ever see her would be in that alley behind the club, her face milky with cum, her hair and clothes soaked through by that bucket of dirty rainwater that had been thrown on her as she waited limp on the ground. A pang of regret stole over him but then vanished as did any other thought of Abigail. Morgan was the only one who counted now.

“Oh, Mel baby. Oh yeah,” she uttered and tensed under him. This was it, and Melvin knew it.

She gasped, and her face furrowed in concentration, and then it was over. Her dark blue eyes flew open and locked onto his, and Melvin met her in orgasm.

And this is where we’ll leave Melvin for now, his mind and body finally satisfied, his world spinning on an axis that finally seems at balance: a privileged life befitting such a decent and unassuming man. In his future lies a landscape of mystery and adventure, the kind of life that only a man who loves a witch might know… and we’re not talking about that silly Bewitched crap either.

In any case, let us allow Melvin this brief moment of privacy, that he might experience this next step in life in relative peace and quiet, and who knows, perhaps we may pick up his story another day.

But until then, let us believe that he lived happily ever after.

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