Memoir of a Young Mistress Pt. 11


Emily leaned forward and took Ted’s cock in her hand. Grasping it at the base, and took him into her mouth. Halfway at first, then she relaxed her tongue and took as much of his length into her mouth as she felt she could.

“That’s perfect,” said Ted, and he meant it. He looked down at the top of her head, slowly working up and down on his cock, and remembered his fantasy-Emily giving him head in his first dream. This was much better.

Emily closed her eyes and drank in this new experience. She was pleasing a man. She was making love to him! Her mind recorded and analyzed all of the new information that was happening for the first time.

Emotionally, there was a rush of power and submission at the same time. She thought about the trust a man must have, to put such a frail, treasured member in a place of potential harm. She thought about the power and control she had over Ted while this was happening. She thought about her own act of submission, taking him into her mouth this way, letting herself be used for his pleasure. She wondered if Ted considered himself to be in control, or was it her?

Physically, she searched for comparisons to this new sensation.

On the instruction of a supposedly more-experienced friend, Emily had once put a condom on an uncooked Italian sausage and practiced fellatio on it. The feeling was indeed similar, as the combination of soft and hard was close, but her sausage had been cold, lifeless, and unattached to a man.

She could feel the heat from Ted’s cock on her tongue, and from his body, each time she took him in and got close to him. She could feel the hair tickling her nose and cheeks. She took in his scent, which Ankara escort was like nothing she had ever sensed before. She could taste the bit of precum that had leaked from his tip.

Each time she took Ted in, she tried to relax and let as much of him in as she could, wanting him to be pleased with her, but when he got past a certain point, she could feel her throat tighten, and she fought hard not to gag. She wanted to be exactly what he wanted, and she wanted him to desire her, so she did her best to suppress the feeling.

For this first time, the best she was able to accomplish was to take about three-fourths of him in, and then she’d back off, rolling her tongue around the head as she pulled back. She opened her eyes and tried to look up to see his face, but the angle of her head wouldn’t allow it.

For just a moment, she let him out of her mouth completely, and slid off the couch onto the floor, kneeling in front of him, and then took him back in. Ted’s pleasure increased at the sight of her in this more submissive pose.

From her new lower position, Emily could angle herself better to look at Ted, and she saw his smile, and his eyes. She loved his eyes, and seeing him looking back at her was intoxicating. She also learned that at this new angle, she could take Ted into her mouth farther, and she made longer, deeper strokes with her lips now, and moved slower.

Ted had never experienced such a combination of pleasures. Watching Emily take him in so far, feeling the pressure of her lips and tongue, seeing her looking up at him, all these brought him to the edge. “I’m close, I’m really close,” he blurted.

Pulling off him for only a beat, she asked, Ankara escort bayan “What do you want me to do?”

“Can I cum in your mouth? If you don’t like it, just spit it out, it’s okay,” Ted said it quickly, because he knew it was seconds away.

Emily didn’t speak, she simply took him back into her mouth, showing full obedience. She took him as deeply as she felt she could, and stayed in that position. She felt the twitching, and she felt Ted’s body shudder, and noticed his breathing stop a moment. She had one hand on his thigh, and she could feel his muscles tighten to a point that they felt like granite. One spasm, then a second one, much larger, and at the third she felt a gush of fluids. She flinched involuntarily but not enough to make her pull away. She wanted all of him, and she forced herself farther down on his pulsing shaft. After four rhythmic pulses, Ted’s cock had pumped out most of its seed, and she swallowed as it came.

Ted felt so lightheaded he struggled to stand. He put one hand on Emily’s shoulder as he watched her take almost his full length into her mouth. He could feel her throat constrict as she swallowed. He felt her soft breasts pressed against his legs. He felt her hand on the back of one thigh. She kept him in her mouth, looking up at him, as if she were waiting for his approval (his permission?) to pull away. As his last pulse pushed the seed into her mouth, he inhaled deeply and slowly pulled his cock from her lips. Just as in his fantasy, she held suction on him as he pulled away, and her lips made a satisfying smacking sound as his head left her lips.

He lifted her back onto the couch and knelt in front of her on the floor, Escort Ankara his body once again between her legs. Her pants and panties had slipped off one leg and she was able to relax her legs more, and she wrapped her free leg around him. He wrapped both arms around her and kissed her deeply, and Emily let this feeling wash over her, and through her. She had made a man orgasm! She had pleasured a man to a point where he had given up that which makes new life. A part of him was now inside her, and she felt the power again.

For a moment, a word flashed into her mind; one she had learned when she was reading a fantasy book. “Succubus.”

This is what a succubus does. She had taken Ted’s seed, his life force, and now she could control him. She owned him.

Emily savored her power while Ted kissed her. She realized she could be both of the things she felt; in submission, as well as in control. By being submissive to Ted’s wants and desires, she would control him, and own him.

Her posture on the couch straightened with this new confidence. As they kissed, she positioned herself in a way that her head was above Ted’s, and when the kiss ended, he was looking up at her.

She liked this perspective.

“You’re perfect,” Ted whispered. He said it with as much love and emotion as he could muster. He knew he was in love.

“We’re perfect,” she corrected. Her eyes were bright and focused, and Ted saw a confidence he hadn’t seen before. It was attractive to him.

Both partners in the dance savored the moment, both feeling as if they were leading.

The dance would soon become a whirling dervish, but with a new, corrupt definition of the word.

The true meaning of dervish dancing is to abandon earthly desires and seek oneness with God. Ted and Emily’s dance was doing the exact opposite, and would soon gain so much momentum it could not be stopped.

End of part eleven.

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