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Note: This is a story about adult sexual activity intended for adults. Everyone in this story is over eighteen. While the events in this story are based on true experiences some names have been changed and times have been compressed for this format. The events took place prior to the need for safe sex due to current epidemic of STDs.


Recently I was in a mood to down size and organize some of my “stuff”. A large section in one of my bookcases held all my high school and college annuals, which I had not touched in more than thirty years. Why do we keep such stuff? Hell, why do we even buy them in the first place?

As I thought about it I reached over and pulled out the one from my senior year in college. As I flipped through the pages it opened to the freshman class section where a napkin from Tony’s Pizza rested. The napkin held a lipstick print and the message; “I’ll miss you! Susan”. It had been placed there in late May of 1967, more than 40 years ago, our last time together. My finger and eyes searched the small pictures looking for her. I could not remember her last name but I did remember the small mole on her right thigh and the first time I kissed it.

It was late on Friday afternoon by the time I left class and cut across the campus of the small teacher’s college in the mountains of western North Carolina. A cold October wind was stirring up the leaves as students hurried to the cafeteria.

I was surprised to see Susan come out of her dorm and head toward me on her way to the cafeteria. We said, “Hello” and I expressed my surprise at seeing her. Susan was my roommate’s girlfriend and I had assumed that she had gone away with him for the weekend.

She informed me, with obvious irritation in her voice, “I’m not allowed to go with him when he goes home to see his mother.”

She was angry about the issue and stated that she had to stay on campus the entire weekend without a car.

I told her, “I’m going to stop at Tony’s to pick up a pizza then head home. Why don’t you join me and we won’t have to eat alone?”

She hesitated for a moment and I was sure she was going to turn down the offer but then she smiled and took my arm; off we headed to Tony’s.

We picked up the pizza and headed out of town. For almost two years I rented a nice cabin on the side a mountain about five miles from campus. I could not afford it on my work-study and GI Bill income alone so I rented one of the bedrooms out to a roommate. Nelson, Susan’s boyfriend, moved-in in September but it only took a short time to see that we were really the “odd couple”.

We got along the best we could by staying busy and out of each other’s way. He brought Susan by from time to time to study and for some reason on Wednesday nights for a quickie. I teasingly referred to this short session of moaning and headboard banging as Wednesday night prayer meeting and Nelson would walk away mumbling his disapproval.

Susan vented her anger on the way home and I just listened and let her vent. Once home I lit a fire in the fireplace and put on some music while Susan put a salad together and set the table. I noticed that she did not set our plates on opposite sides or ends of the table but side by side.

We drank several glasses of wine with our dinner; Susan relaxed and our conversation moved to my finding out more about her. She was a tall, pretty girl with long, straight, black hair and bangs-sort of an early Cher style. Her style of dress reflected her catholic girl’s school background with saddle oxfords, knee socks, a short, pleated, plaid skirt and a white, oxford cloth blouse-almost a uniform.

She had lived a rather protected life before starting her freshman year. Nelson had been her first and only boyfriend, her first and only lover. At home she had only been allowed to date at school functions and only with supervision. As we drank more wine the conversation became more personal and Susan would blush at some of my more intimate questions but answer them anyway.

Her only experience before Nelson took her virginity a few months earlier was necking and petting with some of her high school girlfriends, “practicing” what to do with guys on a date. She became concerned that since she enjoyed the “practicing”, she would become a lesbian.

She found that she enjoyed the male contact with Nelson but also found that she was left unsatisfied by his quick “wham bam thank you mam” approach to sex. She wondered if that was just normal or that Nelson was just inexperienced; he pretty much did “his thing” and was through. Her roommates told her about all sorts of sexual things she wanted to know about but he was not even interested in discussing them. She mentioned reading about oral sex in Cosmopolitan magazine and he became very upset with her.

Susan asked, “Why do you tease us about the Wednesday night “thing”?

I tried to reassure her with, “Susan I was not teasing you but rather Nelson. I just thought he should be more considerate of your needs; I gaziantep escortlar doubt that you were getting the most out of that time.”

She agreed with me and thanked me for considering her feelings.

We cleaned off the table then took turns using the bathroom so we could move into the living room close to the fire. As I came out Susan was standing against one of the kitchen counters sipping her wine. I walked up close to her putting my hands on her hips and leaning in to kiss her lightly. We looked into each other’s eyes and exchanged smiles.

I moved closer to continue our kissing then moved my hips forward and pressed my pelvis against hers’. To my delight she did not withdraw but rather pressed back against me. We stood there for a moment almost grinding our pelvises together as we kissed and looked into each other’s eyes knowing where we were headed.

“That was nice.” She stated.

I dropped to my knees and moved my hands from her hips to the backs of her bare legs.

I looked up at her, “Lift up your skirt.”

After a brief hesitation she reached down to the bottom of her skirt and lifted it to her waist. Like any proper catholic schoolgirl she was wearing full-cut, white, cotton panties; I pressed my face against her and inhaled deeply as I took in the beautiful sight. There was a hint of the dark triangle of her pubic hair showing through the front of her white cotton panties.

I moved my hands up the backs of her smooth thighs to the cheeks of her firm, well rounded bottom. As I moved my face closer to kiss her I noticed a small mole high on her right thigh and targeted it for my first kiss. Kissing my way along her panty line toward her crotch I moved my nose across the soft cotton space between her thighs lingering long enough to inhale her aroma. From her musk scent I could tell that she had had a very busy day and that my invitation for pizza had caught her unprepared for our evening together. It was a rich aroma which enflamed my passion and increased the rigidity of my already erect cock.

I moved my hands to the waistband of her panties and slowly pulled them over her hips, kissing my way down the line of soft dark hair trailing between her navel and the thick dark triangle which hid all her feminine secrets. The crotch of her panties held firm in the hollow between her thighs as the waist band moved easily down her thighs before the crotch almost popped loose and quickly caught up at her knees.

As she lifted each foot to step out of her panties I leaned forward and kissed her downy soft pubic mound and again inhaled her scent. As I stood up with her panties in my hand I raised them to my nose and inhaled them deeply so she would know that there was no reason for her to be concerned about her scent.

I stood up and we kissed passionately for several minutes; my hands caressed the bare cheeks of her sweet ass. I guided her to the table and stood between her knees as my hands unfastened the buttons of her blouse exposing her small, perky breasts for my lips to kiss. Her nipples quickly responded to the licks of my tongue and the suckling of my lips and hardened from the stimuli.

Her breathing increased as I guided her backwards so she could lie on the table. I pulled a chair up close to sit between her legs and lifted each foot to place it on one of my shoulders. She was now completely open to me; there were no secrets to hide. The thick, dark, pubic hair covering her vulva from thigh to thigh parted just enough to display her protruding butterfly shaped, pink labia.

I had to resist the urge to just bury my entire face in her, to taste her juices, and inhale her scent. I kissed the outer edges from the top to the bottom before capturing the butterfly’s wings in my lips and gently tugging at them. I spread the wings with my fingers to uncover the most beautiful rainbow of pastel colors glistening with her juices. I could no longer resist a taste and moved my lips and tongue closer. I was almost intoxicated by the sight, the taste and the aroma of this young woman. I kissed, licked, sucked, and probed every part of her undercarriage.

She let out a yelp as my finger slipped deep into her tightly puckered ass and began to move within her bowels. She lifted her ass off the table as she sought to grind her cunt onto my face.

Within minutes Susan had had several screaming orgasms and my face and hands were covered with her juices. Every breath I took I inhaled her scent. We stood up and started kissing again.

“Do you like the taste of your pussy on my lips?

She did not answer but resumed her passionate kissing, her tongue lapped at my face and lips.

I guided her hands to the front of my jeans, “Open them up and see what you can find.”

She smiled as she wrapped her hand around my engorged cock and freed it from the confines of my jeans; it was the first erect cock she had held in her hand. I sat down in the chair and pulled her to me; she straddled my legs and guided me into her cunt. She played for several minutes sliding up and down on just the bulbous head then she slid all the way down completely impaling herself.

As she moved up and down on my cock her small perky breasts moved over my mouth then she settled down completely on my cock and began slowly grinding her cunt against my cock and pelvis. My lips captured her nipples and suckled each one in turn. She closed her eyes and began to moan as she increased the motion of her hips. She was well on her way to her first orgasm while impaled on a cock.

I quickly caught up to her, “Cum with me baby! Let go and cum with me!” I grunted.

Susan did let go. Her nails dug into my back, her teeth bit my ear as a scream escaped her mouth and her cunt squeezed my cock.

“Oh God, I thought I would die!” she gasped trying to catch her breath.

I moved her back onto the table where I lapped up the cream pie which oozed from between her butterfly lips and ran down through her thick pubic hair to her tightly puckered ass. I shared some of the white creamy liquid on my tongue during a kiss; Susan sucked my tongue into her mouth. I took her panties off the counter and patted her wet cunt dry then wiped my slimy cock then tossed them back on the counter.

We poured another glass of wine and moved to the living room where we removed all our remaining clothes. She may have looked prim, proper, and innocent in her Catholic girls’ school clothes but naked she was a sensuous and sexy woman.

Susan spent lots of time examining and playing with my half hard cock; she was like a kid with a new toy. She covered my shaft with licks and kisses before she worked up the courage to put the engorged, purplish head in her mouth. She certainly had more to learn but she had an excellent start.

“That was my first time without using a rubber.” She told me.

She added that she was going to surprise Nelson that very weekend by telling him that she had seen a doctor and he had put her on the pill.

Then she added, “He will never the chance now.”

“When did you decide that?” I asked.

“When you kissed me down there.” pointing toward her pussy.

I chuckled then asked, “You mean when I kissed your pussy?”

She blushed somewhat then stammered, “Yes, when you kissed my pussy.”

I had teased her about her cute euphemisms to get her to change them to something more adult and vulgar. It took a while to get “fuck” and “pussy” to roll off her tongue but as we got back to our adult activities she was able to look at me and say, “Fuck me”.

Susan found out that her favorite position was “doggie style” with her ass high in the air with her head on the floor but she was uncertain if she prefered taking my cock in her pretty ass of her sweet juicy cunt. We would have to practice more for her to make that decision.

It was almost 2:00 AM before Susan finally admitted that she was tired and that we should go to bed. I thought she would never quit. We had tried just about every position that I could think of and the rest times between them got shorter. The last time I came I was sure my nuts were going to come right through the head of my cock.

When I offered my toothbrush to Susan to use, she quickly objected, “I can’t use someone else’s toothbrush.”

I laughed and reminded her, “I have licked you from ass to pussy and you have had my slimy, semen covered cock in your mouth. I think it will be okay to use my toothbrush this once; tomorrow I will buy you a new one.”

We brushed our teeth and splashed water on a few parts and went to bed. I think I was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

It was after nine o’clock the next morning before we even moved.

Susan sat up in the bed, “I’m starved! Wow, my bottom certainly is tender, I wonder why.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at her comment; we had tried to fuck each other to death.

With the condition of Susan’s clothes scattered over the floor I put her in a pair of my bib overalls and flannel shirt and off we went to a café in town; she decided to forgo her semen stained panties.

We got a number of stares from people but were quickly seated by our waitress who introduced herself as, Lynn. She was a pretty young woman about our age, early twenties, and was very friendly as she took our order. As she walked away to get us coffee we could clearly see her panty lines under her uniform dress. I was trying not to look but one side was clearly riding in the crack of her very pretty ass. I looked at Susan as she commented that it would drive her crazy. We both laughed as I reminded her that she did not even have any panties on.

When our food came we ate like we were starved half to death. We did take time to talk about our previous evening and how much we were surprised by our getting together and how much we enjoyed it.

Patting her stomach, Susan made the comment, “Fucking makes a girl hungry.”

She had no more gotten it out of her mouth when we heard a reply from behind us, “I wouldn’t know about that.”

Susan turned three shades of red as Lynn walked up to the table laughing. She refilled our coffee cups and apologized for ease dropping. We chatted briefly as she wrote out our check; she told us that she was a widow raising a child and she didn’t get out much.

I told her that I was making lasagna for dinner and that she should get a babysitter and join us. Susan also encouraged her and she agreed to call and ask her mother to keep her daughter. We arranged to pick her up at work when her shift ended at three o’clock.

It was such a nice autumn day that we decided we would hike the mountain behind the house. We packed our lunch into a daypack and headed off up the mountain. By noon we were hot, tired, and hungry. We stopped at a small stream and soaked our feet and cooled off a bit then moved over to a sunny south facing meadow where the north wind was blocked by the mountain.

We looked at each other and almost immediately knew what the other was thinking. Within a few minutes we were enjoying our lunch completely naked in the warm sun. We said we would just rest a short while then head back down to the house so we could shower before picking up Lynn.

The plan did not work. Seeing Susan stretched out nude in the sun caused a swelling and a pulsing in my cock. That got her attention and one thing led to another. We were soon fraying about in the throes of passion on a high mountain meadow. By the time it was over there was no time to either rest or get a shower before rushing off to pick up Lynn. We hopped into the Scout and headed off smelling of sweat and fresh fuck on top of yesterday’s sweat and stale fuck.

We pulled up to the café just as Lynn walked out. She climbed into the front seat with us; we immediately began apologizing for our condition. She helped to put us at ease by commenting on the greasy café smells she could add to the mix.

Once back at the house Susan poured the wine and I got started on the lasagna. I watched the girls on the sofa as I cooked and listened to them talk as if they had been lifelong friends. When I put the lasagna into the oven I joined them by sitting on the coffee table in front of the sofa.

Lynn was commenting on how tired her feet and legs would get working on her feet all day. I reached down and lifted one of her feet to my lap where I untied her shoe and slipped it off along with her sock. She looked surprised and almost shocked as I started to massage the bottom of her foot with my thumbs. She relaxed, let out a sigh, and almost went limp. She smiled at Susan and told her that that’s the way to a girl’s heart.

After repeating the massage on the other foot I lifted her foot up and sucked her big toe deep into my warm wet mouth. This time she did go limp and moaned a long, low sound. Her legs were open and her pink panties clearly visible; she made no effort to hide from my prying eyes. I smiled and winked at Susan.

I checked the stove just to make sure dinner was cooking then moved to the bathroom to draw bath water. My tub was a large, old style, claw-foot tub with plenty of room for at least two. I went ahead and shaved while the tub was filling. I added some bath beads to the warm water then called the girls to come get their baths.

Once they came into the bathroom I just starting unbuttoning Lynn’s dress. I let it fall to the floor then reached around her and unfastened her bra. She had a beautiful body and showed no sign of having had a child except that her nipples did show signs that she had breast-fed. She was shorter than Susan and had a larger chest, maybe a C cup.

By the time I slipped Lynn’s panties off, Susan had dropped her bib overalls and shirt in the floor and was also ready to get into the tub of warm sudsy water. Lyn took the front and Susan took the back end of the big tub. They both slid neck deep into the bubbles but I was unable to see where their legs went. I collected their clothes and put them into the ringer washer on the back porch.

From time to time I stopped by to “check” on them while I finished in the kitchen. I stood at the door and watched these two beautiful women as they washed and talked.

After their bath they took turns drying each other and I moved in, undressed and got into the tub for my bath. Yes, in the same water. With the small water heater I had it would have taken hours to heat enough for me. Besides, what could have washed off their bodies that I wouldn’t want on mine? As I bathed they stood nude at the counter drying and brushing each other’s hair and talking a-mile-a-minute. Susan got them each one of my army night shirts to put on for dinner; the sun was going down and there was already a chill in the air.

Dinner was a very erotic event with playful touching, above and under the table, flashing, and very naughty conversation. Everyone had to tell a secret that no one else knew about. Susan told about getting her pussy eaten for the first time the previous night. Lynn told about giving her first blow job and Susan quickly asked her to teach her how to give a blow job.

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