Michael’s New Calling

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Michael’s heart pounded and his lungs cried out for air as he finished his last lap in the pool. When his had touched the edge he gasped and clung to the side as his body throbbed from the exertion. Once he caught his breath he climbed out, water dripping from his slim muscular frame. His tight red speedo clung to his waist showing the outline of his package. He stood for a moment stretching his upper body knowing that there were several young college girls watching him. Michael had broad shoulders and stood six feet tall. His chest and abs were will defined like a typical swimmers and his pale blue eyes and light blonde hair helped to make him an extremely attractive young man. He knew he was good looking and he liked to show off his physique, but his flauntings were subtle. He did have a measure of humility after all. He’d won a swimming scholarship to study kinesiology and was doing well. His study in health and body mechanics had helped him improve his swimming and would give him a bright future. He was on track to graduate at the top of his class this year and intended to let nothing stand is the way of that. He was disciplined enough not to let college life with it’s parties and easy women side track him although he had indulged in both.

“Michael?” a voice called to him from behind.

Micheal looked turned and saw a commanding women who was in her late thirties and very attractive. Slim hips, long dark hair and beautiful hazel eyes.

“Are you Micheal Jones?” she asked.

Still breathing heavy he nodded yes.

” My name is Anna Smith and I understand there was an accounting error and you weren’t paid for lifeguarding at the Calderon function last week. Is that right? she asked.

“Yes.” he said.

“On behalf of The Calderon Group I’d like to apologize for any inconvience. I have a cheque with me now to give to you and a small bonus to compensate for the mistake.” she said.

“Oh,” Micheal replied, “Well, thank you. I didn’t expect it to be brought to me.”

“Well we at Calderon like to make sure all of our oversights, no matter how seemingly small, are delt with in a professional manner.” she replied.

Michael notice how her top clung to her and enchanced her breasts. Her eyes were dark and sexy and he quickly wondered how her even darker hair would look contrasting his light blonde hair if they were in the throws of a hot sexual embrace. She held out an envelope with his payment but he hesitated because he was obviously too wet from his swim.

“Let me dry off a bit.” he said.

He walked over to the benches where his swim bag and towel were and was glad to put his back to her because he could feel his swim briefs tightening as his cock began to swell at the sexual thought he had just had of her. He quickly dried off himself off and with his back turned toward her he wrapped his towel around his waist, knotting it to the front so as to hide the fact his cock was at half mast already. He wondered to himself what it would be like to fuck this gorgeous older woman. To feel himself inside her. Her legs wrapped around his lower back, staring into those mysterious hazel eyes while feverously thrusting his cock in and out of her. He gave his head a shake to break his trance but it was too late. His erect penis popped through the thin waist band of his speedo. The towel still covered it, but just barley. He turned toward her to take the envelope and when her hand touched his he felt his dick pulse. There was a pause as the two looked at each other. It was more than obvious to Michael she was taking in and enjoying the sight of his nearly naked body. When her eyes came back up from his navel she broke the silence first.

“Micheal, do you teach private lessons?”

He stuttered as he replied,”Yes.”

“Good. Can you be at my house at 7pm tonight? she said in a commanding tone.

“What?” He stammered

“Yes I live at 1010 Daga Drive. My pool is more than adequate. I don’t feel comfortable in a public place. Is that a problem?”

“Uh, No, I guess not.” Micheal replied.

“Good I’ll see you then.” she said and walked away.

She stopped and walked back to him and handed him her business card. She gave him a appraising stare from head to toe again, then turned and left the pool deck leaving Micheal standing there wet, bewildered and as hard as granite.

Micheal didn’t shower immediatly after his swim as he usually did. Instead he just went straight into a bathroom stall and locked the door. The vision of her was still in his mind. He looked at her business card. The name said Anna Smith, Account Representative, Calderon Holdings. He and his roomate were from out of town so he had no idea who she was or what her company did. Her name sounded ordinary enough but the effect she had on him was anything but. Micheal closed his eyes and picked up where his earlier fantasy had left off. He visualized her walking up to him, reaching out and cupping his balls. His own hand playing the part of hers. A wave of lust travelled through is loins and escort ataşehir out to the rest of his body. He peeled off his damp speedo, gathered a long length of toilet paper and sat down. He began stroking his hard shaft while imagining Anna kneeling before him ludly swallowing his swollen cock. Within two minutes he gave a shaky exhale and spilled himself into the tissue his other hand held wrapped around the end of his exploding cock. After his release he felt calm. When a few more minutes had passed and his penis was once again flacid, he made his way to the showers.

Anna watched as Michael came up the driveway in an old VW camper van. She watched him exit the vehicle and sling his swim bag over his shoulder. He was dressed in a pair of faded, snugfitting low rise jeans that tapppered sharply at the legs. On his feet were a pair of black, old school Converse runners. A tight red sleeveless shirt with the university’s logo on it clung to his well defined pecs and his nearly shoulder length blonde hair bounced slightly with each step as he approached the front door. As he came closer she could clearly see the bulge in his tight jeans. She wondered what type of underwear he wore. Boxers? Not likey with tight low rise jeans. Boxer briefs maybe or tighty whities, after all he was a swimmer and used to having his package bound up. She began to feel her juices flow at the thought of finding out.

As Michael drove up the driveway he was impressed by the size and style of the house. He parked, exited his van, slung his swim bag over his shoulder and walked up to the house. He wondered to himself what he was getting into. Was she really interested in swim lessons, or was she just playing games with him. Teasing him, gettting him all hot and horney for her own amusement, then sending him home with a hard dick. Or, was she really interested in fucking him. He was now 23 and had fucked many girls since coming to university so he was confident enough, but this woman was nothing like the college girls he had his sexual experiences with. He was nervous but could still feel the beginnings of another hard-on as he remembered how her blouse clung to her ample breasts and her skirt accentuated her tight, tear drop shaped ass.

He rang the bell and a few seconds later Anna answered it. She opened the door in a revealing bikini that made her lucious breasts look even better than they had earlier and the string bikini bottoms made her legs go on forever. Over it she wore what looked like a thin see through robe.

“Hello Michael.”, she said, ” I see you had no trouble finding me.Come in I am ready.”

The stunned look on Micheal’s was an added turn on for her. Micheal followed her into the house. His eyes glued to her shapely rear watching it tantilizingly sway as she glided further into the foyer. Damn she was hot he thought to himself. Answering the door dressed like that she must want to getted fucked. Maybe she had a thing for younger guys he thought. He hoped so. He felt a rush of blood travel to his penis and quickly took his swim bag off his shoulder and casually held it in front of his crotch as he followed her into the kitchen. She lead him out into the backyard to the pool. It was beautiful. Micheal looked around impressed by the lavish scene although he shouldn’t have been surprised because this was a wealthy area and the front of the house was a givaway that the rest would be just as good. She took a cold beer out of the mini fridge behind the bar and passed it to him then proceeded to take off her thin robe to rub suntan lotion on herself.

Michael perched himself on a bar stool keeping his swim bag in his lap and took a drink, watching her the whole time. He could feel the sexual tension in the air building as well as the pressure in his jeans wondering to himself where this was all was going.

“Your house is beautiful,” he said feeling he needed to say something, “especially the pool.”

“Thank you,” she replied,” being a swimmer you would notice the pool first.”

What the hell is that suppose to mean he thought to himself. She’s looking for a compliment dumb ass, every women does in a situation like this so give her one.

“You look hot in that bikini.” he blurted out.

If that doesn’t get a reaction nothing will he thought.

” Thank you. Do my back?” she asked, looking at him like he were prey.

She walked around the bar to him and held out the suntan lotion. Then turning around so her back was facing him,to his amazment, she undid her top and waited. Micheal put some lotion on his hands and began to rub her shoulders. She sighed as he massaged her, covering her back with the oily solution all the while so sexually aroused he could hardly think straight. His hard-on was straining against his jeans ready burst and his cotton briefs were becoming wet as his dick oozed a steady stream of pre-cum. If she allowed him to rub her sexy body much more he felt he may just blow a load in his jeans right there.

She turned around suddenly and tied up her kadıköy escort top then took the sun lotion from Micheal and said, “Your turn.”

Micheal wasted no time and quickly stood up placing his swim bag on the bar and took off his shirt. He stood before her bare chested, his well defined pecs and abs now clearly visable to her again. Anna drank in the sight of this blonde adonis. His chest had a light dusting of blond hair between his pecs with more around his nipples. And just above his navel a trail of slighly darker hair began and ran down to dissappear under the waistband of his briefs which rode a good inch above his belt buckle. Below that was a massive bulge. Anna finally looked up from Micheals crotch and stared into his eyes. She set the sun lotion down onto a small table then leaned into Micheal and gave him a long deep kiss. Micheal’s knees almost gave out as a rush of lust ran through his body. His dick throbbed as their tounges mingled together. Anna ran her hands down his chest and over his abs feeling his hard body then settled on his ass and drew him closer to her so she could rub her now dripping sex into his hard, young manhood. Anna broke their kiss by dropping to her knees and immediatly unbuckling Michael’s belt. She popped the button on his well worn jeans and pulled down his zipper. Hooking her fingers on either side of his pants she pulled them past his muscular thighs and worked them right down over his calves to his ankles.Now there was only a thin layer of black cotton between her mouth and Micheal’s erect penis. She rubbed her face against it as she cupped his balls. A moan of satifaction escaped his lips. She could see the wet spot from Micheal’s pre-cum and licked at it.

“Mmmm.” he moaned softly.

Finally she decided to stop teasing him and pulled down his straining briefs. Michael’s cock lept out nearly hitting her in the face. She grabbed it and began to stroke it slowly while sucking on his balls at the same time. Michael threw his head back and moaned again from the pleasure of her manipulations on his sex. She was sure he wouldn’t last long being so young so she had every intention of taking his first load in her mouth so she stopped stroking his cock and placed it’s fat purple head in her mouth and began to suck on it. Michael flinched at the higher level of plesasure she was bestowing on him. She ran her tounge up and down the underside of his cock adding to the sensation of the most amazing blow job he’d had ever recieved. After a few minutes of this he felt his balls being to tighten up signalling his orgasm was close. Anna sensed this too because she still cradded his balls in her hand so she took Micheal’s full length down her throat until her nose was buried in his neatly trimmed pubic hair. Michael’s eyes bulged and his mouth dropped open at the sensation of his cock hitting the back of her throat while the sides clamped around him sucking him so hard it felt like he was being pulled in completly. He felt his spunk rise and couldn’t hold back any longer. His body stiffened as he grabbed her head for balance. His first volley of cum shot out the end of his dick like water from a fire hose.

“Ahhhhh, Ahhhhhh, Ahhhhh,” Micheal called out with each blast. Anna managed to swallow each concecutive rope of cum that he pumped down her throat. The volume this kid can shoot is incredible she thought as she continued to drain Micheal balls of their precious fluid.

After about six hard blasts his flow slowed to a trickle and Anna disengaged herself from him, tilting her head back to swallow his massive load jism. Micheal’s hard-on slapped up against his abs as Anna released it. He was light headed after his release and sat down on a lounge chair that was near him with a stunned but satisfied grin on his face. Anna reached over to the table where he had placed his beer and took a long drink from it then handed the bottle to him and he did the same.

” How did you like that?” Anna said with a sly look on her face.

“Fabulous.” was all Micheal could say, “Fuckin fabulous.”

“Good.” Anna replied, “because we’re just getting started. I don’t have or want a boyfriend or anything with strings attached. I just want to have fun. Is that ok with you?”

“I am good with that.” Micheal said.

She looked at his red face, glowing from the rush he had just enjoyed. Sweat on his forehead, his jeans and underwear around his ankles and still with a hard on. He was gorgeous and he was all hers, at least for now. So she decided to move on. She walked over to him and pushed him down onto his back. She moved toward him squatting over his hips and allowed her dripping cunt to come to rest on his shaft. She rubbed herself up and down his length and her heart fluttered with excitement at the anticipation of having it inside her.

She leaned down to his boyish face drinking in the smell of his musky odour and whispered in his ear, “My little prince.” and planted another kiss on his lips.

She then reached between their sweaty bodies and maltepe escort bayan grasped the base of his ready cock. She inserted the swollen purple head into her eager opening. Anna lifted herself upright by placing her hands on Micheal’s pectoral muscles, looked into his pale blue eyes and slowly sank down onto his shaft. A small gasp escaped his lips at the feeling of her warm wet pussy sliding over his cock. He watched totaly transfixed at the sight of his prick disappearing inch by inch into her as she mounted him, finally come to rest on his pubic bone. He watched her face. Her eyes were closed as if in a trance as she began to ride him, picking herself up off his cock then slowly sliding back down onto it. Her head tilted back and her fingernails dug into his chest. After a minute of this Micheal began to thrust his hips upwards to meet her downstrokes and as he did this she began to groan.

“Oh yes, oh yes Michael, thats it.” she moaned.

He found it a great turn on to have a women call his name. He had never experienced that before and began to thrust harder as his lust began to grow.Her tits were bouncing and so inviting that Micheal sat up and grabbed one in each hand and began to licking and sucking on them. They were firm for a women her age he thought but were real. He had felt fake tits before when he and his roomate Scott and some other friends had visited a strip club. Scott had bought Michael lap dance for his 21st birthday and the stipper allowed him to touch her breasts so he knew Anna’s were the real thing as he contiuned to feasted on them. Then suddenly Anna pushed him down onto his back again. She became like a woman possessed as she dug her nails into his chest again and began to fuck him wildly, girating in circles on his pelvis so hard he could feel the heat from the friction. Then she would rise up and slam herself down so hard onto his cock the lounge chair they were fucking on creaked as if it would break. This went on for about 10 mintues before Anna suddenly began to wail and shutter. She was clearly having a mind blowing. As wave after wave washed over her Anna’a pussy clamped around Michael’s engorged cock and milked him, trying to draw another load of cream from his balls. His head swam and his vision blurred at the sensations running through his body.

“Ohhhhh.” Anna called out.

He pressed his feet into the concrete pool deck in an effort to gain traction so he could get as deep as possible into Anna’s hungry cunt. Having his ankles bound by his jeans made his efforts at fucking difficult but in the heat of the moment he had no time to properly disrobe so he made the best of it and shoved himself as best he could upwards to meet Anna’a downstrokes. Anna began to wail at a higher pitch and then Micheal felt a wash of liquid flow around his cock and drench his balls. She was cumming again but this time he could actually feel her juices run over his cock and balls as well as hear the squelching sounds of their coupling. This sent Micheal over the edge. Once again he balls drew up tight to his body as he began to empty himself into her. Primal grunts and groans escaped from his throat, sounds that he didn’t even know he could make. He gasped for breath during his orgasm.

“Uhh, Uhh, Uhh, Uhh.” he called out as he laboured on, continuing his sexual high until his body finally relaxed, exhausted from his physical exertions.

Michael relaxed and lay back fully in the lounge chair while Anna collapsed on top of him. There bodies drenched in sweat, chests heaving. After a few minutes Michael’s spent dick slipped out of Anna. Now he felt his own cum run out of her and around his balls to pool on the chair beneath him.

“Time for that swim.” Anna said as she stood up and dove into the pool.

Michael pulled off his runners, jeans and briefs to free his ankles which had been imprisoned throughtout their fuck session. He then dove into the pool and joined Anna in the water. They froliced like dolphins in the pool for about a half hour before getting out and drying each other off.

This enticed them to have sex yet again but this time it was in her bed and Michael had the dominant position on top. They looked into each other eyes, both full of lust for each other as Michael slid into her with his fresh arousal. His thrusting began slowly but increased to a nice even pace that lasted a good fifteen minutes. In that time Anna came once more after which Michael pickup his pace. As his balls slapped hard up against her ass and his enflamed shaft pistoned in and out of her he reached a fevered pitch. Eventually his body began to shake and he buried his face into her shoulder muffeling a loud groan as he came hard and filled her womb with another load of his sperm. Exhausted but satisfied they both fell asleep in a tagle of arms and legs.

Michael and Anna slept for nearly two hours and it was only the ringing of his cell phone that awoke him. He looked sleepily at the display to see that it was his roomate Scotty calling. He suddenly remembered he was to meet him at a local pub for drinks. Scott had arranged for them to hook up with some girls he knew from his private school days. He slid out of bed so as not to wake Anna and went outside onto the balconey overlooking the pool. The cool night felt good on his naked body.

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