Michelle and the Sales Team


Michelle looked at herself in the mirror again. Her hair was all in the right places – tied back with a little ribbon and off her face. She applied a little more red lipstick and gave her lips a smack.

“Okay I’m ready to meet the guys now.” She said aloud and with a shrug of the shoulders to adjust her blouse she left the ladies toilet and walked down the hall to the stairs. As she walked she kept tugging the hem of her skirt down trying not to make it too obvious that there was still some discomfort from the stripes on her cheeks and to hide the fact that she was still not wearing any panties.

In the bar the three salesmen and the sales director had positioned themselves in a booth at the back of the old fashioned pub. All four had several empty glasses on the table and were in the process of drinking a shot of whiskey each when Michelle walked in. She looked around noticing the lustful stares of most of the men in the bar as she searched for the sales team. When she spotted them she threaded her way past the other customers brushing up against most of them as she did so since the men were reluctant to miss an opportunity to rub up against such an attractive young girl.

Approaching the table the sales director stood up and asked her if she would like a drink.

“Smirnoff ice please.” She said trying to keep the nervousness out of her voice. The other sales men made room for her in the middle of the booth so that it would be difficult for her to get out in a hurry. Michelle squeezed past them noticing that at least one of the two men in her way had taken the opportunity to stroke her inner Bostancı Escort thigh.

The sales director returned with her drink and a further four whiskies.

“Thank you sir” she whispered in case anyone away from the booth heard her use the formal address.

“Please we’re out of the office now so call me Andrew. This is Ray,” he said pointing at the oldest of the others a man with a large belly and round face sparse of hair. “Paul” next to him was a man in his middle forties with a paunch, large glasses and a set of yellow teeth to match his yellow fingers that held his cigarettes. “Dave and John” these last two were the youngest and whilst still overweight and balding would have been the most attractive of the group in their younger days . Nodding to all the team she took a sip of her drink from the bottle discarding the glass that Andrew had brought for her. She thought she saw Andrew frown as the bottle came down from her lips.

“Well Michelle you’ve certainly had an eventful two weeks here with us so far. But I must say how impressed I am with the way that you’ve taken to the way we do things here. Discipline and obedience are two of the key factors that have made our workforce the envy of our competitors. That and an ambitious sales team of course.” He said the last as he raised his glass as though in toast to the others . “Now of course we want to reward our most promising employees.” And as he said that Michelle’s’ pulse quickened. “And to ensure that only the deserving gain that reward we set tasks that challenge the individual and allow them to expand their knowledge, Ümraniye Escort understanding and experience.”

Andrew leaned in closer to her. “Of all the girls we’ve had through the office in the last few months you are the only one to be asked to join the sales team for a drink. That was the first challenge of course – you just never knew it.” Michelle smiled. “John another round of drinks please.”

John left the group and headed for the bar.

“Right Michelle would you like another challenge?” Asked Andrew his voice betraying his excitement. Michelle nodded.

“Go to the gent toilet and use the last cubicle on the left. You’ll understand what’s required of you when you get there.” John returned with the drinks and Michelle got up and headed for the rest rooms.

When she got near the two doors, ladies and gents, she hesitated wondering if this was such a good idea. She waited for what seemed like ages to make sure that no one was inside before she went in. She looked back at the sales team to see them all watching her. Finally she went inside.

It smelt of stale urine and cigarette smoke. The floor was grubby and wet and pieces of paper littered the dirty white tiles. Hurrying in case someone came in she went to the designated cubicle and locked the door. Wiping the seat she sat down and waited.

“Required? What am I required to do?” she asked herself as she scanned the walls. Then she saw it, the hole to her right about waist height if she was standing up. Smiling to herself she knew what it was.

The first cock appeared a minute or two later. Ataşehir Escort Thick and veiny she thought it might belong to Andrew but she couldn’t be sure. Taking it into her mouth she used her tongue to swirl around the head and lick those little beads under the rim. It took her by surprise when it came shooting sticky threads over her lips. The next one appeared almost immediately after the first had withdrawn.

This time she took it deep into her mouth and enjoyed the taste as it too came quickly. Two more appeared in quick succession and those were also swallowed and savoured.

“Right that’s the sales team done then,” she thought preparing to leave. Then the fifth cock appeared. “Oh” was all she could manage to say. This one was not a member of the sales team. For a start it was black and decidedly bigger than any of the men she’d known. Still it was her challenge and she took that to mean that this was still the task before her. Her head lowered she continued and took the tool into her mouth and sucked. Using her tongue she explored the ridges along the length of this unknown man until he too spent himself in her throat.

There followed a succession of men using her mouth. All of them anonymous and unseen until eventually there was a knock on the door “It’s Dave” said a man from the other side “Andrew asks if you’d like to join us for drink. No one else will come in until you leave.”

Back at the table Michelle had managed to clean up a bit and get rid of some of the overspills from the men. She tried hard not to look around the bar but couldn’t help it. Several men met her gaze and smiled back, some turned away as though embarrassed. Some raised their glasses in toast and smirked.

“Well done” said Andrew. “Now are you ready to progress to the next stage of your training?”

Michelle nodded slowly wondering what else her training entailed.

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