Miley’s Harem – Ch. 04

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Over the next few weeks, all of the girls’ holes were stuffed, prodded, and well-fucked by Miley and some specialists that she brought had brought in for some expert training. By the end of the month, Miley was satisfied that her sluts were now some of the most talented and obedient fuck toys in the entire world. She decided that it was finally time to unveil her grand operation.

On orientation day, each girl received two things. First, a tiny RFID tracking chip was injected into each slut’s outer left thigh. Then, each of Miley’s slaves received a tiny tattoo of a cursive “M” on the sole of her right foot. When this was done, she assembled her small cadre of sex slaves in the common room. Taylor, Selena, Demi, and Anna stood in a row in front of Miley, all stark naked except for their slave collars.

Miley went up to each girl and unlocked the collars, tossing them into a discarded pile on the floor. She smiled deviously and gave a small round of applause as she addressed them. “Congrats, you guys! You’ve all officially made it through training, which means that you can go back to your normal lives. Well, mostly normal.”

“Is that it?” Anna asked hesitantly. “Are we done now, Mistress?”

“Done?” Miley giggled. “No, no. This is just the beginning. Now that you guys are done with training, you’re officially open for business.”

“What do you mean, Miley?” Taylor asked.

Miley giggled again. “Y’all didn’t think this was just for fun, did you? I mean, it definitely was fun, but this is about running a new, very lucrative business. When you return to your rooms after I dismiss you, you will find your phone, personal belongings, and some outfits. At 1:00 PM, you will all join me for a press conference announcing the opening of Pretty Pink Productions.”

“What is that, Mistress?” Selena asked.

“This is the explanation that you will all agree to at the conference,” Miley replied. “It’s a new company that we’ve all been collaborating on this past month, which will explain your guys’ sudden absence. To the world, it will be a new production company for you superstars to work together on new songs, albums, and movies.”

“What is it actually though, Miley?” Demi asked with eager anticipation in her slutty eyes.

“It’s my new business where I will rent you out to an exclusive list of rich and powerful people to service them however they wish for $100,000 per hour,” Miley smiled with triumph. “You whores are going to make me a lot of money.”

Despite their obedience training, the girls began to protest at the shock of this announcement. “Quiet!” Miley raised her voice. “You all get to go back to your lives, but if you don’t obey, I will release the videos of all the nasty things you guys have done over the past month to your friends, family, and the media. There have also been wire transactions to your bank accounts that will imply prostitution to the authorities, and you will all go to prison despite your celebrity statuses. So, you can either enjoy your normal lives and service clients when requested, or you can have your reputations ruined and go to jail. Your choice.”

There was nothing but silence in the room for a good minute.

“Good,” Miley smiled. “I’ll take your silence as agreement then. Remember, we can track you through the RFID chips in your legs. You will receive a text about when and where to meet your clients, and remember that we will be receiving satisfaction surveys from our clients after each session. Stay on the pill, and don’t worry. All clients will be vetted to be clean. We will meet back up here once a month for more training, doctor’s checkups, and performance evaluations. Anyone who doesn’t perform up to standards will be punished. Three strikes, and we will release your video and send you to prison. Understood?”

Her slaves replied in unison, “Yes, Miley.”

“Good. Go get your stuff, get dressed, and go see the makeup artist. Meet me at the limo at 1:00, and we’ll all go to the press conference together.”

Each of the girls returned to her room and gathered up her things. It felt strange wearing clothes again after a month of walking around naked. At 1:00, all of the girls and Miley piled into the awaiting limo. When they arrived in front of the large office building in downtown LA, a massive crowd of fans and media awaited them.

Flashes went off everywhere as the group exited the car and walked to the podium. The crowd cheered loudly as Miley approached the podium and spoke into the microphone.

“Hey everyone,” she grinned. “We’ve got a big announcement. I bet y’all have been wondering where we’ve been the last month, huh?”

The crowded erupted into cheers again.

“Well, today Taylor, Selena, Demi, Anna, and I would like to announce the official opening of the project we’ve been working on. It’s called Pretty Pink Productions, and it will be a new way for us to work together on some exciting, upcoming projects…”

The press conference continued as Miley detailed the fake projects they were working on. At the end of it, all the girls were interviewed and gave their rehearsed answers about how excited they were to start this and why all the secrecy had been necessary to keep this a surprise announcement.

By the end of the week, the girls had all dispersed and returned to their various lives. Taylor was in Nashville recording a new album, Selena was taking a break at her vacation home in Santa Monica, Anna was shooting a new movie in New York, and Demi was recording a new single in LA.

Meanwhile, Miley had spread the word to a select few trusted deviants who she knew would be interested in the services she was offering. The notice traveled through select circles that a few young starlets were now available for hire. Soon her inbox was full of requests, and she prepared to send out the first round of notifications to her sluts.

Demi was grabbing some water Friday afternoon during a break in recording when she received a text from a blocked number. “Go to the shipping/receiving office of your studio. NOW. – M”

Selena was just getting out of the shower when her phone went off. “7:00 tonight. Go to the address below. Wear the outfit that will be delivered shortly. – M”

Anna received a similar text as she was walking to another set after a long shoot. “Expect client visit tonight at 8:30 at your trailer. – M”

Taylor was eating lunch when her phone buzzed. “Be at Thompson Hotel, room 1414 at 10:00. Wear a little black dress and heels. No underwear. – M”


Upon receiving her text, Demi felt her crotch immediately start to get wet. She told her intern Tim to let her producer know that she wasn’t feeling well, and that she was taking the rest of the day off. Looking at her phone, Demi started walking over to the shipping and receiving area. She’d never really come over to this part of the building before, and it was eerily quiet.

There was no attendant at the window, and the area appeared deserted. “Hello?” she cautiously called out.

“Over here.”

Demi followed the voice over to a corridor with shelves of boxes on either end. Someone stepped out from behind a shelf, and it was Drake, who’d been collaborating on a song in another part of the studio. Demi had met Drake in passing, but she hadn’t expected to see him here.

“Umm, hi.” Demi was getting hot, but she wasn’t sure how to proceed.

“Well, get your ass over here,” Drake motioned.

She walked over to them, and Drake immediately grabbed her by the shoulders and spun her around so that she was facing a shelf of boxes. He quickly ripped off her leather jacket, exposing her white tank top underneath. Demi’s panties were already soaked, and she gasped in anticipation as she was forced up against the shelf. She loved being manhandled, and doing this in this dark storage area turned her on immensely.

“Dayum,” Drake exclaimed as her dark nipples stiffened in the cool air, visibly poking through her black bra under her sheer white top.

In one smooth motion, he lifted up both her tank top and her bra over her breasts. Demi moaned as her nipples scraped against the rough side of the cardboard box. She pressed her plump ass against Drake’s crotch and grinded up on him.

“You want it bad, don’t you bitch?” Drake grinned. He took off his belt and pulled down his pants. Demi automatically got down on her knees and greedily took his stiffening cock into her mouth. She wrapped her luscious red lips around the head of his dick and swirled her tongue around, coating his rod in saliva as she bobbed her head up and down.

He grabbed the shelf above her head with both hands and started face fucking her. “Fuck,” he gasped as Demi accepted his entire cock down her throat without complaint. She had long ago learned to suppress her gag reflex. Demi had sucked plenty of dick for blow back before she got clean. Her fingers massaged her mound over her jeans Drake’s cock rammed ruthlessly in and out of her throat.

After a while, he was ready for the main event. Drake pulled his cock out of her mouth with a plop, and a strand of his pre cum mixed with her saliva dripped down her chin.

Drake stood her up and turned her around so that she once again faced the shelf. He quickly pulled off her jeans, then the soaked through pair black cotton panties she was wearing underneath. The excretions from her anxiously awaiting pussy coated the inside of her thighs. Positioning himself behind her, he rubbed the tip of his cock along her opening, and güvenilir bahis it easily slipped inside of her.

“Oh my God,” Demi moaned as he bent her over and quickly shoved the rest of his well-coated dick inside her eager cunt. The metal shelf made a slight rattling noise as the boxes on it shifted back and forth with each rough thrust, and her fingers were white from gripping the shelf so hard.

Her moans grew louder and louder as Drake plowed into her cunt from behind. She could feel her orgasm building with each thrust. His hands explored her delicious tits, tugging at her nipples and firmly grabbing at her soft globes, sliding up and down over the tattoo of feathers on her right rib cage.

“Fuuuck,” she groaned as the sensations overtook her, and she came hard. Her body shook, and her pussy clenched against his cock as he continued pounding into her sopping wet cunt.

Drake kept hammering into her as she reached the verge of another orgasm. “Ahhh!” she groaned loudly into the box in front of her as she came again.

“Shut up,” Drake hissed into her ear. “I paid off the delivery manager to leave for the day, but the whole studio’s gonna hear you if you keep this up.” But Demi was only half aware of what was happening as wave after wave of pleasure overcame her.

“Fuuuck!” she screamed as she continued to cum. He slipped his cock out of her mid scream and thought of a way to silence her quickly. He bent down and picked up her wet panties, wadded them up, and quickly stuffed them into her mouth, muffling her screams.

Demi huffed into her moist panties as she tasted herself and tried to catch her breath. “Mmph,” her eyes flew open, and she moaned into her underwear as Drake re-inserted himself into her tight slit and resumed his assault on her pussy.

He grabbed her hips with both hands and started pounding her cunt as hard as could. As Drake slammed into her, he felt himself close to orgasm and increased his pace. Demi was moaning rhythmically with each thrust. Finally, he slammed his cock as deep as he could into her and came, his seed exploding deep into her cunt.

“Goddamn,” he grunted as his legs shook with each final spurt, emptying his balls into her.

Finally spent, he pulled out of her pussy with a loud squelch, and she slowly fell to the ground as her legs were still shaking too much from the succession of orgasms.

“Shit, someone’s coming.” Drake hissed at her to get dressed as they heard the storage room door open. He quickly pulled his pants up and ducked out of the back door.

Demi quickly pulled down her bra and tank top, then grabbed her jeans and pulled them on. She took her panties out of her mouth and stuffed them into her jacket pocket as she put it on. Straightening her hair a bit, she walked out and headed down the hallway.

Tim, her intern, had been sent to see why no packages had been delivered today. “Demi?” he was surprised to see her. “I thought you went home sick.”

“Yeah, I just had to grab something first,” she quickly said, still somewhat out of breath from the hard fuck Drake had just given her.

Tim didn’t reply, staring at the wet spots on her tank top where her saliva and Drake’s pre cum and dripped down from her chin earlier.

“Oh oops, I spilled some water on myself.” She gave a fake laugh at her supposed clumsiness. “Anyway, I’m going home now.”

Demi waved to Tim as she quickly walked away trying her best to hide the growing wet on her pants where Drake’s hot cum was slowly oozing out of her pussy and pooling into the crotch of her jeans with each step.


Right around 7:00, Selena’s black town car pulled up to the address that Miley had sent her. She sipped on a glass of champagne in the backseat nervously. Despite it being very warm out, she had on a large pea coat that covered up the outfit that had been delivered to her house. She couldn’t let the driver see her low cut blouse, blazer, and tiny skirt as part of the school girl outfit she’d been instructed to wear.

As the car rolled to a stop, the driver came around and opened the door for her. “We’re here, Miss Gomez. Will you need me to pick you up later?”

“Um…I’m not sure,” she told him. “You can go. I’ll call you if I need you.”

Her driver tipped his cap and drove off. Selena turned around and looked up at the large mansion that she was standing in front of, wondering who had sent for her as her first client. Selena hoped that it was someone cute and nice.

The champagne gave her some courage, and she walked up to the large double doors and rang the doorbell. Very soon after, a butler appeared and ushered her in, leading her to a luxurious bedroom upstairs. “Please wait here,” he instructed her.

There was more champagne in the room, so she took a glass and filled it up. Selena sat down on the edge of the bed and sipped on her drink, not sure what to expect. After what seemed like forever, she heard the door open. “Oh,” she gasped as she was greeted by the large grin of Jack Nicholson.

“Heeere’s Johnny,” he cackled.

Selena instinctively close her legs and trembled as Jack’s flabby, wrinkly old body approached. His gravelly voice boomed, “Well now, let’s have some fun huh?” He was wearing a silk robe that he discarded on the ground as he walked toward her. “How about you take off that big coat you’re wearing?”

“S-sure,” she forced herself to smile. She didn’t want to have sex with him, but she also didn’t want to get punished by Miley. Selena stood and slowly shook her coat off her shoulders, dumping it onto the ground around her shiny black heels.

“My Lord,” Jack inhaled deeply. “Well aren’t you a pretty little thing.” He quickly wrapped his arms around her and pulled her to him, laying a trail of kisses on her neck. He was surprisingly gentle, Selena thought, and the light flutters of kisses felt kind of good.

His lips traveled down toward her chest and reached her cleavage. Jack deftly unbuttoned her white blouse and left a trail of saliva on her now exposed breasts. “Mmm,” she moaned unexpectedly as his rough tongue wrapped itself around first one nipple, then the other, as he threw off her blazer and blouse.

Jack continued south and inhaled loudly as he moved down past her navel. His hands moved underneath her plaid skirt and removed the white lace thong she had on under it. She lifted one leg, then the other as he tossed aside the thong. He lifted up the front of her skirt and pressed his cheek to her left thigh, inhaling her scent with a loud sniff and grunt.

“Goddamn that’s a pretty pussy,” he whispered as he moved his nose toward her slit. His wrinkled fingers grasped her smooth thighs firmly as his hot breath cascaded onto her moist slit.

“Ohhh,” Selena moaned involuntarily as his tongue began probing into her pussy, slithering around inside her as he pressed his face against her bare crotch.

Jack slurped up her juices as he sucked on her sweet little cunt lips and nibbled at her tiny pink clit. Her breathing grew more and more shallow as she neared the edge with each lick. Finally, Selena’s hips bucked against his whiskery face as she orgasmed, releasing her sweet nectar into his mouth. Jack drank up every drop, burying his face into her hot mound.

He released her legs and removed his face when she was done, standing up and engulfing her mouth with a sloppy kiss. Selena’s tongue wrapped around Jack’s as she sucked in her own pussy juices, her petite body pressed up against his. He broke the kiss and pressed gently down on her shoulders as he sat back onto the bed. Taking his cue, Selena slowly kneeled in front of him and took hold of his stiff cock.

She licked a drop of pre cum from the head before slowly sucking on it, gradually taking him into her mouth inch by inch.

“Yeah, just like that,” Jack mumbled as he placed his hands onto the back of her head.

He guided her head back and forth as she blew him. Selena slowly rubbed her clit as she sucked his dick, her pussy still drenched from her earlier orgasm. After a while, her knees began to ache, and still he showed no signs of cumming. She slowly released his rock hard cock from her mouth and stood, climbing onto the bed. She needed to cum again, and she mounted him and slid down until his raised cock penetrated her.

“Ohhh yeah,” he laughed as Selena started bouncing up and down his shaft. Jack squeezed her soft tits and jiggled them around as she rode him, increasing her pace until she was pounding down onto his cock, producing a loud slap each time her ass made contact with his hairy balls. She smashed her cunt down on his cock repeatedly until her pussy clenched, and she released a flood of juices onto him, her body collapsing down onto his as she shuddered through her powerful orgasm.

Jack pushed her limp body off him and onto her back. His shaft was still hard and bulging, and he quickly lifted her skirt and slammed all the way into her wet slit as she lay on the bed. “Ahhh,” Selena moaned as he powered into her, his flabby stomach bouncing against her lithe torso with every thrust. Her pussy tightened again as she came, her smooth body convulsing under his as he kept slamming his dick deep inside of her.

He must’ve taken a pill, she thought, as he continued to hammer her relentlessly. After what seemed like an eternity, Jack grunted and slid out of her snatch, furiously jerking himself off as he climbed onto her. “Open your mouth, chickadee,” he ordered.

Selena obliged and parted her türkçe bahis pretty pink lips just as a hose of cum shot out of him, splashing all over her tits, face, and hair. She lay there, her chest heaving with exertion.

“Alright, now get out,” Jack grumbled, picking up her coat and throwing it at her.

She climbed out of bed and reached for her blouse. “No,” he growled. “I said get out.” She put on the coat over her bare breasts and wiped the cum from her face with her palm as she walked out of the bedroom. Selena’s heels clicked down the stairs as she texted her driver to come back.


Anna sat on the couch in her trailer, biting at her fingernails. She was into a blue spaghetti top and tight gray sweatpants. She hadn’t been sure how to dress for this visit, and it was already 8:45. Her client was late, and she wasn’t sure if she should call Miley for further instructions. Just as she decided to reach her phone, she heard a loud knock at her door.

She sprang up and walked over to open it. Anna gasped.

“Hey there,” Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson grinned at her with his charming smile. “Mind if I come in?”

“Um, sure,” Anna squealed as she backed into her trailer.

The Rock walked up the steps and locked the door behind him. “Sorry I’m late,” he said in his deep voice. He was wearing just a black t-shirt and jeans, his muscled, tan arms bulging out of the sleeves.

“Oh, that’s okay,” Anna told him. “I’m just here waiting for you. Nothing better to do.” She wasn’t sure what to say and just smiled awkwardly at him.

“Listen, let’s not make this weird,” he smiled disarmingly. “I’ve gotta catch a red eye flight out of here in a few hours, but I heard through some people that you were in town and available, so I called up Miley. I couldn’t pass up the chance to lay the smack down on your tight little ass.”

Anna let out a noise that was half squeal, half whimper. “Oh my God, okay.”

“Don’t worry, you’re gonna enjoy the Rock rocking your world,” he grinned as he took off his shirt, displaying the giant tribal tattoo on his left pec.

He picked her up and tossed her gently onto the couch, pushing her down on her back. The Rock took off her sweatpants and grabbed her bare feet, spreading her legs wide. Anna gasped as he slid aside her black thong, his large fingers spreading apart her pussy lips as he bent down.

Anna moaned and squeezed her thighs tightly together as his large, bald head wriggled around against her crotch, pleasuring her with his tongue. “Oh my God,” she moaned as her body writhed underneath him, pushing her mound against his face as he ate her out.

As the Rock licked furiously at her cunt, he slammed two fingers into her slit and started finger fucking the shit out of her. He continued the attack on her pussy as she squirmed around, her hands pressing his head to her hot box. Anna let out a shrill scream as her orgasm hit, her entire body shaking uncontrollably as the Rock slurped up her juices.

When she was still, he removed his fingers from her hole and stuck them into her mouth. “Mmm,” she sucked her juices off his fingers.

“Ready for round 2?” he asked.

“Mhmm,” she smiled and moaned, beckoning him to her.

He slid off her top, and with one strong pull, he snapped her thong as he ripped it away. He slid off his pants and revealed his giant, throbbing cock. Without hesitation, he pressed it up against her dripping cunt and slammed it home with a roar.

“Ahhh,” Anna screamed and scratched his muscled arms as he split her in two.

With every thrust, she was pushed hard up against the armrest of her couch, her head banging against the side. Her legs were up around his broad shoulders as he jackhammered into her furiously. Her pussy had never felt such a force before as the enormous former pro wrestler fucked her into submission. Soon after, Anna’s body could take no more as the strongest orgasm she’d ever experienced ripped through her body.

She shook as the waves of pleasure slammed through her, and her eyes rolled up into the back of her head as she briefly passed out. Anna came to a few seconds later on her stomach, screaming as the Rock slapped her ass hard.

“Where’s your lube?” he asked.

Still disoriented, she pointed hazily at the top drawer next to her bed, where she kept her vibrator and lube. Anna didn’t understand why he needed lube when her pussy was already soaking wet. She suddenly realized his intentions when she felt a cold glob of lube drop onto her ass, his rough fingers spreading it around her tightest hole.

“Wait what are you doing?” she asked.

“The Rock said he’s going to lay the smack down on your tight little ass, and that’s exactly what he’s going to do.”

“Just wait a second,” Anna protested. She’d gone through plenty of training at Miley’s complex, but his enormous cock in her asshole still gave her pause. “Let’s talk about thiiis.”

Her last word came out as a drawn out groan as his monstrous dick slowly entered her ass. “Oh my fucking God,” she moaned out as he stuffed her hole, slowly fucking it until he built up speed.

“Holy fucking shit,” Anna screamed as he began pounding her ass without remorse. His dick slammed in and out of her ass as he propped himself up on her couch and propelled himself at her from behind. Her entire trailer shook from the pounding she was taking. Her water bottle tumbled off the kitchen table, and her phone fell from her dresser.

“Oh God, oh God, oh God,” Anna repeated over and over as countless orgasms racked her body. The Rock continued destroying Anna’s pearly white ass. Her arms no longer worked, and her upper body rested on the cushion, her breasts rubbing raw against the upholstery. Finally, the Rock uttered a roar as he came.

Anna whipped her head back and came with him. Her pussy pulsed uncontrollably as she felt his seed explode deep inside her asshole. When he was finished, the Rock backed out of her ass with a plop.

“Thanks Anna,” he gave her a quick peck on the cheek and started getting dressed. “This was a lot of fun. I’ll definitely have to see you again sometime.”’

Anna had no energy left. With all the strength she could muster and a hazy smile on her face, she said, “Ok. Thanks. Bye.”

Anna heard her trailer door shut as he left, but couldn’t move. She lay there face down on her couch, her body glistening with sweat. As she passed out into a peaceful slumber, the Rock’s thick semen plopped out of her asshole in small spurts and slid down her raw pussy lips, pooling on the couch between her legs.


Taylor went through the back entrance of the hotel and took the service elevator up to the 14th floor. She found herself in front of room 1414 and took a deep breath before knocking on the door. Footsteps from inside approached the door, and then there was a pause.

The door swung open, and Jennifer Aniston stood there in a fluffy white bathrobe. “Well hey cutie. Come on in.”

Taylor’s mouth dropped open. She hadn’t been sure what to expect for her first real client, but definitely hadn’t been expecting this. She followed Jennifer into the room as the door clicked shut behind her. As Taylor entered the main part of the suite, two large men stood at attention, completely naked.

Jen took a sip of wine and offered a glass to Taylor. “Meet Mack and Joe. And here, chug this. You’ll need it.”

Taylor forced down the glass of white wine as she stared at Jen. “So do you want to watch me with them…or what?”

Jen laughed. “Oh goodness no. I’m going to fuck you until you beg me for mercy honey. And call me ‘Mistress’ or ‘Mistress Jen’, or you’ll be punished.”

Taylor stiffened as Jen peeled away her bathrobe, revealing a black latex bikini top and a black leather miniskirt so short Taylor could see a dark blonde landing strip. Despite getting up there in age, Jen still had a rocking body reminiscent of that of a woman half her age.

“Now get your cute little tushy over there,” Jen motioned over to the large bed.

Taylor walked over and stood next to it, turning to face her. “What now?”

Jen picked up a riding crop from an end table. She quickly strode up to Taylor and slapped her crotch with the crop.

“Ahhh,” Taylor screamed and doubled over in pain as the end of the crop made direct contact with her exposed cunt under her dress.

Jen grabbed Taylor’s hair and pulled her back into a standing position. She purred, “I told you that there would be consequences if you failed to properly address me.”

“Yes, Mistress. Sorry, Mistress.” Taylor whimpered, her pussy still stinging from the hit.

“See, much better already,” Jen fake clapped to an invisible audience behind her. “You’re such a quick learner. Reminds me of Miley.”

“What? Miley? What do you mean?”

Jen spun around so quickly that Taylor didn’t even have time to move as the riding crop struck her again right on her slit. Taylor shrieked and fell to the ground, moaning in pain as she cupped her crotch under her dress.

“Oh you poor thing,” Jen mocked with false concern. “Are you alright? You were doing so well.”

Taylor mumbled an incoherent response as she curled up on her side. In a flash, Jen whipped her again, this time in the ass. “You are to answer my questions promptly, slut.”

Taylor screamed again in excruciating pain. “I’m sorry, Mistress!”

“Good,” Jen squatted down and gently wiped away the tears from Taylor’s cheeks. She güvenilir bahis siteleri gave Taylor a quick kiss on the lips. “Now stand up.”

Taylor slowly lifted herself from the ground.

“Quickly,” Jen snapped, and Taylor shot up and stood at attention.

“Good girl,” Jen cooed. “All this whipping is making me so hot. Why don’t you relieve some of my tension?”

“What would you like me to do, Mistress Jen?”

“Figure it out, slut.” Jen sat back onto the bed and spread her legs.

Taylor got down on her knees and started kissing and licking at Jen’s moist slit. She nibbled at her clit as she massaged Jen’s thighs. “Ooh,” Jen moaned, “you’re not bad at eating pussy. Now eat my ass.”

Jen flipped over onto her stomach and lifted her skirt up to her abdomen. Taylor took a quick breath before diving into Jen’s puckered asshole, licking all around the rim.

“Get in there,” Jen commanded, and Taylor reluctantly stuck her tongue deep into Jen’s ass. Surprisingly, she tasted pretty good. The fact that Taylor was kind of enjoying this humiliation repulsed her, but it also turned her on. She moved her hand down and slid her dress up, inserting her middle finger into her pussy and exhaling as she penetrated herself.

Jen somehow sensed what was happening, flipped over, and sat up. “Did I say you could touch yourself, slut?”

Taylor’s hand shot away from her pussy. “No, Mistress Jen. I’m sorry, Mistress Jen.”

“Come here,” she commanded and pointed at her legs. “Lie down with your ass up. You’re going to get five lashes as punishment.”

“Please, Mistress.” Taylor whimpered. “I’m sorry, Mistress.”

“Get over here before I make it ten.” Taylor scampered up from the floor and did as she was told.

“Joe, be a dear and come gag her.”

Joe grabbed a bright red ball gag from the table and shoved it into Taylor’s mouth, fastening the strap around the back of her head. Joe stepped back, and Jen pulled up Taylor’s dress up to her waist. She landed the first strike directly in the middle Taylor’s right ass cheek.

Taylor’s eyes widened, and little bits of spittle flew from the sides of her mouth as the gag muffled her scream. Jen struck again, this time on the left ass cheek. Taylor let out another muffled scream and flailed around.

“Bad girl!” Jen’s aim was incredibly accurate as she struck again, this time the riding crop striking Taylor directly on the pussy. Taylor let out a muffled howl of pain and tumbled to the ground, rolling around in agony.

“Alright now, almost done. Get up on all fours. Come on.”

Taylor slowly lifting herself up until she was on her hands and knees, her bright right ass cheeks facing Jen. Jen stood flipped the riding crop around, this time striking Taylor with the flat of the handle. Taylor moaned and slumped over, her knees buckling from the intense agony.

“Last one. Get back up, slut.” Jen commanded. Taylor got back up on all fours and trembled, spit dripping down from the gag.

Jen struck her one last time with the handle of the crop, and Taylor collapsed into a heap on the ground, her entire body shaking and covered in sweat from the exertion. Both her ass cheeks and her slit were beet red from the hits.

Mistress Jen walked over and grabbed some ice from a bucket. She gently slid the melting ice over each ass cheek and hummed a little lullaby, soothing the stinging pain caused by the whip. Finally, she took a small piece of ice and massaged it against Taylor’s puffy pussy lips. Taylor moaned into the ball gag as the ice relieved the fiery jolts of pain.

“Alright, you took those hits like a good little slut.” Jen said after a couple of minutes. “I suppose you deserve a treat.” Jen rolled Taylor onto the bed on her back, lowering her mouth onto Taylor’s now cold and wet slit. The experienced tongue of the older blonde worked wonders, and Taylor was soon gasping into her ball gag with pleasure.

Taylor’s juices ran from her stimulated cunt like a river, flowing down her pussy lips and ass crack. Just as Taylor was about to cum, Jen stopped and pulled away, reaching up to unfasten the gag. “Mack, come over here and get under her.” Mack quickly got on the bed and flipped Taylor up like a rag doll until she was mounted right over his awaiting cock.

“Joe, other hole please.” Joe immediately positioned himself behind Taylor and placed his stiff dick at the entrance of Taylor’s asshole.

“Now then, let’s play a game.” Jen smiled deviously as she lay on her back and spread her legs into front of Taylor. “You’re going to eat me until I cum. If you can get me to cum before Mack and Joe get you to cum, you get a treat. If you cum before me, you’re going to get another punishment. Ready?”

Taylor nodded. “Yes, Mistress.”

“Go!” Jen exclaimed gleefully.

In unison, Mack and Joe began pounding Taylor’s holes. She gasped, but quickly recovered and began feverishly attacking Jen’s exposed cunt.

Taylor could feel their large rods moving around inside her, and her entire crotch and ass area were still incredibly sensitive from the lashing she’d received. She moaned ecstatically into Jen’s wet pussy as they hammered her asshole and cunt mercilessly.

She felt the orgasm building inside of her and fought to stay calm. Taylor tried to control her breathing, but it was hard enough as it was to suck in breaths of air in between burying her face into Jen’s crotch. “Mmm yeah,” Jen gasped as she wrapped her legs tightly around Taylor’s golden tresses. “Yeah, eat me, slut. Eat me good.”

Taylor redoubled her efforts, firmly wrapping her lips around the top of Jen’s slit and pressed down on her clit with her tongue. She was rewarded by a long moan from Jen. Her legs squeezed Taylor’s head even harder as Jen threw her head back with pleasure.

Meanwhile, Mack continued to fuck her pussy as he leaned up. Sliding her dress down so that it was all bunched up around her waste, Mack started sucking on Taylor’s pert little tits. He licked all over her chest and then focused on sucking on hard on her little pink nipples. Taylor’s breath grew shallow as her body grew closer and closer to orgasm. Joe had gotten up into a squatting position, a vein bulging in his neck as he hammered Taylor’s asshole as fast and hard as he could.

The bed was shaking vigorously, and their combined juices emitted loud squelches with each thrust as Mack and Joe’s balls slapped hard against Taylor’s taint.

Jen was close. Taylor could feel it. Jen’s breath came in tiny bursts, and she was making an involuntary high-pitched squeal every time Taylor’s tongue hit home on Jen’s clit.

Taylor smiled triumphantly into Jen’s crotch as she felt small tremors all over Jen’s body. She fought the urge to give into her own pleasure as she raced toward the finish line. Unluckily for her, just as Jen neared the edge, Joe decided to smack Taylor’s ass as hard as he could while he fucked her hole.

Still incomprehensibly sore from the beating it had taken from the handle of Jen’s riding crop, Taylor shrieked loud enough for the entire hotel to hear. The red-hot pain of Joe’s smack, combined with his assault on her asshole and Mack’s shaft pounding her throbbing pussy, sent over into an agonizing orgasm.

Taylor’s entire body seized up and began quivering. Her cunt lips clamped down like a vice on Mack’s cock, and her asshole pulsated around Joe’s cock. She shuddered as a flood of juices exploded out of her slit, coating Mack’s dick and balls. The instant pressure was too much for both men, and they both lost control.

Both of them came without their Mistress Jen’s permission, unleashing a torrent of semen deep into Taylor’s tight cunt and asshole. Their thick cum shooting deep into both of her holes unleashed another earth-shattering orgasm for Taylor. The shock of Mack and Joe’s loss of control startled Jen, and Taylor’s intensely shuddering mouth became too much to handle.

“Ohhh fuuuck!” Jen screamed as she squirted all over, covering Taylor’s beautiful face with her juices.

She grabbed Taylor’s head and bucked wildly against it, riding out the waves of her orgasm. Taylor could barely breathe with Jen’s legs and crotch enveloping her face. The lack of air combined with her own immensely powerful orgasm caused Taylor to grow light-headed.

Her eyes fluttered, and her shuddering body went limp as she passed out. Jen finally released Taylor’s head from between her legs. Completely spent, Joe backed out of Taylor’s ass with a plop, and Mack likewise popped his dick out of the unconscious girl’s cunt and slid out from under Taylor’s limp body.

They both stood at attention next to the bed and apologized to Mistress Jen for cumming without her permission.

“Mmm, that was magical.” Jen smiled. “I’ll forgive you two this time. Now go to your room.”

“Yes, Mistress.” Mack and Joe quickly threw on their clothes and left the suite.

Jen kissed the sleeping slut on the cheek, a thin strand of her own nectar dripping down as she pulled away. “I think you’ll be worth paying Miley a special rate to keep you all weekend,” she whispered to the sleeping pop star as she rolled over to get some rest.

Taylor lay facedown on the bed, her face glistening from Jen’s drying pussy juice. Her arms lay at her side, and her ass cheeks were still a deep shade of crimson from the brutal beatings they’d taken. Thick white strands of semen leaked from her sopping asshole and cunt, forming a large pool on the sheets beneath her.

But through it all, Taylor’s body heaved up and down from the best slumber she’d ever had in her life, a wide smile on her completely satisfied, sleeping face.

To be continued…

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