Milked By Three


Linds and I were addicted to this newfound fetish called Milking. I think she gets into it more than I do. In fact I know she does. Her friend Joan turned us on to it and since that day Linds has been milking me as often as possible, sometimes three times a day. Several months had passed since my initiation when Linds approached me with a wonderful opportunity. She said that Joan and a friend of hers were coming by for a weekend visit and they wanted to join us for an evening or two. By the look she gave me I knew what lay in store.

Joan and her friend arrived early that evening I had forgotten how beautiful she looked with her jet-black hair and petite body that was mostly composed of her endlessly long shapely legs. Her shiny black hair reflected the internal lights in an almost purple hue that offset her flawlessly smooth alabaster skin. She was wearing a very short dark plaid skirt that clung to her figure like a second layer of skin. She wore the same leather mules she had on from our initial encounter three months ago. I watched as she elegantly slipped her feet out from them and approached me with a wide smile. She rose up on the tips of her long toes giving me a big hug. I bent down to meet her embrace as she whispered in my ear, “Linds tells me you are coming along fine. I just had to see for myself.”

She pulled away passing me a quick wink as she grabbed her friend by the arm and pulled her in between us. ‘This is Pam she is my roommate in school. I invited her to join in tonight’s fun with us.”

Judging by Pam’s reaction it was obvious Joan and Linds clued her in on what was to transpire this evening. Pam was incredibly tall, more so than Linds and Joan. I guessed her to be one to two inches over 6 feet. Her hair was sandy blonde in color and cut short in such a fashion that it framed her face. Her facial features were not as sharp as Linds or Joan’s but rather becoming in a strong way that accentuated her feminine beauty. Her body was strong and athletically lean in build. Like Joan she wore a very short tight skirt that accentuated the incredible tone musculature in her long legs. Her skin tone was like Linds, an olive complexion. It was obvious she spent a lot of time in the sun as she maintained a golden bronze tan. After closer examination I could not believe the incredible shape Pam kept her body in. I was to find out later, as the evening progressed, she was a star volleyball player at the University that the three of them attended. Linds noticed the way I was admiring Pam’s shapely body, especially the extra attention I gave her long legs and responded with a giggle saying, “Pam, take off your shoes and leave them at the door so we can get started.”

Pam noticed my eye popping stare as well and smiled at me in a demurring fashion as she turned to take off her shoes. What I saw at that moment caused the swelling of an instant hard-on. Her Ass was extremely round and tight and as she slipped off her black pumps I watched the strong slender rope like muscles in her hamstrings tighten. The long muscles in her calves flexed as she finished pushing her shoes against the wall. She turned back around and introduced herself to me. She then shyly glanced down at my already swollen member.

Joan broke the trance I was in by announcing she needed a drink of wine. The others agreed and Linds escorted them into my kitchen. For the next few hours the girls drank wine and I drank beer. I became increasingly more aroused with each beer as I admired their tight young bodies and listened to their voices in idle chatter. Pam noticed my lingering stares and approached me saying, “You know Mr. W. You stay in pretty good shape for a man your age.

I laughed saying, “Thanks I consider myself fortunate. Having Linds around she keeps me going. If I did not stay in shape I fear my heart would not be able to handle what she puts me through.”

Pam raised her lips from her glass of wine and smiled saying, “I bet.”

Linds and Joan began making their way up the stairs to my bedroom shouting down at Pam and I, “C’mon you two lets get started.”

Pam grabbed the bottle from my hand and set both our drinks on the table pulling me along excitedly saying, “I can’t wait to do this. Linds and Joan have been telling me about it for months. It sounds so cool.”

As Pam pulled me up the stairs my heart began to race with expectation as my mind filled with images of these three vixens about to assault me sexually.

As we entered the room I noticed that Linds and Joan had placed two chairs facing each other about three feet apart. Linds instructed me to take off my close and lie down between them.

Pam stripped completely naked as well. Seeing this Linds said she did not have to do that but Pam insisted. I smiled noticing Pam’s perfect body. Linds took note of my reaction and passed me a quick knowing look. I did as Linds asked and Pam sat in the chair to my left while Joan sat in the other chair across from her. There I was on my back between them, with Kurtköy Escort my hips at their feet. Linds placed two pillows beneath my head and then positioned herself between my legs with a jar of Vaseline at her side. She then raised each of my legs up high as Pam and Joan grabbed my ankles. Pam wrapped her left calf around my left leg locking it in place by placing her foot back on the floor. Joan did the same to my right leg with her right leg. This forced my hips to spread even wider allowing Lind’s complete and easy access to my genitals and more importantly to my rectum. My cock was immediately at full hardness as I watched these two leggy women spread my hips wide open using their legs.

Pam was all smiles as she watched the affects this was having on me saying, “He is already so hard.” Joan’s smiled saying, “Yah, and remember what we said. It is our job to keep him that way while Linds works his hole.”

Linds said, “Okay, you two start getting him hot while I loosen him up.”

Pam started by spreading her tanned toes and locking the base of my shaft between her big toe and second toe. It took her few tries but eventually she managed it and slowly stroked my shaft up and down. Immediately I felt the strength in her toes, ankle and leg as I watched the fine muscles in her calf flex, obviously brought on through years of athletic training. The tight fit between her toes felt amazing as after only a few strokes she commented on how she felt my cock throb and swell between them. I do not think Pam realized just how much of an affect she was already having on me. Joan told Pam to keep stroking my shaft. I watched as Joan raised her long slender leg up and clamped her big toe and second toe around the head of my cock just below the sensitive glands and began to squeeze and jerk the swollen head in a quick fashion. I moaned in extreme ecstasy tossing my head from side to side on the pillow. Pam giggled, “Mmmmm he is really getting into our feet.”

Hearing this I immediately sat upright grabbing their beautiful calves in each hand and pleaded to Linds, “Please hurry before I blow my load between their toes this very instant…this is too much.”

All three of them laughed and Linds said, “Okay, okay.”

Her fingers were already completely covered with the Vaseline as she smiled at me and inserted two fingers into my rectum. Upon feeling this I involuntarily arched my back and jerked my hips up into Pam and Joan’s stroking toes. After months of Linds fondling inside my rectum her two fingers slipped easily inside me. She immediately found my prostrate and began pumping her fingers against it. She felt my anal muscles contract around her fingers and soothingly cooed, “Oooooh, that’s it sweetie. Take my fingers all the way in…you like feeling my fingers pushing inside you, don’t you?”

Still in the seated position my grip loosened on Pam and Joan’s pumping legs. I stared into Lind’s beautiful smiling face and began to feel my urge to cum subside each time her fingertips pushed against my prostate. Linds saw my eyes slowly roll back as she laughed and leaned forward between my raised legs pushing on my chest forcing me back down onto the floor saying, “That’s it lay back down and let me work your hole some more.” Linds pushed her fingers deep into me leaving them there and began to massage my prostate.

I looked up to see Pam’s eyes wide with excitement as she said, “Wow! He was definitely about to cum! I could feel it between my toes. The way his cock was throbbing and as soon as you stuck your fingers in his hole it stopped.” I looked down at their feet, and Pam was right as I saw the slick shine of my precum across Joan’s red painted toenails. In a matter of seconds I would have exploded had it not been for Linds touching my prostate.

I groaned as I felt Linds massaging my prostate with her fingertips and watched my precum ooze freely from the hole of my cock. Pam leaned over and ran her thumb across the head of my leaking cock. She then raised her left foot up and locked the very base of my cock between the same two toes. She began to stroke me with both sets of toes while Joan continued to squeeze and run her toes across my sensitive head swabbing up my leaking cum. Pam’s toes gripped my shaft with incredible strength and the sight of her long sinewy legs pumping above me excited me further. Joan continued to run the soft bottom of her long toes across the tip of my sensitive cock hole. I watched as she slowly tilted her pretty head from side to side occasionally passing me a soft smile as I rocked my shaking hips up and down in unison to Linds pumping fingers inside me. Linds occasionally smiled at me as she pumped me causing more cum to flow through my cock.

After a few minutes she looked at Joan and told her to watch as I felt her pull her fingers from me and begin to reinsert all five of her fingers. As I felt her fingers close together and begin to slowly push past the outer rings of my rectum and gradually enter inside me I began Maltepe Escort to groan and involuntarily pull back my hips from her probing fingers. Seeing me trying to pull away Linds smiled and giggled saying, “Oh no you don’t. Come on now you have taken my fingers in before. Stay still!” I watched as she slid in closer and with the fingers of her left hand gripped my nuts slightly pulling on them to keep me in place. This immediately stopped me from pulling away. Pam and Joan continued to perform their toe work on my cock as Linds pushed her fingers deeper inside me. The sensation was almost unbearable as I grunted and released quick gasps of air. My legs which were held upright by the other two began to tremble and shake. Joan leaned over watching what Linds was doing to me and commented, “That’s very good…a little further Linds and your hand will be completely inside.”

Pam was excited as she said, “His legs are shaking like crazy.” Suddenly and unexpectedly I felt Linds abruptly shove her hand forward completing its entry. I screamed in pain and pulled my hips back only to feel Linds grip on my nuts tighten as she held on pulling me towards her. She shouted, “Hold him girls. I never put my hand this far inside him.” I felt Pam and Joan clamp their legs around mine keeping me in place. I sat upright screaming, “Oh God Linds pull your hand out it hurts!” Linds smiled, “Sssshhhhhh, its okay, I am going to leave it there a while till you get use to it.” She smiled wickedly and kept her hand in place and began to massage my nuts soothingly. Joan removed her toes from the head of my cock and began to press her foot down on my stomach applying slight pressure and sliding it down along my pubic region. Pam took advantage of having my cock to herself and began to stroke it in full measure from base to head keeping it locked between the big toe and second toe of each foot. Again, the strength in her legs and feet was most evident as her efforts practically lifted my pelvis from the floor with each pull up my shaft. Linds began to twist her hand around inside me and once again I felt her fingers begin to massage my prostrate. Joan pushed down firmer on my lower abdomen pressing her toes around the base of my shaft and once again my cum began to flow from the head of my cock. Seeing this occur Pam exclaimed, “He is cumming again.” I watched as it leaked out onto her toes and across the top of her right foot. Linds said, “Excellent, and massaged my prostrated more aggressively.

The girls kept this up for what seemed like an eternity, which later I was told was actually 35 minutes or so. Both of Pam’s feet were soaked with my flowing cum. Linds finally pulled her hand out and told Joan it was her turn. Joan smiled down at me and switched places with Linds. As she sat between me legs I watched as she applied a huge amount of Vaseline to her right foot paying particular attention to the toes. She smiled at me saying, “You are going to enjoy this.” She must have seen the look of shock in my eyes as she laughed.

She held up her oiled toes and wiggled them above my groin area smiling and then lowered them. I felt her tease my sensitive rectal area by wiggling them against it and then she began to push the tips of her toes inside me. She was relentless as she pushed them into me in a slow constant pace never stopping. I watched as she puckered her lips and reached down with both hands spreading my ass cheeks apart. Deeper and deeper I felt her toes slide past my tight rectal rings as the soft balls of her feet begin to enter inside me. She released my cheeks and began to rake my swollen nuts sack gently with the tips of her fingernails as I felt the smooth wrinkled skin of her sole enter past my hole. The sensation of her nail tips across the tight skin of my nuts sent shivers down my legs.

Suddenly I felt the tips of her toes push into my prostrate and immediately caused me to release a generous amount of cum onto Pam’s stroking toes. I groaned loudly upon feeling this. Still seated upright I clamped onto Pam’s strong legs causing her to giggle. Joan continued to push her foot even further inside me until I felt the balls of her feet against my prostrate, at which point she stopped. She looked up at Linds saying, “I think this is as far as it will go for now. I don’t want to tear him. My foot is halfway inside him.” I felt her curl her toes inside me clenching my prostrate and then releasing it. She did this over and over again each time she clenched her toes around my throbbing prostrated I shuddered and groaned loudly as I watched a load of cum being squeezed from the head of my cock onto Pam’s toes. Pam shouted in glee, “Now I see what you mean about milking.” I pulled my torso into Pam’s strong pumping leg for something to hold on to. Seeing me do this Pam said, “My God…each time you pump your foot into him his whole body shakes uncontrollably against my leg and he loses his cum.”

Truly that was what Joan was doing to me. Her soft long toes were milking me as I watched Tuzla Escort her beautiful calf muscle flex each time she clenched my prostrated gland with her toes. She smiled and leaned back pulling her long hair back from her face and rested on her elbows. Embellishing in the obvious control she had over me. Linds rose up from her chair and stood up holding both my ankles in her hands straightening out my legs and spreading them up and out as far as they would go. I groaned loudly as I felt my rectum open up further. She laughed and lifted her right foot pressing the tips of her toes against the area between my nuts and anus. She began to rub and twirl them slowly against that sensitive area occasionally prodding them into the underside of my nuts. Each time she did this and each time Joan gripped my prostrated I shivered and groaned loudly. Meanwhile Pam pumped my shaft in powerful strokes. I was in complete ecstasy as these three worked me over with their toes and legs. Pam leaned over and began to rub the cum off her feet into her ankles and lower legs. The sight was amazing, witnessing my seed being applied as a lotion to such a beautiful pair of legs. Pam saw my reaction to what she was doing as my eyes rolled back into my head and I threw myself back onto the floor. She laughed and said, “Your cum feels so hot on my feet and legs. I want my legs to be completely covered with it.” Hearing her say this I groaned with pleasure as I continued to feel Joan’s toes milking me while Lind’s toes prodded gently but firmly beneath my nuts.

Pam released my throbbing shaft from her toes and rose up from the chair. She pushed the chair back and sat down on the floor next to my waist with her long legs facing towards me. She then looked at me and smiled as I watched her stretch her long shapely legs across my waist gently sandwiching my stiff member between her strong calves. She then reached over and began to stroke the head of my cock with her fingers, and rubbing the sensitive glands of the head with her thumb. The sensation of feeling this and her smooth calves pumping my shaft caused me to groan and rise up into a seated position. I stared down between my legs as I witnessed Joan’s foot buried halfway inside me. Joan flexed and gently turned her foot as she squeezed her toes against my prostrate forcing another heavy load of cum out of me. It streamed out rolling down my shaft onto Pam’s smooth calves. Pam reached over and rubbed it into her legs. The smell of my cum was heavy in the air as they continued to work more out of me. After 30 minutes of this Pam’s legs were sticky with remnants of my seed from her calves down to her toes. Joan slowly slipped her foot from my rectum and turned to Linds saying, “he is nice and lose for you now. Lets switch places.”

Linds kneeled down between my legs and greased up her right hand again and slowly entered her fingers into my rectum. Joan stood up taking the place of Linds and spread my legs wider than before. She pushed her toe against the soft area between my nuts and rectum as Linds pushed her entire hand into my rectum. I saw the look of surprise in her eyes as she gasped, “Wow! That was easy. My whole hand is in up to my wrist!” I felt her fingertips dance and delve across my prostrate. Joan began applying more pressure with her toe causing me to lean over and grab her slender calf groaning with excitement. Seeing my reaction Joan giggled, “You like that, my toes pushing you down there. Well, just hold on tight and keep cumming all over Pam’s legs. She likes that and we promised her lots of it.” Pam laughed, “He is cumming a lot. make him cum more I want it all over my legs and feet.”

Linds raised her head up and said, “Okay I am going to squeeze his prostrate like fruit in a grocery store so hold on.” Amazingly I felt her fingers spread open inside me and then felt her fingertips close around my prostrate and she began to knead it like bread dough. The pressure was amazing as I grunted with each squeeze. Linds stretched out on her stomach between my legs. She rested her chin on my lower abdomen, her cheek next to Joan’s flexing ankle as she continued to squeeze my prostrate and fondle my tight nuts with her free hand. I stared into her smiling face as she said; “Now that’s what I like to see.” I looked down at my cock between Pam’s legs and saw what she was referring to. Her constant squeezing of my prostrate resulted in a steady free flow of cum to ooze out of me.

Pam was beside herself as she raised her legs up clamping just the head of my leaking cock between her calves, ensuring every drop of cum ran onto her legs. Linds was relentless in her manipulation of my prostrate as she picked up the pace squeezing faster and firmer. Pam began to jerk the head of my cock between her calves attempting to milk out even more of my cum. I was squirming out of control and was unable to take much more of this as I pleaded for them to stop. Linds was controlling my cum flow using her fingers stimulating me to cum beyond my control while Pam stimulated the tender glands at the head of my cock. I was being stimulated sexually and experiences sensations beyond imagination. I felt my heart racing at an insane pace. My breaths were coming in short gasps and several times felt I was about to hyperventilate.

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