Minnie and the Newlyweds Ch. 04

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Despite the incredible humiliation and very real pain from the spanking by their landlady, Minnie, neither of the newly weds gave consideration to packing up and walking out, which to many would have seemed a very obvious course of action. For reasons that neither of them could yet begin to fathom, they rationalised that they deserved to be punished for their behaviour. But underlining this simplistic rationalisation of their situation, both knew that there was something emotionally deeper that was keeping them from moving out of the apartment.

The evening after the spanking Peter and Angie changed into their baggy, stripped flannelette pyjamas and gingerly went downstairs to the lounge to say goodnight to Minnie. When they entered the room Minnie looked up from her book and beckoned them both over to stand in front of her.

“How are those cute little buttocks of my darling young ones?” Minnie seemed sincere in her concern. “Still tender?”

Angie and Peter both nodded.

“Better than last night”, Angie spoke shyly, “but still a little sore.”

“I think of have got something that will definitely help.” With that Minnie reached over and picked up a bottle of some type of creamy lotion.

“Turn around and drop your pyjama bottoms.”

Angie and Peter turned away from their landlady, untied the cords of their pyjamas and let them fall to the floor, exposing their pinkish buttocks.

“Now kneel down.” Both complied without question.

“Now put your heads on the ground and push those beautiful pink rear ends in the air.”

Peter complied without question, but Angie was reluctant to follow suit, only too aware of how exposed she would be. She knew that in that position, no matter how tightly she kept her legs together, that at the very least her vagina would be partially exposed to her lesbian landlady.

“Perhaps Angie would care for another spank?” There was no anger in Minnie’s voice but the implied threat was very clear.

With a deep sigh of defeat Angie placed her head in her hands on the floor, while at the same time doing everything she could to clench her buttocks and keep her legs firmly together. She was red faced with shame, which matched the colour of her cute rear end that had Minnie almost licking her lips at the perfect sight. She could not believe how the two of them were prepared to be so submissive in her presence. It was as if all her erotic dreams had come true at once.

Minnie dipped her fingers into the cream and slowly massaged it into Peter’s trabzon escort buttocks, before repeating the process with Angie. Both of the recipients groaned with the relief they were receiving from the soothing cream being gently applied by their landlady.

Minnie continued to apply the cream for many minutes, alternating between each set of buttocks. She could sense that both of them were beginning to relax and be less conscious of their vulnerable and submissive posture. As she continued to apply the cream in a circular motion she worked closer towards their anus, and finally let her fingers stroke over the top of both of their puckered entrances.

Peter and Angie both instantly tensed, and tried to clench their buttocks. Angie began to sit up.

“Get your head down, and arch your back,” Minnie spoke with quiet authority. “Mummy demands your respect and obedience, and if you do you may be amazed at the pleasures you can feel.”

Reticently Angie resumed her position, and arched her back as commanded. She was puzzled by her landlady’s comments, which left her both frightened but excited. She was well outside her own comfort zone, but it was not a totally unpleasant experience.

Minnie turned her attention to Peter. “Open your legs.”

Gingerly Peter opened his legs as requested. Minnie continued to manipulate his anus, applying more pressure as she did so. Peter let out a low moan as he felt her finger begin to penetrate. At the same time he felt his landlady’s other hand reach between his legs and take a firm grip of his testicles and penis. As the finger penetrated further, Minnie began to stroke her other hand up and down while keeping a firm grip around the testicles and penis. Peter’s groans became loader and more urgent.

Curiosity was getting the better of Angie and she could not resist swivelling her head slightly so that she could observe what was happening. The sight seemed so surreal. From the glazed look she could see coming over Peter’s eyes she knew he was in pleasure land.

From the tone of Peter’s groaning it was clear he was getting very close to coming, but at that point Minnie let go of the captive penis and withdrew her finger. Peter again groaned, but this time it was definitely in frustration.

“Don’t either of you move a muscle.” With that Minnie left the room briefly to wash her hands before returning to the newly weds who had clearly not moved, which did not surprise her.

Taking another blob of cream she rubbed it over tunalı escort her hands and then turned her attention to Angie.

“Open your legs, darling.”

Angie grimaced in shame. “Please Mummy, don’t make me do that. I will be so embarrassed.”

Minnie could not help but smile to herself. “But why darling?”

Angie felt humiliated by both her potential exposure and the tone of the conversation.

“Because you will see my private parts,” she whispered.

“You mean I might see your vagina?”


“Your little Pussy?” Minnie purred like a cat.


“What about your little clit. Will I see that as well?”

Angie was dying with humiliation. “Yes, possible that as well. Please Mummy, I beg you.”

“Well, my darling little one, I have news for you. I have seen it all before. In fact I sort of consider myself a bit of an expert. Sort of like a lesbian amateur gynaecologist.” Minnie couldn’t help but chuckling to herself. Angie didn’t share her joke.

“However, never let it be said I am not fair,” Minnie continued, “You don’t have to open your legs….you can elect to take a spanking instead.”

“Noooo!” Angie groaned, “Please mummy.”

Minnie’s hand rested on Angie’s buttock. “Your choice darling.”

For not the first time over recent weeks Angie briefly reflected on how she had allowed herself to be drawn into such an utterly, totally, humiliating situation. All that Peter and she had to do was pack up and walk away. No one was making them stay. They weren’t victims. As difficult as it was for Angie to accept, they were willing participants. Why they were allowing themselves to be degraded in such a manner was something she could not begin to fathom.

Through all this turmoil in her mind, one thing was clear; her landlady’s hand was resting on her buttock and she needed to make an important decision. But she knew there was only one option she was always going to take. Despite the gut wrenching humiliation of exposing herself in such a manner, Angie moved her knees apart.

“Wider, darling,” urged Minnie, smiling to herself at her nubile tenant’s submission. She was afraid that if she pinched herself she would awaken from one of those erotic dreams you wish would never end.

Angie’s knees slide wider apart.

“Arch your back.”

Angie complied, knowing that by doing so she was exposing her most intimate parts even further to her lesbian landlady.

Minnie soaked up the gorgeous sight tunceli escort presented to her. She could not help but reflect that it was possibly the most perfect vagina she had ever set eyes on, Angie’s labia were full and swollen, with a surprising large clitoris pocking out proudly as if seeking attention. It was clear to Minnie that despite her tenant’s protestations she was clearly sexually stimulated, which was no surprise to her. She prided herself in her ability to recognise those people that were natural submissives.

Now that Angie was positioned to Minnie’s satisfaction she began to apply the cream to her buttocks. Angie was initially tense, but gradually Minnie could feel her relaxing. Slowly she worked her fingers toward her anus, and although Angie stiffened she did not attempt to pull away this time. Gently Minnie massaged her cute tight anus until she could feel the entrance begin to soften.

As she applied further pressure her finger easily began to slide in. At the same time Minnie reached between Angie’s legs and gently stroked her labia. Angie emitted a long sigh of deep pleasure. As Minnie’s finger sunk further into her tenant’s anal cavity the fingers of her other hand moved expertly to her clitoris. Angie pushed backwards towards the invading fingers as Minnie stroked her clitoris as if it was a small penis.

Angie was soon very wet and highly aroused. She began to breathe deeply and rotate her hips as she felt her orgasm building within her. She felt desperate given the lack of sex she had experienced in recent weeks and she could hear herself groaning very loudly.

But just as she was about to reach the point of no return the fingers withdrew, causing Angie to howl in frustration. She was vaguely aware of movement going on behind her but was too agitated to take it all in. Suddenly she felt the familiar feeling of her husband’s penis easily penetrating her vulva. Surprised, she swung her head around, and realised that Minnie had taken hold of Peter’s penis and manoeuvred him behind her. She had then guided his penis into Angie’s vagina so that Peter was fucking her doggie style. Minnie was crouched beside them so that she could fully view her two tenants having sex.

Angie’s conscience told her it was wrong to be having sex in front of her landlady, but this did not stop her pushing backwards to meet the urgent thrusting of her husband. In no time Angie was screaming her pleasure as they both experienced powerful orgasms that lasted a lot longer than they had ever experienced before.

Once the pleasure subsided they both collapsed on the carpet in exhaustion. They were vaguely aware of Minnie kissing both of them on the cheek before leaving the room.

“Goodnight, my darling children,” she whispered to them as she left the room.

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