Miss Victoria, Sex Therapist Ch. 03: Mark


Hello you naughty girls and boys!

I think I will re-submit the missing chapter but now it will have to wait a couple chapters in line. For now we will leave Gregory for the time being as we learn a little more about Mark, who has already had several sessions with Miss Victoria.

Tonight however, Mark is in Katherine’s hands. And that’s not all he will be getting into.


“Hello Mark. So glad you could make it.”

“Yes, um, I wouldn’t want to miss an appointment.”

“I’m sure you wouldn’t. Now you may hang up your coat on the rack and the rest of your clothes can go in the basket.”

Katherine had pulled the basket out of a closet before Mark arrived and placed it in her reception area. The basket had a lid and putting it at the end of the couch or even next to a chair, it seemed to fit in with the rest of the décor.

Though he seemed a little reluctant, Mark soon had his coat hanging on the rack and began removing his clothes. Katherine was looking forward to Mark’s appointment from the moment Miss Victoria said she could handle this session and provide Mark’s treatment. She watched as he removed his underwear leaving him naked except for his chastity belt and cage. She stared at him for a few moments knowing how uncomfortable it made him.

“Right, so if you will, please come over to my chair.” Of course she had no doubt he would indeed come over to the chair. Even knowing what was in store, he really had no choice and had been trained well enough at this point not to disobey.

Mark moved over to the side of her chair and knelt while Katherine stood up. Now it would be obvious to anyone in Mark’s position that this was no ordinary desk chair. The seat was quite thick and there was an oval cut out from above. There was also an opening at the front of the seat and the top of it appeared to be hinged. Of course Mark was not surprised by any of this, nor did he need an explanation as he had spent many hours in the chair during past sessions. He waited patiently as Katherine bent down to unlock the locks holding the top down. When she was through, she raised the lid of the seat and looked at Mark expectantly.

Mark then moved on his knees so he was in front of the chair, and then tilted his head back until it came to rest within the seat, his head resting on the thin layer of foam within the box. Katherine then lowered the lid and locked it in place. Once locked the opening at the front made a tight seal around his neck, though he knew there were fittings Bostancı Escort which could make the neck space tighter. Tonight he was happy that they weren’t being used; at least not yet.

“Arms,” said Katherine, and Mark moved his arms back along the sides of the chair. Katherine quickly secured them and then she took the wires from under the edge of the desk and attached them to the cage around his cock. Then she lifted up her skirt so she could pull down her panties and step out of them.

Of course Mark was watching as she did this wondering about the specifics of what she would do next. He was none surprised when she gave the simple command “Open.” He opened his mouth and Katherine stuffed the used underwear inside. She then clamped a hand over his mouth and said to him in almost a whisper, “Just to be sure it’s working properly.”

His body spasmed and a muffled cry came from his panty gagged mouth. Katherine had pressed a button on the phone which seemed to be just another line. However that line sent a charge directly to the cock cage below. Katherine had already adjusted the volume, which of course affected the level of charge, and was happy to get the expected reaction from his trapped body. She then took her hand from his mouth and began to retrieve the panties.

“Now then, you may get to clean these later, but for now your mouth has other duties.” As she removed the panties, he was breathing somewhat heavily and trying not to whimper.

“Just a few quick tests and we can begin.” She then reached for a button on the chair. It was under the lip of the armrest and was both easy to reach and yet hard to find if one didn’t know where to look. As she pressed it, a small bladder within the seat of the chair quickly filled with air. As it did it pressed against Mark’s head and forced it higher through the opening in the seat. It also immobilized his head quite securely. This put his entire face above the level of the seat. Katherine pressed another button and the air was released and Mark’s head sunk lower until only his nose was above seat level… unless he stuck out his tongue.

Then Katherine picked up her headset and placed it on her head. She turned away and whispered into the microphone “Knock twice if you can hear me.” And then Mark raised his head as much as he could in the tight space and let it drop with a thud. And then he did it once more.

Convinced that she could hear him from the seat, ‘well not speech if his mouth was full’ she giggled to Anadolu Yakası Escort herself, and that he could hear her, which was important so he could follow her orders, she moved beside the chair and looked down into Mark’s face.

“Now I think we are about ready to begin the process. Tell me Mark, what are we learning?”

Mark replied as he had been taught. “I am learning to please women. I am learning to accept my punishments. I am learning that I am not to question a woman’s wishes, I am simply to obey.”

“Very good.” And so saying, Katherine began to slowly unzip her skirt. She removed it and turned toward her desk, knowing that Mark’s eyes would be on her well formed ass. She spread her legs slightly before bending over at the waist to retrieve something from the bottom desk drawer. This would give him a view of her pussy and thereby increase his anticipation. She pulled out of the drawer what appeared to be another skirt, though closer inspection showed it wasn’t shaped quite like a normal skirt. It would however make a nice tent over her legs and waist as well as the seat of the chair.

Mark watched as she put on the second skirt and realized he would not only be in the dark very soon, but that he would soon be suffering from heat as well as having a bit more trouble breathing.

“Now Mark, I’m sure you’ve been doing your exercises, so this training skirt shouldn’t bother you at all.” Of course she knew even if he had been doing his exercises, the skirt’s effects would still be noticed. And if he hadn’t? Well it was just going to be that much harder for him. As she finished with the skirt, she held the sides in her hands as she stood in front of the chair and looked over her shoulder at the man trapped in the chair below.

And now for the moment of truth. Katherine began her slow decent toward Mark’s waiting face. The round cheeks of her ass were first to come into view. Then he saw the rose of her asshole and groaned inwardly. As her crotch got closer he could see her pussy. It wasn’t the only pussy he had trained with, but he was quite familiar with how it felt on his face, nose, mouth, and tongue. He also knew it was a demanding pussy that could easily punish his face if it wasn’t well pleased. The heat of her crotch could now be felt and the skirt’s edges were beginning to take away some of the light.

Then with practiced grace, she rocked her hips and her pussy dragged back across his nose. Then it came across his nose only to be followed Pendik Escort by her asshole and the cleft of her ass cheeks. She returned to start and Mark heard her voice through the speakers in the seat box.

“I want to be able to give Miss Victoria a good progress report for you Mark, both for your sake as well as mine. If she sees a noticeable improvement in you I will be praised for my work. So you had better be ready for a hard night’s training and not disappoint me.”

Mark groaned, and as he did, her pussy and her weight came down on his face. She then wiggled a bit to place his nose against her asshole and her pussy resting on his lips. The light was gone. Then he heard her voice echo lightly through the speakers in the seat.

“For now I have some work to do for a new client.” And indeed she needed to begin on Gregory’s file. “You may begin with nice slow licks, working your way inside. I’ll let you know when I’m ready for you to speed up. Ready? Here we go.”

And so saying she rolled the chair forward a bit under the desk and with one foot, locked the wheels in place.

Now sitting at the desk as she was, no one would suspect what was going on underneath her. She could answer the phone with her headset, or send instructions to Mark. She could adjust the power lever and send shocks to his cock cage just by choosing the special line and adjusting the volume control on the phone. And his cries wouldn’t be heard while he was sealed beneath her.

Someone could even stand beside the desk and not realize that a man was trapped below her. This due to both the chair’s design and the long full skirt she now wore which draped to the floor. And if she got up discreetly she could even cross the room in her business dress without suspicion. And besides hiding those activities from the world, she could force his face deeper into her by inflating the headrest which could be used to take away his breath and to silence him even more. She had options, and she loved it.

Mark’s tongue began to make slow strokes against her pussy as she began the process of preparing Gregory’s file. Mark was in for a busy night.

And below, trapped in the dark, hot, wet, hairy space, Mark began his task of licking the pussy on his face. He thought of the control she had from above him. Even now it wasn’t easy to breathe, but he knew she could make it much worse. He also knew she could shock his cock and balls with or without warning and he could do nothing about it. At some point she was sure to inflate the headrest and force his face deep against her. And during all of this no one would know he was even there. There would be no help and he must make every effort to please the pussy which even now was rocking a bit on his face and tongue. Mark knew he was in for a busy night.

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