“Mister, you buy us some beer?”

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*Author’s Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.

Disclaimers: Yes I need an editor; no I do not want an editor. Yes it jumps around too much, yes there’s too many people to keep track of, yes it’s too long, yes it’s too short, yes it’s in the wrong category, yes this is stupid shit, and yes I suck.

For those of you that have not hit the backspace key, I hope you enjoy this flash story.


“This sucks, man, this fucking sucks,” Brandon Prejean complained as they stood outside of Super One Foods.

“What you want me do about it?” his friend Matt Lyons asked.

They both shivered as a cold wind blew in from the Atchafalaya.

They perked up as a car parked close to the cart stand. A handsome young man got out and walked over to the row of buggies.

“Hey, how’s it going?” Albert Roberts asked, nodding to the two young men.

“Hey, mister, you buy us some beer?” Brandon asked.

“What? How old are you?” Albert asked.

“Eighteen,” the two teenagers admitted.

“We’ll blow you,” Matt offered.

“Yeah, sure; what y’all want?” Al responded, his own cock growing hard at the thought of getting a hot blow job from these two innocent looking men.

“St. Elizabeth’s Lager,” Brandon said.

Al walked into the Super One Foods grocery store, grabbed two six packs of St. Elizabeth’s Lager out of the cooler, grabbed his own groceries and chatted pleasantly with the cashier.

Then, returning to his car, he saw the two young men that had asked him to buy them some beer as they huddled against the cold wind.

“Got it,” he called out to them and the two eighteen year old men scampered toward him.

“So, y’all got an apartment or…” he asked, showing them one of the two six packs of beer he’d purchased.

“Uh, no, we uh, we was just going to the park,” Brandon said.

“Most uh, most of the guys buy us beer just drive behind the store for a quick suck,” Matt suggested.

“Shit, Park? Too cold for that,” Al said. “Come on, my apartment’s just over there.”

He and his boyfriend, Billy Adams had signed a one year lease on a nice one bedroom apartment. Then, before the two college graduates had even begun unpacking, Billy had run off with a biker he had been secretly chatting with on-line.

In small claims court, a judge had ruled in Al’s favor, ordering a petulant Billy and his angry boyfriend to cough up Billy’s half of twelve months’ rent, four thousand, two hundred dollars.

Al still had the same apartment and now drove the two young men there.

“Dude, canlı bahis nice,” Brandon complimented, looking at the pale blue leather couch and matching recliner.

“Thanks,” Al said and quickly put his groceries away.

He then came into the living room, carrying two cans of beer.

“Uh, had a deal, huh?” he asked.

Brandon and Matt quickly divested themselves of their clothing. Al also shrugged out of his own clothing, displaying a lean, muscled body and a six inch erection.

Matt’s cock was five inches long, slender. Brandon’s cock was a little shorter than Matt’s, but it was thicker.

After both Matt and Brandon had guzzled their beers, Brandon approached Al’s recliner, knelt between the young man’s spread legs, and took Al’s cock in his hands. He stroked up and down the length of the stranger’s cock, then bent and licked Al’s sweaty balls. Then Brandon wrapped his lips over the head of Al’s cock and began teaching Al’s cock with his tongue.

“Shit, that’s good,” Al murmured as Brandon applied slight suction.

Brandon swallowed Al’s cock to the root, waggling his tongue all over the man’s meat, then pulled his head up until just the head of Al’s cock was in his mouth. He used his hand to stroke Al’s cock.

He sucked and licked Al’s cock for about three minutes and Al let out a cry and started pumping his semen into Brandon’s hot mouth.

After a long moment, Al got to wobbly legs and grabbed two more beers from the kitchen. He returned to the living room and saw the two young men kissing passionately.

After the two guzzled their second beers, Matt approached Al’s chair and knelt between Al’s legs.

Both young men were very good at sucking cock and both young men seemed to enjoy sucking cock.

Matt hummed happily as Al again gave a sharp bark then pumped his semen into Matt’s mouth.

When he could catch his breath, Al got out of the recliner and grabbed two more beers.

“Man, that’s all of them, huh?” Brandon said, the need for alcohol evident in his expression.

“Bought another six pack for myself,” Al suggested.

Reaching down, he gave Brandon’s slightly chunky ass a squeeze.

“But I uh, I could be persuaded part with a few of them,” he said.

Brandon smiled and drained the can of beer.

“Use your bathroom?” he asked.

Brandon put a little wiggle into his walk as he strolled to the bathroom.

Inside the bathroom, he found Al’s bottle of hand soap and pumped some onto his middle finger. Then, he jammed that finger into his rectum and wiggled the finger around.

Quickly, bahis siteleri the need to void overwhelmed him and Brandon sat on the commode.

He looked around the bathroom. Their host, he noticed, was a very neat, clean man. The bathroom practically gleamed. And, even though it appeared that the man lived alone, nothing was out of place.

Brandon washed his hands after he’d finished and left the bathroom.

In the living room again, he found his boyfriend on his knees, bobbing his head up and down on their host’s cock, slurping noisily.

“He’s uh, he’s getting it nice and wet for your hole,” Al grunted.

Al lightly pushed Matt’s face away, then got to his feet. He gently, wordlessly guided Brandon onto all fours on the living room floor, then knelt behind the young man.

“Need reach back here, spread ’em for me,” Al suggested.

Brandon put his shoulders to the carpeted floor and reached back to pull his buttocks far apart.

“Uh!” both Brandon and Al cried out as Al pressed the head of his cock to Brandon’s anus.

Al pushed forcefully and the head of his cock slid into the young man’s ass.

“Ugh!” Brandon grunted and Al paused for a long moment.

Matt knelt in front of Brandon, holding his hard cock in his hands.

Brandon released his grip on his buttocks and pushed himself up slightly.

Al watched as the young man sucked on his boyfriend’s cock.

Normally, Al would have offered to suck their cocks; he did enjoy sucking a hot cock.

But this wasn’t a normal situation. These two young men had offered their services for a couple of beers.

And Al was still pretty hurt over Billy’s abrupt departure.

He had thought they were in love. He was pretty sure he had loved the scrawny young man. But then Billy had been communicating with Gary, a greasy, balding, pot-bellied biker behind Al’s back.

“Ugh!” Brandon moaned as Al gave a quick jab with his hips, driving more of his fat cock into Brandon’s hole.

Matt was quick to come, shooting a rope of his semen into his lover’s mouth.

Al again jabbed with his cock and buried nearly all of his meat into the tight anal sheath.

Then Matt lay on Al’s carpeted floor and took Brandon’s cock into his mouth.

Al pulled almost all of his cock out of Brandon’s tight ass, then jammed it in again.

“Fuck!” Brandon cried out and spurted a hot load into Matt’s mouth.

Had this been a normal situation, Al would have been more gentle, more caring.

But this wasn’t normal.

Had he not come twice already, had Al not spewed bahis şirketleri his spunk down the throats of these two little punks, he’d not be able to hold out long. The young man underneath him was good, very good at being fucked. The young man relaxed his muscles, allowing Al’s cock to slide in. Then the young man tightened his muscles, milking Al’s cock as Al pulled his cock out of the tight hot hole.

“Ugh!” Brandon complained lightly as Al gave a sharp thrust.

For several long moments, Al pounded his cock in and out of the punk’s ass, fucking him.

“Ugh, oh God!” Al finally bellowed and spurted his load into Brandon’s ass.

For a few long moments, all that could be heard was Al’s gasping for breath.

Then Al got to shaky legs, wobbled into his bathroom and used some toilet paper to wipe his slightly soiled cock clean.

Wordlessly, Al returned to the living room and dressed. After a long moment, the two young men followed suit, pulling on their own clothing.

Then Al handed them the second six pack of beer and opened the apartment door, allowing the cold night air into the warm, almost stuffy apartment.

“God, kind of a cold bastard, huh?” Matt complained as they lumbered down the stairs, Brandon clutching the precious beers to his chest.

“Uh huh, fucker,” Brandon agreed.

They walked/ran to the small park, found an area behind the bathrooms, out of the brutal wind and drank their beers.

As Brandon and Matt quickly drained their six beers, Al listlessly ran the vacuum cleaner over his carpet.

The smell of sex was still lingering in the air, but he did not want to use more air freshener; the stuff sometimes affected his sinuses.

“Fuck!” Al giggled. “Didn’t even get their names!”

“What you want their names for?” he asked himself as he coiled the cord for the vacuum cleaner. “Huh? Bunch of fucking punks.”

But a few nights later, Al did pull into the parking lot of Super One Foods, did feel a sense of disappointment when he didn’t see the two young men.



*Author’s Note: I write these stories for my pleasure; I post them here for your enjoyment. I thank you for reading my stories.

I especially thank those that take the time to rate my stories, take the time to leave comments.

I do not, however, read emails. The few that I have read were so hateful, some even threatening, that I simply delete any emails without bothering to read them.

Really? You hate me and hate my stories that much? Then don’t read them; there are several fine authors on this site.

Albert Roberts is a character from ‘Al’s One Night’ which is in the Gay Male category. Brandon and Matt are characters from “Hey Mister, You Buy Us Some Beer?” which is also in the Gay Male category.

Have a sticky sweet day.

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