Misty Out of Town Ch. 02


Late Tuesday afternoon I got back to the hotel finding Misty hanging out at the pool where she spent most of her time while I worked. The hours in the sun over the past two days had deepened her tan to a golden brown which was accentuated by the powder blue bikini she was wearing.

Back in the room she was excited to hear the work I was there for was finished and wanted to know what we were going to do for the evening. Having spent the last two days at the hotel I knew she was ready for a night out and told her we would do whatever she decided she wanted to do. Misty said she would think about it and headed for the shower to wash the suntan oil off.

Emerging from the bathroom Misty stood in front of the full length mirror brushing her hair as I sat back taking in the sight of her naked body. The newly defined tan lines on her 36/24/36 figure formed twin triangles framing her C cup breasts capped with silver dollar sized and her freshly shaved pussy split a little triangular patch at her crotch.

After her hair was brushed and some makeup applied she set one of her bags on the bed by me saying she meant what she said Sunday night about wanting me dress her to showoff her body and it was up to me to pick out what she was going to wear tonight. I went through the bag seeing a number of items to choose from and eventually selected a short black pleated skirt with a matching vest.

The skirt had two little built-in belt buckles at the waist and the vest had two matching buckles at the bottom which ended about six inches above the waist band of the skirt. The V-shaped gap in the front of the vest started at the buckles and rapidly widened to her shoulders. Under the vest she wore a light grey long sleeved nylon shirt so transparent it virtually just provided a lightly tinted color to her upper body.

I selected a sheer black bra for her to wear under the shirt which the dark circles of her areola could be seen through the combination of the two but after some scrutiny Misty determined she didn’t like the way the bra looked under the shirt and vest so decided to go braless. Without the bra her tan lines and areola stood out like beacons in the sheer shirt. The inside edges of the vest barely covered her areola and the gap left the whole inside portion of her breasts visible with the contrasting tan lines making it obvious she wore nothing under the shirt.

As she moved around the room I got a preview of the sights she would be providing throughout the night with the most common occurrence being her areola slipping past the edge of the vest when she moved. The large armholes in the vest allowed a nice portion of the outsides of her breasts to be seen when viewed from the side.

Misty became aware of me staring at her and ended up standing in front of the mirror assessing the effects certain movements had on the outfit. When she did a quick half turn and then a full pirouette she noticed how the light weight material of the skirt flared out and the hem raised enough for the cheeks of her ass show from under it. She told me I should probably find something for her to wear under her skirt so I went through her bag and handed her one of her thongs.

The look on her face showed she wasn’t expecting me to pick this pair as she held up the sheer black thong but she put them on. In theory she was covered but the reality of it was the shaved mounds of her pussy were pressed against sheer material leaving the slit they formed clearly visible.

To finish the outfit Misty put on a pair of black four inch spiked heel pumps which accentuated the length of her legs and thrust her breasts into a more prominent position. The look was slutty with the amount her body on display but the quality of the clothes kept it from looking too trashy.

Misty attracted attention in casual clothes but this outfit was like an advertisement just inviting attention and I told her she was definitely going to be the center of attention wherever we go with her dressed like this. Misty replied that I wouldn’t dress her like this if I didn’t like it and I added she wouldn’t let me if she didn’t like it. Knowing I was right she broke into a grin and picked up her purse saying let’s get going.

We only got as far as the lobby when Misty said she needed to start with a drink and we went into the hotel lounge. The dozen or so people in the lounge were mostly traveling businessmen sitting in small groups around the place trying to talk over each other.

We walked up to the bar to order our drinks and as expected those that saw Misty openly gawked at her as we made our way to the bar. Standing at the bar and without even looking I could tell most everyone was checking Misty out by the lowered tone of the conversations as compared to when we first entered.

We got our drinks and sat at a table talking about what there was to do when she decided she wanted to go somewhere to dance. Not knowing the town we had no idea where to go to find a Escort bayan place to dance but Misty took care of that. When our drinks were about finished she went back up to the bar to get another round for us.

From where I was sitting I was able to see that everyone in there either watched Misty as she walked to the bar or while she was standing at it and most did both. Misty took her time at the bar ordering another round of drinks for us and talking to the bartender while supplying a visual diversion to the bored business travelers.

When Misty returned with the drinks she said the bartender told her if there was any place to dance on a Tuesday night it would be at a place called the Pen and gave her directions to it. She told Misty it had live bands on the weekends and was the most popular place in town to go. After we finished our drinks we headed to find the Pen which was located on a state highway on the outskirts of town.

The Pen was a large building sitting by itself just off the highway and looked like it was an old converted feed store. It took us about ten minutes to drive there and not many cars were in the large parking lot as it was still early in the evening. The inside of the place was done in a rustic theme with a bar on the left side and tables spread out between it and a large dance floor on the right. Music was coming from a jukebox next to a stage located in the far corner of the dance floor.

We had a couple of drinks at the bar as people started coming in and when a waitress came on duty at nine we moved to a table by the dance floor. The crowd was a mix of singles and couples that sat spread out around the place but the only dancing going on was a couple who would country swing dance when an appropriate song came on. Misty commented the music needed to change as she grabbed some bills from the table and headed to the jukebox.

Misty walked across the dance floor and stood with her back to the room picking songs as a growing number of people started to take notice of her there in the short skirt showing a lot of leg. On her return to the table the focus of those watching switched to the generous amount of cleavage on display provided by the sheer shirt through the gap of her vest.

It took a few songs and another round of drinks delivered to the table before the songs Misty put on started playing. She grabbed my hand leading me out on the dance floor saying she played it so we should dance to it. It made me feel better to see other couples dancing but I knew most of the people watching the dance floor were looking at my partner.

The first song was a moderate rock tune we went through the motions of dancing to but the second song was a livelier one she enjoyed dancing to. Misty was more energetic and animated as she danced to it enhancing the visual effects of her outfit. Dancing with her I was able to clearly see her areola when the vest edges were unable to contain them while people further away had a better view of the hem of the skirt flipping and flaring dangerously high on her thighs.

At the finale of the song Misty raised her arms in the air as she came over to give me a hug and said thanks for dancing with her. From her session in front of the mirror she knew raising her arms as she did would expose her areola past the edges of the vest. Seeing her erect nipples pressed up against the transparent shirt indicated to me she enjoyed giving everyone watching a view of them.

We sat back at the table with our drinks watching others dance and listening to the music when we heard three guys at the table next to us wishing a happy birthday to one of them as they did a shot. Misty turned to them asking who was having a birthday and two of them pointed to the youngest looking one saying it was Steve’s. After wishing him a happy birthday we left them to their celebration.

We continued with our drinks and in our conversation I told Misty the three guys next to us were some of her fans who seemed to enjoy her show on the dance floor and she acknowledged she knew they were watching her. When we finished our drinks I waved the waitress over ordering another round for us and asked her to bring five shots of what the guys at the other table were doing also.

While waiting for the drinks I told Misty since Sunday night when she mentioned it would turn her on to have people know she was purposely showing off for them I had been curious about how she was going to do this. Her wide eyed look indicated she remembered saying it and I continued by saying she also wanted me to tell her what to do so I now saw an opportunity for us to do these things.

With a slightly nervous tone she asked what I was planning on having her do and I answered she was going to be the entertainment for the birthday party. She took a quick glance in their direction before saying she couldn’t believe I was going to have her do this and she didn’t even know how to begin. I told her she Bayan escort could begin by taking the shots I ordered over to them and then the rest was up to her.

When the drinks arrived she took a big swallow of her screwdriver before surprising the guys by delivering the shots to their table. I turned my chair so she was standing in front of me at their table and handed Misty her shot while holding mine up saying here’s to the birthday. After clinking my glass Misty leaned over their table to clink theirs giving them a view down the front of her vest with a generous amount of cleavage on display as her tits were hanging in front them.

After doing the shot we introduced ourselves to them and learned the other two were named Gary and Bill. Misty asked why just the three of them were celebrating Steve’s birthday and Gary replied they were working at a jobsite but had a party planned in two weeks after they got home. Misty said it was a shame they had to wait two weeks to party with their friends but we would party with them tonight if they didn’t mind.

They eagerly agreed to Misty’s offer and she moved her chair around the table beside me turning it to face their table. Misty sat down crossing her legs and by moving was sitting in front of me to my left while facing directly at their table. As we engaged in conversation the three of them were now enjoying a view of Misty without our table in their way and it wasn’t long before we toasted the birthday again doing shots that Bill ordered with another round of drinks.

After a couple of songs played with no one dancing Misty said it was time to put some music on so we could pick this party up. The four of us watched Misty as she walked to jukebox and inserted the bills into the machine. Misty leaned on the jukebox while picking songs bending at the waist enough to expose the bottom of her ass cheeks from below the hem of her skirt.

I was sure they were apprehensive about saying anything as the three of them sat there in silence staring at Misty’s ass cheeks while she was putting music in. With a little extra bounce she half danced back to the table standing beside it when she arrived. Letting them know she was aware of her actions Misty said it sure is fun teasing when she knew people were watching her.

As Misty stood in front of us the three of them seemed a little shocked at her statement sitting there silent. It wasn’t until the next song started playing the silence was broken when Misty asked who was going to dance with her. When none of them answered she said since it was Steve’s birthday he should be the one to dance as she pulled him up out of his chair and out to the dance floor next to our tables.

Steve was just shuffling around as Misty gracefully danced around him while adding a few twists wrapping the hem of her skirt high on her thighs. About halfway through the song she danced around facing the rest of us and reached out taking hold of Steve’s hands. With another of her practiced moves she started to shimmy forcing him to shimmy with her with the desired effect.

The shimmy slipped the edges of the vest to the outside of her tits leaving them completely visible through her shirt. Misty held tight to Steve’s hands leaving her tits exposed and preventing her from adjusting her vest. Steve’s, ours, and everyone else watching had their eyes riveted to her swaying tits as they continued to dance.

I knew Misty was leading while making it appear as if Steve was and even worked in a couple of spins flaring the skirt to flash her ass and thong to all watching. They danced that way untill the end of the song when Misty let go of Steve’s hands giving him a hug with a peck on the cheek and then whispered something in his ear.

It wasn’t until they got back to the table that Misty faked surprise that her tits were on display. Looking at Steve and with a wink she said I can’t believe you did that to me you little devil as she pulled her vest back into place. She told me later she whispered to Steve they were going to let the others think he was the one that had exposed her and kept her from covering up.

Steve sat down as the hero to his friends while Misty took Bill out to dance the next song and then Gary out for the second song but didn’t put on the same show she did with Steve. When Misty came back to the table she still had a nearly full drink having spent her time dancing while the rest of us finished ours. Gary ordered another round of drinks and shots and Misty guzzled her remaining drink while we waited on the next round.

After they arrived Misty looked at her drinks and said it looks like you guys are trying to get me drunk as she reached for the shot. I didn’t see her do it but at some point she had unbuckled her vest and reaching for the shot caused the vest to separate leaving portions of her areola showing past the edges.

The rest of us picked up our shots raising them to toast the birthday once more Escort and tipped them back. When Misty did this her vest fell open and we did the shot with our eyes focused on her tits in the sheer shirt. Misty made no attempt to adjust the vest after doing the shot sitting there giving us and anybody within sight of her an unhindered view of her tan lines and areola clearly on display.

From where I was sitting beside her I had a perfect profile view of her hard nipples protruding against the sheer shirt. The excitement of being openly exposed in public or the stimulation from rubbing against the material of the shirt, but more than likely a combination of both, had her nipples engorged. They were as erect as I had ever seen them being as big around as my pinky finger and standing out at least a half of an inch.

Misty was enjoying the attention and unquestionably encouraged more when she leaned towards them saying she enjoys the attention she gets dressing sexy but as a birthday surprise she wanted to show them more. It was basically an invitation they accepted by openly staring at her breasts as Misty settled back in her chair.

As we continued with our drinks Misty started uncrossing and crossing her legs every time she reached for her glass and it wasn’t long before they became aware of the new activity of her legs. Even though they were trying to be stealthy Misty was well aware her actions had their attention split between her breasts on display and her legs causing the hem of her skirt to flutter high in her lap.

When the drinks were about done they were ready to order another round but Misty said she was done and it was about time for us to leave. It was obvious they didn’t want her to leave trying to talk her into staying for another drink but Misty was insistent she had enough and needed to go.

When Misty finished her drink she uncrossed her legs setting her empty glass down and turned to face the three of them. Misty held her hand out to me pulling me out of my seat and had me stand off to the side in front of her as she slid forward in her chair. I was expecting her to give them a quick flash of her thong as she got up but what Misty did next totally surprised me.

There was no slurred speech or clumsy actions to obviously indicate she was drunk but her actions proved to me she was affected by the amount she consumed. Releasing my hand while laying her hand across her lap she leaned forward saying she had one more birthday surprise for them and since they were trying to see her panties she knew they would like this one.

I stared mesmerized as Misty said happy birthday while leaning back spreading her legs and cupping her crotch with her hand. I realized now why she positioned me shielding her from the rest of the bar as she started slowly sliding her hand up drawing the hem of the skirt up with it. As her fingers slid up her sheer thong the slit of her pussy became exposed through it.

The sheer thong clearly showed Misty’s slightly parted pussy lips protruding past the shaved mounds of her pussy while she held her hand at the top of the waistband. Misty continued with the unexpected as she slipped her fingers under the waistband of the thong and slid her hand down under her thong cupping her crotch again.

The narrow strip of sheer material only covered her middle and ring fingers and hid nothing as she pressed them down until her fingers were running the length of her pussy nestled in the parted lips. I stared engrossed as Misty started withdrawing her hand from the thong letting her fingers slip through the folds of her pussy spreading them open as she went.

When the thong had settled back over her passing fingers her blossomed pussy lips now laid splayed open under it. Misty gave us a lingering view as she sat there with her hand keeping the hem of her skirt from falling back into her lap. The three guys at the other table were so absorbed with the sight in front of them they just sat at their table gawking in stunned silence.

I stood staring enthralled at Misty sitting there holding her skirt up with her legs spread in a crowded bar wearing a shirt and thong so transparent she was virtually naked. It was my encouragement earlier in the summer that started Misty exhibiting her body in public and now I was surprised at the level she had taken it to. Her startling behavior was not disturbing to me, as a matter of fact I found it quite exciting just totally unexpected.

After allowing us a few moments to admire the sight she was providing Misty straightened up in the chair closing her legs and letting the hem of her skirt fall into place. The silence that ensued was evidence of our surprise and shock at what we witnessed and in a noisy crowded bar it was like you could hear a pin drop in the silence between us.

Misty broke the silence when she stood up in front of them saying it was fun celebrating Steve’s birthday with them and hoped they enjoyed us joining them. That was all she said keeping our parting short and hooked her arm in mine heading to the door. With Misty’s vest still unbuckled, her exposed tits received lustful stares from the guys and disapproving looks from some of the women we past on our way to the door.

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