Mohegan Sun


Thursday night, one more day of the conference, and we decided that we would have a few drinks at the Irish Pub. We were at the Mohegan Sun, a very nice casino in the eastern part of Connecticut. The pub was a known hang out for us and each year we migrated more and more to it. Soon after we entered a couple came in and sauntered to the bar. We were talking shop but the woman caught my eyes immediately. She was dressed in a silk red dress that hugged her body and revealed that there was not much between her skin and the material of the dress. Her legs were supported by six inch heels that she appeared to be comfortable walking in and were wrapped in dark stockings. Her auburn hair fell to her shoulders. As they sat at the bar my attention returned to the business conversation of my colleagues. Ten minutes later I could sense that someone was looking at me and as I turned to investigate I found her eyes looking directly at me as she sipped the drink in her hands. I smiled and nodded and returned to the conversation. Three more times I turned in her direction and caught her staring at me as she talked with who I suspected was her husband. A half hour had past when I excused myself and walked out in the hall where the bathrooms were at to relieve myself. I glanced toward the bar and saw her eyes and head follow my movement out the door. I had to chuckle as I entered the bathroom as she had to be 10 years younger than me and accompanied. Oh but it would be fun I thought to myself. I was shocked when upon exiting from the men’s room there she stood alone against the wall directly across from the door. “Hey.” she said, “You think you could help me out?”  I smiled and asked her how. “I need you to come up to my room with me.” I’m sure my jaw dropped and then I thought of her companion and started to look for him through the bar window. “No, he’s not coming; he’ll stay in the bar”, she told me knowing what I was thinking. I guess I’m not busy I told her, I’d be happy to take her to her room. I motioned with my hand and allowed her to lead slightly, my eyes shopping over her sleek body from her shoulders along her back and to her shapely ass. The heels she had on accentuated her shapely ass and the shake of her buns as she walked toward the elevators. When the elevator doors closed she moved herself against me, her arms around my neck and her pelvis tight against my hard cock. “Feels good.” she said as she ground Escort Şişli herself on me. I put my arms around her and grabbed her tight ass and pulled her hard against me. She moaned and formed her body against mine giving herself up to my manipulations. I pulled her dress up and revealed she was wearing thigh high stockings and nothing else under the silky material. My hands slipped down and felt the warm skin of her voluptuous cheeks, kneading them in tight circles. Her groans encouraged me and I slipped my leg between hers. She gladly spread her legs to give both my leg and my hands access between hers. When the elevator door opened on the 26 th floor her dress was bunched around her waist and she was laid out against my chest. Nobody was waiting for the elevator. She reluctantly stood up and turned, taking my hand and leading me from the elevator toward her suite. As she walked down the hallway she reached up behind her neck and untied the dress, allowing it to fall to the carpet. She continued to walk until she stood in just her heels and stocking in front of the double doors to her suite. I looked up and saw the security camera, not sure if I should mention it to her. She opened the doors and walked in looking over her shoulder and beckoning me to follow. We walked through the living room and went straight for the bedroom. In the middle of the room was the king size bed, all the covers stripped and restraints prepositioned at all 4 corners. She laid on her back in the middle of the bed and said, “Tie me up and use me, you have three hours and then you have to go back to the bar.” I watched her as I slipped the restraints over her legs first, the lengths of the nylon pulling her legs apart and opening her crotch to my view. I let my hands slip up and down her calves before I climbed up and straddled her stomach. The restraints for her arms pulled them up and out but not real tight, enough slack remained to allow her to move around a little. “Use me, fuck me, do whatever you want for three hours.” she told me as she stared into my eyes. I got off the bed and took off my clothes slowly as I glanced over her naked body. She had smaller tits, but big nipples. Her shoulders and neck were slight, her hair spread out beneath her head. I could tell from her tight abdominal muscles that she exercised, probably ran. And between her legs was just a small landing strip of pubic hair Sultangazi escort that was trimmed short and tight. Her pussy lips were gleaming with juices already. She watched just as intently as I stripped off my clothing. When I slipped my pants and shorts off together she groaned and then complimented my cock, I was right, it is a good size. I climbed onto the bed beside her and lowered my mouth to her chest. She gasped loudly as my teeth grasped onto her left nipple and bit lightly while pulling upward. I did the same to the right nipple and got the same reaction. “That’s all the foreplay.” I told her. I moved to straddle her chest and my cock laid onto her open lips. Her tongue came out immediately and began to bathe the underside of my hardening shaft. I slipped back just a bit and pressed the head between her lips. She moaned loudly while welcoming me to fuck her face. I was all for doing as she wanted and began to push in and out of her mouth, her tongue still slipping over and around my entire cock. I felt her throat with the head of my cock and pushed deeper, feeling her gag before pulling out all the way. She looked up and smiled, “Yes.” she said, “That’s what I want to feel.”  I pushed in again, this time pressing immediately downward and deep into her mouth, her throat convulsing on my cock. I could feel her gagging and I pressed deeper. Tears formed in her eyes and spilled out of the corners as she tried to accommodate my thick cock in her tight throat. When I felt her pull hard on the restraints and press her chest upward I pulled back and she gasped for air and gagged loudly before I pressed back into her throat. I picked up the pace and in just seconds was pistoning in and out of her gagging throat, her mouth wide open, her saliva spilling over her lips and coating my cock. I fucked her face hard for three minutes before I felt my balls tighten and I sank into her until my balls were against her lower lip, then I stayed there as her convulsing throat finished me off and my cock began to pulse. When I pulled out I held the head toward her face and shot the strings of cum over her nose and eyes as she continued to cough, cry and gag. I watched as the first spurt shot out and splattered across her right cheek, eye, and into her dark red hair. The second string went across the bridge of her nose and her right eye. The third string hit her left ear and Taksim escort bayan hair. I squeezed myself hard and let the rest drip out of my cock into her convulsing mouth, mixing with the copious amount of saliva that coated her lower face and neck. It was two minutes before I spoke, asking her if that was what she wanted, and she nodded yes as she continued to try to catch her breath and could still not talk. Where are the clamps I asked her and she moved her face to indicate a small bag that was in a chair against the wall. I retrieved the bag and emptied the contents on the bed above her head and between her arms. There were three sets of clamps. The pair I picked up were gold colored, the clamps smooth and slightly curved. I showed them to her and she smiled knowingly. The first one went on the right nipple and was slowly tightened. I enjoyed watching her breathing increase slightly and her chest push out as I finished screwing tight. I did the same to the left nipple then moved up again on her body to peruse the rest of the toys she had brought to be used. There were two medium sized anal plugs, a battery operated vibe and a plug in vibrator, a couple of clit clips and a leather pussy whip. I looked down at her face and saw she was now recovered. Slowly I dragged my semi hard cock upward over her chin and across her face. I felt my slick semen on my shaft and smeared it all over her face as she tried to capture me in her mouth. I slipped the head over each eye and her nose, then into her hair. She was coated in my semen and ready for more rough play. I slid down until I was straddling her thighs. Looking down I could see her pink pussy lips split wide apart and glistening brightly, droplets of her excitement visible in the cracks and crevices. I watched her pussy as both hands reached up and grasped the clamps. I pulled them out slowly, increasing pressure equally on both nipples until her gasps began to change to screams. I held her tits extended and watched her cunt spasm with her breathing. Her arms and legs were pulling against the restraints. Tears were again forming from the infliction of this slight pain. “Tell me what you want and I’ll let them go.” I told her softly. “Use me, I like it, use me however you want to.” was her answer. I released both clamps at the same time, her tits falling back in place and rolling around gently. Her breathing was still quick and shallow. Again I moved up her body and found one of the clit clips. I spun around and put one knee on either side of her head. With one hand I reached between her legs and roughly grasped her entire crotch and squeezed. Three of my fingers fell into her slick hole and wrapped into her tunnel as I pulled her pelvis upward.

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