Monthly Meeting

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It started out no different from any other month there was four of us as usual, we had been getting together on the first Friday of every month for several years now. It just happened that there were two men and two women. None of us were going out together, we were just a long – standing friends who enjoyed a social evening occasionally.

We were of course Drinking, and were all slightly inebriated – well OK, we were all pretty drunk. This evening we had been discussing the subject leftover from the previous month – the pointed subject of body-piercings. The subject had come up last month because Sarah – one of our group – had recently got a job at a hairdresser’s that also did body-piercing and so had learned the procedures for doing it. Although none of us had any piercings, it had a certain fascination to all of us – especially on the sexual side.

Carrying on from the conversation of the previous month Sarah had brought in a case of piercing equipment and a wide range of jewelry that is used in the piercings.

He was probably partly curiosity but mainly the drink that encouraged one of our number to suggest playing poker with the loser of each hand getting a piercing. It was definitely the drink that caused us all to agree.

I lost the first hand and the others all called for me to take my shirt off. With trepidation, I removed my shirt and Sarah wiped my left nipple with an antiseptic wipe before taking the wrapping off a – seemingly very large – sterilized hypodermic needle. I watched with the mesmerized look that the prey must feel when faced by a snake as she brought the point to my left nipple. There was a sudden, sharp pain in my nipple – which sobered me up pretty quickly – and then Sarah was putting a ring through and I was the first of the group with a piercing.

My discomfort was soon forgotten when Julie lost the next hand and had to get one of her tits out for Sara’s administration – and the mens delight.

David had a brief run of bad luck resulting in him sitting there topless and displayed a pair of nipple rings. This was followed by Sarah losing and – under her instruction – Julia putting a ring through the nipple on one of her fabulous tits.

A few hands later saw us fairly balanced with Julia – totally topless – displaying a lovely pair of tits supporting two nipple rings, David and myself each displaying two nipple rings and Sarah with one magnificent orb hanging out of her bra flashing its ring.

We were all pretty sobered by now but none of us wanted to be the one to cry chicken, so although we were all apprehensive we carried on.

I lost the next hand and looked at Sarah for instruction. antalya escort Strip she curtly instructed so I nervously stood up, removed my shoes and socks, and then dropped my trousers and briefs to be the first of a group ever to be naked in front of the others.

Sarah got me to lay across the table with my feet flat on the table, slightly in front of, and to the side of my buttocks, and knees well apart.

She approached with a new needle and I felt her take my bollocks in her warm hand before the cold of the antiseptic wipe. Then with – slightly – less pain than I anticipated, I was the possessor of a scrotum ring.

I got off the table and sat down in my chair again feeling somewhat self – conscious at being the only one naked though there was a consolation of being able to view both of Julia’s tits and one of Sara’s.

The following hand saw Sara’s other nipple receiving its ring and giving me the pleasure of seeing her completely topless and her pair off magnificent tits swinging free.

After Dave received his second ring, we broke for some refreshments although I stayed sitting at the table still slightly self – conscious at being completely naked. Once back at the game things quickly became different with Julia losing again.

Now it was Julia having to strip off in front of everybody and laying on the table in a gynecological position – exposed to everybody’s view. She gave it a bit of a squeak as Sarah applied the cold antiseptic wipe to one of her warm pussy lips and a louder one as it was pierced by a needle. As she sat down – the energy of the room had appeared to change to a different vibration.

The next hand saw Dave having to strip and receive a scrotum ring leaving Sarah the only one with any clothes on.

The follow one, I lost again, and found myself lying back on the table – with legs over the edge and feeling even more exposed than before.

Sarah took my cock in her hand and to my embarrassment I found myself growing to an erection. She rolled my foreskin back to expose the head, applied the antiseptic wipe to the ridge of skin between the head and foreskin – taking somewhat longer than I may have expected – and then the sharp pain of the needle and the installation of my cock ring. After connecting a short chain to the two rings, she got me to stand again and display the new jewelry on my now rampant erection.

On losing the next hand it was Sara’s turn to get naked and exposed on the table – displaying a beautifully shaved pussy while Julia carefully pierced one of the lips.

I lost the next hand but as I already had the maximum number of piercings we had agreed alanya escort on – the others had to add up their hands to see who had the lowest score. This happened to be Sarah so she took her place on the table again displaying her shaved pussy for Julia to pierce the other lip. It was now her turn to display her wares as she posed for us.

The following hand gave us the opportunity to see Julia receive her second ring and parade around for us.

We thought the game had ended with the next hand as Dave received his final ring and chain, but then Sarah surprised us by suggesting that the two girls to play a hand to see who gets a clit hood bar. I couldn’t tell whether it was deliberate, but Sarah lost and was on the table for a third time, as Julia carefully fitted the bar – which was shaped like a miniature dumbbell – at the top of her slit.

By now we were all much more comfortable in our nudity and could openly examine each other’s piercings.

Almost simultaneously, both Sarah and I said I wonder what sex is like with piercings. Sarah looked at myself with a glint of devilment in her eye, laid herself back on all the table with legs up, beckoned to me, and said “why don’t we try it?” I couldn’t resist an invitation like that, and said, “Sure, why don’t we?”

I move towards her, my rampant rod pointing at her glistening slit like a heat-seeking missile. I grasped her hips and slipped my cock into her love tunnel – it felt really good.

She was well lubricated by now and I slid easily in and out of her silky embrace with the added sensation of the chain on the underside of my prick.

I moved my hands up her body to play with the rings through her nipples and was greeted with groans of pleasure.

With the slight pain causing a discomfort in my member and the wonderful feeling of sliding in and out of Sara’s beautifully lubricated to and shaved pussy and knew I wouldn’t last too long and soon I was spewing my seed into her warm cavity.

Knowing that Sarah hadn’t come yet, and feeling my cock still at full erection, I pulled out, lifted her off the table, turned her around with feet on the floor and lain across the table, and slid into her from behind.

This was a different feeling again and having already come I could enjoy it without worrying about coming too soon. One totally new sensation, was the chain on my prick rubbing up and down the bar at the top of Sara’s slit that in turn was vibrating her clit. With this added sensation and my hands fondling her tits with their rings she was soon writhing in pleasure. With a final Scream of pure ecstasy – she came really hard, and belek escort seemed to go on for several minutes before collapsing on the table.

After holding her for a while, I pulled out my still unbelievably rampant dick and picking her up, laid her on a chair to recover.

Finally remembering that we had an audience, I looked at the other two to see Julia frigging herself wildly and Dave sitting looking very dejected with a very limp dick. I asked what was up (or not, as it was turning out) and he said that the discomfort of the new piercings was obviously having a different effect on him than it was me.

Seeing my still rampant hard on, Julia looked beseechingly at me, and being too much a gentleman to turn a lady’s invitation down, I bent her over the table in the same way I had Sarah – and slipped into her.

Love juice was pouring out of her – indicating how much she had been turned on by watching Sarah and myself performing and she was writhing in ecstasy in no time at all. I reached round to play with her firm size B’s and vibrate her new nipple rings.

Again, the vibration of the jewelry on her clit with the other sensations soon had her screaming like a banshee as she came really hard. The sheer sensual pleasure that she was having pushed me over the edge into a balls draining ecstasy.

No one felt like going home at that time so it was not until the following morning when we finely got dressed to leave. As we were saying good-bye to each other, I said “I wonder what we will do next month?” Although I had a strong suspicion that I would be seeing Sarah much earlier than that.


Please Note; This story is meant for entertainment and should not be taken as encouragement or endorsement of bodily piercings.

Body modification of this kind should be thought about very carefully before the step is taken. You should be aware that they can take up to four months to heal fully and as shown by this story, can have an adverse affect on the sex life due to the discomfort of the wounds while they are healing.

Unlike the story, some jewelry should be removed before sex due to the risk off tearing them out of the skin – which would leave a nasty wound that may take a long time to heal.

Although many people have, and do, self piercing, it is strongly recommended that you go to a proper, licensed, piercings studio that will use a new sterilized needle. There is an element of concern over many of the shops that do cheap piercings with a gun for the following reasons;

No. 1 they only have basic training.

No. 2 the plastic gun cannot be properly sterilized, only being wiped over with an antiseptic wipe. No. 3 The guns only force a blunt bar through the skin causing a trauma that could take much longer to heal and may be more prone to infection. You certainly do not want infection in these delicate parts of the anatomy!

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