Morning Oral


I laid there in bed, awakened by your stirring. I was warned, therefore, before you cuddled up to me. I pretended to sleep while you curled your body next to mine, your erection pressing between my ass cheeks. I know that if I ignore you, you’ll smoothly roll out of bed and pad off to the toilet, emptying your seed there while the water heats for your morning shower. Some days I do that, others I sleep through your attempts, today I want you, just not too quickly.

I wiggle my round bottom against you, just a little, so you think I’m still asleep. I want you to think you have to work for your prize, although it is my prize as well. My wiggling allows my cheeks to part, allows you to nestle more securely against my butt. I feel your head against my anal opening and briefly consider it. We’ve done it before and you enjoy it. I put up with it for that reason alone. I wiggle more and you slip away from my butt and against my labia. The fat on the back of my thighs obstructs you and I relax a little, letting my legs part so that your sexy prick can rub against its target.

But I’m not wet enough yet. I want to tell you, but I don’t want you to know I’m awake. You push against me roughly, but you’re smart enough to realize that the morning dew on my lips isn’t enough for us to have our fun. You hesitate here, still unsure whether or not I’m awake. You decide that you don’t care, a decision I love, because you have turned me completely on, my love. şişli escort Feigning sleep or not, I want you this morning. I want to feel you against me and on top of me and inside me, pumping away inside of my sloppy wetness. I want to feel your hot seed spurting into me, fresh off my period, the first night I can have you without the discomfort that menstrual sex always seems to cause. I saw your eyes last night when I came to bed, the sly happiness at seeing my panty-less body when I slipped between the sheets. And I was too tired last night, too long working, too long writing. But I don’t have to go to work until after noon and it’s still early morning and you’re working a finger around my opening, penetrating past my damp lips and into the wet insides of my vagina. I sigh when you grunt, surprised to find those insides so wet. You’ve told me how dry I am when I’m still asleep, except for those mornings you’ve woken me with your sex, your happy prick hard inside me.

I shift to ease your entrance between my swollen lips. This grunt is even happier, as I’ve given you the ability to finger me. Your finger happily travels around the entrance, slick with my juice. I moan, my eyes still closed, picturing the look on your face while you find the hole. I can’t help but push back against your finger. It slides easily into me and I squeeze my Kegel muscles around your thick digit. You work it around, then in and out. I’m going crazy, taksim escort just wanting you to mount me. My legs part and I raise my ass, wanting little more than a good hard fuck from my husband. You slip the finger out and I know I’m going to take your length into my waiting cunny.

You surprise me by not mounting up, but by sliding down. Your fingers pry my ass cheeks apart and your tongue digs into me, massaging my perineum, flicking over my anus and vagina. You tug me and I roll onto my side, my legs apart as your head settles between my legs, your tongue caressing my labia, parting them and filling my hole. Your arms wrap around my thighs and your fingers open the top of my crevasse. They find my clit, stiff and throbbing, waiting for your touch. Your other hand crosses over my stomach and finds one breast, fingering the nipple before plying it with sweet touches. It crosses over and finds the other while you slide two fingers into me, then three. I know that’s wider than you and I push against your fingers while your tongue rubs my clitoris, causing electric shocks of pleasure to run through me.

My hand goes to your hair, entangling it with my fingers. I hear your chuckle through my pelvic bone. You suspected I was awake and waiting for this pleasure. That’s why you pulled back, why you didn’t just mount up and ride me into the sunrise. You know I love being filled with your meat, with your juice. But, topkapı escort you also know how much I love your tongue and fingers, the orgasms you give me with them. You also know I’m good for repayment, as soon as you’re done.

Suddenly, all though flies from my mind. I am animal-woman. The pleasure intensifies as I squeeze my thighs around you. You find a way to fit a fourth finger in and I screw your fingers while they massage my g-spot. I come hard, screaming my pleasure into the pillow. You keep rubbing after I’m done, which tickles. You pull back and I look back and up at you, while you lick my juices off your fingers. My eyes drop to the throbbing tool between your legs. My eyes betray my desire to be filled by you. I’ve had my come; I’m willing to pay the price you want, which is simply to stick it in me. I turn my face away and lay my forehead on my crossed arms.

Your fingers, moist from me and your licking, grip my hips and I feel you invade me from behind. I moan happily as you hump away, thrusting yourself into me, your balls slapping at my clit, which has retreated back behind its hood, but still giving off muted waves of pleasure. You are already fully swollen and I feel the head mushroom inside me. The last expansion comes and you push yourself as far in as you can. I feel your seed shooting into me and I smile happily. I reach back between my legs and fondle your testicles as you fill me. You stretch around (sometimes I wonder if you’re a contortionist) and take my hand from your body, intertwining your fingers with mine. I feel your last spasm and you stay in me as long as you can, until you soften and slip out.

We roll up in the blankets and I hear you fall asleep. I smile softly as I do the same.

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