Morning Shower with a Surprise


The warm, pleasant world of dreams was shattered suddenly as energetic vocals and electric guitar invaded, warning of a dance epidemic tonight. Eyes cracked grudgingly open in the sunlight filtering through the dusty Venetian blind, he rolled out of bed and stumped toward his computer. The monitor clicked, brightened, and came into focus. Having successfully located the pause button, he silenced the Electric Six and stretched, crackles running up his stiff spine.

Heading into the kitchen half of his tiny studio apartment, he measured out a pot of oatmeal and thumped it down onto a burner. Twisting the knob to medium, he gathered up some clothes and located a towel. Hot water steamed and hissed as he adjusted the shower. Flipping the curtain closed, he leaned sleepily against the shower wall, allowing the hot water to soak his long, curly hair and drip out of his close-cropped beard.

A long night of work had led to a late night of beer and war movies, so he only had a couple of hours before work. Slowly waking up, he went through the shower routine, shampooing his hair and soaping down his body after rubbing in some conditioner. His hard member pointed stiffly up into the warm, cascading spray. Letting the water wash over him, he started to stroke it, intending to finish what his dreams had started before the rude interruption of rock music and the ensuing consciousness.

Muffled thumping from the direction of the front door broke him out of his reverie. Hurriedly, he rinsed out the remaining conditioner and stepped dripping from the shower. Wrapping a towel around his waist and another around his head, he flicked off the stove and went to the door, wondering if he had forgotten about an impending delivery or something.

Cracking the door, he peeked out. Standing on the front step was a petite brunette, dressed in a short olive-green dress that buttoned down to the bottom, at mid-thigh. An pair creamy white legs could be seen disappearing into high black boots. The top buttons were open low enough for a bit of soft swell to be visible. An impish smile flashed beneath green-blue eyes, and her hair was a deep chestnut. It was pulled back into a half-ponytail, falling in slight wavy curls to the base of her neck.

“Let me in, it’s freezing out here!” she said, slipping inside and pushing the door closed with her round, firm little butt. Throwing her arms around his still-damp neck, she stretched up for a long, enthusiastic kiss, teasing his tongue with her own Tekirdağ Escort and nibbling on his lower lip. “Surprise,” she murmured into his mouth, pushing her body close to his own.

“What are you doing here?” he asked, as the kiss broke. His fingers stroked her cheek, while his other hand scratched slowly up and down her back. “Aren’t you supposed to be at work?”

“I thought I’d sneak over and brighten up your morning. You have to have something to think about while you drag through your shift,” she replied with a wink. “Give me your hand, I have another surprise for you.”

Lightly gripping his palm, she slid his fingers down the front of her dress, lingering over her nipples, pressing stiffly against the thin material. Lower and lower, until his fingertips brushed her smooth thighs. She parted them, allowed his hand to slip up under the hem of her dress. He felt his fingertips brush her smooth, dewy lips. Naked skin! She wasn’t wearing any panties beneath the short dress. She slipped her tongue back into his mouth as he pressed his fingertips gently into the furrow in the center of her mound. Her breath caught as his finger burst into a hot, wet paradise. She was so moist, he slid all the way up to the third knuckle, slowly stroking tiny circles over her deep inner ridges.

Groaning, she pushed him away from the door, backing him into the office chair in front of his computer. Sitting, he pulled his finger out of her tight little tunnel, tasting her juices and moistening his thumb. Spinning her around, he slipped his hand up between her thighs again. Parting her slick labia, he slid his thumb deep inside to massage her sensitive spots. With his other hand, he reached around her, sliding up over her ribs and working the buttons at the top of her dress. Her fingers met his, making short work of the buttons and baring her perky breasts and crinkled tan nipples to his exploring touch. She moaned when he rolled her eraser-hard nipple between two fingers, massaging her firm flesh.

The feelings washed through her as he stimulated her sensitive places. Reaching between her thighs, she could feel her juices coating his thumb as it moved in and out, stretching her opening and plunging to its limit. Her fingertips stirred the moisture, and found her clit. Rubbing circles around it, she could feel waves of pleasure rising inside her body.

Her free hand found his chest, rubbing his skin and slipping downward. Reaching the towel, she flipped Tekirdağ Escort Bayan it out of her way and wrapped her fingers around the throbbing shaft of his cock. Stroking him in time with his thumb’s movements inside her, she began to swivel her hips as her working fingers began to bring her pleasure to a peak. Waves of orgasm swept her, as her cunt spasmed and clamped down on his thumb. Her legs shook, and her body sagged into his lap, as she struggled to catch her breath.

As her pussy began to relax, he slid his thumb out slowly, eliciting a gasp. His fingers stayed in her slick opening, playing with her lips. He massaged her chest while she sat on his lap, kissing her softly on the cheek, neck, and lips. Turning her body in his lap, he fastened his lips to her stiff nipple, running circles around it with his tongue, and lapping over it with slow strokes. His hands unbuttoned her brief dress the rest of the way, sliding it off her shoulders. She shrugged her arms out of it and let the fabric slide off, leaving her nude body exposed in his lap.

“Come here,” she beckoned, rising to her feet and pulling him toward the bed from which he had risen only recently. “Mmm, it’s still warm,” she said, snuggling into his skin as she pulled the comforter over them. Her hands stole downward, gripping his pulsing rod. She swung her leg over him, straddling his hips, and rubbed the swollen head up and down her steaming, juicy sex.

Twisting her nipples gently, he lifted his head to kiss her deeply. As their tongues thrust against each other, he thrust his hips and felt her soft labia part and stretch as he began to slide inside. Her wetness burned against his flesh, and he could feel juices coating him and running down his shaft to his full, aching balls. Rocking her hips back and forth, she could feel him splitting her, sliding home to fill her up. Slowly, he entered her completely, and she settled onto him, pressing her breasts into his chest and loving his mouth with her own. His hands massaged her tight ass, teasing her asshole as his cock began to slip in and out of her. Wrapping his arms around her ribs, he hugged her tightly and began to slowly fuck her, his blue eyes gazing up into her green ones. Her hips gyrated slightly, grinding her clit into his pubic bone, sending thrills through her body.

After some time of heavy breaths and silent movement, building their pleasure to a new level, she leaned closer and nibbled his earlobe.

“I Escort Tekirdağ want you to fuck me from behind,” she whispered, clamping her cunt muscles and rippling up and down the length of his buried pole. He closed his eyes, savoring the feeling, and slowly withdrew, in strokes, shorter and shallower. He groaned when he was finally out, and hugged her tightly, before sliding out from beneath her.

She felt his hands on her ass, rubbing her cheeks and spreading her labia. Cool air rushed over her open, exposed labia, as he blew a slow breath over her. His weight shifted, and she felt the pressure of his cock’s head as it found its mark, spreading her again and pushing all the way home in a long, quick thrust that caused a gasp. Building slowly, he began to rhythmically pound her heated, soaking hole. Leaning in, he bit her neck gently, and encircled her ribs with his strong arm.

“I love how your cunt lips stroke me when I pull out,” he whispered, then kissed the corner of her mouth. Her fingers busied themselves at her clit, occasionally slipping down to his shaft, coated in her fluids and dripping. She could feel another orgasm starting to build as he plunged into her from behind.

“I love how you fuck me! I want you to fuck me hard!” she groaned, revelling in the pleasure of his swollen head rubbing across the ridges and pushing at the walls in her most sensitive areas. She felt his grip tighten on her ass as his shaft expanded, and she knew he was going to cum soon. The thought gave her an exciting rush, and her own orgasm began to build to a finish.

“Oh God, fuck me! Oh, fuck meee!” she hissed, and then her world exploded into color and pleasure. She shuddered from head to toe, bucking on his cock, as her cunt tightened up and spasmed. The rippling of her pussy walls massaged his turgid shaft, and he pumped harder, feeling the end nearing faster and faster. With one last, solid thrust, his cock exploded, sending his burning hot semen deep into her twitching pussy. Jet after jet coated her most inner walls as her orgasm slowly subsided.

Still buried inside her soaking wet, tight cunt, he pulled her tightly to him and collapsed onto his side, still gently pumping as their juices mixed and dripped from around his softening shaft. Spent, his cock slipped out finally, and he lay still, reflecting on the gorgeous woman curled up next to him.

Pushing two fingers inside herself, she lifted them to her mouth and licked them clean. Rolling to face him, she leaned up on one elbow and kissed him, swirling their tongues together, sharing their mingled flavors. With a wicked smile, she licked the tip of his nose, blew softly on it, and shoved him out of bed.

“Now get moving, you’re going to be late for work! You better take a shower…”

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