Morning Swim

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Your business trip abroad is soon to come to an end. You’re thinking that’ll you’ll miss the apartment you’ve rented and the excellent facilitates that come with it. But as a young business woman abroad you have been missing one thing, and you’re looking forward to that changing when you get home and fall into your lovers arms. Still, it’s been too long and you have been looking for a chance to have some fun.

After finishing your early morning swim and sun bathe you walk past a woman that you have noticed has been watching you all the time you’ve been at the pool. You walk close past her deliberately and offer a smile which is retuned. You also notice that she’s not at all bad looking and something stirs inside you. She calls out and you chat for a while. You offer her a morning coffee and she accepts. You watch her as she stands up and wraps the towel around herself. Her legs are long and lean as she dries the last few splashes of water off. Her chest is large and her boobs have a gorgeous curve and are pert and bouncy. Her jaw line is strong and she has a lovely smile with full red lips. Her eyes are dark but have a sparkle as she looks up and sees you watching.

As you open the door to the apartment it is obvious to you that you both want the same thing, and it’s not coffee. She kisses you passionately and you return the pleasure. Her hands caress you and she slowly removes your sarong and both of your swimsuits. She lies across the bed and you crawl up kissing from her feet all the way up her body to her warm soft lips. She whispers that she wants to lick you. You turn round so your face is above her moist pussy and yours is above her face. You feel her tongue dart across your pussy and you do the same to hers. You lick in slow careful circles making sure nothing is left untouched by your tongue. You can hear her moan and you can feel her excitement as she eagerly licks and sucks your pussy and clitoris. You can feel yourself building to an orgasm too. Your hips are rocking to gaziantep escortlar her motions and you can feel the wetness on your legs. Warmth is tingling through your body and every touch is like an electric shock.

Your door bell rings and there’s a knock but neither of you hear. The room service guy pushes his trolley with your normal breakfast into the room. He sees you together on the bed and stands and watches for a while. You sense someone watching and look to the side and behind you. You see him staring and obviously enjoying the sight. You smile, wink and then go back to the pleasure of licking the wonderfully sweet pussy that’s writhing under your tongue. After a few moments you are surprised by the feel of his hands on your hips but it excites you and you push your arse towards him. You feel two tongues on your pussy which heightens your feelings. Then his tongue moves and starts circling your arse. His hands hold you firmly as he licks and nibbles. One of his hands moves and you feel his finger sliding slowly into you. You shudder and let out a cry of pleasure. After a few moments his hand returns to your hip and then you feel the tip of his cock sliding over your arse and pushing. He slides slowly in, the sensation drives you to scream out loudly but it was a pleasurable pain. The rhythmic motion of him sliding in and out and the woman licking your pussy and sucking you clit makes you orgasm again and again.

You could hear the man talking but you didn’t know what he was saying. In the waves of pleasure you had your eyes shut but you sense another person in the room. You open your eyes and can see another man’s legs. The woman slides out from beneath you. A man’s face appears in her place. The woman bends down and kisses you and smiles. He then starts to kiss you and you can feel another cock pressing at your pussy. You can feel how big it is; you shut your eyes again. He slides inside your pussy stretching your lips to their very maximum, another slightly painful experience initially but then waves of pleasure flood over your body. Two cocks inside you, sliding in and out alternatively and sometimes together. Every surface of your pussy and arse are being pressed and rubbed. His two hands are massaging your hips as he thrusts at your arse. Two hands on your boobs as the second man caresses them. The second man’s lips kissing and nibbling your neck as you moan and cry out at every orgasm. Every sensual area of your body is being excited, you had never come so much and so hard ever before.

The first man explodes inside you and slides out and backs away breathing heavily, you could feel his warm cum run out and trickle down your leg. The second man then pumps faster and deepens his thrust. Your legs tighten round him, bolts of electricity shoot through your body and you come again as he too explodes inside you. He collapses on your chest and you both lay for a while, his huge cock twitching inside you.

You wake and open your eyes. The second man is looking down over you. In a strong accent he asks if you have had enough. You shake your head and smile. He holds up some silk scarves and you nod again. He quickly ties your hands to the bed head and then moves down and binds your feet to the bed too. You struggle against them as he walks away. After a few minutes he returns with a champagne bucket that sounds full of ice and a lit candle. He places the bucket on the bed side table and then holds the candle above you blowing at the flame. He then lets some wax drip onto your tummy. It initially stings with heat but then cools and tightens your skin. It feels different. He does this some more until you stop gasping at every drop and you have started to smile. He moves a little higher and drips some on your boob. It stings a little more but the cooling and tightening feels really good. He watches your reaction and then pours some wax all over your nipple. The wax stings as the heat hits your sensitive nipple, but then after the pain comes the tightening and it feels amazing. Your nipple is growing so hard under the cooling wax and fighting its solid form. He does this on both nipples. You can feel how excited you are. Your pussy is dripping wet. It is almost as if he is reading your mind as your feel his hand on your pussy and rubbing it. You spread your legs and let his fingers in. He moves and circles them inside you and it drives you wild, straining at the silk that holds you to the bed. Your body arches as he excites you. He stops and then goes back to caressing your boobs. His coarse hands are running over them and the wax. Then he peels the wax off. Another painful experience but the relief after was so powerful you could feel your pussy pulsating and wanting more. He takes the candle again and holds it lower. What was he going to do?

You strain against the scarves and arch your body up. He holds you down with one hand. He pours the wax and it hits the inside of your thigh just below your lips. It stings again but feels so good, his strong hands are controlling you. You enjoy the pain, and then the relief. Your pussy is throbbing with pleasure. He stands over you. His huge erect cock is standing proud of his gorgeous body. He bends down and unties your legs. He kneels and holds your carves up so he can place them on his shoulders as he moves forwards. The tip of his cock is just touching you wet hot pussy. You want his huge fat cock inside you so much you scream out. As you scream he pushes quickly inside you. His fat cock stretching your lips to their maximum again but he is slowly going deeper. You can feel his warmth deep inside you and then he reaches the end. It’s a sharp stab of pain but he’s filling you. Your pussy tightens around his cock. Your legs tighten round his neck and you scream from the bottom of your lungs as you come. You feel waves and waves of orgasm making your whole body shudder. He moves back and forth, faster and faster. Your whole body is burning and pulsating. He stops and then you feel him swell inside you and then with one last thrust he explodes again inside you, you collapse in his arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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