Motley Crew

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It was a typical scene…Tuesday brunch at the local Denny’s. A quartet of gray haired folk shuffled in and were promptly led to a comfy booth in the corner. Hal and Les sat on the outside, while Edith and Aggie sat between them.

They were immersed in conversation when the waitress approached the table. She was young – probably about twenty and very attractive. Hal laid it on thick as he flirted with her, and at one point actually reached out and pinched her butt as she left. She jumped, but just shook her finger at him as she giggled. She was quick to return with their order…just toast and coffee.

Each time she came around to top off their cups, Hal would flirt and give her those googly eyes. Everyone at the table would laugh, and the waitress would soon learn that they were not married, just a group of friends.

On the third trip to the booth, the patrons held their hands over their cups, indicating they had enough. It seemed Hal had a bit too much as he started to rise.

“Excuse me miss, could you help me to the rest room?” he asked as he shuffled across the room. They walked arm in arm, and every few steps he would stop and whisper something to the young lady. She would just giggle as she led him closer to the rest room. Hal said something to her just before going in, and she stood there turning a light shade of red.

As she spun around to take care of her other customers, she realized the place was almost empty, and her only other table was still eating. Glancing around nervously, she ducked back into the men’s room.

About ten minutes had passed before the door swung open, and Hal walked back to the table, smiling. Shortly after, the waitress appeared, her face flushed and her hair slightly out of place, but also smiling. She never knew what hit her as they paid the tab and left.

Outside, the group crossed the parking lot and climbed aboard a large motor home. Once inside, they sat at the dining table.

“OK Hal, spill it!” Aggie said excitedly. They all waited for his story.

“OK…I wasn’t sure if she would take the bait, and I was just about to leave when she came walking in. As she stood there, I nibbled my way down her neck and quickly dropped to my knees. I lifted her skirt, and her panties were soaking wet. I moved fast, pushing my tongue in her slit before she could stop me. Once my tongue touched her clit…it was all over.” The group gasped at his every word. “As soon as I got her off, I stood up and unzipped my pants. She must have been expecting an old wrinkly penis, because as soon as she saw it, she dropped to her knees. She went at it like Les went at his toast!” The three burst out in laughter. “Anyway, I was hoping she would stop so I could fuck her, but her mouth was incredible! And in just a few minutes, I was filling her mouth with cum. I was surprised that she would swallow it, but she got every drop.”

Hal drove to their next stop, about ten miles away. Another diner, and judging by the empty parking lot, not a very good one. After making sure they were presentable, the group shuffled inside. They immediately smelled the rancid grease, but as long as the coffee was good, they didn’t care. As they sat down, they realized that it was an all male staff, which was fine by them. This time the girls sat on the ends while the men sat in the middle.

“Would you like a menu?” the waiter asked. He was about thirty, not too bad looking.

“No thanks…just coffee.” Edith replied.

“Good choice!” he said softly.

After watching him walk away, Edith said, “Not bad, I think he’ll do.”

As he returned, he asked if they would like cream or sugar.

“Just cream.” Edith purred as she gave him a wink. It actually looked as if he was attracted to the silver haired lady with the horned rim glasses. He hustled back with a tray and started to set it down in front of her, but Edith frowned and shook her head.

“I’m sorry ma’am, didn’t you want cream?” güvenilir bahis he asked apologetically.

“Yes, but not that kind.” she responded as she stared at her cup. She slowly brought her gaze up to his confused face. “I want this kind!” she said hoarsely as she reached out and squeezed his cock. He jumped back about a foot with a horrified look on his face. he quickly looked around to see if anybody saw this, but realized the foursome was the only group in the diner. His tension was relieved a bit when the four started laughing. He made the mistake of letting his guard down as he began to laugh as well.

In a split second, Edith had his zipper down and her hand inside his pants, trying to fish his now responding member out. Before he could react, it was out for all to see. He tried to pull back, but Edith stopped him.

“You seem like a nice young man…it would be a shame if I yelled for the manager and told him you just exposed yourself in front of us.” she said with a twinkle in her eye.

“I don’t think he would believe you.” he said.

“Would you like me to call your bluff?” Edith asked, stroking his cock the entire time.

“No ma’am.” he said with a tone of defeat.

“Goodie!” she said as she pulled him closer to her. After a minute of pumping, drops of pre cum oozed out the end. She was quick to lean in and lick them off, eliciting a moan from the waiter. Edith took this as a sign, and engulfed his hardness with her mouth. She bobbed up and down like an eighteen year old, until he started to quiver. Her experience told her it was time, as she replaced her warm mouth with a tight fist. With only a couple of pumps, he shot his load precisely where she aimed it…in her coffee cup. The poor guy probably hadn’t cum in months as he shot at least six healthy spurts into her java.

“Now that’s the kind of cream I like!” she said as she sipped the salty mixture. The man stuffed his wilted penis back in his pants and hurried off to the kitchen. Edith finished her coffee, and licked the errant drops from the rim. With no sign of the waiter, the group got up and walked to the register. Another young man appeared from the back to take their money.

“Was everything OK?” he asked as he pushed buttons on the machine.

“Yes, it was great, by the way, are you the manager?” Les asked as he handed the man a twenty dollar bill.

“Me?…no. Walter…the man who waited on you…he’s waiter, manager, cook, and…oh yeah…the owner.” he said with a smile. As the group headed out to the motor home, Aggie noticed the security cameras placed around the diner.

Once out of earshot, she comment to the others, “He’s probably in back watching the tape!” They laughed as they boarded the house on wheels.

As they cruised to the next victim…er eatery, they joked about work, and the fringe benefits that went with it.

“OK, Les and Aggie, you guys are the only ones left!” Hal shouted as he pulled into the next restaurant.

It was only two thirty, but for them it was getting late. All four worked for a large movie studio, and started their jobs at the butt crack of dawn. This was a bigger place than the last two they visited, and headed straight for the lounge.

It was dark in the corner booth, and it took a minute for their eyes to adjust. The cocktail waitress took their drink order and sashayed back to the bar. It was hard to see how pretty she was, but they sure could see those long legs that disappeared under that short skirt.

Les was trying hard to flirt with her, but she was tired, and obviously not interested in an old man. In the dim light, they could see that she wasn’t all that attractive, she probably would be a lot prettier if she smiled a little, but she definitely had some great legs. Les offered to massage her feet and legs, and although she just laughed, they could tell deep down she would love it.

“I bet you a massage would make you feel so much better!” Les said, türkçe bahis still pushing.

“As good as it sounds, don’t bet more than you can afford.” she said. The statement was borderline odd and profound at the same time.

After finishing two rounds of drinks, Les timed his move carefully. He got up and headed for the rest room, which enabled him to walk along side the waitress across the bar. He chatted softly with her the entire trip, then disappeared into the men’s room without looking back. The waitress headed for the bar, placed a couple of drinks on her tray and took them across the room to a couple near the front door. The trio watched, thinking Les failed this quest, as the lady carried her tray back to the bar. But instead of stopping to gather more drinks, she set the tray down as she walked, and continued all the way to the back where she went into the rest room. The three couldn’t see which room she went into from where they were sitting.

The suspense was killing them. Did she just go to the rest room? Did she go on a break? Or…did she take Les up on his offer? After about twenty minutes, Les came back to the table, smiling from ear to ear. That answered their question. Just as they were about to leave the bar to find a table for dinner, the waitress appeared, still almost limping.

“I thought you offered her a massage?” Aggie asked.

“Wait til we sit down.” was his response as the waiter showed them to a corner booth. It’s funny how the older crowd always gets shoved in a corner. They took their seats, with Aggie on the outside. They immediately looked at Les.

“OK, OK, here’s what happened.” he said, still smiling. “As we walked across the room, I told her I bet I could give her a massage she would never forget. She asked me how I could be so sure she wouldn’t forget it, and I told her it was because I would only massage one spot, and I would use my tongue.” He looked at the others for their reaction, then continued. “I thought maybe I was too forward, and it seemed like I was in there forever, but then she just walked in and locked the door. I set her up on the edge of the sink and squatted down in front of her. I was expecting a sweaty musky odor, but she was surprisingly fresh smelling. It made my job a lot more pleasant. I threw in a foot massage as I sucked on her clit…” he paused as the waiter came by to take their order. He was a young buck, obviously disappointed that he had to work the afternoon shift, and probably assumed that these old folk would stiff him on his tip. Well, he was partially correct. As he wrote on his pad, he would occasionally glance at Aggie’s chest. She did fill that blouse nicely.

After he left, Les leaned forward.

“OK, where was I?…Oh yeah…anyway, I sucked and licked her until she was about to burst, then I would stop and concentrate on her feet. Then I would go back to her sweet spot and start all over. After the third time, she held onto my head and wouldn’t let me up until she came. And boy did she cum hard! Almost fell off the sink! I’m surprised you guys didn’t hear her! Anyway…after she was done, I pulled her off the sink, turned her around and bent her over. God did she have a nice ass! I slipped my cock in her pussy, and she came again almost instantly. After a few strokes, she asked me not to cum inside her as she wasn’t on the pill. I don’t know what came over me, but looking down, I made the obvious choice. I pulled out of her dripping pussy right in the middle of her second orgasm, and shoved my cock into that luscious butt. She tensed up, but was too far gone to stop me, and just pushed back against me. I will never forget how tight that little ass was! I filled her with more cum than I thought possible, and when I pulled out, her hole closed up tight. Man what an experience!” The group was all sweating after that story, and now the pressure was on Aggie.

She excused herself to go to the rest room, and returned with a new glow. There güvenilir bahis siteleri was something different, but they weren’t quite sure what it was. Oh yeah, now it was obvious…she had unbuttoned the top two buttons on her blouse, revealing a lot of cleavage, especially when she leaned forward.

The waiter set his tray down on the next table, and began to pass out the food. He kept getting it wrong, but it was because he was paying more attention to Aggie’s breasts than to his little note pad.

“Are these bothering you?” Aggie teased as she gently wiggled back and forth.

“Um…uh…I’m sorry lady.” he said as he turned crimson.

“Don’t be sorry! Would you like a better look?” she asked, smiling as she reached for another button.

“Um…that’s not right lady! You’re old enough to be my grandma!” he said, but his eyes kept going to the button she was toying with.

In a flash, she had the remaining buttons undone, and now the group could see what she did in the rest room. She was now braless.

“Does your grandma look like this?” she asked as she pulled her blouse open. The waiter gasped as her perfect D cup breasts appeared. Full and firm, with eraser sized nipples pointing skyward.

“Oh my gawd!” he gasped. “They look real!” She almost seemed insulted.

“They look real? They ARE real! Here, see!” she grabbed his hand and before he could react, she placed his fingers directly over one of those magnificent orbs. It was like a magnet to steel, they way his hand clung to her tit. It was as if his hand had a mind of it’s own as it explored and squeezed and groped first one tit, then the other. It took him a minute to come to his senses, and he quickly retracted his hand.

He looked around, but at this time of the day, and back in the corner, there was no one else around to see. He was still in awe as he struggled with the rest of their dinners, when Aggie turned sideways as if she was going to stand up.

“And I suppose your grandma’s pussy looks like this too!” she said as she lifted one leg up and spread the other one wide apart. He gawked for a moment, then dropped to his knees only inches away from her. He had never seen his grandma’s pussy, but he was sure it wasn’t pink and clean shaven like this one. As if in a trance, he stared at it. Aggie reached her hand out and gently pulled his head closer, until his face was pulled tightly against her pussy. Les and Edith couldn’t see from where they were sitting, but figured out what was happening when Aggie started to coo.

“Let’s meet in the rest room!” Aggie said as she reluctantly pushed the man away. They were gone about fifteen minutes before Aggie returned to the table.

“Well, what happened?” Edith asked excitedly. Without saying a word, Aggie reached under the table, and her hand disappeared under her skirt. Her fingers came out from under the table, coated in a white, slippery substance, which she held up to Edith. Edith grabbed Aggie’s wrist and pulled it to her face. She then licked and sucked Aggie’s fingers clean.

They ate dinner in record time, and practically ran back to the motorhome waiting outside. Once inside, they ran to the back where Aggie jumped onto the queen sized bed, and Edith fell between her legs, licking her clean. After she had finished, the two girls sat up, joined by the guys who were sitting on either side of the bed. They all started laughing.

“Well, it looks like even old people can party when they want to!” Les said as he pulled his wig off. The other three each yanked their silvery wigs off, and the girls headed for the tiny bathroom. When they finished, the guys each went in to clean up.

Thirty minutes later, the four gathered at the table for one more drink.

“I guess this is one of the benefits of being a makeup artist!” Edith said as she looked at her friends.

“I told you we could do it!” Hal said. He was the oldest in the group, at thirty one years of age. Les was twenty eight, and the girls were both twenty four.

“We’ll have to come up with a good challenge for next week!” Edith said. But rather than sit around and talk, they all headed to the back of the coach and fucked until dawn.

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