Moving Day

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My name is Jim. The last thing I wanted was to lose my job. The last thing I wanted after that, was to find another one in a different state and have to move. Well, that’s how the dice rolled and it seemed like my life was going to be uprooted and plopped down somewhere else. Stranger still, I ended up out in the woods looking for a place to live, following a line of homes that looked more like a failed fishing resort than a neighborhood. What was this? I wasn’t an outdoors-man at all and have never even picked up a fishing pole, but this was it? This was all there was? According to the real estate office, this is where you lived if you wanted to work in town, so what’s a body to do?

At least there was Raquel. Raquel was my real estate agent and she proved to be the only bright spark in my otherwise unenthusiastic new world. She was perhaps ten years older than me and she sure had more patience than I did, diligently taking me through the small amount of rentals available, and slowly guiding me through the wisdom of financing a home. Thing was, she was coaching me to buy one of these cabin places, since the rental scene was a disaster, and with as much decorum as she dared, she was trying to tell me to loosen up and accept my fate.

After all, who could complain about a cabin in the woods? Me. I was a real city kid. All through college I aimed at the big time in even bigger office buildings. Chrome, glass and steel, valet parking and doormen to penthouse apartments. Fine wine and dining and up scale shops to please up scale girlfriends. You might spend a weekend at a log cabin for the novelty of a getaway. You didn’t live in one. These lacked even the charm of having logs and fireplaces. They were just simple rural cabin homes.

Yet seeing Raquel waiting for me by her car, standing on the gravel driveway and visibly brightening upon seeing me, always made my stomach tingle. She alone made me keep coming back to give it another try, because Raquel was hot. She was a stunning, tall brunette with deep brown eyes that matched her honey brown hair down to the middle of her back, and a face that made many a man look twice. More subtle than that, in this cooler weather she almost always kept her tan overcoat tied tight around her, but all this showed was the fact she had a proper hour glass figure, topped off by long legs in her usual dark nylons with a pair of matching suede ankle boots to complete the look. She looked both earthy and professional all in one go and the effect only grew with time spent around her. Back in town, she was unmatched. In the big city, she would have been wrapping men around her little finger.

She was always ready to show me another one of these musty cabins and extoll their virtue of being a great location out in the fresh air, but quite quickly it was more about feigning interest on my part just so I could spend a little time with her in the afternoons. After that? Back to my hotel room for another slow night filled with thoughts of her, masturbating sometimes up to three times. It was fine for the moment, since I didn’t start my job for two weeks and all my stuff waited for me in rental lockers back home, but my cash money wouldn’t last forever. Picking a place meant less time with Raquel and for now I guess I was willing to play it out.

Sometimes we had lunch together. Sometimes she took off that coat. While I fapped away at my dick at night, I pictured what she must look like naked, longing for it, and cumming on myself from my hotel bed like the horny young man I was.

Today though, she seemed less bright, and kept her hands in her overcoat pockets as we headed up the small flight of steps to unlock the cabin’s front door. Normally she went over every room inside in fine detail, making each step through the place a presentation, and allowing my eyes a healthy time to feast on her. Never could see much with that overcoat on, but you could enjoy her bust-line well enough. The sexy line of her neck, her small waist and the swell of her ass, her perfume, her hair, and naturally her well toned calves and knees as she walked ahead of me in her ankle boots.

Not now, though. She hardly said a word, and when her hands weren’t shoved in her pockets, she was hugging herself, her dark brown eyes flashing deep like she was disturbed about something. Or angry. Making a show of looking through the kitchen cupboards, I could see her standing in the empty dining space on the other side, her feet planted and hugging herself as she looked out through the cheap aluminum storm windows.

“Raquel are you…angry with me?”

She started as I spoke, turning to see me come around the counter and step up next to her.

“Hmm? What? Oh, no. No. Why would you say that?” she asked, her face troubled.

“You look upset. I know I’ve been taking a lot of time. Dragging my feet finding a place.” I indicated the cabin around me. “I must be causing you…”

She raised a hand to halt my timid confession and let out a long sigh. Taking a glance behind her, she opted to step back and sit down on the built in benches that ran antalya escort along the windows, crossing one leg over the other and resting her hands on her knee. She looked back out the windows at the view of the trees from here.

“You…” she stressed the word. “…have been doing so as an excuse to come out to these places so you can be around me.”

She couldn’t have shocked me more, pinning me in place with one sentence and revealing everything in it’s greedy, grubby, horny little light. She didn’t even look at me.

“You’re infatuated. It’s cute seeing how you adore me, but you’ve never made a move and I’ve never encouraged you.”

I rubbed one hand down my lower face, and with a sigh sat down on the other bench running along the opposite wall, as far from her as I could be.

“Well. Uhh, I’m old enough to know that I’m…I’ve been pretty obvious.”

“And still you never made a move.” she said it as a statement, her eyes wandering over the scenery outside, her voice mild.

“It’s not that I…I don’t want you to think…” I stared at her, nervous, rubbing my hands down the thighs of my jeans. “I don’t know what I want, but you’re right. You never encouraged me so…so admiring you was all I had.” I said, my heart skipping a beat.

She looked at me then and gave me a sad smile. “Even now, you lack all sleazy intent. I didn’t know they made city boys so respectful. Or sincere.”

“Not so sleazy as you would like to think.” I held up my hands with a self deprecating laugh and gave the front door a guilty look. I looked back at her. “You’re like a drug I want to overdose on. I’d happily go broke and keep sleeping in hotel rooms if we could just keep…doing this.”

“Why, Jim. It sounds like you’re a romantic.”

Was she offering me a chance here? An opening?

“And you’re beautiful.” I replied.

A woman like her obviously got the fact that a guy like me, admitting to his adoration, must have himself in hand over her more than once a day. At any other time she might have been flattered and wrapped me around her little finger, but instead she just smiled and shook her head, looking back outside. I sighed, deflating a little.

“Besides, all this time you’ve pretty much held up a riot shield. You know, with talking about Ron so much?” Ron was her boyfriend. A real small town macho asshole complete with that cliche of having been a football star.

“Yeah. Him. And that’s the irony here.” she sighed, her eyes pained.

“Has something happened?”

“Ron happened. Him and that slut from the bowling alley.” she looked back at me. “Welcome to small town USA, Jimmy.”

“Umm.” I said, feeling young. This kind of thing was common in the city. This kind of thing was common everywhere, but somehow I kept my mouth shut. Raquel went on.

“Thing was, before I found that out, he tried to pin it back on me. Everything we just mentioned, he was saying it’s all BS. That I show off all the time. That I sell houses this way. That I coax men to follow me around and get their eyes full until they would sign anything just to see my tits. He brought you up. The weeks we’ve been spending out here looking at places.”

“None of that’s true.” I frowned.

She gave out a little laugh and looked up at the ceiling, dabbing one tear away from the corner of her eye. “Yeah, more’s the pity.”

I realized I had added insult to injury here and I didn’t know what to say.

“Doesn’t matter. He said all that just so he wouldn’t feel guilty about cheating on me first.” she looked back outside.

“For that matter, I think he only feels guilty about being caught.”

A long moment drew out and I leaned forward, resting my elbows on my knees, tapping my fingers together and puffing out my breath, wondering what to say.

“You’re still not going to make a move on me?” she said suddenly and I started. I looked back at her where she held me with those beautiful brown eyes.

“I, uh, I think you’re feeling vulnerable right now and…and any anything from me would be…”

“What if I don’t care? About it being wrong? What if I wanted to prove a certain somebody right in what he said?” she arched one immaculate eyebrow.

“You mean Ron?”

She nodded slowly and I swallowed a little, my mouth dry.

“So you want to get even with Ron by…”

“Is that a bad thing?”

“I think so.” I strangled a little on the words.

“You would. You’re too good for this place, Jim. You’re too good for me.”

“That sure isn’t the case. I didn’t mean to make you feel like you were trashy or something. For wanting to get even with Ron. Times like this? No one can blame you.”

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have suggested it. It insults us both, but…”


She sat back with a sigh and slid her hands into the pockets of her coat, she uncrossed her legs and slid them out straight in front of her, crossing her feet in her stylish dark ankle boots.

“Maybe he was right. About me coaxing men along.”

“If you do, you do it naturally.”

“You think?”

“Easily. alanya escort You’re not a tease, Raquel, you’re just so sexy you can’t help it.”

“How can you think I’m sexy?”

“Do you have to ask? For starters, walking around these places, the only thing being a positive outlook for me these days is seeing you. The way your hair shines, your beautiful smile and the charming way you have such positivity for other people. Your perfume…” suddenly my mouth ran away with itself. “…you keep that coat hiding you, but not those legs. And that time at Sparky’s Grill when we had lunch. You wore a dark green sweater with that scarf you had tied in the back and your hair pinned up. You had on a pleated skirt and when you walked through the place every single man was watching you but you just smiled and laughed about eating cheesecake for lunch. That’s not a tease…that’s…that’s…” I swallowed and look miserable.

“I sound just like an adoring puppy. You know I’m twenty five years old, right?” I scowled, feeling the fool.

She laughed, throwing her chin up a little and uncrossing her boots.

“Do you think about me back in your hotel room?” she actually did tease me a little then.

“Every day. More than once.”

“Did it feel good?”

“Every time.” I huffed out.

“Wanna it to feel better?”

This time, I said nothing about her being vulnerable. I had said my piece before. Whatever her reasons for doing what she did next, I had to bow to the inevitable. After all, Lancelot couldn’t say no to Guinevere forever.

Slowly, looking me right in the eye, Raquel untied the belt around her overcoat, and sitting back, with little preamble, she opened it to me and let it fall to the sides.

The thing was…she was completely naked.

Naked except for her dark thigh highs and ankle boots. The effect was stunning. For her part, Raquel just brushed her hair back with both thumbs for a moment, fanning it out on the back rest behind her as she made herself comfortable, and then she just brushed at the lapels of her coat, like showing me her complete nudity was no big deal.

Without that belt, her breasts would have pushed they’re way out all on their own. They were as large and full as I had imagined, and this woman must have had a daily battle on her hands with how to contain those fantastic tits in any modest way she could with her choice of outfits. Unfettered today, it was like they were meant to be seen. Her nipples had a perfect symmetry, just a shade darker than her own rich skin tone, and they were the type that promised to harden into absolute points of delight.

What was more, her body hardly had a mark on it, her creaseless stomach the sublime definition of a woman who spends an hour exercising every morning before she starts her day. Between her legs there was a trimmed triangle of full, silky brown hair that lead your eyes down to the defined slit of her labia. Like a road sign, all framed by her luscious thighs wrapped in those alluring stockings.

Are you asking yourself, did I waste all that time sitting there writing down this description you just read? No. That came later. In the time it took for me to take her in with one glance, I was already moving. Sliding out of my seat, and all but skidding up to her on my knees where she sat. My hands were already slipping in, up under the inside of her thighs, and almost instinctively, responding to my momentum, Raquel was aiding me by lifting up and spreading her legs to me in one motion. Right at face level.

I had a brief aura of warm pussy with scented body lotions strike me in the face as she opened her legs to me, and then my mouth found her luscious, textured lips, sucking them immediately for the ambrosia they were. I was perhaps a bit too eager drawing her to my mouth, for Raquel had to steady herself with her hands on the bench seat as I pulled her forward a bit too far. Yet she didn’t say a word and compensated by draping those incredibly smooth legs over my shoulders as I began to eat her out.

What followed was simply the sounds of that for some time, and Raquel was soon moaning and arching her back, cramming her fingers back through her own hair as she rested her other hand in mine, letting me perform oral sex on her on the spot. She rolled against my mouth, and whatever I lacked in technique, I made up for in enthusiasm, and there were times I held still as Raquel herself washed her pussy lips up and down my face.

If you ever taken the time, you’d see every woman is different. Some pussies are cutely hidden by a tight little labia and you have the pleasure of opening them up like blossoming flowers, other pussies project themselves out at you with wonderfully exposed, full lips that are begging to be licked and flicked by your tongue. Raquel was right in the middle of the spectrum, her crotch a smooth, full triangle of delight separated by the line of her sex, with a hint of her inner labia peeking out that I pushed open happily, seeking out the deeper heat of her. I found alanya rus escort it. When my tongue curled up inside her sweet little pussy, Raquel peeled out her loudest moan yet, risking a glancing down at me where she rode my face, her eyes pained and strained with desire. She couldn’t watch for long, taking in how I was looking up at her and deliberately driving my strong tongue in and out of her pinkness. Those strong, wet walls grabbed at me as I did so, flexing wetly in her need, and I took the taste of her fully as her pussy erupted with a stronger flow of juices. Her legs quivered a little and she bent a bit double at the waist, gripping my hair with both fists now as indeed, her nipples did stretch out, and kept stretching, until they were two wicked sharp points of arousal just in my eye-line.

When they reached their limit, Raquel cried out hard and flung her head back, thumping it on the back rest behind her. Neither of us noticed, because she was too busy having an orgasm in my mouth, and I drove her to new heights when I cupped my mouth over her slit and sucked it as she did so. I swallowed her, drunk on her, my heart hammering, my mind reeling with the hazy thought that she was so wet in that moment, there was actually more than enough of her juices to swallow, coming right from her in warm little waves as she came.

With a last, tiny little grunt of uncoiling tension, she slid her stockings thighs off my shoulders and let her boots thump firmly on the floor, breathing hard and reaching up to brush the hair out of her eyes.

“Jim.” she uttered breathlessly. For my own sake, I was fumbling with my pants, still kneeling in front of her, and aching to free my incredible hard on where it was wetting the front of my boxers.

In the back of my mind, I realized we didn’t have any kind of protection, and that despite the heat of the moment, this might not be a good idea. But I needn’t worry about trying to stop myself. Raquel was a step ahead of me as usual, and slipping a hand into the pocket of her coat, she produced a condom.

I tell you now, I didn’t last very long inside her. Who would? Who could? By the time she had rolled that condom onto my cock, grinning with delight at the sight of me, I was so heated I could barely make it through the touch of her hands. I even said so.

“I don’t think…I doubt I can…”

She looked up at me and did the most amazing thing as she let go of my dick. She leaned up and gave me a quick little kiss before laying back, exposed in front of me again.

“It’s all right.” she whispered. “It’s just fine. Go ahead.”

That’s all she said. Then she lay back as I had said, and all but purred her delight with me, making it very clear she was very receptive to whatever happened next, holding her arms up and back, spreading her thighs once more, and inviting me in with the most wonderful of smiles.

She did nothing but smile, staring me right in the eye, as my cock parted her wet pussy and began pushing into her. All she did was arch her back, and watch my face as I entered her, my chest straining, my arms scooping up her legs again, my head back, groaning. To my credit I made it all the way in, right to my base, and I was insistent enough, feeling Raquel’s pussy spread open around my advancing cock, that she got caught back up in the moment too and raised her own chin up, both of us crying out hard as I gave her a final little thrust, imbedding my hard cock fully inside her.

I was already cumming, though. I said as much, that I didn’t last very long. I tried to thrust again, to feel myself fuck this amazing woman if even for a moment, but Raquel already understood my pent up need and she clenched her pussy around me as I strained against her, letting me safely empty myself deep within her the moment I was in. All that pent up energy surged out as several deep, hard spurts of cream until I nearly felt light headed, my mind screaming not to stop, my body begging me to stay, but it was undeniable. She was undeniable.

Finally, it was my turn to uncoil, and I sagged a bit as I let her legs drop once more, falling onto my hands on each side of her ribs, half leaning over her as she stayed spread under me on the bench. I caught my breath and opened my eyes to her dazzling smile, and soon we were kissing again. Eventually, my cock gently slipped from her and for a time, we held each other that way and I reveled in the touch of her warm big breasts on my chest and her hands on my back, but it’s awkward to have sex on a bench like that, much less embrace in afterglow, and my knees were grinding into the cheap carpet of this now unforgettable cabin house.

Silently, we pulled parted and I got to my feet and started pulling my clothes back into order. For her sake, all Raquel had to do, having clearly come prepared, was rearrange her coat a little and simply tie it back up, scooting herself back upright where she sat, preening her hair a little and brushing at her knees. The perfect picture of prim professionalism. When I was done, I sat down next to her, my sexual bravado leaking away and feeling a little timid, but I needn’t have worried. Raquel’s aura was just a happy acceptance, and she seemed way more relaxed and at ease. Wonderfully, she just sat up and leaned her head against my shoulder, and we sat in there in the quiet of the moment before she spoke.

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