Moving in with Papa Pt. 02


I woke up to papa making breakfast. He gave me breakfast in bed with all my favorites. This was a pleasant surprise.

“How is my favorite little pee-pee grandson?”

I told him I slept well. He said he made me breakfast as an apology for messing with me. I told him it was fine.

He lifted the sheets with a confirming tone, “yep, still very tiny. It looks like it is excited to see me.”

I enjoyed sleeping naked. I didn’t think he would lift my sheets. I looked down and saw it in all its glory under two inches. I had morning wood. I blushed really hard. I grabbed the sheets and covered my embarrassing nub. He giggled at me for being so cute.

He pulled them off me again. He stared at my little, erect penis.

“Look, your erect dick is the same size as this breakfast sausage.”

He held one and compared it to my dinky.

He giggled, “nevermind, yours is way smaller.”

After I finished eating, I put some clothes on. I didn’t want to be naked anymore. I walked to the garden in the backyard to help him.

He asked me why I was wearing clothes. I told him I didn’t want him to see me naked. He told me he wasn’t offended by my body. I didn’t want to annoy papa, so I took off my shirt and shorts. I told him I would stay in my chonies for the day. He rolled his eyes, walked up to me, and yanked them down to my ankles. He stared right at my little dick.

“C’mon boy, your little peen don’t bother me.”

I helped him in the garden. He kept making jokes about my little penis. It felt like a neverending roast only about my bum and little tinkle.

I told him to please quit making fun of me because it was very embarrassing. He said he was mocking me because it is something I needed to get used to. He said he will tone it down but absolutely continue to make little dick jokes because how could he not. It is impossible to stop when it came to the tiny length of my dinky dick.

After tirelessly working in the garden, we swam in the pool. It felt nice and refreshing. I was happy I had some sort of cover. He motivated me to use the slide. I am sure he just wanted to jab at my toddler-sized winkie. I told him I didn’t want to.

“I know you want to. Get your large behind out now.”

I climbed out with my soft, little penis bouncing around. He laughed when he saw me. He didn’t mean to laugh but recalled how I looked the same when I was a toddler. I looked down and experienced major shrinkage again.

It was an innie, but I didn’t care. I was embracing it like he said. I just laughed it off and slid down the slide. I was actually having fun with him. I didn’t care when he would tease me because it was coming from a place of love.

Later in the day, he got out of the pool, and walked to the front door. I loved seeing his wet, sexy ass jiggle. I was starting to get a little boner. I felt ashamed because that was my papa. I saw he was letting people into the house. I didn’t know who they were.

As I got a closer look, I saw it was his five loud, obnoxious drinking buddies. I haven’t seen them for years. Papa knew them from riding. I hope this wasn’t another plan for papa to humiliate me. I prayed they wouldn’t come in the backyard. I was thinking I could quickly make an escape before anyone saw me if they would even see anything.

I looked around and didn’t see any towels. I was screwed. I lowered myself more into the pool because I didn’t want to be noticed. I just waited for my papa to come out. Finally, he came out.

He said to me, “John, I hope you are okay. You’ve been in there for a while, I don’t want your little penis to completely disappear.”

I claimed I didn’t know his friends were coming over. He asked me if that was a problem. I said it was because I was naked.

“They don’t care about some nakey boy skinny dipping. I mean, I am also naked. They will be out in a second to join us.”

The difference was, I had a little nub dangling between my legs, whereas, my papa had a large python hanging and swinging when he would walk. I asked him for a towel. He said I didn’t need one. I just waited there like a scared, little boy. They came out and greeted me. I didn’t dare get out of that pool.

They said they were happy to see me because they hadn’t seen me in a long time. This was true. I don’t remember them all being so tall. Two of them were muscular and three of them had beer bellies. They all stripped down to their white chonies. I could see the outlines of their big cocks.

They were about to get in, but papa said they could swim in the nude if they wanted to because we both were. Why did he say that?! They were very happy about this and quickly Anadolu Yakası Escort dropped their chonies to their ankles and got out of them. Oh boy, all of them were hung. I had so many butterflies in my stomach. These macho bears could not see my tiny tee tee.

They all jumped in cannonball style. They were rough housing in the pool. Thank heavens these big old guys didn’t see my teeny weeny while we were in the pool. After about an hour, they all got out to eat at the table. They asked my papa if they could stay in the nude. I was hoping he would say ‘no’ but didn’t. My chance to cover up was gone.

As they got out of the pool dripping wet, I saw their big dicks waddling around. Their toned asses jumped up and down. They were actually laughing at one of the guy’s dick. They were laughing at how small it was. His was like 4 inches soft. I can’t even imagine what they would say about mine.

I was so jealous of their bodies. I looked down at my little ding-a-ling. I wish it would just grow a little bit. Even an extra inch would save me from utter humiliation. They told me to come join them. I told them I would stay in longer.

Papa told me to get out of the pool that instant because I’ve been in it all day. I got out of the pool, making sure my backside was to them, so they only saw my entire butt.

“What an big and adorable tooshie he has,” one of them said.

I got red in the face. I was so embarrassed my bare butt was wet and exposed. I can’t imagine what they would say if they saw my front. I was going to make my escape. I walked to the back door. It was locked! I told papa I needed to get something inside. He said I can get inside from the front door.

He couldn’t be serious. I didn’t know what to do. Allow these big guys to see my little sausage or the neighbors. I decided to go to the front. There’s a slim chance there would be anyone out there. It was a quiet neighborhood. I was covered by the car. The moment I leave, there’s no cover. I ran to the open front yard covering my little privates.

I checked the front door, of course, it was locked too. I just stood there with my head down. I know papa did this on purpose. He locked the back and front door. I was startled by snickering from behind me along with cat call whistles. Was someone behind me? I turned around and forgot to cover myself like an idiot.

Some of the neighborhood teenagers were outside playing. Oh my god. These teenagers saw me naked! They were snickering at me. They had their cameras pointed at me and my half-inch hero. Upon realizing what was happening, I covered up my shriveled pimpledick with both hands.

They were laughing at me. They asked if they could have a little fry with that big, vanilla shake. One of them said he would rather have a little chicken nugget. A peanut sounds good right now. I turned beet red and ran as fast as I could around the side gate again. I heard one of them ask why I was covering it with both hands when I only needed a finger.

I’m sure they will tell their parents about it, and my little, flaccid pee-pee will be the hot topic among the entire neighborhood. I am sure those pictures will circulate too. I came back in the pool area clenching my crotch.

I told papa the front door was locked and the neighborhood teenagers saw me naked.

“Oh, poor John,” my grandpa said.

He scolded me because I should have known better. He told me to forget about it, and join them at the table. I really didn’t want to.

One of the guys said, “c’mon kid, what’s wrong with you? we are all men here, we ain’t seeing nothing we haven’t before.

“You’ll really ain’t gonna see nothing,” papa whispered.

They all looked confused by this. I knew I would regret this, but my papa didn’t give me a choice. I nervously uncovered my scared, little penis and walked toward them. It was the ultimate walk of shame. I saw my papa give me a huge grin. I am sure he was loving every moment of this. I knew my newborn penis had to be comically small. I saw their eyes widen and stare at my inverted mid-section.

They were all shocked. I sat down, which made it even smaller. I felt it completely inside me. I knew there was nothing there. From the cold pool and now a chily breeze, I knew it was embarrassingly tiny. They began to laugh horrendously loud, like a bunch of old, drunk men. I was worried the neighbors would hear. They could barely talk; they were laughing so hard.

“Terry, you didn’t tell us your grandson had a baby dick. It looks the same when he was a toddler.”

He replied with, “I didn’t want to ruin the surprise. How boring would it be if I just Bostancı Escort told you.”

“Even if you had, it wouldn’t have prepared us for this. I never knew they came that small. Shit! This is too funny. Oh, my goodness. I take it back. We aren’t all men here, are we?

“I am a man,” I said.

“Not from here you ain’t. That’s practically a clit. I’ve even seen girls with bigger clits than that.”

One of them was mesmerized and asked, “where is it though? I don’t see anything. Let me try and find it.”

He pinched it with his index finger and thumb. My penis came out, and they were greeted by the little head. I slapped his hand and told him to stop. From his sensual touch, my little baby cock began to harden. They couldn’t stop staring at my microdick. I was so embarrassed. It was completely hard, but I barely felt it grow.

“Haha, it’s a live one. What’s the matter with you? You turned on us laughing at it? Is that your freaky kink or something?”

I replied, “no.”

My papa explained, “see, my grandson is still a little virgin and has never had anyone touch his little pimple before. I mean, I did last night to measure it. It’s hard under two inches.”

This got a barrel of laughs.

“It’s obvious this little dude is a virgin. I am concerned he will be a virgin for life. I mean I don’t know what you can do with something so tiny. Let’s change that,” one of them said.

He stood up and made me too. He grabbed my little dick with his index finger and thumb. He was playing with it. He slowly carcassed it. He then began to stroke it. I was about to cry. How could my papa let this happen? Here I was being stroked by one of papa’s oldest friends while the others hooted and laughed.

He then put the whole thing in his mouth. I was shocked! As he put it in, he giggled. He said it was too tiny in his mouth. There was so much empty space. It barely reached past his lips, but the whole thing was inside. In a matter of less than a minute, my little dinkle exploded. I screamed like a little girl. He swallowed and pulled it out. They could see it shrivel back into its natural, tiny size.

“That was an impressive load for a popcorn kernel. How’s it feel to lose your virginity, son?”

“Embarrassing,” I said.

I heard another loud ring of laughter in my ear drums.

“That was a really embarrassing thing to watch. Oh no, that’s awful boy, you need to learn to last a little longer. Ain’t no girl going to feel that in her pussy, unless you’re into men. You should probably date men, but dream on being a top. This little pickle wouldn’t even make it past anyone’s butt cheeks, even a twink’s little butt would have trouble feeling something. People want to feel something, not be tickled. It’s also hairless, he must shave his little pee-pee.”

My papa said, “Give my grandson a break, he’s already worried enough his little acorn won’t pleasure anyone. I made him shave it last night. I told him it would look bigger, which I knew it wouldn’t. He’s a naïve sucker. I just wanted to mess with him because I love him.”

“Aww, that’s so sweet, Terry. But I don’t think acorns want to be compared to whatever that little thimble is. And we already know it won’t pleasure anyone. Sorry, kid, I feel bad, but it’s just too damn funny. Don’t fret little man, you can still have loads of fun without a dick.”

The guy with the biggest, manliest gut was cackling like a hyena. He commented how his 3-month-old son had a larger dick than I did.

“How does that feel, son, to have a penis smaller than a newborn baby?”

I didn’t want to take this anymore. I got up and said this was my dick. I pointed at it.

“Just because it is on the smaller side, doesn’t mean I should endure this torment. You all are assholes. Fuck you.”

“Well, fuck is what you can’t do with your baby cock. Haha, who is this guy? That’s a lot of talk coming from someone who has a little tic-tac between his legs. It is not just on the smaller side, there is hardly anything down there. Look down, boy!”

I proceeded to look down at my little fella. It was a little head with no balls bascially.

“Look at it, and then look at ours. You will never have what we have. Not to be mean, but it’s the truth. No hard feelings, we just want to keep you in check little man. You can’t go around acting like an alpha male with nothing to show for it. That’s for us men with real cocks.”

I looked down at it. He was right, I was a little boy compared to these men. All I had to do was look at what we had between our legs to know where I stood as a man.

Papa stood up and said, “that was very disrespectful, Ümraniye Escort John. Get over here!”

I was worried what he was going to do. I stood in front of him. He bent me over and put me over his knees.

I screamed, “papa, no, not now. Please!”

He growled, “after that little tantrum, you are getting the spanking of your life, boy. I don’t care that you probably got the world’s smallest genitalia. I felt bad before, but you need to learn how to behave yourself.”

He began rubbing my butt slowly. He started with light taps. Eventually, he was spanking me hard. The guys were laughing at my whines and whimpers.

“I can’t believe I still need to spank you, boy! This ass is huge. There is so much room to spank.”

He invited them over for a chance. Over my papa’s knee, each one got to spank each cheek. It was unbearable.

“Look how his ass bounces when you spank it.”

They were really tickled by that. After they were done, my white ass was now red. I looked ridiculous. I can’t believe papa just spanked me over his knee like a child in front of these grown men.

He stood up and gave me a hug. He said it hurt him more than it hurt me. He also felt sorry I would have to go through life with that little grape. He turned me around and gave me a little peck on each stinging butt cheek. Each one proceeded to hug me and kiss me on my boo-boo.

One of the guys pointed out how uptight I was with my body. He said I needed to embrace it. I told them papa already told me that.

One of the guys said, “well in my book, the first step to embracing it is to admit and acknowledge it. Go on.”

I whispered, “I have a small penis.”

They all laughed and said that wasn’t going to work. They wanted to hear the confidence in my voice. At least they were trying to make me comfortable.

Even louder I said, “okay, I have a really tiny, little penis. It is so tiny, it doesn’t go past my baby balls. It is the same size since I was a baby. I jack off with only two fingers. But I am proud of it because it is mine and no one else’s.

All of them stood up and gave me a standing ovation for my performance. It actually really felt good. I’m sure they just made me say those words for their enjoyment.

Things finally died down a bit. As we ate, I could see them glancing at it and snickering. They decided to take a group photo to commemorate the evening. I was in the center of everyone. Papa had the camera on a timer. I hid my little pee-pee, but the guys pulled my arms away from it. I tried to smile but was so embarrassed my little ding-a-ling was being captured on film.

It’s one thing to admit I have a baby cock in front of strange men but didn’t want it on film. They took many photos. Some with them pointing down at my baby wee-wee laughing and even some where each one gave me the universal small penis sign. I got a selfie with every guy. It felt like they took hundreds.

Compared to their huge dicks, my little itty bitty penis looked even more pathetic. They said they were excited to show it to everyone they knew who knew me.

They wanted to take closeups of my winkle, but papa didn’t let them. He said the police might accidentally mistake it for child pornography. After what felt like a million tiny dick jokes, they finally left. Each one of them gave me their condolences because I lost my manhood being so tiny. They each gave me a hug, flicked my cock, and left.

The guy who sucked me before spoke directly to my crotch, “thanks little guy. You are just so cute. Yes, you are.”

He was talking to it like a little baby. He flicked it and gave it a little kiss on the head. It started to bone up.

“Aww! How cute. I will be seeing more of you, I’m sure.”

He looked at me and reminded me I can’t get a woman with a penis so tiny. Papa closed the door and announced how fun the day was. I just wanted to go to bed at that moment. Before that, papa called me over. He told me to not worry about what they were saying.

I told him I was getting used to it. He said he was glad because living with a microdick is a hard life. I would need to get used to rejection and humiliation. He was just looking out for me. I still wondered if he invited them over on purpose. If he had, I would have been in utter disbelief.

I was beyond embarrassed but thankful my papa was looking out for me and my little dick. He loved to humiliate me, but I know it’s all in good fun. I try to return the favor by typically smacking his butt when he walks past me. I fell asleep that night happy and proud I had someone supporting me.

Afterward, he still would mention my baby dick frequently. Randomly, while I would talk to him, he would stare at it. His friends were over all the time. They weren’t as brutal as before, but I was still always embarrassed. I am actually proud to have a little dick and make people giggle at it now. I have papa to thank for that.

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