Mr. Miguel’s Boy Toy

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– Characters in the story are 18 years of age or older.

Thank you for the nice comments! I’ll try to get better with every thing I post, also I’m still learning English. …

When this happened, I was 20 years old, and was in college where I befriended Gustavo and met his father eventually, Mr. Miguel.

Gus and I would hang out a lot, almost every day, even after I dropped my course. He was easily the greatest guy. However his father was a mystery to me. But one that I’ve learned to put aside.

Mr. Miguel and Gus didn’t talk much. When I visited Gus on his house, Mr. Miguel was just there and sometimes he wasn’t. He accepted me as his son’s friend and that was it. By his age, you could tell he became a father very young, he was in his late thirties. But he had a presence that was hard to ignore, demanded respect, and I surely was intimidated.

One day, Gus went to the grocery because he needed his energetic before going to our volleyball practice, I was alone in his room. I learned to be comfortable in his place. And I was a lazy shit, so I didn’t go with him.

Mr. Miguel showed up on the door and he looked at me, lying at his son’s bed. I actually didn’t notice at first, so I wondered for how long did he watched me humming a song quietly. And when I turned my head, I saw him, and I felt pretty bad.

I don’t know why, I mean… His son wasn’t there with me, so it shouldn’t be a problem. But Mr. Miguel always made me a little uncomfortable, and now he was looking directly at me. I sat upright, fast.

I told him that his son was out.

And he said “Greg. I think I messed up something on the computer. Gustavo is the one who knows about it.”

“Maybe I can help.”

He took me to his room. It was more tidy and organized, nothing like the mess I was in before. The smell of Mr. Miguel was never so strong. It was close to his son’s smell, but had a warmth and maturity to it. I took it in, in a moment of disbelief that I was inside Mr. Miguel’s room.

I waited for his instructions, because it seemed like the right thing to do. The laptop was on his bed. I looked up at him.

Mr. Miguel pointed to his bed. I moved instantly. He came after me and observed while I quickly found out what was wrong. It was not even a problem, he definitely was overreacting. It was simple, he had made the task bar disappear.

“You’re lucky it didn’t explode or something,” I said. My smile died when I saw his face. “Kidding.”

“Are you done?” Mr. Miguel said. I nodded. But I was feeling extremely ashamed for making him angry. He never talked, and when he did, was to be angry at me?

“Sorry… I didn’t mean to…”

He laughed. A good-hearted loud laugh, “You should see your face.” He slapped my face lightly, as if I were a child. I had no reaction for several seconds.

“You like my bed?”

“What?” I asked. He looked down at me and made me feel very small. I shook my head. “I’m not…”

He took my face with his hands. “Are you not?” He moved his thumb over my lips. Wow, wow.

“What are you doing?” I said. Voice shaken. But as my mouth was open, I didn’t even finish my sentence, his thumb was inside my mouth. I opened my eyes wide, looking at his face, completely shocked. Yet, my mouth antalya escort closed over his finger and as he began to move in and out, I let him.

“Don’t think,” Mr. Miguel said. He looked like Gus in every way, but always more demanding, and mature, yet not old, just stronger.

I wanted to obey him. But also, my mind was troubled.

“Don’t think,” he whispered. His finger continued to fuck my mouth, slowly pressing in between my lips, and my tongue was all over that intruder. His penetrating voice made my thoughts actually go away. “Just take it in, like a good boy that you are.”

Deep down I thought I should be repulsed. I was not gay, and I definitely didn’t like to suck other guy’s fingers like a cheap slut, like another’s guy fuck toy. But the greater part of me was just enjoying being praised by such a big, powerful, strong man.

“Just don’t think” he said again, as he started to lay down his pants with the other hand. That scared me a little, but his eyes were fierce and that distracted me. “I always wanted to do this to this pretty mouth of yours, boy. Don’t you want to be a good boy? Don’t you?”

I nodded. My body was all trembling, and my cock was hard as rock. It surprised me at how fast it had gotten hard, growing to the point it hurt. I didn’t want to show how much I was enjoying, it seemed wrong, it was wrong, right? I don’t like this. I don’t like this.

He put his thick big cock out and I moaned with his finger still in my mouth. Shit.

“Just enjoy being my slut.”

A slut? I was unnerved by those insults, and while I was completely aware of my hurt pride, I still didn’t say anything, I didn’t rebel. I quietly sucked on those big fingers, and Mr. Miguel stroked his big cock while watching me.

“You wanted this all along. You think you fooled me?”

I was strong enough to say, “I’m not gay.”

“No?” He took his fingers out of my mouth. A string of saliva accompanied them, and so did my regretful eyes.

But Mr. Miguel offered me his cock. I sat, looking at it, then at him. The volume in my own pants couldn’t be hidden anymore. I never touched another man’s cock, I never wanted to. Before, the thought of it was disgusting. But Mr. Miguel’s cock was so close to my face, demanding my attention. It would be a sin to just ignore it. There was so many conflicting thoughts. This wasn’t even any man, it was my friend’s dad.

I could walk away.

I could ignore my hard cock, and his.

I didn’t want to.

I wanted to try. I was curious at how that pre-cum would taste. Also, would it fit in my mouth? That long big cock that bulged just for me.

“I don’t want my son to know about this. It’s now or never.” And that helped me make my decision.

I closed my eyes and went for it. The taste was the first thing that struck me, in itself it wasn’t a big deal, but it was the taste of guy’s cock and cum, that was a big deal. I held it with my hand, enjoying the tip and the head of the cock.

“Look at me,” Mr. Miguel said. I opened my eyes and obeyed, noticing how my heart was fast paced. The cock felt good in my mouth. And Mr. Miguel’s face gave his enjoyment away. Funny enough, I wanted to do a good job, so his reaction was a good inspiration. “Suck antalya rus escort my cock, boy.”

Never mind all that was happening, Mr. Miguel was a dirty-talker.

As the cock fucked my mouth, I really wanted to jerk off. My cock was desperate for attention. But, as crazy as it seemed, I wanted him to tell me what to do. I didn’t want it in any other way.

What would Gus say if he saw me like this, in his father’s room, sucking his father’s cock and loving it? At this point, my mouth was salivating, and I moved my head in this way and that way, trying to suck in every angle possible.

Something in me really enjoyed being called a boy by a man, and I did suck his cock like a hungry slut. I never knew that part of me, but I guess you learn something new about yourself every day.

“You’re doing everything right, little fag.”

I let out a strangled noise of admittance. I wasn’t little at all, but Mr. Miguel was bigger in every way. Mr. Miguel grabbed my hair and pushed his cock down my throat. I squinted my eyes and one single tear fell down my cheek. I coughed loudly. That earned me a slap in the face. He pushed again, and that time I tried to not choke, and failed.

I looked at him, and he was smiling, and I realized that I was hopefully waiting another slap. He gave it to me.

“You were born for this.”

And at the moment, only truth was going out of his mouth.

“If you don’t want my cum, take it our of your mouth now.”

I wanted to say I didn’t want his cum in my mouth, but I didn’t want to take his cock out of my mouth. I guess my actions answered for me. And when his load filled my mouth, surprisingly, only a little bit was wasted, falling on the clean floor.

I honestly thought that I did a great job, better than most of the girls I dated.

“Great job, kid.”

Kid? I looked at him, mouth tired. He shrugged, as if to tell me I was whatever he wanted me to be. I wanted to say something smart, but I found myself still in the role of a good little boy.

“Now you can jerk off. I know you want to.”

As soon as he said it, I took out my hard cock and stroked it hard. I knew he was watching me, but shame got mixed with pleasure and I just couldn’t help myself.

I don’t know why, but I told him that I was about to cum. Mr. Miguel got close to me and grabbed my cock, taking my hands off. Than he jerked me off until I was done. He made me eat my own cum.

I felt pretty save inside that room, knowing that no one watched. Maybe Gus was going to find us here, but I didn’t stop because of that.

My tongue cleaned his hand, and I sucked his fingers like I had done. And if he wanted me to suck anything else, I would. However, Mr. Miguel stood, hiding his cock. He said that I should go or else his son would notice. He only patted my head and kissed my cheek before I left.

And I left his home as well, finally allowing myself to think about what had just happened. I apologized to Gus for not going to play volleyball. How could I look into his eyes after having tasted his father’s cum? It was still in my mouth and it made me remember every second of Mr. Miguel holding my head, his cock filling my mouth, making me swallow. antalya ucuz escort

My cock only would give me rest when I jerked off, thinking about sucking dick. I was so confused. My whole life, I didn’t even doubt for a second my sexuality. Now all I wanted to do was go back to my friend’s house.

The solution was never go back there again. Eventually, I would forget. The experience was great, sure, but I didn’t want to be a faggot. I still liked girls very much, thank you.


Gustavo took off his shirt, his olive skin was shining with sweat. It was a mistake to avert my gaze to his face, because now all I saw was Mr. Miguel, but without the thick beard.

“I think I’ll take a shower at home” Gustavo said. The volley play had just finished and all the guys had already left. “Let’s go?”

“It’s late,” I said.

“Crash in.”


“Why not?”

I looked at him. Same black eyes, same short hair. Gustavo was hot. Damn that father of his.

“Greg? Dude, are you okay?” Gustavo asked.

“Let’s go.”


Mr. Miguel was on his knees.

“You deserve it,” he said. “I’m glad you’re back.”

“Yes… Sir.”

He put my cock in and out of his mouth. He took everything of me inside, and used his tongue to do things I never knew could be done. My body shook, pressed against the wall of his bathroom. It was late at night, Gustavo was sleeping and I wasn’t allowed to make too much noise.

I saw nothing of the serious Mr. Miguel on the man on his knees, worshiping my cock with a priest’s devotion. His beard prickled my bare skin. Now that I was too far gone, I noticed how Mr. Miguel’s body was… nice. In his underwear, I stared at his big butt and enjoyed imagining fucking him, make him moan like a slut. But only if he asked, only if he let me, because I was just trying to be a good boy.

Mr. Miguel made a suckling sound on the head of my cock. I trembled and my legs almost gave out. Jesus.

“Be strong, boy” he said. His smile provoked some raw emotions, I wanted to take him and make him my bitch just like he did to me, but at the same time I felt in his control. I nodded.

He finished me off. He didn’t take my cum in his throat, but his face got covered. There was so much, that was getting out of me? It truly surprised me.

Mr. Miguel stood and I had to look up, to stare at his beautiful face all covered up with my juice. He was smiling, while getting close and close.

“Kiss me,” he said.

His hard cock pressed against my belly.

“I never kissed a man before.”

“But I’m your daddy. Right?”

He waited. I nodded.

“Say it.”

“Yes. Daddy.”

“Now kiss me.”

I touched him with my lips. He licked my mouth. With my eyes closed, I let his tongue get inside me and then I closed it inside. After that, I utterly lost the awareness of time and don’t know for how long we stood there, kissing.

But eventually we stopped and I came back to Gus’s room, he was still asleep. Gus always slept on a mattress on the ground, even if I insisted that I didn’t want to sleep in his bed. I laid down and smelled his pillow, enjoying more than I should.

Gus had his back turned to me, his nice ass very clear through the mattress. My cock got hard while I thought about many things, but whatever was on my mind, I knew that my new daddy wasn’t going to enjoy me having thoughts like that about his son.

I was afraid of what he was turning me into, and at the same time, I was excited to what was ahead.

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