Mrs. Mills’ Predicament Ch. 25


I was used to being up by the crack of dawn while at the beach. But Wednesday, I slept in a bit later than normal. I woke briefly when Gloria had climbed off of me earlier that morning, but I rolled back over and promptly fell back to sleep.

Later that morning, I was awakened by the sound of Gloria in the kitchen, and the smell of coffee brewing. I laid on the couch quietly, while trying wake up… I was still worn down from the day before and having a tough time getting moving.

A few minutes later, Gloria happily bounced into the room and set a cup of coffee down on the table. She said, “Get up sleepy head!”

Then she playfully hopped on top of me, before leaning down and giving me a kiss. She was already in her bikini top, with a pair of shorts over her bottoms.

“Can we just stay here and lay around naked all day?” I asked jokingly.

“No,” Gloria replied, giggling, “We can do that tonight.” She leaned in and kissed me again, “We have three days left… C’mon, let’s get down to the beach.”

Gloria got up off me and returned to the kitchen. I slowly sat up, before reaching for my coffee and anxiously taking a sip… Almost burning my lips in the process.

“I made some breakfast,” Gloria said, “It’s on the table.”

“Thanks, babe,” I replied.

After the coffee, plus an additional cup, I started waking up… On top of that, Mrs. Mills had made up scrambled eggs and English muffins. She had even sliced some fresh fruit. I was starting to think that I could really get used to this.

We hit the beach carrying our beach gear, planning on a full day’s stay… A small cooler, umbrella, towels, beach bag and a couple of low-to-the-ground beach chairs we had found at the house. We set up in a familiar spot, very close to where we had the day before.

As I was setting up the umbrella, Gloria asked, “Wanna go for a walk?” She continued, “I feel guilty that I haven’t had my regular gym schedule this week…So, I figured a mile or two on the beach would make up for it.”

In mock outrage, I replied, “What… I’m not giving you enough of a workout? I guess I need to try a little harder.”

Gloria replied, “No… I didn’t mean that… You’re doing just fine,” a shy smile crossing her face.

Smiling, I said, “You go ahead… I’m gonna finish setting this stuff up.”

“Alright… I’ll be back in a bit,” she replied, giving me a quick kiss before she headed down the beach.

She was in her bikini top, but still had cotton gym shorts covering her bottoms… I’m sure still a bit shy to openly walk down the beach alone showing that much skin. Though as I watched her walking away, I had no doubt that guys would be checking her out during her stroll.

I had everything set… Umbrella in the sand and beach towels laid out… I had even pulled the sunscreen out of the beach bag… We would definitely need it today. The sun was already blazing hot, and it wasn’t even noon.

I was sitting in a beach chair, facing the ocean, next to the empty chair I had set up for Gloria. I pulled off my t-shirt, slid on my sunglasses, and put on a ball cap to protect my forehead from the sun.

It had been 30 or 40 minutes since Mrs. Mills had left on her walk, and I quietly scanned the horizon of the beach watching for her return… Occasionally distracted by the views of the ocean, or the views of other women walking down the beach. The beach was quite a bit emptier than it was yesterday. Though that wasn’t really a surprise… The later in the week it got, the fewer vacationers came out… many had already gotten their fair share of sun, or were burnt so badly earlier in the week that they stayed off the beach as the week wore on.

“Hey,” came a female voice from behind me.

I turned to see Maggie walking towards me… She was struggling, carrying a cooler, a beach bag, a blanket and a few other things… Cassandra was trailing behind her by at least 20 feet, and also toiling through the hot sand, arms filled with beach accessories.

I jumped up from my seat and went to meet them, grabbing some of their gear to relieve their load. While Maggie was transferring some of her things to my arms, she asked, “Do you mind if we join you?”

“No… Not at all,” I replied.

Once they had dropped all of their gear, I noticed that Maggie had on a full length beach cover-up that went down to her knees. Cassandra had on a simple, large, long white t-shirt that dropped down to her thighs.

We set their blanket out next to ours, and lined the beach chairs in a row… Gloria’s empty chair to my left, and the girls chairs to my right, all facing towards the water. Trying not to be too obvious, I watched as they began pulling off their clothing. To my excitement, both had on suits different from what they wore yesterday… and even sexier ones at that.

Maggie pulled her cover-up off first… As she lifted it from the bottom, it revealed very small, fluorescent pink bikini bottoms… They hugged her pelvis tightly. gaziantep escortlar The fabric narrowed around her waist, and it was secured by strings hanging off her hips.

Maggie’s legs were flawless… Long, toned and tan. As I had noticed yesterday, her hips were a bit thicker, and her hip bones were prominent… But this only led to her bikini bottoms looking even smaller, stretching tightly from one side to the other. The bikini also sat on her quite a bit lower than it would most women… The top edge of the bikini bottoms rested well below her waist, and not too far from her pussy, hidden just below. Had she not shaved, or, from the looks of it, waxed, I was 100% sure they were low enough that I would have been able to see pubic hair.

As her cover-up rose up over her head, her small breasts, covered by a very small pink top, came into view… They couldn’t have been larger than a small b-cup, and her boobs were covered by pink triangle shaped bikini top cups… Though, they weren’t really cups. The bikini had no support at all, and didn’t need it… The fabric stretched tightly across her chest, and I could see the outline off her erect nipples beneath. The top was held on by a pair of thin strings that went up over her shoulders, and another pair of strings that stretched around her and tied at the back.

When Cassandra pulled off her large t-shirt, it revealed an equally small bikini bottom… But in a completely different style. It was light green, with a multi colored pattern… almost like a lightly-colored tie-dye. The bottoms looked a bit more sporty… no ties at the hips… And they revealed an inch wide gap between her fit, but shorter legs.

Her top wasn’t as skimpy as Maggie’s, but it couldn’t have been… She had what looked like full c-cup, maybe even small d-cup breasts, and they needed more support. Though her breasts were large, they appeared firm and round, and didn’t seem to sag at all. They were tightly confined in the fuller bikini top… The cups of the top, which had the same color pattern as the bottoms, were pushing her breasts upward, creating significant cleavage. Her top was also held on by strings around her sides and neck.

I had a hard time keeping my eyes off of them as they sat down… And I was sure they knew it. Maggie sat down in the chair next to me, and Cassandra just to her right.

“Where’s Gloria?” Cassandra asked, noticing the empty chair next to mine.

“Huh?” I replied, trying to get my wits back, “Oh… She’ll be back any minute… She went for a walk.”

I offered them a beer, but each declined. Instead reaching into their cooler for bottled water.

There was some small talk between us… I asked how the party went. In turn they asked me if it they were too noisy for us last night… Really just idle chit-chat to pass the time so there was no uncomfortable silence.

Looking up, I saw Gloria approaching, walking diagonally from the shoreline. As she neared, she looked surprised by our visitors, but not upset.

Both Maggie and Cassandra smiled and greeted her with cheerful hellos. I stood up and gave her a kiss and asked, “How was your walk?”

“Good,” She replied, “I think I got my two miles in.”

I sat back down, and Gloria sat down in the open seat next to mine after pulling a bottled water from our cooler.

Maggie leaned forwards, and towards me. Looking at Gloria, she said, “I hope you don’t mind that we joined you guys.”

“No. Not at all,” Gloria replied, showing no hint of being annoyed by their presence. She continued, “Happy to have the company… Oh, and thanks again for the invite last night… It was really sweet of you to ask us over.”

I was super-relieved to see that Gloria was so pleasant… Her shyness could sometimes come off as aloofness if you didn’t know her. And that bit of jealousy she showed yesterday was something I was more concerned about… Not because she was jealous – I dug that – but I didn’t want her to come across as mean.

Gloria asked, “Are you two alone? No friends with you today?”

Maggie kind of rolled her eyes, then replied, “No… We’re getting kind of tired of them… It’s like one big week long frat party at the house… “

Cassandra picked up where she left off, “All they do is drink… They just sit around doing shots all day, then they pass out drunk on the floor somewhere… We needed to get away alone for a little while.”

We continued talking, and Gloria was truly engaged in the conversation, laughing as the girls described their temporary housemates, and the stupid things that they had done during their various states of drunkenness.

The sun was getting hotter, and beating on our bodies… Gloria leaned over to me and said, “Let’s go cool off.”

We both stood. Gloria stripped her gym shorts off, revealing her tight bikini bottoms for the first time today. Then, she took my hand and led me toward the shoreline. Then she surprised me… Calling out behind us to the girls she said, ‘We’re gonna get into the water and cool off… Join us if you want.”

As Gloria and I reached the water, we slowly walked in, dodging small waves as they broke on the shore… As we got farther out, Gloria up to her waist and me to my thighs, a large wave rolled towards us, and we turned our bodies just in time… the wave slapped into our backs… When it did, Gloria’s bikini top slid down, exposing her right tit. She didn’t know it until I looked down at her chest and smiled… She let out an embarrassed squeal and immediately pulled it up, covering her naked boob and joining me in laughter.

We waded out further and bobbed in the deeper water, holding onto each other in a tight embrace as we floated. Looking back, I saw that Maggie and Cassandra had decided to join us, and were just entering the water… They laughed and giggled as waves danced around them, and occasionally crashed into them.

As they got deeper in the water, they too were embracing, actually more like holding onto each other’s arms, as they drifted out towards us. They were laughing and having fun as the tide pushed them aimlessly through the surf.

Gloria seemed to be enjoying herself as well… She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me as she wrapped her legs around my waist beneath the water. We kissed lustfully as we floated around, and from the corner of my eye, I could see the girls watching us with animated smiles on their faces.

I was getting aroused… Not just by Gloria’s passionate kisses and occasional gropes… But by the fact that we had an audience. Despite the chilly water, I felt my dick begin to grow beneath my swim trunks.

I enthusiastically started touching Gloria’s breasts, and pushed my hips into her until she could feel my growing erection pressed up against her thighs… She giggled… “Not here,” she said, laughing… and pushing me away.

After a few more minutes of playful splashing… All four of us headed for the shore… I allowed all three of the women to go in ahead of me by a few steps, hopefully allowing the bulge in my swimsuit to abate a little… No such luck.

As soon as the water dropped below my waist, and to about mid-thigh, I noticed Maggie glance back at me… Her eyes stopping just below my waist, eagerly gazing at the tent in my swim trunks… Apparently not caring if I saw her staring. Finally pulling her eyes away from my crotch, she looked back up and smiled as our eyes met.

We all dried off when we got back to our beach “camp”. Then I reached into the cooler and passed everyone a beer. Gloria and I sat in our chairs, but both Maggie and Cassandra sat down on their beach towels… directly in front of us.

Maggie pulled sunscreen from her bag, and began applying it to her face, shoulders and neck… Next, she started spreading it down her legs, before parting her legs. Just a couple of inches… But right in front of me… or us… She didn’t even look up as she spread the lotion up in between her thighs, right to the edge of her bikini covered pelvis.

My eyes were glued to her the entire time… I couldn’t help myself… And Gloria noticed. But, surprisingly, she just gave me a comical, amused smile, before playfully nudging her elbow into my ribs.

Now trying to be less conspicuous, I turned my focus to the ocean… But I did notice that Maggie handed the lotion to Cassandra, who spread some over Maggie’s back. Maggie returned the favor, and applied some to Cassandra’s back. Then they both laid down on their blanket, butts towards me.

Mrs. Mills was apparently entertained by the show as well… But I think more entertained by me trying not to stare… and failing badly.

Not to be outdone, Gloria reached down and picked up our sunscreen and handed it to me. Then, without saying a word, she got up from the chair, and walked to the blanket. She looked back at me and gave me a sexy smile before dropping down on our blanket, onto her stomach… right next to Maggie.

Not needing a cue, or another cue, I suppose, I rose from my beach chair and got on my knees, straddling Gloria’s ass. Maggie and Cassandra both noticed that I had joined Gloria on the blanket and turned their heads to the left, and in our direction.

Now sitting atop Gloria, with my crotch lightly resting on her rear, I squirted some sunscreen out of the tube, and into my hand. She was flat out on her stomach, arms down at her sides. Her head was also facing to the left… So she didn’t know that the girls were watching us, though I figured she probably sensed it, or assumed it.

As I worked the lotion into her back, I took my time to give her a firm massage… really kneading my fingers into her back, trying to loosen up any tight muscles… She began to relax and enjoy the rub down as I manipulated a tight knot just below her right shoulder blade. My penis was beginning to spring to life as well… Just beginning to rise a bit as it pressed into Gloria’s bikini bottoms, and against her butt crack.

Gloria let out a soft, “Mmmmm,” then turned her head to the right, where she met Maggie’s eyes just a foot away.

Gloria said, “Shawn really gives the best massages,” smiling at Maggie.

Maggie smiled back, and replied, “It looks like it… Must be nice.”

I wasn’t sure where Gloria was going with this… Was she trying to show control? To show Maggie that I was hers?

Then she shocked me… Gloria replied, “Well… once he’s done with me, maybe he’d give you a massage too. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind,” glancing back at me with a devious grin.

Maggie also glanced up at me… I think to see my reaction. Then looking back at Gloria, she said, softly, “I’d like that.”

I was in disbelief at what I had just heard… But trying to stay calm, I simply continued to work on Gloria… Trying to slow myself down, so not to seem like I was in a hurry to move on to Maggie.

Somehow, I was able to keep myself under control… I continued with Gloria’s until I had completely massaged her shoulders, arms, back and legs… Then, I stretched it out even longer by tenderly caressing her feet before finishing up.

I leaned down, and whispered to Gloria, “Are you sure you’re OK with this?”

“Mmmhmm,” she replied, head still down.

I was still unsure of myself, and not quite confident on how I should handle it. Don’t get me wrong… I was super excited about this new development. But I didn’t want Gloria to be jealous… And she had to know Maggie was attracted to me. But she did, after all, suggest this in the first place.

Noticing I was hesitant, Gloria turned her head to me, and gave me an assuring smile. So, I climbed off of Gloria and nervously knelt down next to Maggie. I was still excited from giving Gloria her massage, and everything that had developed since. The erection that evolved while sitting atop Gloria had waned, but I was still semi-hard, and I could feel my cock pushing against my swim trunks.

Maggie had obviously seen the slight bulge in my suit as well… Her head still turned towards me, it would have been obvious. Still kneeling next to her, I added some sunscreen to my hands and began massaging her shoulders and upper back.

After working her left shoulder, I realized I would have to get up, and move around to the other side, or, I would have to straddle her, like I had done with Gloria. I thought about it for just a second or two… then threw my leg up over Maggie and lightly settled myself onto her bikini clad ass.

Looking to my left, to get Gloria’s reaction, I saw that she had propped her elbow up, and was watching us… She just smiled at me, as if to say ‘go ahead’.

I sat very tentatively above Maggie at first, but as I put more pressure into the rub down, I sunk my butt down onto hers. Again, I felt my cock stir and get harder. As I leaned forward and kneaded her shoulders harder, I was sure she could feel my bulge pressed against her lower back.

Gloria was still propped up on her elbow watching me intently… Then, I noticed movement to my right. Cassandra was up, sitting cross-legged, and also watching me massage Maggie.

When I caught Cassandra’s eye, she smiled, but then looked toward Gloria, and asked, “Me Next?”

I looked over at Gloria for approval, and she immediately responded, “It’s OK with me.”

Now feeling confident, and super turned on, I went back to work on Maggie… I was gonna give her & Cassandra massages they would not forget… Gloria had told them I give the best massages, after all.

I excitedly finished up Maggie’s back, really digging my fingers into her… She even let out several soft ‘mmmms’ when I hit the right spots. Next, I slid down until my knees were on either side of her calves… I began to rub lotion into the back of her thighs, letting my fingers slide up just to the edge of her bikini bottoms… But occasionally allowing my fingertips to lightly graze her lower butt cheeks, which were now slightly exposed as her bikini bottoms had risen slightly.

When I had finished her legs, I slid down further, kneeling behind her. I lifted her legs so they were bent at the knee. Then I began kneading the soles of her feet… Maggie giggled and squirmed upon first touch, but then settled in, in obvious contentment, as I continued.

Maggie let out another “Mmmm’, then spread her legs apart a few inches… Allowing me a direct shot of the crotch of her bikini bottom, and a clear view of her pussy lips pushing against them.

Both Gloria and Cassandra were intently watching from either side of us… But as soon as I finished, and set Maggie’s legs back down, Cassandra quickly turned and laid back down on her stomach, arms in front of her propping her head up.

My cock was now rock hard, and I gave up trying to hide it. I stood up, and stepped over to Cassandra, and dropped down over her. I moved her hair, flipping her medium-length blond mane up over her shoulder, and spread lotion over her back… As I pushed my fingers into her upper back, my hard cock pushed into my trunks and against her lower back.

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