Mrs. O’Malley’s Golden Juices Ch. 12


(AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is one in a series of stories about Susan O’Malley, a sexy older woman who loves to dominate men and women, young and old, with her golden showers. It contains scenes of extreme female domination and sex, pee-drinking, facesitting, farting, etc)

Susan O’Malley wasn’t much of a church goer. Never, in fact, did she go to church, save for weddings and funerals. But many in her small upscale town did, taking advantage of the many faiths represented in such a tiny community. She found many to be hypocritical, touting the word of a higher being and then being total assholes in real life. Particularly, she’d found, the holier-than-though clergy at the head of most churches.

If she had to pinpoint her religious affiliation, or lack thereof, she’d be an atheist or agnostic, believing in nothing, really. Susan was a live-in-the-moment kind of gal, a 65-year-old, sexy silver-haired beauty who was more a hedonist than anything else.

Susan craved the physical, and not just fucking men or women; she dabbled on both sides of the sexual coin, but specifically in dominating sex, mostly enacted by her fondness for giving, and occasionally receiving, golden showers. Piss was the idol of her faith and she worshipped it often and fully. And made others do so at her whim. And their peril.

So it was a bit of a shock to Susan when her doorbell rang one afternoon after she’d been out playing tennis, honing her lean, muscular body this hot, humid afternoon, and there stood the Rev. Dr. Maria Pearson, a stout little woman of 68, thick and compact, with gray-streaked dark hair and dark skin. She was Indian, marrying an Englishmen who, Susan had heard, died several years ago.

The good reverend did not look happy as Susan opened the door in her short white tennis skirt, soaking wet polo shirt clinging to her sweaty torso, dirty white socks and equally grungy sneakers. She looked nervous and apprehensive as she stood. Susan smiled. The good reverend’s defensive posture put Susan in an immediate dominant stance.

“Yes,” Susan cooed politely. “Can I help you?”

“Yes, I’m, uh, Rev. Dr. Maria Pearson from the universalist church in town, and I’d like a word with you, Mrs. O’Malley,” the reverend said, not looking directly into Susan’s bright eyes. “It’s Susan, isn’t it? May I call you…”

“Mrs. O’Malley will be fine,” Susan said with polite curtness, opening the door. “Right this way…Maria, darling.”

The good reverend stopped on her way in, taken aback by Susan’s air of control. She walked in, Susan noticing her thickness, the way she waddled when she walked. She took note of her perfect makeup and mousy but elegant dress with fashionable light scarf around her chubby neck, and her light-toned pantyhose.

And she wondered how it would all look soaked in her piss.

The good reverend entered the living room, sitting on a sofa, legs demurely together, purse on her thick lap. She started to speak.

“You’re new in town, are you not?” Susan interrupted.

“Uh, yes, a few months now,” Maria said.

“Splendid, always nice to have new blood in the community, a fresh outlook,” Susan said, retrieving a glass of wine from her kitchen and sitting directly across from the reverend, crossing her muscular, tanned legs, the hem of her already short shorts riding high to reveal her succulent, meaty thighs. “Oh, would you like some?”

She swirled the glass. The good reverend shook her head.

“Now, dear,” Susan intoned with chilly politeness. “What is it you want?”

“Well, I’m new, as I just said, but this being a small community…uh, do you go to…are you a member of any church in town, Susan?”

Susan smiled.

“Mrs. O’Malley, remember?” she corrected. “Dear woman, it’s really none of your business if I am a member of any church, and as to first names, well, we don’t know each other that well. Yet. Do we.”

“But you just called me….”

“That’s my prerogative, Maria,” Susan continued. “You are clearly here because you want something. Now, about your…shall we say, mission here?”

“Well, this…this being a small town, things are….you hear things…I hear things,” Maria continued more nervously than ever. “And these things…some about you, if I may be so bold, are….well, frankly they’re disturbing.”

Susan smiled more broadly. She had the little bitch right where she wanted her.

“Tell me, Maria,” she hissed, leaning forward now on spread knees, nearly the full sweep of her thighs bared and just beyond the high-riding skirt hem, her hairy pussy barely contained by the sweaty white panties beneath.

Maria’s eyes inadvertently darted to it and then away. Sweat broke out on her dark brow. Susan smiled wider still.

“Well…,” Maria said, extremely nervous now and taking a deep breath before continuing. “I’ve heard things about you and some of the people in town. Young people, not to name names, but young people…”

“Kevin and Amy, would those be two of them?” Susan Escort Bayan asked, startling the good reverend who gasped. “And Kevin’s mom…and grandmother…and Amy’s grandmother…shall I go on?”

Maria’s jaw dropped.

“I am not at liberty to say….”

“Oh, Maria, fuck that!” Susan laughed, sitting back, legs spread widely now, unashamed, Maria looking nervously away and fidgeting in her seat.

“Well, now, you just continue to anonymously decry my lifestyle if you wish, make accusations…well, they’re actually pretty accurate, I must say. But that’s fine. Everyone I’ve done…. things with, have been of legal age. And consenting, I think it’s important to add.”

“But…but…but,” Maria stammered, leaning forward, eyes wide in disbelief.

“Yes, but but with two T’s dear Maria,” Susan giggled. “I get them to worship my butt, so sweet of you to remind me! And they love it!”

“You cannot…it’s wrong, hugely immoral, it’s….” Maria babbled, unable to look at Susan.

“It’s MY way, bitch,” Susan snarled, putting the wine glass down, and crossing her sexy legs again. “And you know what? I think, I just think it might be YOUR way, too!”

Maria’s jaw dropped and now she stared at Susan in disbelief.

“Are…are you insane?” she finally stammered.

“What…what are you implying, you mad woman? MY way? This…this perverse, this sick lifestyle of yours, this way…you PEE on people and enslave them? MY way?”

She stood, fairly shaking as she did, clutching her purse to her thick middle.

“I can…I will go to the police, Mrs. O’Malley, I really will!”

“Oh, and tell them what,” Susan said, standing up and slowly walking to the little woman a few inches shorter than her, hands on her hips in a cocky stance. “That I’ve had sex with consenting adults over 18? Who love it? And would rather not have the police know about their sexual proclivities, which include…sucking…my…PISS!”

She leaned closer to the stunned woman, smiling broadly.

“And for all you know, the chief of police might be one of my piss slaves!” she laughed.

Maria’s eyes were huge, open, wide and staring up at the crazy lady before her.

“I….I must go, I can’t deal with you, with this, never in all my years ministering to others, have I…”

“Well maybe, dear good reverend doctor,” Susan hissed, suddenly slapping the purse from Maria’s hands and quickly scooting the scarf she wore down over her shoulders to quickly and expertly tie her arms behind her, “maybe you SHOULD!”

Maria struggled to free her arms and was therefore unable to stop Susan, who now squeezed her face in her strong hands, tilted the disbelieving face up and with a grin, planted her lips directly onto hers. Maria screamed, or tried to, her voice swallowed up in Susan’s open mouth attached to her own where to her horror, she found Susan’s tongue as the dominant blonde shot it into the good reverend’s mouth.

Maria fought to free herself, but she was too frightened and much weaker than this crazy old woman pinning her arms behind her and sucking on her tongue. She screamed again, a muffled scream, as Susan sucked her tongue so hard she feared it would be pulled out of her mouth and swallowed.

Her eyes were shut against the invasion but now she opened them, tears running down her chubby cheeks, and looked right into Susan’s. Which were wide open and possessed with fearsome determination.

Susan hugged the struggling Indian woman, holding her tight in her arms, feeling every thick inch of her tremble. She kissed her long and deep, chewing on her tongue, running her hands behind her and tying tighter the scarf, further immobilizing her. Smiling through her wet, deep kiss, she cupped the reverend’s meaty ass, squeezing it in her fingers.

“Let’s see now,” she said, finally breaking the kiss and allowing the reverend to breathe again. “HA! Just as I thought!”

She’d run her hand up under the reverend’s skirt and snaked it down under her pantyhose and panty to mash her fingers into the hairy pussy, finding it wet. Very wet.

“You little whore!” Susan laughed, now slicing her fingers, four of them, in and out of the reverend’s sopping cunt, squishing sounds erupting from her crotch. “You DO like this! You DO love being dominated by another woman, don’t you!”

“No…no please…” Maria begged, trying to back off Susan’s hand and falling to the couch, where Susan followed, sitting next to her, continuing to forcefully finger fuck her pussy. “God, no, please!”

“You’ve been with women,” Susan snarled, lapping playfully at the reverend’s chubby face, nibbling her ear, chewing on the fat creases in her neck. “You’ve been with other women….”

“NOOOO!!!” the reverend screamed.

It had been a well-kept secret, of course. As a young woman teaching religion in college, she’d found herself in charge of many beautiful girls, late teens and early 20s, and it was in that time she found the Bayan Escort side of her that liked the company, the sexual company of females. And not just having sex with them, but controlling them, dominating them, using her power and posture as an older adult, and a teacher to have her way.

She later married, and those sorts of things became less common. But not always. She’d had her times with struggling female members of her congregation, finding them supple, easy to bend to her will. And through it all, she justified her sexual Sapphic satisfactions, because she was ministering to them, helping them through hard times. Through it all, she had helped others, she reasoned. She was a healer, after all, a healer of souls.

She was doing God’s work, she told herself. And doesn’t God work in mysterious ways, she reasoned?

But she hadn’t had a female dalliance in ages, years, 15, 20 or more. And now one was being forced upon her. Susan’s fingers pounded in and out of her pussy, one that hadn’t seen much of anything, save for her carefully hidden dildos and vibrators, for years, not even in the last, sad years of her marriage.

And to her horror, it felt good. She fought it, tried to stem the flow of juices from her pussy, but could not. Susan’s educated fingers probed and thrust and twisted inside her in a way no one ever had. And it felt better than good.

“Oh…oh God…please, Sus…Mrs. O’Malley…please, God, oh please!!!”

“Please God oh PLEASE!” Susan mocked in a squeaky voice. “You’re invoking his name quite a bit, like a true woman of the cloth! Now take it, bitch, take it because you love it and you’re about to cum like you’ve never cum before!”

She was right, of course, no one had ever controlled her, fingered her, taken her like Susan was and she felt her orgasm building as the crazy lady mashed her mouth to hers, kissing her deep and wet, pounding her sawing fingers into her cunt and using her thumb to diddle her oily clit.

“Oh…….oh…OHHHHHH!!!!” she screamed.

And then it was gone. Susan’s hand. Yanked out rudely, held before her, between her face and Susan’s smiling one. She looked at it, then down. Susan had torn open her dress and dragged her pantyhose down to her ankles in the process of raping her cunt with her hand. She looked at her awkwardly spread thighs, fatter and far less shapely than Susan’s, and the dripping chasm of her hirsute pussy.

She cried. The shame she now felt completely overwhelmed the fleeting pleasure Susan had given her.

“Ohhhh, too bad!” Susan laughed, holding that slimy hand up and rudely rubbing it all over Maria’s sputtering face, ramming the fingers inside her mouth. “Clean up that mess, do a good job, and maybe, just MAYBE I’ll let you cum!”

She couldn’t help but obey, savoring the funky flavor of her cunt, never having tasted it before, relishing the thick gel-like quality of her pussy juices, sucking madly at Susan’s fingers.

“Fucking cunt,” Susan snarled. “I knew it, I just knew it!”

She roughly yanked off the sobbing, shamed woman’s bra, stripping her naked. She untied her hands from behind her back and Maria slumped low on the couch, legs slack, tears streaming down her face.

“You’re free to go, bitch,” Susan said with a smile as she peeled off most of her own clothes to reveal the supple, firm body Maria could only wish she had. “But I don’t think you want that, do you?”

Maria cried, shaking her head, trying to stand, but unable to. She was weak, beaten and captivated by this gorgeous older woman so completely controlling her. She gave a brief thought to escaping, gathering up her clothes, running out and home, praying hard and all night to cleanse herself of sin.

She couldn’t move. She didn’t want to.

Susan sat in a chair, smiling, spreading her muscular thighs. Her panty was white and staining the front was a large wet spot. She looked at it and giggled.

“Sometimes I can’t help myself,” she sighed, looking at her crotch and taking Maria’s gaze with her. “Sometimes when I play tennis, I pee myself, just a little, just a touch, just enough to get wet. It is such a fucking turn on…”

Maria’s eyes widened as she watched Susan grunt, bite her lip and ooze a little more piss into her white panty, the darkness spreading farther and wider, dewy drops forming on the outside.

“Oops!” Susan giggled. “See what I mean?”

She curled a finger at the stunned reverend. Maria slowly shook her head.

“No…please, for the love of God!” she cried, ashamed at uttering the name.

“Yes,” Susan laughed, “But you got it wrong. For the love of Mrs. O’Malley, you WILL do it!”

Maria couldn’t take her eyes off the growing moistness of the panty a few feet away and now found herself in an almost out-of-body experience. As if she were watching, she saw herself get to her knees, shuffle over slowly to Susan’s gorgeous, spread legs. The flesh of the inner thighs was loose and slack, slightly wrinkled, Escort deeply tanned, jiggling as Susan playfully wiggled her legs. She found herself etching every detail in her mind of what she was seeing, including the thick curly gray hair erupting from the sides of that soiled panty, the silky strands wet with golden juices.

She got closer and the stench of piss, ripe, raw and forbidden, swept over her. She felt her own cunt moisten as she inhaled.

“Put your filthy mouth right here, bitch,” Susan smiled darkly, pointing to the spreading wet patch of piss. “And suck.”

Maria balked. Susan leaned forward, cupping her face, opening her mouth – and spitting into it.

“Do it, cunt,” she snarled, rubbing her spittle on the reverend’s quivering lips. “You know you want to.”

Maria nearly came the second her mouth found its target, open and wide, sucking desperately and pulling pure piss into her lips, running it over her tongue, hungry for the bitter taste. She swallowed, sucked hard, swallowed some more as Susan now smiled, groaning and grunting and forcing out a sudden steady stream of hot urine through her soaked panty and directly into the reverend’s sucking, ravenous mouth.

“You dirty little piss-loving whore!” Susan laughed, watching and feeling the piss being sucked through her panty, the reverend eager and gulping and at the same time, crying between her legs.

She let her drink from her hot piss well a moment longer and then lazily pulled aside the panty, the sodden bush exploding into view and beneath it, her dark, thick lips and engorged nubbin. Maria’s eyes widened.

“Suck pussy,” Susan said plainly. “Do it.”

“I…I…” Maria stammered.

Angrily, Susan stood up, grabbing Maria’s thick brown nipples in her fingers and twisting brutally hard, making her scream as she was lifted to her feet. Susan pulled her to her, hands on her shoulders, face to face – and rammed a smooth, silky thigh up into her pussy, slamming it with savage fury. Over and over, she cunt busted the shrieking reverend before letting her go to slump to her knees before her. She cried and looked up at Susan, her face shiny with hot piss.

Susan grabbed the mousy hair, twisting her to a squatting position, bending her back and straddling her face. The coarse, piss-soaked fur of Susan’s filthy pussy devoured Maria’s mouth and nose as Susan bent her completely back, holding her parallel to the floor and imprisoning her skull in the meaty, silky grip of her rugged thighs. She crossed her feet, squeezing Maria brutally hard, the dark woman’s face going blue in the sudden, savage crush of Susan’s powerful headscissor hold.

“I said suck pussy, bitch,” Susan snarled, looking down at the moaning face pressed tight in her muscular old thighs. “Or I swear to your god, I will crack your fucking skull in my legs!”

Maria cried and licked, spearing the matted, filthy fur with her trembling tongue, feeling it pulled into Susan’s silky cunt hole, tasting the funk of her piss and sweat. She reamed it in and out, faster and faster, each pull met with a new, tangy flavor that she had to swallow down.

Susan’s hot pussy was gushing moisture now, thick and aromatic, and it slithered down the reverend’s gulping throat.

“That’s it, that’s it, bitch, that’s it,” Susan laughed, cupping the reverend’s head in her hands and pulling the face to her quim impossibly tight, smothering her and grinding her clit on the nose, drenching her. “Smelllll that pussy, baby, smell that unholy, ripe, cheesy cunt!!”

She laughed a throaty, dark laugh as she came, long and hard, Maria bent so far back now she feared her spine would snap, Susan’s tremendous thighs quivering as they scissored harder and more painfully. She swallowed and licked and swallowed more as Susan’s gushing cunt streamed her thick woman cream down the reverend’s gulping throat.

By the time she was done, Susan had nearly cracked Maria’s neck and broken her jaws in her orgasmic squeezing.

“This is why you came, isn’t it, dearie?” Susan said sweetly, relaxing the grip of her thighs, letting the reverend gasp for air, her eyes streaming tears, her face thick with cum. “Admit it. Go on, admit it…”

“No…no please..I didn’t come for…it just…oh, God, please, please, oh God…” she babbled.

“Shh….shhhhh…” Susan hushed, stroking Maria’s wet hair, clearing the piss-soaked strands from her forehead. “Shhhh…”

She held her face in place, relocking her thighs, squeezing and positioning Maria’s mouth at her pee slit, unleashing a sudden, savage flow of piss that nearly drowned the reverend. Maria tried to scream but her open mouth was instantly filled with steaming hot, stinking urine. Susan grunted, forcing out more, glaring down at the woman trapped in her relentlessly squeezing thighs.

“Don’t miss a drop and get any on my rug, bitch,” she laughed sweetly. “Or I’ll have to punish you!”

She finally stopped pissing, letting her legs relax, Maria slipping to her back on the floor in a wet, moaning heap of humiliation. Her naked torso, and face, was covered with piss. Susan knelt, lapping it into her mouth and shooting every drop into Maria’s, ramming her tongue inside to force the stinging urine down her throat.

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