Mrs. O’Malley’s Golden Juices Ch. 13


Susan O’Malley hadn’t been to a football game in years. But she was at one now, the local high school variety, stopping by to see the grandson of one of her close friends.

And that someone was Brett Hannigan. A young man she’d dominated with her piss, her pussy, her asshole, one day at the beach. Which later turned to doing the same with the boy’s mother. The grandmother soon joined the pissy mix, all of which made Susan a very happy woman.

Susan bought a hot chocolate at the concession stand near the gate and walked to the far end of the high school bleachers, away from most of the crowd, wearing a mid-thigh tweed skirt, heavy sweater and tight tan leggings on this chilly fall day. As she approached, she couldn’t help but notice a gorgeous high school girl with long red hair, milky white face dotted by sexy freckles, wearing a sweater, short jean skirt and dark red knee socks that hugged her muscular young calves.

Susan licked her lips. She liked what she saw and immediately started plotting the girl’s domination.

She stood next to the girl, smiling, offering a quick hello, engaging in small talk.

“Oh, I’m Susan by the way, Susan O’Malley,” Susan said, shaking the gorgeous redhead’s hand.

“Kim O’Hara,” the redhead smiled, a very friendly girl. “I go to school here.”

“Oh, you must be a senior then, you’re what, 17, 18?” Susan asked, eager for the answer to be the latter.

“Yeah, 18, just turned a few weeks ago,” Kim said, stamping one foot then the other to keep warm, Susan’s eyes drawn to the quivering white thighs as she did.

“Happy birthday, Kim,” Susan smiled. “You are certainly a pretty young thing…”

The girl blushed, looking away then out to the field where the slam-bang of helmets and pads was heard, followed by cheers from various parts of the crowd supporting each team.

“Do you…are you here to see someone play, your son maybe?” Kim asked.

“Aren’t you a darling!” Susan laughed, touching the girl’s forearm, feeling her tense up. “Son? No, not a son. Grandson if anything…honey, I’m 65!”

Kim’s eyes widened, mouth open.

“You are not!” she said earnestly. “Mrs. O’Malley, you sure don’t look 65..I mean you’re so..well, you’re so pretty for…”

“An old lady?” Susan laughed. “Well, thanks!”

“No, no, not old, I’m sorry,” Kim said, embarrassed. “It’s just…”

“Flattering is what it is, sweet thing, flattering,” Susan sighed, squeezing that forearm harder and leaning into Kim’s pretty freckled face. “Thank you, honey child, that makes this old woman feel sexy!”

“It…it does?” Kim said softly, looking at Susan’s pretty eyes and wrinkled skin, admiring her ageless beauty.

“Yup, sexy,” Susan said in a low hiss.

“Uh…who are you here to watch play then?” Kim asked.

“Friend of mine’s grandson, maybe you know him,” Susan said. “Brett Hannigan?”

Kim’s eyes brightened and she fairly squealed, “Get OUT! He’s my boyfriend! Well, we’ve dated a few times and it’s getting…well, you know.”

Susan looked at Kim and smiled.

“Oh, I know, I know, believe me,” she laughed. “He’s a fine young man…you’re lucky to have one another.”

“Yeah,” Kim said, grinning.

They chatted for a few more minutes as the game progressed, when the urge to pee hit Susan. She loved that precise moment, when the need to piss made her pussy feel electric, alive. Looking at Kim made it even more so.

“Darn it, I gotta go to the pottie,” she said, twirling her nearly empty hot chocolate cup. “Stuff goes right through me!”

“Oh, the portable toilets are down there,” Kim said helpfully, pointing to the gate area.

“So far away,” Susan moaned, shifting from foot to foot, exaggerating the need for the girl’s benefit who seemed to watch more attentively. “Maybe…back there?”

She and Kim looked beneath the bleachers, behind which was a thick growth of trees.

“Oh, sure, that would work,” Kim giggled. “I was just thinking…well, a pretty woman like you…so classy and all, maybe that wouldn’t be fitting, you know?”

Susan turned and smiled at Kim, putting her cup on the ground and holding the young woman’s slender shoulders.

“You say the sweetest things, darlin’,” Susan said, leaning in for a quick hug, whispering into Kim’s ear through the silky red hair. “Thanks for making me feel sexy again…”

Kim trembled. Susan noticed.

“Be right back, cutie,” she finally said, breaking Anadolu Yakası Escort the hug and trotting off under the bleachers.

She found a spot not too far in, hidden from the people in the bleachers — and in direct line with the spot on which Kim stood. Susan wriggled down her leggings, hiking up her skirt and pulling aside her tiny white thong, squatting. She looked Kim’s way, not wanting to be obvious, as she forked her fingers into her hairy pussy, spreading the meaty lips.

Her pussy soaked, even before she peed, that glorious warmth of urgency flooding her loins, her clit poking out, slick, eager and ready. She grunted and let it flow, a thick, yellow stream of piss splashing out over her fingers and into the leaf-covered forest floor. Peripherally, she saw Kim standing there and at the height of her forceful flow, turned her head.

To look right into the eyes staring at the piss jetting from between her squatting, sexy old thighs.

“My, my, my,” Susan groaned, scissoring her clit with her fingers soaked with piss. “I’m so glad I decided to take in this football game….”

Kim’s eyes were riveted on Susan’s gushing crotch, so much so she didn’t notice she was busted. Until her eyes wandered up and into Susan’s. The squatting sexy old woman flashed a sly smile, and she waved to Kim with her piss-glistening fingers.

Kim’s eyes shot open wide and she quickly turned away, face flushed crimson from embarrassment. Susan laughed, finished her piss and lapped her fingers clean as she straightened up and walked back to the game.

Kim said nothing, just hugged her chest with crossed arms, pretending to watch the game, her creamy white face still red. Susan walked up to her, stood at her side and hooked her arm into Kim’s, making the girl jump.

But she didn’t pull away.

“It’s OK, honey, don’t be embarrassed,” Susan said calmly.

“Oh my GOD, Mrs. O’Malley, I’m so sorry!” Kim said in a hoarse whisper. “I was just seeing if….if you were…you were OK….and I…I didn’t mean…”

“Didn’t you though?” Susan growled in a tone decidedly more dominant than before. “Kim, you watched me piss, and you didn’t look away. You liked what you saw.”

It wasn’t a question.

Kim’s face was deep red by now as she looked down at the ground.

“No..I just…it’s…I mean…”

“You liked what you saw,” Susan insisted. “You liked watching me. Piss.”

A pause. Kim’s eyes were closed, lips tight as she slowly nodded. Susan smiled.

“Of course you did, girl,” Susan snarled in a sexy whisper. “They all do…”

She let the silence thicken before speaking again, her arm tightening around Kim’s as they stood.

“You like girls AND boys, isn’t that special?” she hissed. “You DO like girls, correct?”

Kim nodded again, biting her lip, now slowly turning to face Susan’s smiling face.

“Old girls, too,” Susan said. “That is the sexiest thing of all.”

She leaned close to Kim’s face, wanting to kiss her and stab her mouth with her tongue, wanting to pull the face to her pussy and drink her piss fresh from the source. But there was that bleacher full of people.

“And you like piss,” she said, lips tantalizingly close to Kim’s.

“No…I mean…I never…..” she groaned.

Susan smiled, her cunt going wetter by the second. Especially as she thought of dominating Brett and his mom and how nicely young Kim would fit into the flow of things.

She raised a hand to Kim’s face, wiggling her fingers, which still shone a bit with her urine. She pushed them to her nose and wiped. Kim’s body shivered, eyes rolling over white, as she sniffed them, licking her upper lip upon which lay a moist droplet of Susan’s pee.

“Gotta pee again, girl, you wait here,” Susan said darkly, leaning to pick up her empty cup and walking away.

She smiled entering the woods again, peeling down those leggings, hiding now behind a tree, knowing it was driving Kim mad not to see. Moments later, she returned. And handed Kim the cup.

“Oh my GOD!” Kim groaned, feeling the heat of the liquid inside, looking at it, bright yellow with a hint of dark from mixing with the remnants of the hot chocolate.

“Drink up, sweetheart,” Susan ordered her. “It’s good for you.”

With trembling hand, Kim lifted the cup to her lips, overcome by the heady funky smell of hot piss and slight tinge of chocolate. She looked at Susan, the silver-haired Bostancı Escort beauty’s smile slight and insistent.

Kim’s pussy throbbed and moistened the second the first hot sting of piss touched her lips, and she came, standing, thighs quivering against each other as she swallowed, gulping greedily, going back for me, relishing the thick pungency of the older woman’s hot piss and the slight sweetness of residual chocolate. She drained the cup, eyes fluttering, dropping her hand and licking her lips furiously.

Susan smiled, taking the cup from Kim’s hand, smelling it, licking the rim, eyes locked on the wide open ones before her.

“Nice and tasty isn’t it,” she growled.

Kim nodded quickly.

“I think the game’s about over,” Susan said. “Time for us to go.”

“But Brett…I’m supposed to meet him after…”

“Ah yes, Brett, lovely boy he is,” Susan laughed softly. “Text him.”

“Text him…what?” Kim whispered.

“That you’ll meet him at Mrs. O’Malley’s house later,” Susan said. “Do it.”

Kim fished out her cell phone, punching in the text as instructed.

“He won’t get it until he gets back to the locker room later,” Susan said. “Perfect timing.”


Susan smiled, turning to walk.

“Follow me and find out,” she snarled. “Now.”

They walked in front of the bleachers, no one taking notice, all caught up in the game that was nearing its end. At the front gate, Kim stopped by the port-a-john.

“I…I have to go, Mrs. O’Malley,” she said uncertainly.

“Of course you do,” Susan smiled. “But not there.”

She looked around to ensure their privacy and quickly whisked the young nervous woman behind the port-a-johns and behind a small out building, pushing her up against the wall and pressing up against her. Kim was shocked by the dominant woman’s actions and did nothing to resist as Susan mashed her lips to hers, ramming her long proficient tongue inside for a sweeping, wet kiss. She ran her hand down Kim’s skirt front, fingering her soaking wet and clean-shaven cunt before breaking away and stepping back.

“Piss,” she growled, hands on hips.

Kim’s bright green eyes widened, mouth open in disbelief.

“What?” she asked, astonished. “Right here, on the ground?”

“No, bitch,” Susan barked dominantly. “Piss right where you are. In your pretty pink panties. I won’t say it again, now fucking DO IT!”

Kim gulped, slowly nodding. Her eyes were locked onto Susan’s as she focused, concentrating, feeling the first dribble soak her thong and then gush out, unstoppable and hot. The piss soaked her panty and unable to stream straight out, washed out and down her trembling white thighs, a thick gleaming yellow sheet of piss, over her knees, and soaking her red knee socks down to her red and white sneakers.

And she came doing it. Her thighs quivered as she did, her eyes fluttering in their sockets. Susan smiled as Kim’s orgasm abated, her eyes drawing Kim’s down.

The redhead gasped. Susan peed at the same time, and now her tight tan leggings were dripping wet, steaming hot with her piss, the ankles bared at the bottom of the leggings white and gleaming with urine, her black pumps soaked.

“When a girl’s gotta go,” Susan growled, advancing on the trembling teen and kissing her deeply. “A girl’s gotta go!”

Susan broke the kiss, walking away, the nervous redhead following, walking in a wide-legged gait, uncomfortably and awkwardly.

“I have to…get home…change…” she said.

“No, you don’t, cunt,” Susan snarled over her shoulder, feeling Kim’s eyes on the backs of her legs, watching them flex under the piss-soaked leggings.

She walked to her SUV, opening the back door, looking around to make sure no one was watching. She motioned Kim inside and got in, shutting the door.

“We haven’t much time to clean up, game’s almost over,” Susan growled, leaning back against her door, legs spread, her wet tweed skirt hiked up. “Get to work. Sucking my piss!”

“Oh my God,” Kim groaned.

Susan impatiently reached for the head with one hand, pulling it to the dripping crotch of her tight leggings, latching her old but very powerful thighs around Kim’s skull, locking up and squeezing. Kim screamed in pain, then groaned with pleasure as she sucked the fabric over Susan’s cunt, feeling the heat and smelling the smell of her piss-soaked pussy. She went wild on the material, sucking Ümraniye Escort hard, drawing out the piss into her mouth, swallowing, going back for more. Susan groaned, grinding her wet cunt into the redhead’s adoring mouth, gyrating her hips and squeezing hard with her thighs until Kim moaned in pain.

“Yeah..just like that, bitch…gonna fucking CUM!” Susan howled.

“Please, Mrs. O’Malley, stop squeezing!” Kim groaned in the pissy crotch, palming the amazingly muscular old thighs scissoring her in place.

Susan came, quickly, copiously, flooding the crotch of her leggings and gushing the thick juices through it into Kim’s gulping mouth, feet locked together, thighs crushing. She came hard and fast and felt the redhead’s hands fall away from her gripping thighs, body gone slack. Susan smiled as she came down from her orgasmic high, relaxing her lethal legs until Kim snorted back awake.

“Have a drink, bitch,” Susan growled.

Kim moaned, feeling the hot piss soak the fabric anew as Susan peed through her leggings, soaking them and Kim’s face. The redhead sucked and swallowed every drop through the dripping wet fabric.

Susan finally released her head, sitting up and pulling her face to hers, lashing it with her tongue, furiously lapping the piss off her lips, chin and cheeks and kissing her with it. Kim was putty in her hands, moaning, completely subservient to the dominant older woman.

“My turn,” Susan giggled.

She sat Kim back, spreading her meaty white, wet thighs, diving in between, turning her head to the side to suck the soaking wet knee socks clinging to Kim’s luscious calves, groaning as she slurped the piss from them. She ran her tongue up over the gorgeous wet thighs, slurping madly, devouring every drop.

Outside they heard the crowd filter by the car, adding another layer of sexy forbidding to the sloppy tryst. Kim moaned loudly as Susan lapped her way to the pink thong, sucking the wet fabric, swallowing every drop of hot piss she sucked from it and then quickly tonguing Kim’s engorged clit. The piss-stinking teen girl shuddered, mouth open in a silent scream and came against the older woman’s proficient mouth, soaking the panty with her hot girly cream. Susan sucked harder and faster, slipping a finger under the panty to drive deep into the velvety cunt, adding to the intensity of Kim’s thundering orgasm.

Susan finally stopped, pulling Kim’s face to hers, holding the piss-and-cum soaked finger between them, both inhaling the funky vapors and lapping it clean. They joined lips around it and then the hand fell away as the two women separated by 47 years kissed like long-lost lovers, tongue wrestling tongue in their moaning mouths.

“Well now,” Susan hissed, biting Kim’s lip and sucking it into her mouth. “That was interesting.”

They straightened themselves out, slipping into the front seat, Susan driving away. Kim was silent, trying to absorb all that happened. And wondering what would.

They pulled up to Susan’s house and walked inside, Kim following her new mistress like an obedient puppy. Susan turned, putting her hands around the young face, pulling down. Kim nodded, kneeling before the silver-haired woman, licking her lips as Susan shucked her soaking leggings and thong beneath, spreading her thighs as she leaned back on the counter. Her silvery bush was matted with piss and cum, her clit peeking out from the furry wetness.

The thighs closed around the moaning face and the second Susan’s piss started to flow into the gulping mouth, Kim’s phone chimed. Susan looked down at the thigh-trapped redhead gulping her hot pee and put her hand out.

“Phone,” she growled.

Kim obeyed, handing it to her as she groaned, lapping Susan’s insistent cunt, swallowing piss and sucking that greasy clit into her mouth.

“It’s Brett,” Susan smiled. “He wants to know what’s going on.”

Kim’s eyes widened in fear and uncertainty — but she never stopped drinking Susan’s flowing piss and lapping at her hairy twat. Susan smiled.

“Brett, this is Mrs. O’Malley,” Susan typed into Kim’s phone, reading the words aloud to the slave scissored in her meaty wet thighs. “Come over right now. There’s something we need to talk about. The three of us.”

She put the phone down, leaning back on the counter, hand cupping the back of Kim’s groaning head.

“My dear, there’s something you need to know about your boyfriend,” Susan hissed. “And his mother…and his grandmother….”

Kim’s eyes widened from between the thighs surrounding her face.

“One day at the beach,” Susan began, “I ran into your Brett…..”

Along with Susan’s cum and jetting piss, Kim drank in every word. And couldn’t wait for Brett to arrive.

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