Ms. Marca Ch. 14

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The guy who has the 14 inches is named James and Iv been with him 3 or 4 times and he is one who knows what he has and how to put it to good use. The last time I was with him I had run into him while I was over at a friends apartment and he was at the same complex visiting someone he knew. After a few minutes of small talk I could see the way he looked at me he was wanting to suck on my 40DD and I had no problem with that if he put that giant cock in the right place. He invited me in to his friend’s place to have a drink, but I told him I didn’t want to be a third wheel and maybe he and I could get one some other time. He said his friend was just leaving for work and no one would be home the rest of the day. I smiled, he just smiled took my hand and led me to the one bedroom apartment, and we went inside. He closed the door and just went to the bedroom and I was right behind him and watched as he sat down on the bed. I told him why don’t you drop your pants, which he did. James had his pants down; when hard he was about 14 inches, pretty thick, with a big head. I stated licking his head, then his shaft he got hard real fast. I then deep throated the thing as much as I could, it wasn’t easy, but I got 6/8 inches down. I gagged a little, but I bet he hasn’t had a woman swallow his cock like I did.

I could see out of the corner of my eyes, James stroking and rubbing his big ball suc and it looked like his cock was on a full hard. I pulled my mouth off of James’s cock, and was facing a guy with the biggest cock I have ever seen, it was at least 14 inches long, and very thick too. I started licking his monster like a pop sickle and kissing and tonguing the head, it took ataşehir escort bayan time just to work his head in my mouth, while doing this, James went to work on my tits and started fingering my wet pussy. I finally worked about half of James cock into my mouth; his was the first cock that I couldn’t deep throat all the way, I wasn’t even close.

I started sucking hard on James, my hand stroking the lower part of his shaft, my head bobbing up and down on his cock. James started really fucking me hard in the mouth, he surprised me by slapping my ass hard, I loved it, James then grabbed my head, and started fucking my face hard, he grabbed my hair with his other hand and started pulling, I was loving every second. James started grunting, then moaning. I was rubbing his balls and working them to shoot that big load into my mouth. I could tell he was about to go off and seconds later James started shooting a huge load down my throat. I didn’t think he would ever stop, but I swallowed the whole thing.

I then had him lay on the bed with me between his legs I started alternately licking his soft, but still big cock, and his monster balls and he started to get hard rather quickly. I told James to fuck me, get that cock inside me, he asked me if I was sure I straddled James, and slowly worked the head of his cock into my pussy. Then I slid down on about half his huge cock, I had never been stretched out like this before, I was stroking James’s lower part of his cock with my hand at this time, and he was real hard now too. He then took my tits in my mouth to get me moaning. I finally had all of James in my pussy, it hurt a little, but each time escort kadıöy I slammed myself down on him, it felt better and better. James’s cock was now really wet and slick with my pussy juice.

I can’t describe the feeling of having 14 inches of cock inside me, the pain wore off fast, and I was in heaven, we both started fucking real hard. James pulling my nipples with his teeth and calling me a dirty big tite whore, that’s when I came, it was the best orgasm of my life, it was the best fucking of my life.

I told him that I had an hour or more if he wanted to do me again! James asked me if I was sure, and that no woman had ever been able to take his hog in her that quick! I told him I like challenges, and said yes, I want your big black cock in my pussy again. So James lay on his back, I went to my purse, and threw James some KY jell. “Lubricate that bad boy up good I said, I was so wet.

I straddled James, and sunk down on his cock very slow and did it all the way easily. I began riding his head hard, and when I saw that James was ready, I stopped, and braced for some real pain, he had a little trouble getting his head in, and when it popped in, I gasped. “Oh shit, Oh God Damn Oh!” But James’ big cock had me ready for him, and the pain went away fast. He had a couple of inches in, and started to fuck me slowly, James was moving under me at a nice steady pace, it felt soooooo good. My favorite position to fuck is dog style, standing or on all 4’s. If I get a big long cock thick and mushroom head I try and do it on all 4’s. This way I can move my ass up/head down and get to feel the different angle as the cock humps my pussy. Standing I maltepe escort have to keep my legs spread and straight and bent at the waist in order to let him have full exposure to my love hole and be able to feel it deep. On all 4’s I can rock back on it and control some of the humping the guy is doing, more so than standing and bent over at 90*! Standing and holding on to a bed post I can left one leg some or shaft my hips and feel the cock move in and out of me different. This can make me have one climax after an another. Some men when they fuck dog fashion like to slap your ass and a few will get into a spanking mood when they see how you hump their cock and try to get you to hump faster and harder by slapping your butt with each stroke they do. When a guy sees that I will hump him faster, as he spanks my ass, he does not hold back from letting my ass cheeks feel his palm. If he has a monster for a cock I hump that baby until he blows his load and I still hump it after he has stop shooting. I try and make my pussy milk his last drop before I stop.

I stop and got off him and got on all 4’s and looked back at him as he got on his knees and moved in to where that big thing was at the mouth of my dripping love hole. I said fuck me you pussy, give it to me hard, I was in a zone, I wanted it bad, he then pulled back to where just the head was inside my pussy. He slammed his cock all the way in, and just stayed there for a couple of seconds, ohhhhh myyyyyy godddd, I screamed, it hurt and yet felt awesome at the same time, I even saw stars. He slid his cock all the way out, and slammed it back home again, I loved it, then he started fucking me hard and fast and long hard strokes, it was awesome.

We lay in bed for a couple of minutes, with him inside me; I love the feeling of a cock softening inside of me. James then pulled out, and I got off of James, and we laid in bed kissing for a while, then got dressed, and on our different ways.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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