Ms. Marca Ch. 38


My husband and I had been to Miami for a few days. He had some business to do and I got to spend a few dollars, just the kind of trip I like. We had stayed at the Hilton at the airport in Miami and some of the rooms look out over a lagoon and others you can see into a room across the courtyard. On the day we were to leave Miami my husband had to go to South America on an early AM flight, he was up and out of the hotel by 7:00 AM. I was going back home and did not need to check out until noon. I spent the morning packing and taking my time getting ready to check out. I had taken a shower and was doing my makeup and went into the bedroom to put on my undies.

I sat on the edge of the bed and put on a pair of lace white thigh high stockings and my white 4- inch high heel shoes. I stood and walked over to look at myself in the mirror and check out the look I was trying to get. The heels made my 38 inch ass have this full round look that would swing when I did my runway walk in the airport. The white cotton thong would not show though my white linen sun dress that would let light shine though and give that appears of having nothing on underneath. My 40DD’s would ride high and full in my white lace bra and the dress was low cut and show lots of cleavage. At 5′ 10″ without the heels I had just that look I wanted to project for all to see.

I turned to go back to the bed and put on my panties and bra when my sight passes the window and I catch the eyes of a man in the window across the courtyard parallel to mine. I freeze for what seems like forever. My gaze never leaves his. I thought briefly about closing the blinds, but what good would it do, now. He’s already seen damn near everything. I thought to myself, “What the hell, I’ll give him a real show.” I guess I’ll join that select group of young ladies, which I’m sure you guys have seen on the video, “Girls gone wild on Spring Break.” I just did not have a top to take off and I didn’t have a hundred young guys standing down in the courtyard urging me on to strip for them. I had one old guy.

He’s not an attractive man, from what I can see thus far, he looks to be in his late 50’s and a little over weight by the look of his face. I could see by the look on his face that he likes what he sees when he looks at me. I forget for a second, that I am standing completely nude, except for my stockings and heels, in front of my hotel room window for this man to see. He licks his lips deviously at me. I find myself getting extremely wet.

I smile and move one of my hands to try and cover up my breast and with the other I cover my pussy. He has on a hotel robe and when he can see that I’m not walking away from the window he opens up the front of his robe and shows me his limp, but very long cock that is pointing down. I tell myself it won’t be that way for long if I don’t move and close the blinds.

I go back to the bathroom and picked up my jar of Oil of Olay lotion, (my husband calls it OIL OF OLD LADY) and return to the spot by the window. I turned around so that I can face the peeping tom across the courtyard and let him see the goodies. I put my right foot on the chair that was by the window. I shook some lotion onto my hand, put the jar down, rubbed my hands together, and began to apply the lotion to my right thigh; I applied more lotion to my hands and applied it to my left thigh, just above my stockings. I began to apply the lotion around my hips and my ass and up my waist, as I continue glance back at him in between my self-inducement of my hands and fingers on my body. My skin glistening with the oil in the light from the dressing table lamp.

I know that the lotion is for your face but I had my makeup on and the only thing left to rub was my body and it did feel good to have my body get creamed. I like the other type of cream, but this would do for the time being. I could feel his eyes on me as the circular motion of my hands on my hips transfixes him. I could see him squeezing his hardness between his legs. I moved my hands up to my breasts, and stroked my nipples, that were now hard from teasing him; I cupped each breast in a hand, and kneaded it like bread dough; squeezing and releasing all around.

I put my left foot back on the chair, and turned my hips so my naked body faced him. I moved my hands down to my pussy and with my left hand pulled the lip out, and with my right middle finger began to play with my clit. I moved my hips back and forth toward him, just as I would when making love. I can feel his eyes on me even more intense than before. I lowered my hands and started masturbating, I mean you could see everything very clearly.

I run my index finger lightly over the curve of my side, making my nipples even harder than they were. I move my single finger down my outer thigh, and to my knee, where I trace a circle, and make my way back up my inner thigh. I stop at my bikini line, and tug softly at my pussy lips and rub the outside of them and twirl my finger around them. rize escort Every once in a while I would glance at him and give him that sexy smile and pucker my lips and lick one or two fingers to show him how good I taste.

Oh what a turn on this is for me I love having guys look at me and he has a full view. What am I doing? I know that it is obvious turn-on for him. I never turn down a chance to show my body off and this is more than I could ever hope for. I had been by the pool a few times this past week in my bikini and had given the guys a good show, but this was different. I was naked and playing with myself and looking right at him and I knew he could see my nipples go rock hard. I had one hand on my nipples and the other furiously at my cunt with two fingers now. God I can’t believe that I’m fingering herself, this was too good to be true.

I look over toward the man, and he absolutely loves this. He has his cock in hand, and is jerking at about the same pace as I am. This gets me so hot. I moan loudly and let out a slight scream. I never realized I could get so excited without actually being touched by another person. I turn around and spread my leg apart about 2 or 3 feet and bend over and reach back and spread my ass cheeks. I know he can see the pink of my pussy. He has got to see how wet it is and he might even see the juice running down my leg as I run my fingers down to mop it up and bring it back to my lips and watch me suck it off my fingers.

This is no job for my fingers anymore. I hold up one finger to the man, and step away for just a second to grab my vibrator out my bag that I had packed. I always carry one of my toys with me on a trip like this, you never know when you may need some relief and here I was in need of it. I love the feel of a dildo/vibrator that looks and feels like a real cock and this one was.

This is not the biggest toy I have but just one of my nicer toys that is 9 inches but as I said it has the shape, feel and look of a real cock. It is a large rubber and plastic affair, lifelike down to the pimpled flesh of its large thick shaft. I hold it up to my face and run it over my lips as I kiss and lick the head of it as if it was the real thing.

This has got to be driving him crazy I know it is me, just knowing he can see what I’m doing to it. I move it down to my breast and run it over each of my nipples and feel the tingle it gives me and the damn thing is not even on. I look up at him and see the look in his eyes and how this is turning him on. I put the fake cock up to my lips and suck it in and take about 4 inches and pump it in and out 4 or 5 strokes.

I turn around with my back to him again and bend over and spread my legs and look between my legs at him. I take my love toy and place it just at my pink wet throbbing pussy lips. I run it over my lips and around the side getting as much pussy juice on the head as I can. I place it just at the entrance of my love hole and raise my head up and turn back and look at him. He nods yes and I can see him doing a slight humping motion as if he was behind me trying to fuck me dog style. I smile and wink at him and run my middle finger of my other hand up to my ass love hole and slip it in up to the first joint.

I give him a look and mouth very slow so that he can tell what I’m saying “OH YES!” and hump back as if trying to get hold of that cock to suck it in to my hot pussy. I keep rocking back toward the toy and just let an inch of it slip in my dripping pussy and than pull it out just as quick as I let it go in. He is jerking his cock even harder and I know he can feel my pussy walls around that hard meat he has between his hands.

I look over at him and see he is transfix on me and his mouth is wide open as if he can’t believe what he is seeing. Boy you haven’t seen nothing, yet! I turn that bitch up full blast and cram it in. Now I really let out a scream. Oh, he likes this. What a naughty man! Watching a naughty bitch fuck herself. And loving every minute. Naughty, naughty man!

I tilt my head back and moan even louder. I wonder if he can hear me. I hope so. Now, I’m wetter than I thought I could get, and I put the fingers of one hand into my mouth. I bite eagerly at them, and do suggestive things to them. He catches on quickly. I move that hand up to my hair, and pull on it. I drag my fingernails down the front of my neck, and around my nipples. I scrape down between my tits and across my navel. All the while, pounding into myself with this 9″ humming rod. My tits were bouncing up and down as if they were almost waving at him. I want to have a Dick in my mouth right now. I want to push it deep down my throat. I know he wants it too.

I want him to watch as I licked the tool from base to tip. My mouth was full of my thick pussy juice. I swallowed hard and was suddenly overwhelmed with the need to show him how well I could suck a cock. I moaned as I began to lick it in earnest. It had turned into a real Dick for me. I licked it and worked the tip in my mouth. Twisting and turning my head as I sucked it hard I came just as the fullness of it in my throat made me gag. He could see that I had just got off and that I had juice running down my leg and I collected it with my fingers and licked it as fast as I could gather it up from my leg.

I turn and face him and take the fake cock and put it to my lips and kiss and lick my pussy juices off it and than I slip it in my mouth and began to give it a long slow blow job. I quicken the pace of the sucking and can look over at him and watch him as he looks on in total disbelief and envy. I squat down and spread my knees apart where he can see my pussy and watch me as I finger it while I suck on the toy. It is if I’m in front of him playing with my cunt and sucking his cock, giving him a mind blowing head job. I have smaller climax’s one right after the other but nothing to get me off big time, and I continue to wipe up my juices and lick them. I was more excited about having him watch me and making him jerk his cock than I was of getting off.

I moved over to the king size bed and sat on the edge of the bed, the pink, rubber fake cock slowly working in and out of my pussy. I was lying across the bed on my elbows. My knees were bent and my legs were parted. I felt the head of the fake Dick as it pushed its way past my swollen pussy lips. It not only was going in and out of my hole, but it was also rotating as well as vibrating. There was no way I could stop myself from responding. With each jolt of going off my legs would kick out as if trying to suck the fake cock in deeper as if to open my honey hole wider. At this point I could have taken a bigger cock when I get my juices going I can’t get enough of a big horse cock that some guys have.

He stood across the courtyard from me staring. I had played with my pussy many times but never with a total stranger looking at me, with someone watching me as intently as he was. This guy had to be 25 / 30 years my senior. He had opened the robe and his body was over weight and he had a big belly and skinny legs. His cock look like an arm it was so big that it made up for the body that I didn’t want to see. I didn’t care how old he was I wanted to let him see me fuck, see me have sex with anything or anyone. I had been to Holland and had seen the ladies in the windows and this must be how they feel when they have guys watching them.

I was fucking my pussy with just the head of the Dick. I looked over at him. Knowing he was watching so intently made this whole scene so much more erotic. Circumcised, as he was, I watched as the swollen head of his Dick, so fat that it shown in the dim light from the bedroom lamp pulsed and his clear pre-cum oozed from the tip. His cock was in his hand and he was pumping like a jackhammer. It was so thick; he could barely close his hand around it.

My eyes widened as I got a good look at him; “Oh shit this old fart was big he was huge”! I held up one of my finger and pointed at his cock and brought my finger back to my lips and licked it and than pointed back at him. He smiled and when he lifted his hand and get some of his oozing cum on it, I saw his pink tongue snake out and lick cum from his fingers I almost went off. This was so nasty, and yet I wanted more. God I wanted to lick his cum and have him lick my pussy juices.

My husband and I had just fucked last night no more than 12 hours ago. I had told him I wanted some cock to hold me over while he was gone and we fucked our brains out. He had eaten my pussy to the point I had seen stars 3 or 4 times. Here I was using my toy doing it all over again and having a wilder sex trip than I did with the real thing last night. I was not horny this morning until I saw the old guy watching me and this public display I was doing had made me as horny as I had been in a few days.

I wonder did he watch us fuck last night and that just made me get wetter than I had been and made me want to fuck something even more and let him watch me have sex and look at him as he goes off. But all I had was my toy and that would have to do for the time. This was not the first time I had to use it to get relief and was not going to be the last. “I HOPE NOT!”

I could feel every bump and stubble as I worked the dildo into my pussy. The dildo I was using was shaped and designed exactly like a Dick with bulging veins along its length. I felt the abundant amount of cum that was coating the shaft. Never before could I remember ever being so wet. And I never knew it could get so thick. I pulled it from my pussy and looked at it. The entire Dick was covered with my own thick cum. the scent from my boiling cunt filled the room. I had already cum numerous times but they were all tiny spasms. I looked over at him. He stroked his Dick slowly. Taking time to lick his pre-cum from his fingers occasionally. I think I got the guy on to something he might enjoy. I enjoy licking cum and if a guy has had a lot to drink the night before it will have a sweet taste more so than salty as it does 80% of the time.

I see his head move back and his other hand massaging his balls. He was stroking slowly. His cock was curled upward, quite different from my husbands, which had a slight downward curve, and the head on this man’s cock was quite bulbous. If a guys cock curls up I will get him to go me dog style so I can feel it ride up on the backside of my pussy walls. His cock head had to be as big as my fist and the skin was shinny and very pink. His eyes were fixed on me and he mouthed “I’M GOING TO CUM!” I looked back at him and mouthed back “I LOVE TO FUCK A BIG COCK LIKE THIS!” Having said that I moved my ass on to the edge of the bed I pulled my legs up and out and placed the dildo in my hot pussy and let it rest in my hole about half way without holding it. I looked back at him and mouthed “WATCH THIS!”

He stop jerking and just looked at me and what I was doing to the dildo. I began to work my pussy muscles and work the dildo into my cunt as I rested my body on my elbows. Look mom no hands! Over the years I have developed my pussy where I can suck a toy in and walk it in as deep as I can get the dildo, this one was just 9″ and it only took about 5 movements of my muscles to suck it in. I continued to look at him and smile and bend my head down and lick at my hard nipples. When the dildo had worked its way in I would reach down and pulled it out about half way and do it all over again. When I had made it suck in the final time and had all 9″ in my pussy I pulled my legs back and took two of my fingers and licked them and began to work them into my ass. I know the look on my face told him I wanted double penetration.

I did this 4 or 5 times and than pulled it out and sucked the full shaft into my mouth and licked it clean of my juices. Each time I would show him my tongue and how I ran it over my lips and give him that look of being satisfied after each suck on it. He went back to jerking as hard as he had been and I knew he was ready to go off big time. I put the fake cock back in my pussy and went to humping it and pumping it as fast as I could and kept saying over and over as I looked at him “FUCK ME, FUCK ME!” I masturbated in front of him as if I was insane, but I needed to cum, and I did, as I shouted out obscenities.

Oh, it’s coming. I can tell by the way he’s looking at me, that he’s going to shoot off and come all over the fucking sliding glass door! I’m so close to coming, myself, that I know seeing him doing that would just send me right over the edge. I put the dildo back in my pussy and ride the rubber/plastic cock, wishing it were real, and rub my clit with my spare hand. I know it’s getting to be too much for him. He’s steadying himself against the windowpane. He opens his mouth wide and shuts it onto his bottom lip and bites down hard. He comes all over the window. Damn what a load that old guy had and it just shoots out in squirts in what seem like equal amounts in about 3 long strokes he has and than it just drip’s on the floor.

I want to go over there and lick it all off. Seeing what I have made him do gets me off so much. I come for a long time, and ejaculate all over my dildo. I dip my finger into my sopping cunt, and bring the juices to my mouth. I want him to taste this. I want to taste him.

I became so deeply engrossed in drinking my own come that I didn’t realize that he had left and was gone, damn I wanted him to see me go off one more time. I think I could get off 2 or 3 more times. Than he is back at the window and this time he has a sheet of the hotel stationary in his hand which he holds up next to his face and smiles at me and on it he had printed in big bold letters “DRINKS N BAR”. I go and get some stationary and print on it “2 PM N BAR”. I go to my window and hold the paper down next to my pussy and as I see his eyes read what I had written I use my other hand to rub my pussy and finger it. I watch as his eyes follows my fingers up to my lips as I lick them and suck them and than I mouthed back to him “I LOVE SUCKING COCK!” He smiles and nods his head yes and blows me a kiss and shut the blinds to his window.

This left just me, standing at my window, blinds open, and my body still shaking from the earth-moving climax I just had, among other things. I take a moment to catch my breath and recreate the event in my head. I replay the memory and what I had just done for that last 45 minutes or so. I look back up at the clock; damn I don’t have time to waste. I call for a bellboy to get my bags as I throw on my dress and pack up everything. I didn’t have time to put my thong on, and just did get my pussy washed as the bellboy knocked on the door. He took the 2 bags down to the lobby as I went back to cleaning and douched my love hole, can’t have that damn thing smelling like a tuna boat while I’m trying to look like a million. I put my thongs in my purse and will slip it on later, hell I may not need it if I don’t have to. I can always put it on at the airport or on the plane in the restroom after take off.

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