Muslim Cousin Dee Gets My Dick


Muslim Cousin Dee Gets My DickHi all, its Ali here.I’m back once again, this time with the incident where my elder cousin sister lost her virginity to me and became obsessed with sex. Those who have read my earlier posts may know this but let me tell you a little about myself and my family so you will have a better idea of the whole situation.I belong to a very large and conservative Muslim family. We lived in one of the largest cities in central India. My father had 7 brothers and we all live in a huge housing complex which is almost a gated and private community. We have several houses and buildings attached to one other and this has kept us very close as a family unit.A little about me… I stand 5’10” tall, very fair, with long, straight dark hair. I have been a soccer player since I was small and I have a naturally slim and athletic build.About Dee… Dee is a year older to me and stands around 5’6″. She has a dusky complexion with dark, wavy medium hair. She had large eyes, with a set of full lips, very unlike her mother, Aunt Sheen. However, her similarities with her sexy mother started below her face. Dee had perky and big boobs (36-C) with a noticeable slim waist. One of the best things about Dee was her voluptuous ass. Her booty was perfectly round and jutted out behind her remarkably. Although she usually wore loose-fitting salwar-suits normally, I did get to glimpse her hot and curvy booty from time to time as we had played together since we were small. To picture Dee, you can imagine a curvy black chick with a noticeably large ass (a THOT if you may).BACK to the STORYAnyways, this incident is from May of 2007. I was enjoying the last month of vacation. It was a Saturday and Dee was alone at home. Aunt Sheen had her duplex apartment on the first and second floor of our building while my family occupied the entire ground floor.This incident occurred a year before her mom, Aunt Sheen seduced me at her home when she was widowed for a couple of weeks.Dee called me at a little past 12 in the afternoon as I played video games in my room. It was the hottest month of the year, especially for our area and I had absolutely no wish to go out.”Hey, bro! What you doing?” Dee asked in a cheerful voice as soon as I answered my phone.”Hey, Dee. Not much, just playing video games. I thought you were at your aunt’s place with your mom for the weekend.” I asked, as Aunt Sheen had gone to the next city to stay with her sister.”Naah. I get bored to death with their gossip! I’m alone for the weekend, bro.””Cool! What are your plans for today then?” I asked her innocently.”It’s too hot to go anywhere out so I was thinking we could chill together at my place. We can watch movies or something. What do you say?” Dee asked.”Sure. Sounds great!” I replied.”All right then, come on up.” Dee said and hung up.I walked up the short flight of stairs from our common front yard up to the first floor. I was about to ring the bell when I noticed that the iron grill door at the main entrance to her apartment was slightly ajar. I pushed open the door and stepped in. After locking the grill door from inside, I called out, “Hey, Dee! Where are you?””I’m in my room, bro!” I heard her call from the second floor. I walked into the kitchen and started climbing the stairs to the second floor of her apartment.”Hey bro!” Dee said and smiled at me but I could only stare back at her lovely body.The FlirtingDee was not wearing her usual conservative clothes but was dressed in her PJs. She wore light pink-colored satin booty shorts with a matching spaghetti top. She had smiled at me and turned around and was now sitting casually, as if she was used to wearing such short clothes around me. I guess she would wear them at home, but still I would have reckoned she would have changed into pants and a sleeved top at least.I had to struggle hard not to stare at her lovely, curvy body as she sat on the chair. She seemed to be browsing for movies on her computer and I decided to take the chance and finally get a good look at her body. I had never had such thoughts for her but since the past 2 years she had bloomed from a fat teen into a curvaceous nymph. I had also noticed a tone of flirting in her whenever we joked around.Dee had drawn the curtains on her room’s windows and it was nearly dark in there. Only a little light seemed to penetrate the heavy curtains and I could make out Dee sitting near the window at her computer table.I just stood there and looked at her dark but smooth and bare shoulders. She sat sideways on her chair and I could make out the noticeably round and big mounds her lovely, perky boobs made in her thin spaghetti top. She had one leg folded underneath her and rocked the other leg casually and I thought I could stare forever at her smooth and shapely legs. The dark skin was smooth and completely hairless, which she had inherited from her mom, Aunt Sheen I guess.”Hello? Earth to Ali!” Dee said and giggled as I suddenly woke out of my lovely reverie. I quickly turned my eyes to her computer and pretended that I was instead looking at the screen. I had stepped in now and went to sit on the other chair. It felt a little awkward because she had caught me staring at her. But she can’t blame me for staring when this is the first time I’ve seen her show so much skin, you know!”Not there. Let’s sit on the bed, bro. It’s more comfy.” Dee said to me and I went to sit on the bed which was at the side of her computer table.”Mmm… Ok, let’s watch this one.” Dee said finally after having selected one of the movies from her computer.I sat on the edge of the bed, and when Dee stood up, she pushed the chair aside and climbed on the bed too.”Come on here, bro. Get comfy.” Dee said, patting her side, as she sat with a pillow on her lap and her back against the wall. I smiled inward and scooted up to her side. Now I sat at her left with my legs stretched out and back against the wall. She sat cross-legged with a small pillow in her lap. Dee was leaning forward and rested her chin on her arms which were kept on the pillow. The window was to her other side, right next to the bed and the dim light was sufficient to outline her lovely figure as I sat on the other side.I leaned back and rested my head against the wall. Damned if I was going to waste this chance to ogle her lovely and curvy body and didn’t even realize the movie had started. I was staring at her smooth, dark upper back when I noticed that I could not make out the outline of her bra. I grinned wide in the dark and realized she was not wearing her bra.I had already felt my cock twitch in my shorts when I saw her sitting on the chair 2 minutes ago. But as she sat close to me, I could already smell her musky yet sweet scent. She wore a nice perfume and this didn’t register at the moment.The movie was some Hollywood rom-com which I had already seen a few months ago. However it was the first time for Dee and she seemed to be engrossed in it. The movie was quite hilarious and we both frequently laughed and giggled.10 minutes into the movie, I noticed that Dee had slid closer to me and she sat with her back against the wall. Our shoulders were touching now and I loved the feeling of her soft, smooth arms next to mine. She sat so close to me that her knee was over my outstretched leg and I instantly felt an erection coming as soon as her silky, thick thigh touched my bare leg.Oh man! I thought she was surely going to notice the small tent my semi-erect cock was making in my shorts now. As Dee sat watching the romantic scene going on screen I sneaked a pillow from her bed and casually placed it over my crotch, keeping my left arm over it.The background music in the movie was slow and sensual as the actors on-screen made out hard. The actor practically rips off the actress’ dress as they move from the door to the bedroom. I heard Dee begin to breathe harder as she sat beside me, seeming to be completely engrossed now.I looked sideways at Dee and saw her lick her lips quickly and gulp hard. Her busty chest seemed to move faster with the tit-show on in the R-Rated rom-com movie. Needless to say I had a hard-on by now and was trying hard to hide it with the little pillow unsuccessfully. I was praying that Dee wouldn’t notice it at the same time because despite being close and very friendly there were still some limits that we both did not cross.I pretended to stare at the computer screen as the romantic scene played out. The actor had sat the actress, who was completely nude now, on the table. She was clawing at his hair as he buried his face in her busty chest.The Seduction”Ummpphh!!” I mumbled in shock when without a warning Dee caught my chin, turned my face towards her and instantly smashed her soft, pouty lips over mine.”Whoa! What the… Dee!” I stammered in shock and moved my face away, without touching her. I was in complete shock with the sudden and completely unexpected kiss from Dee.Dee stared at me and bit her lower lip, seemingly trying to decide something.”Ali, I have a huge crush on you.” Dee said finally.”What… But Dee… I mean…” I stammered again, trying to figure out the best way to explain my shock before she cut me with, “Come on, Ali. I know you’ve been fucking Amna for over 2 years now.”I opened my mouth in shock and was speechless. I felt infuriated at the same time as my twin sister had promised she would not tell about us to anyone else. Seeing the change in my express to anger, Dee explained nicely, “Hey, don’t think she gossiped about it, ok? You know she’s one of my favorite cousin and BFF. We were just talking about sex last week and when I told her that I was a virgin she accidentally let it out that she wasn’t. I had to prod and beg her to tell me the whole thing because I could not believe she had lost her virginity when she can’t have a boyfriend, right?””Uhh… yeah… I guess I understand.” I said, trying to buy more time to think this through. I knew I had fantasized about fucking Dee since the past year but never imagined it would work out with her too.This she took as agreement with her action and within the second she was again kissing me. I responded immediately and lick sucked on her lower lip. Her lips were soft and juice and I gently nibbled on it. By now, Dee had thrown the pillow over her lap and picked off the pillow from my lap too. She was too busy to notice the raging hard-on I sported now under my shorts.Still kissing, Dee caught my face in both her hands and with ease she moved over and sat on my thighs, with her legs folded on each side. She was kissing me hard now and this showed that she was really desperate.I had put my arms around her neck at first and pulled her closer. As I pushed her lips apart with my tongue and licked her lips from inside as I slid my hands down to her bare shoulders. The warm and smooth skin felt like satin to the touch. I rubbed her shoulders gently with my hands as Dee finally opened her mouth to let me push in my tongue. I had no idea how she had learnt it but as soon as she felt my tongue in her mouth Dee immediately sucked it in deeper. I let her lick my tongue with hers and her soft lips stroked it.We were both moaning and panting with the long, hard kiss. Dee finally broke the kiss and stared at me, panting hard and trying to catch her breath.”Oh, I love you, Ali!” Dee growled and began to kiss even harder now. She was desperately nibbling and biting on my lips and as soon as she sensed my lips parting open she immediately poked her tongue in my mouth, searching for mine. Once I stuck out my tongue, Dee began to suck it like earlier, but güvenilir bahis moaning harder this time.I was enjoying feeling her warm and smooth back. My hands had slid easily over her curvy back and rested on the perfect, large mounds of her ass cheeks as she sat on my lap. Her soft crotch was rubbing amazingly over my hard cock.I grabbed a hold of her ass cheeks in both hands and squeezed hard.”Mmhhmm” Dee moaned in approval, without breaking the kiss and licked my tongue even harder, making a mess.Dee let go off my face and was now struggling to pull up my Tee. I adjusted myself so she could slip off my Tee. Once my Tee-shirt was off Dee threw it in the corner and began to rub my chest with her warm hands. She seemed to love feeling my smooth but hard chest and would often scratch lightly too.I was in love with the sensation and was dying to feel her too. As I tried to slip my hands under her spaghetti top from the back but Dee suddenly broke the kiss and moved her head back.I looked at her questioningly, wondering whether she had changed her mind about losing her virginity.Dee simply winked at me and bit her lower lip naughtily as she got off my thighs and stood at the side of the bed. The movie was still playing but we had completely forgotten about it. Dee began to move slowly, swaying her slim waist and began one of the sexiest stripteases I’ve seen.She moved her hands from her curvy hips to her sides, slowly sliding her thumbs underneath her satin spaghetti top. She bent low and gave me a perfect view of her deep cleavage and I almost spied her nipples in the dim light.I watched with an aching hard-on as Dee finally stripped off her top and revealed her lovely, perky boobs. Her large boobs stood out prominently, like ripe and round mangoes, ready to be plucked.”Oh yeah!” I moaned as Dee slowly began to caress her naked breasts. “Sshhh…” she hissed audibly as she took her large, hard nipples in her fingers and pulled them slightly.I began to stroke my huge, hard cock lightly over my shorts as it created a visible tent now. Dee was now shaking her large and round bubble butt. Her shorts were tight and clung to every crease of her butt. I was amazed to see a dark patch had formed on her crotch as her virgin pussy leaked her juices with the immense excitement before getting fucked for the first time.I was also amazed by the boldness shown by Dee. She was completely confident of herself as she swayed her round ass cheeks and finally began to strip her shorts. As she lowered her shorts, Dee bent down to remove them and I immediately sat up straight and put my feet on the floor. Dee stepped out of her shorts and finally turned to look at me with a slutty gaze.”Come here, sexy!” I growled with a smile and she swiftly walked to me and stood in front of me. I caught her hand and pulled her down. Dee understood and immediately went on her knees. Her gaze was solely for my cock because I could see her looking at my crotch hungrily.I placed a hand under her chin and lifted her head till she finally looked in my eyes. I smiled when I asked “Do you know how to suck, Dee?””Why don’t you let me show you, baby.” Dee grinned as she said it and began pulling at my shorts. I lifted my butt off of the bed just enough Dee could strip my shorts.”Oh God! It’s bigger than I thought, bro!”, said Dee ss soon as she threw my shorts away Dee looked at my throbbing huge cock standing at full erection now. We were both completely nude in her room and I was sure no one would disturb us.Dee kept her hands on my knees and spread my legs wider. She looked at me once and winked before slowly moving her hands up my thighs. I put my hands on the side and leaned back.As Dee’s warm hands reached my crotch I felt her fingers cup my heavy balls. Dee began to caress my balls with one hand as she tentatively touched my thick, large cock for the very first time.Dee gripped the bottom of my cock shaft tightly with one hand and slowly bent over my cock, kneeling between my legs as I sat leaning back on the edge of the bed.”Mmhh” I grunted as I felt Dee put her soft lips to the huge head of my cock and kiss it. The next second, Dee flicked out her wet tongue and teased me with a short lick.”Oh!” I exclaimed, loving the feel of her hands caressing my balls gently as she played her tongue over the head of my cock now.Dee tightened her grip over my cock even more as she finally engulfed the huge head of my cock in her pouty lips and I felt her tongue begin to lick it vigorously.”Yesss, Dee!” I exclaimed loudly as soon as Dee pushed her head lower and managed to take a couple of inches of my thick, huge cock in her warm and wet mouth. Dee was trying harder now to take more of my cock in her small mouth.I decided to help her and put a little pressure on her head with one hand.”Aaackk!” Dee gagged as I shoved over 4 inches of my large cock in her mouth. She instantly snapped her head up and began to cough slightly. Despite this, she had not let go off her grip on my cock and every time she coughed her hand would clench tighter around it.Ring! Ring! Ring!My eyes snapped open as soon as I heard the telephone ring in her room. Dee immediately stood up and grabbed a bottle of water. Completely nude, she walked to the phone as she managed to take a few gulps. Once she felt better, she immediately picked up the phone.I looked at her shapely, sexy nude body desperately now as my cock throbbed intensely. I knew I could not last too long as she was a virgin and would have a tight pussy. Besides that, I already found her so hot that I knew I would only want to fuck and cum in her, at least the first time.”It was your mom, Ali. She needs you at home for something.” Dee said with genuine disappointment on her face when she kept the phone and turned around.”Damn it!” I growled in frustration now and covered my eyes with my hands.I was extremely angry at being cock-blocked and was almost fuming.Suddenly, I sensed Dee sit again between my legs and caught my erect cock with her hands.I opened my eyes and looked at her licking the top of my thick cock head with her tongue as she smiled wickedly and began jerking it slowly.It was all I needed it seems because I immediately forgot about everything and lay back on the bed with my legs dangling off the edge.Dee was jerking my large cock with both her hands as she licked and sucked the top couple of inches with her wet tongue. She was moaning at the same time, sounding as if she was gorging on a feast after weeks of starvation.I was about to come so I sat up straight on the bed and watched as Dee began bobbing her head faster over the head of my cock, sucking hard and letting my wet, thick cock pop out from her mouth every time. I loved the sensation of her tight grip jerking me while she constantly sucked my cock on and off.I couldn’t hold myself any longer and without warning I suddenly came!”Aaahh… Aahh… aaahh…!” I moaned loudly as I felt thick streams of cum spurt out of my quivering and thick cock.”Oh! Hmmm… mmmhmmm!” Dee exclaimed with a mouth full of my cum as she struggled to keep it in her mouth while her hands kept jerking my cock harder and harder.”Oh fuck! Yeah!” I growled now as Dee swallowed the cum in her mouth with a swift gulp and was instantly on my cock with her lips tightly circled around its head. I watched in amazement as my sexy older cousin sister began to squeeze the drops of sticky white cum out of my cock.I had barely been over a minute since the phone call but it felt like 10 minutes. I was panting and gasping for breath with the intense orgasm I had just experienced when Dee finally let go of my cock with an audible ‘POP’ sound. Dee leaned back and smiled widely at me, as if waiting for my opinion.”That was amazing, Dee! I wish I could fuck you right now!” I said in a desperate tone.”Aaww… don’t worry, you will, sweetheart. Soon, I promise.” Dee replied with a smile and swiped her lips clean of the few drops of cum which clung to them with the back of her hand. She gave one final squeeze to my now softening cock before she stood and collected my Tee and shorts from the other end of the room, where she had flung them earlier.I reluctantly stood up and began wore my shorts and tee-shirt. Dee was having a drink of water from the bottle and looked at me from head to toe, as if checking me out. I grinned when she reached my face and our eyes met.”You like?” I asked in a flirty tone as I walked up to the door, where she stood nude, with the bottle of water in her hand.”Mmm… I love it!” Dee beamed and winked at me before we both burst out laughing.”I’m sorry I couldn’t do anything for you…” I said awkwardly as I reached her.”You can do everything you want to me tonight, Ali… if you want to…” she said in a teasing, lingering tone and bit her lower lip seductively.”Mmm… Sounds perfect! Call me then.” I said before reaching behind her with an arm and pulling her close to me. I crushed her against me and slid my hand low to her round and curvy butt cheeks. I gave a hard squeeze to her ass before bending down and whispering in her ears, “This is sexy!””Mmmm…” Dee moaned and came closer to me, obviously still very turned on. I could even smell her pussy’s musky scent as it had to be very wet.The FuckingIt was around 9 in the evening when I got a call from Dee. I had been waiting for it desperately since dinner. As soon as I cut the call I stepped out of my room and climbed the stairs to the first floor hurriedly, making sure that no cousin, uncle or aunt had seen me.As last time, the front grill door was already open when I reached it so I gently pushed it half-open and slipped inside. I took great care to close it and lock it without making it creak. I turned around and noticed that almost all the lights in Dee’s apartment were off. There was only a small bulb on in her kitchen which lit the stairs that led to her room.I was fantasizing and trying to come with the best way to make her love her first sexual experience and exclaimed loudly when I felt someone grab me from behind as soon as I took the first step up.”Whoa!… Dee! You scared me, man!” I said, after realizing that it was Dee and I hadn’t noticed that she was in the kitchen, and not upstairs in her room.”Yeah! Big boy getting scared now?” Dee giggled and said in a teasing tone before letting go off me. I smiled and turned around to notice that she was wearing her bathrobe. I also noticed that she had on mild makeup. I loved the dark chocolate-colored lipstick she wore. It went very well with the light cream eye shadow and her dusky skin.”I wanna make my… our first time special, Ali.” Dee smiled as she said this and took a few steps back.I watched fascinated as she slowly undid the loop around her waist. She kept eye contact with me boldly as she began to push apart her bathrobe.”Wow! Hot, Dee!” I said with mounting excitement as soon I got a glimpse of what she wore underneath.Dee had on white, strapless, push-up bra which was doing wonders at making her lovely, perky boobs even more prominent. As she finally parted her bathrobe and let it slip over her shoulders I was stunned to see that Dee was wearing tiny white-colored thongs underneath. The thin fabric was barely able to cover the slight and clean-shaven pussy lips. Watching my excited face Dee began to slowly turn around and I looked down at her shapely and smooth legs. It was then that I noticed Dee had on a pair of black high heels.”Damn!” I exclaimed loudly as soon as I set my eyes on her luscious and round booty. The high heels she wore made her big and round bubble butt even more güvenilir bahis siteleri defined.Dee slowly leaned forward with her hands on the kitchen counter and pushed her sexy, round ass towards me. I swiftly took the few steps between us and before I knew it my hand made high-speed contact with her lovely, sexy booty cheek.”Ow! Ssshhhit!” Dee exclaimed and suddenly stood upright. She turned around immediately and was looking at me with her mouth wide open, partly from the shock of the spanking she had just got and partly at my boldness, I guess.”What? I can’t help it if you tempt me Dee, right?” I grinned and said jokingly.”Aaahh… you really like my ass, don’t you, bro?” Dee asked, suddenly with a smile on her face.”Oh yeahhh! I love your ass, Dee!” I growled in a low voice as my hand, which was still on her butt, gave it a hard squeeze.”Mmm… that’s good to know baby!”, whispered Dee in my ears and reached out to caress my cock over my shorts.Without another word I put my other hand behind her head and pulled it close. I immediately put my lips over hers and began kissing sensually. I kept nibbling her lovely, pouty lips between my lips as she licked my lips.We kept kissing for about 2 minutes straight and Dee was constantly fondling my cock. I had a huge hard-on by the time we broke our kiss to catch our breath.”I want you so bad, baby!” Dee said in a desperate tone and squeezed my thick cock hard over my shorts as it created a large tent.”I’m waiting to fuck you, Dee.” I replied and Dee turned me around and began walking towards the stairs leading upstairs. She walked slowly, taking deliberate steps in her high heels. Each step made her large and round buttocks jiggle remarkably. Her firm booty looked like two perfect dark globes stuck together.I kept staring at her lovely ass cheeks jiggling intensely as she began to climb the stairs leading to her room. I walked a couple of steps behind her and to have her lovely, large booty jiggle right in front of my face in the thin thong compelled me to reach out and touch it. I kept my hands on her big butt as she climbed the stairs.As she reached the top step, Dee stopped and slowly bent down, as if adjusting her high heels. I took the opportunity to place a kiss on her dark, dusky ass cheeks and she moaned, “Mmm… That feels so good, bro.”Dee stood upright again and I followed her as she walked the few steps to her room. As soon as she opened the door to her room on the right, I immediately smelled a distinct fragrance. When I entered her room I was awestruck for a moment. Looking at her room it was clear that Dee had been very busy preparing for her first fuck since I left her room in the afternoon.I noticed that there were no lights on in her room. Instead Dee had lit a few scented candles in the four corners of her room. It was completely clean and the bed was arranged with a red-colored bed sheet with matching pillows and covers.The dim light, the fragrant candles and the overall ambience was extremely sexy and romantic.I looked as Dee walked slowly to the edge of her bed before turning around to face me.”Don’t be scared. Come on in, Ali.” Dee said and giggled at her attempt at humor. I could tell she was very nervous but appreciated her for keeping a confident front. I smiled wide as I stepped closer to her. I was now standing right in front of her. Without another word Dee put her arms around my neck and pulled me close to kiss.Dee began kissing me softly at first, only brushing her soft, pouty lips over mine in the beginning. I put my arms around her slim waist and rested them over her curvy hips. Dee then pushed out her tongue and pried my lips apart. As soon as my mouth opened I felt Dee push in her tongue. I could sense her desperation with the way she began to search for my tongue with hers. I was enjoying her lovely kiss and at the same time my hands were sliding lower and now I had each of her large, firm ass cheeks in my hands.I caught her large, round buttocks hard in my grip and pulled her hard.”Mmm…” Dee exhaled through her nostrils as soon as she felt my fully erect cock poke hard against her soft but flat tummy. As she began to kiss me even harder and now tried to nibble at my lips I began kneading her large butt cheeks. I kept squeezing and squishing them, while her perky, large boobs were crushed against me. I could feel her nipples were very hard because I felt them poke my chest quite distinctly.”Fuck me! God!” Dee said in a desperate tone after she broke our kiss.”Sshhnn… Have patience. This is your first time, Dee. Don’t rush things.” I explained nicely and she simply hugged me tight with her face in my chest.”Come on, now do as I say, ok?” I said to her gently and guided her till she sat on the edge of the bed, with her heeled feet on the floor. This time, I knelt down in front of her and began to kiss her gently. I nibbled at her soft lips and she soon opened her mouth to welcome my tongue. I pushed my tongue as deep as I could inside her willing mouth and felt her lips tighten around it as she sucked hard on it.I broke our sloppy kiss within a few seconds and left her panting. I crept closer to her and gently pushed her down on the bed. Dee closed her eyes and allowed me to lay her down on the bed.I put a hand over her knees and slowly spread her legs wide apart. Immediately her musky scent hit me hard and I figured she must be extremely wet by now. I wanted to give her a memorable first time so I took my time as I gently slid my warm hands over her soft, curvy thighs till I reached her crotch and felt it was very moist. The low light from the candles was enough to show the strip of her thong covering her crotch had spread her pussy juices around on to her thighs and butt crack when she walked up the stairs.I was impatient now and caressed the sides of her pussy with my thumbs on each side. I saw Dee raise her curvy buttocks a little and I immediately pulled her flimsy thong down to her knees as she closed her legs. I stripped off her white thong in a flash and flung it behind me.I pushed her thighs apart swiftly and bent low. I took a whiff of the sweet and musky scent coming off of her clean-shaven pussy. I smiled to myself as I began to kiss the inside of her soft thighs. I alternated between both her thighs, as I made my way down with kisses on her curvy thighs.As I reached her crotch I made my way around her pussy, giving light kisses along its edge. I could sense Dee getting desperate now. I looked down at her pussy and the low light from the candles illuminated her dark, clean pussy lips and showed a glimpse of the bright insides of her vagina.I was extremely excited by now so I put my lips gently over her cunt and flicked my tongue out swiftly.”Ooohh…” Dee moaned and hissed at the same time as she jerked her crotch closer to my face. I realized that her first time getting pussy licked was going to last short. I looked up to see Dee had her eyes closed and her hands were on her round, perky boobs. She was pinching her large, dark nipples quite hard and her mouth was open wide.I gave it everything and began by softly licking her pussy lips from the top. Once I did this, Dee bent her knees and pulled them up to her chest, giving me an even wider view of her sweet, juicy pussy. I instantly went to work, putting the flat of my tongue completely on her already wet pussy made her groan loudly and she let go of her lovely boobs and caught my long hair. I felt her pull my face harder to her pussy as she jerked her hips up and down.I took this chance to put my hands under her round, large butts and lifted them a few inches high over the bed. I pushed my face deep in her crotch and found her swollen clit without much effort. I had only flicked my tongue twice at her clit when I heard her moan really loudly and then her hips jerked uncontrollably. I felt her juicy pussy gush even more juices out of her cunt. Damned if she wasn’t a squirter. I was surprised at the amount of cum her pussy was pumping out but as her grip over my head slackened I pulled my head up and gently let her butt rest back on the bed.Dee was making small, moaning sounds, with her eyes closed tight, as her jerky movements made her lovely tits jiggle sexily.I stood up straight and slipped out of my shorts and Tee shirt in record time.Dee finally opened her eyes and looked straight at me.”What? Yeah, that was just amazing, bro!” Dee responded with a shy smile when she saw me with a smug grin on my face.”Oh God! It’s time to do it, isn’t it?” Dee asked in a timid voice now when she noticed I was standing completely nude with a raging hard on clear even in the dim light.”Really? You’re feeling nervous now?” I asked in a mocking tone, as I knelt on the bed between her widened legs. I was stroking my cock before Dee finally reached out to show her confidence and grabbed my thick and very hard cock in her soft and warm hands.”Hmm…” I sighed loudly as soon as I felt Dee begin to tug at my cock. When Dee tried to get up, figuring she would suck my cock I pushed her back down gently.”I think you are wet enough, Dee.” I said and smiled wickedly at her.Dee giggled and spread her legs wider as she lay down on her bed.I took a better position between her legs and asked her to hold her knees to her chest. Dee complied with excitement and I caught my cock to begin rubbing it over her dripping, wet pussy. I could clearly feel the hot vibes coming off of her juicy pussy and was desperate to put my huge cock in its tight depths.”Ready?” I asked Dee and saw her nod before she took a deep breath and held it in. She knew it was going to be extra painful as my thick cock was too big for her very tight pussy. My huge cock was now slick and wet with her own pussy juice and I raised myself a little and looked straight in her eyes. Dee was smiling nervously now.”Ooowww! Ooohhh shit!!” Dee screamed out loudly as soon as I gave a jerk and pushed the thick head of my cock half-way in her clenched cunt. Despite being lubricated with her cum my thick cock was too big for her tight vagina it seemed. Dee was now gripping my shoulders tight as I kept the pressure and kept pushing the head of my cock.”Aaahhiiiii…!” Dee moaned loudly and I saw tears run down her cheek as her mouth stayed open in a silent scream. I had only been able to push the thick head of my huge cock in her virgin pussy and could feel it pulsating, clenching the top of my dick tightly.I rested for a few seconds in this position and took in a few deep breathes myself. I saw Dee clench her mouth shut and her lips sealed into a thin line as I let go of my cock and supported myself with my hands with both hands on her sides.”Unghh…” I grunted and pushed hard as Dee moaned even louder at the thick cock trying to penetrate her slim and virgin pussy. I pulled out my cock a little and pushed down harder this time.”Aahhh…!” Dee moaned hard as I managed to bury the first 3 inches of my cock. I could hear Dee was sobbing and moaning at the same time and figured it was really painful for her. However I remembered that she really wanted this too.I lowered my head and when Dee felt my lips over hers she immediately started to kiss them hungrily. She was kissing hard and moaning with the constant pain of having my thick cock penetrating the opening of her narrow pussy. As soon as Dee began to kiss me with her hands now clutching my face desperately I began to give little jerks and slowly my cock slipped in more.I had buried half my huge cock in her virgin pussy and Dee was still kissing me hungrily. I pulled my thick cock out till only iddaa siteleri the tip was in and slammed it down with all my strength.”Aarrgghh!” Dee screamed into my mouth as almost the entire 8-inch length of my throbbing cock went in her little pussy. Dee gripped my hair tightly and pulled my head closer as she began to literally bite on my lips with the pain.I immediately pulled out my cock again, just like half time, and with another great jerk slammed it all the way in. Dee’s body gave a jerk and her shapely legs wrapped tightly around me almost immediately.I struggled to pull out my cock but only managed to remove half its length as Dee pushed down with her legs around my back.”Ohhh Fuck! Fuck me bro! Oh my God!” Dee said between pants as she broke our kiss and looked right in my eyes.I immediately rested down on my elbows and felt her soft, large tits get crushes against my naked chest. Her nipples rubbed hard against my chest as I began pumping my huge cock in and out, thrusting harder and faster each time.”Aaahh… aahh… aaah! Aahh!” Dee began moaning louder and louder as my cock slammed with increasing force in her tight and slick cunt. I could feel her small pussy lips clench tightly around my thick cock. The sensation of her tight pussy lips around my throbbing cock was too much for me to bear and I growled in her ears, “I’m coming, Dee.””Oh yes, bro! Come in me, then!” Dee replied between her heavy breathes and I immediately started to thrust as hard as I could. I had to give it to Dee that despite it being her first time she took the painful fuck session very well.Within a few seconds I felt my orgasm reach the peak and I gave one final thrust and buried my wet and swollen cock deep in her tight pussy.”Aaaarrgghh!” I groaned loudly and my hips jerked involuntarily as my cock spurted thick streams of cum deep in her virgin and wet pussy.”Ooooohhh, God!” Dee moaned long and low with each spurt of hot cum as it splashed inside her cunt. She had tightened her legs around my hips and her hands held me close as she kept kissing me for a long time.”Wow!” was all I could mutter as I felt the throes of orgasm leave my body and I shivered, laying there in Dee’s arms. I could feel her soft breasts cradling my head as I lay completely spent on her soft, curvy body.”Ali?” I heard Dee ask me after at least 5 minutes of lying in each other’s arms.”Hmmm?” I managed to mumble with my eyes still closed, enjoying the feeling of her soft and warm boobs on my face.”I want this all the time.” Dee said.I immediately perked my head up and looked down in her eyes, with a confused smile on my face.”We can do this any time we get a chance, please? You do it with Amna, so what’s wrong if you fuck me too. Please! I swear I’m not going to tell anyone, well except Amna of course.” Dee explained hurriedly.”Promise?” I asked her simply.”I swear on my mother, bro!” Dee said with a huge smile, happy that she had found a fuck buddy.I bent and kissed her lightly on her lips and nodded my head.”All right!” Dee said excitedly before kissing me back hard.”Ok… ok… let me go clean myself now.” I said, smiling at her excitement.I pulled my slippery wet cock out of her tight cunt and leaned back to sit. I noticed that my cock was a mess of her virginity and our juices mixed together. I didn’t give a care as I stumbled to the door, still with my head reeling from the intense orgasm I had experienced only a few minutes ago. I heard Dee get up and follow me with slow, painful steps out of her room. I stepped into the washroom down the hall on the second floor and kept the door open.I looked in wonder at Dee, as she walked in nude with only her high heels and nothing else on. Her curvy, luscious body was slick with sweat and she seemed tired too. I helped her sit on the lid of the commode and helped her take off her heels. Dee smiled at me lovingly as she stood up and I helped her get under the shower.I stood close to her and turned around to push the shower on, and it was then that I felt Dee’s soft arms wrap around my torso. She stood close to me, crushing her lovely, perky boobs hard against my bare back as the cool water streamed over our naked bodies.I turned around and kissed her gently on her lips when she wrapped her arms around my waist and rubbed her soft tummy against my flaccid cock.”That was really awesome, Ali! I mean it.” I heard Dee say softly as she clung to me. I rubbed her wet back for sometime before I turned her around. As the water fell over us I reached out with my right hand and placed it over her crotch. I put my left arm low around her and pulled her tight to me. Her firm, wet bubble butt felt amazing against my sensitive cock.”Mmmm…” Dee moaned and spread her feet wider, allowing me to reach her soft pussy lips easier. I began to rub her pussy lips at first, and soon with the water dripping over my hand I slipped a finger gently in the entrance to her vagina.”Ooohh… Yeah…” Dee moaned in pleasure when she felt my fingertip trace the inside of her pussy lips. I cleaned her pussy for sometime before she deliberately turned around and knelt in front of me.I looked at Dee as she cupped my cock in her hands and began to rub it gently. She reached out for a bar of soap and lathered my cock well. Her soft touch sent shivers down my crotch and I felt it beginning to get aroused once more.Dee was focused on my cock as she carefully began to soap my erecting cock. The cool water and her soft strokes were making me hard again.”Ummhh… Mmuuaahh… mmuuaahh… mmmm…” Dee began to kiss my wet thighs and around my cock really hard, often biting my bare skin and leaving marks on my fair skin. As Dee began using both her hands to stroke my cock I closed my eyes and moaned loudly at the amazing feeling.”Oooohh… Dee!””Get over here, Ali!” I heard Dee say and opened my eyes.Dee pointed to the space between the bathtub and the shower, right next to the wash basin. I stepped out of the running shower and stood there nude, with water dripping down my taut, hard body. I pushed my long, wet hair out of my face and Dee pulled me down with her hand on my shoulder. I smiled at her as I lay down on the wet bathroom floor.As soon as I lay back and rested my head on my arms Dee went on her knees between my legs. I looked with growing excitement at her lovely and curvy body which glistened with water. Dee made eye contact with me and smiled before she put her lips over my stiff and wet cock.”Mmmm…” I moaned in approval and watched as Dee bent lower and managed to take in a couple of inches of my thick dick in her small mouth. I could feel her tongue roving all over the shaft and making it wet. Her warm mouth and slippery tongue were driving me crazy but she suddenly stopped and sat up on her legs.I looked questioningly at her before she grinned wide and quickly straddled my torso.”I wanna fuck again, bro!” Dee whispered to me seductively, when she saw me grinning at her. Our wet bodies were still warm and her soft, wet body on mine felt even more wonderful. Dee bent low over me, as she sat astride me, with her knees on each side of me. Dee reached down between her legs and caught my thick and hard cock with her left hand. She used it to guide herself right over my cock. I felt her wet and warm pussy lips touch the huge head of my cock.”SShhhhh…” Dee hissed as she rubbed her tight pussy lips over it for a few moments. I had my hands on her soft, curvy thighs. I slowly began to move my hands around her waist till they reached her round, firm bubble butt. I quickly grabbed each of her jiggly ass cheeks in my hands and gripped tightly. Dee seemed to understand it and she immediately removed her hand from between her legs and leaned her elbow on the floor beside me. Dee’s perky, large boobs were touching my bare chest and I could feel her nipples were hard as pebbles.I could hear Dee begin to breathe harder, with the anticipation of having my huge cock once again in her tight little pussy. However, her breathing was high because she was clearly very turned on also.”Just fuck me, Ali!” Dee whispered in my ears between heard breathes and heard her intake and deep breath.”Aaahh… Aahhmmm…” Dee almost screamed as the large and round tip of my huge cock slipped in her already dripping wet pussy. Dee’s wet hair was plastered to her face and her cheek was against mine as she straddled my crotch on the bathroom floor. I tried to grip her slippery wet ass cheeks as best as I could as I gave a big jerk up and shoved almost half my cock in her tight cunt.”Oooooww… Ssshhh…” Dee moaned hard and loud in the bathroom and I felt her teeth dig into my shoulder. She tried to move up but I kept a tight hold around her waist with my arms and pushed her down on my thick cock.I began to ease my cock slowly out till only the thick head remained in her clinging pussy lips. Slowly I began to push in at a steady pace and Dee spread her knees wider as she finally allowed me to bury more than half my cock in her tight pussy. I began a steady rhythm with my upward thrusts but was careful not to ram my huge cock all the way in her recently deflowered cunt. Her pussy was very tight and my thick cock struggled to push in more than its entire length.”Uuunnhh… Uunnhh… Uunnhh…” Dee groaned with each thrust in her pussy and I felt her body begin to stiffen within a minute. She had her hands on my shoulders and rested her lovely, curvy body completely over me as I gently fucked her.”Aaah… aahhh… aaahh…!” Dee groaned harder and faster before I felt her body begin to quiver suddenly as her orgasm wrecked her. She kept moaning hard as I didn’t stop my slow fucking and soon another wave of orgasm hit her and jerked her body hard. This caused my cock to plop out of her and she fell on me and lay there. She was feeling and rubbing my chest and sides as she whimpered with her first multiple orgasm.I let Dee lay on me for a while as she caught her breath. Finally, she slowly pushed away and sat up straight on my tummy, with her knees still spread. Dee looked at me and smiled as she shifted lower and now straddled my legs. She bent down and began to jerk my cock hard. Her hands were slippery over my thick cock as her juices had made it dripping wet. As her jerking became faster, my orgasm seemed to be close.”I’m coming, Dee.” I growled and stiffened my legs.Dee kept on jerking my swollen cock harder now and hissed, “Yess, please come for me, Ali.””Aaarrrgghhhh!” I groaned loudly as the first streak of cum spurted out hard from my erect cock. I saw it hit Dee right on her upper lip and she jerked back.”Eeeww… Mmmm…” Dee mumbled as the drops of thick cum slipped right in her mouth when she did not close it in time. Her hand instinctively went to her mouth but then she stopped and looked at me with upturned eyebrows.When she removed her hands, Dee had a wicked smile on her face and I was shocked to see her bent down and immediately begin to lick my cum-strewn cock. I realized she didn’t mind the taste of semen and watched with satisfaction as Dee licked my cock clean with her tongue. As my cock grew softer and smaller she even took it all the way in her mouth and sucked hard on it.”Oooohh… man!” I moaned and shivered as her lovely, hungry lips pressed hard against my sensitive, climaxing dick. Dee looked straight in my eyes as I came hard. After having sucked and swallowed every last drop of my thick, sticky semen from me, my luscious and curvy cousin finally let go of my flaccid cock.”Aahhh…” I groaned in satisfaction and lay there in her warm embrace for a long time.Needless to say, after this my horny, older cousin Dee and I began a secret, taboo sexual relationship and have had numerous exciting and memorable times till date.I’ll be sure to share some of the more memorable moments spent with my hot cousin Dee.

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