My Best Friend

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My new wife Dina and I stepped out of the chilly evening snow into the warm home of my high school friend Rich. His wife, Tina, greeted us with great hugs, exclaiming “I feel like we are old friends.” Tina is obviously not shy, nor reserved, as she looked down at Dina’s erect nipples saying, “and you either feel the same or are very cold.” Rich and I were best friends who did everything, I do mean everything, together. That is prior to when I went off to college where my life completely changed.

Returning home after completing a doctorates, I was a completely different person than the one Rich had known. I was a bit timid in bringing my wife, who I had met in church, back to my friends who only knew me in a time when I spent every available minute partying. My two lives, and by association, loved ones seemed very incompatible.

Rich and Tina were extremely hospitable, handing us cups of hot buttered rum. As the evening moved on, and the rum continued to be consumed, Tina again mentioned how she felt she had known us forever. This time she added “I have heard so many stories.” As I became worried, Dina asked to hear more.

Rich’s wife fulfilled my fears and Dina’s request simultaneously, “You know; the parties, the girls, … you know.” For what seemed to me hours, Tina would start a story: “when they played strip poker with their girlfriends” or ” the night they had a threesome with the waitress they picked up.”

Each of these Rich would expound upon in great detail, making me sound larger than life.

Dina sat with a smile on her face encouraging them to continue. While I assured her the stories were a bit exaggerated and embellished. “Busted” was Tina’s response as she slipped out of the room to reappear with Rich and I’s old photo album, we called it our “trophy book.”

My old polaroid had supplied the evidence to convict me. Tina sat beside Dina sharing stories to accompany each picture of Rich and I, usually nude and accompanied by various young ladies. The smile never left Dina’s face as a woman I had never met shared alsancak escort bayan very intimate details of my past sexual experiences with my wife.

I was relieved as the photo album was set on a table and our wives left the room. Tina was leading my tipsy wife into another room to show her their new computer. Surely I was now safe as Rich and I’s friendship had been pre digital age. Rich and I sat reminiscing of old times. It slowly dawned on me that our wives had not returned. We could hear giggling from the other room. “Perving the net” was Rich’s answer to my quizzical look.

As Rich and I looked into the doorway of their spare bedroom/computer room we saw our lovely wives topless in front of the computer. As I stood frozen, Rich asked “who ya chatting up?” Dina jumped and scrambled to pull on her shirt. Her movement allowed me to see the man they were indeed chatting with and the video he was being fed of them topless. With no sense of urgency, Tina logged off the computer. Dina sat looking guilty with her shirt hastily buttoned crooked, Tina sat beside her still topless and unembarrassed.

I reached over unbuttoning Dina’s shirt while she objected. I told her that if she could show her beautiful tits to a complete stranger, she could allow my best friend to see them as well.

While she explained that she would never see that complete stranger again, Tina picked up unbuttoning Dina’s shirt where I had left off. “If I had knockers like Dina’s I would never wear a shirt.”

Tina continued by bringing Rich’s attention to Dina: “look how big and firm they are, aren’t her nipples amazing?” Tina’s hand cupped Dina’s breast, then began lightly pinching her nipple. “Feel how responsive they are?” as Rich began rubbing Dina’s breast.

Feeling my cock getting stiff, I watched my friend and his wife suck on my wife’s breasts. Dina moaned softly, then playfully pushed Rich away agreeing to keep her shirt off. However, in a challenging tone she stated that his dick was probably not as big as it was escort alsancak in the picture and he would not likely sit around nude anymore.

Rich was never one to miss an opportunity with the ladies. In no time he was practically nude, giving Dina every chance to see all she wanted up close. Tina relayed how Rich says that his cock was second only to mine in high school and how others where jealous in the locker room and shower.

Rich conveyed how he would tell Tina all our high school stories getting her excited and how she had been waiting for years to meet me and see my cock. As Rich was pulling off his last article of clothing he looked to me: “don’t keep the girl waiting any longer, show her your big cock.”

Soon all four of us were completely nude, trying to be nonchalant in admiring each other’s bodies. Dina seemed to have lost her inhibitions, allowing all to see her exposed pussy and bending over reminiscent of an old pin up showing off her curves and ass.

I was very proud of my lovely Dina, loved seeing sexy Tina, and even enjoyed being in the same room nude with Rich again. I was however feeling uncomfortable with my body, a few years older, a couple pounds heavier, and much softer. In years past I had been so much more confident and at ease with my body. The girls were very encouraging and flirting incessantly, helping me to relax.

Tina raved about the size of my cock, which in reality is only slightly bigger than average at 8 ½ inches. Dina as well ewwed and awed over Rich’s cock, “Rich is just as big if not bigger. The head of his cock must be the size of a plum. Put your cocks up to each other so we can compare.”

Even though Rich and I had done much together, we had never touched each other’s cock and I was not drunk enough to do it now. With that statement, we returned to the living room, our drinks, and conversation while remaining completely nude.

After a couple hours of talk, laced with blatant flirting, it was getting late and we began thinking of sleep. Tina pushed alsancak escort for swapping partners or at least all four making love in the same bed.

Dina flat out refused, she was not going to make such a decision while drunk. In saying goodnight, we kissed each other’s spouse passionately and ran our hands over their bodies. The highlight of the evening came in watching Tina and Dina kiss and fondle each other goodnight.

I awoke to Dina’s sitting bolt upright with a startled exclamation “Oh my!” Now sober, I knew there would be hell to pay for the night before. Her next statement befuddled me “My pussy is so wet.” She arose from the bed taking me by the hand and leading me to the master bedroom. She pushed me towards Tina’s side of the bed as she climbed in beside Rich.

Climbing in and cuddling against Tina, I began softly kissing her awake. Dina was not so subtle, Rich awoke to her hand on his cock and a demand “I need fucked!” Tina’s eyes slowly opened to watch Rich spreading Dina’s legs and entering her wet cunt in a single thrust.

Tina rolled onto her side, I kissed her neck, massaged her breasts, and slowly entered her from behind as we both watched.

We watched my best friend fuck my wife hard and fast, with Dina loudly encouraging him to fuck her harder, even slapping him on the ass. She began screaming as he stiffened, filling her already wet pussy with cum. My thoughts of Dina not being on the pill were mixed fear and excitement.

I only had time to ponder for a second as Tina rolled me on my back mounting my hard cock. Not to be out done by our spouses, Tina rode me hard. Her sounds of lust were mingled with her gravely, Stevie Nicks like voice, “I have wanted to fuck you since Rich and I started dating.” She continued to talk while riding me: “He teased me that I was not getting the biggest cock. Watch your wife ride the bigger cock Rich!” she teased him.

Her orgasm was almost ear splitting. She rolled off of me collapsing in Dina’s lap. While my wife held her in her arms, I mounted Tina. Pulling her ankles over my shoulders, I thrust my cock deep, hard, and as fast as I could.

Images of Dina and Tina mingled as Dina’s voice commanding her to “take my husband’s big cock”, mixed with the shriek of Tina’s second orgasm. My cum pumped out in what seemed endless gushes.

We stayed the weekend!!

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