My Best Friend’s Wedding Ch. 03

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I woke up early. Sleeping in an unfamiliar bed does that to me. Memories of last night with Jack flooded my thoughts. I had wanted to fulfill a daddy fantasy, and I did, in a way. I thought I wanted a dominant, aggressive power top to put me in my place. What I found, however, was a sensitive, caring, and passionate man.

Sharing that moment last night with Jack on that tiny island, our naked bodies connecting with intense heat, was one of the most erotic experiences of my life. It’s awoken feelings in me, feelings for Jack. That’s when the guilt set in.

I was selfish. I pursued Jack, and he met my advances. Sure we chatted on Grindr two nights prior and last night he shared his tale of his first male love affair, but this is my best friend’s father. Jack’s been married, for over 30 years, to a woman whose kindness rivals that of my mother. This was all wrong. I felt dirty, deceitful.

I got out of bed, leaving the guest room. The house was quiet this early Sunday. I found the living room, with floor-to-ceiling windows looking out over the backyard and lake. Jack sat on the dock, his long legs stretched out before him. He balanced a cup of coffee on the arm of his chair, steam swirling in the cool morning air.

I couldn’t see his face, but I could picture his features. Dark stubble over a strong chin and jawline, a bushy salt and pepper mustache that matched his close-cropped hair, and piercing blue eyes. His powerful features were such a contrast to his soft, sensitive interior.

I wanted to say goodbye, to maybe even be embraced in his strong arms that still carried the strength from his military days. The angel on my shoulder told me to let him go, to leave before this became dangerous for everyone. I was not about to be the reason Sara’s parents split up, months before her wedding. Best friends don’t do that.

So I left. I didn’t say goodbye to Sara, or wait for her mother, Diane, to wake up and thank her for such gracious hospitality. I didn’t have that final encounter with Jack I longed for. I gathered my things, got in my car, and drove away.

As the small lake town of Skaneateles disappeared from my rear view mirror, I couldn’t help but feel like I was fleeing. Fleeing from my friend, fleeing from my mistakes, and fleeing from the most amazing man I’ve ever met. I think I left a piece of my heart there.

The half-hour drive back to my hotel in Syracuse was a somber one. I got to my room just after 6 am. I lay on the bed, my head heavy with regret. I tried to sleep more to rest before driving back to Philadelphia.

I dozed and dreamt of Jack. In one dream, he was taking me on another boat ride around the lake. In another, we lay on a beach at sunset, kissing in a tight embrace. In a nightmare, Sara and Diane walked in on the two of us, naked in bed together.

I jolted awake four hours later when the alarm rang sirens. The shame and embarrassment from that last vision lingered. I silenced the noise emanating from my phone and skimmed the missed messages from Sara. I also saw I had notifications from Grindr. I figured a distraction was due.

I opened the app to the usual mix of profiles and checked the messages. There was one from a profile I recognized, Jack’s profile. His photo was the same, cropped at the neck, showing off his hairy, muscular chest. His taut stomach and thick arms. Such a tease. The only thing new was his proximity. Before he’d shown twenty miles away, but now, he was close, only a few hundred feet.

Jack: Devin, Sara told me where you were staying, I’m out front, can I come in and see you?

Me: I don’t think that’s a good idea, I don’t want this to get any worse than it already is

Jack: Please, I need to clear the air

Jack: Devin, I just need to see you one more time before you leave

I was torn. I didn’t want to betray the trust my friend had in me, or cause any damage to her family. My phone dinged again.

Jack: If you change your mind, I’ll wait…

Maybe he wanted closure. Maybe that’s what we both needed. I threw on some fresh clothes. Against my better judgment, I sent him my room number.

After five minutes of mindless pacing, bahis siteleri there was a quiet rap on the door. I released the safety mechanism on the door and opened it for Jack. He stood hunched over, this powerful 6’4″ man almost looking meek. He smiled weakly.

“Can I come in?” he asked. “Just for a few minutes.”

I nodded and opened the door wider. He squeezed by me, smelling of coffee and aftershave. He sat on the end of the bed, and I joined him, sitting crossed-legged. I melted in his presence. He leaned in as if to kiss me, but I stopped him with a hand on his chest. I could feel his firm pectorals through his flannel shirt, but I resisted him.

“This was a bad idea-” I started, but he cut me off.

“I wanted to apologize,” he said, the remorse plain across his face. He seemed pained and conflicted.

“I’m the one who should be apologizing,” I said, fighting the urge to take his hand in mine. “I’m the one who came onto you. It’s all my fault. We could’ve been caught.”

“I know,” he said. “And I’m sorry I led you on. I just got so caught up in the moment. I haven’t been with another man, not since Anthony.”

He was referring to his friend, his lover, from the Army back in the early 90s. Anthony had been killed while they were both deployed.

“You made me feel alive again,” he continued. “You made me remember what it’s like to feel passion.”

He paused, his eyes scanning my face for any sign of emotion.

“I don’t know what to say,” I said, breaking our gaze. “I feel like you cheated on your wife, with me.”

“Look,” he said, placing one of his big paws on my thigh. “I love Diane, like a sister. I did her tell her, ten years ago, about Anthony. We’ve stayed together for Sara’s sake and she’s kept my secret. Our relationship grew into a friendship, companionship really.”

I didn’t know how to process this information.

“So, are you gay?” I asked.

“I’m not sure. I’ve spent so many years denying who I truly was that I don’t think I’ve quite figured it out yet. Diane has always supported me in learning my true self, but I’ve been too afraid to try.”

My heart felt for him. I’m old enough to remember how the stigma of being gay was much different in the 90s. For someone like Jack, coming out would have cost him his job. He just wanted to take care of his family.

“I get it, we all go through that,” I said, setting my hand on top of his.

Jack brushed away a tear with his other hand. The delicate gesture revealed yet another soft side of this gentle giant. I squeezed his hand. Feeling close to him physically and spiritually affected me. It made my heart yearn for him. I repeated his earlier gesture, leaning in closer to him. I reached my other hand up to his face, caressing his cheek. I felt his head lean into my palm, like a crutch.

Jack pulled my hand away from his cheek, towards his mouth, and kissed my fingertips. He pulled the back of my head to him, our lips locking in a sensual kiss. Both of our mouths parted, our tongues exploring each other. I tore at the buttons of his flannel wanting to feel more of his skin. It almost felt like we had his wife’s blessings, and I needed Jack badly.

Jack helped me with the buttons before ripping the t-shirt up and over my head. He picked me up and tossed me on my back towards the pillows. I admired his shirtless torso, his hairy chest and stomach, while he unzipped his pants. His massive erection was snaked down one of the legs of his plaid boxer shorts.

He crawled towards me on the bed, stopping to pull my pants down, followed by my briefs, and tossed them to the side. He firmly stroked my cock, making it grow to my full 7.5″. He took it into his mouth, and tried to take it down to the base but immediately gagged. He wasn’t kidding about being so novice, but I still enjoyed the moment and ran my fingers through his salt and pepper hair.

What he lacked in experience he made up for in eagerness. Quickly he had my dick wet with saliva. Getting into the moment, I wrapped my legs around his neck and head, trying to push my dick further down his throat. He gagged again but didn’t try to resist.

My dick popped canlı bahis siteleri out of his mouth and he focused his attention on my balls. His mustache tickled the sensitive skin and I giggled.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, his head popping up. “What’s so funny?”

“Nothing, handsome. It just tickles is all,” I said, giggling again.

Jack renewed his effort, taking my smooth ballsack into his mouth. The skin is so sensitive there I couldn’t help but quiver in pleasure. His tongue went lower, licking along my taint, giving me equal sensations. He kept probing closer and closer to my hole, but I stopped him.

“Jack, sorry, I haven’t, uh, I haven’t showered since yesterday morning.”

Jack gave a nod of understanding. He stood up beside the bed, his boxers more than tented than before, and scooped up my naked body into his strong arms. I threw my arms around his neck and kissed him. He walked me to the bathroom, like a newlywed carrying his bride.

He set me down in the bathroom to flick on the lights and start the shower. He turned to kiss me as the air filled with steam and heat. I sank to my knees and pulled down his boxers, releasing his beast. His 9″ raging hard-on already glistened with precum. I licked the tip, craving his saltiness. I took the head into my mouth, swirling my tip around his big knob making Jack moan.

“C’mon, boy,” he growled, picking me up by my armpits. “Let’s get you washed up.”

He stepped into the shower first, flashing me his furry behind. It was the first time I’d seen his ass. It was perky and covered with dark black hair. I wanted to reach out and pinch his cheeks, but I resisted and smiled at the thought.

“What’re you smiling at? Get in here,” he commanded with an air of playfulness.

“Yes sir!” I said, giving him a mock salute.

He laughed and held the shower curtain to one side, giving me space to join him. His hairy chest was spotted with drops of water looking like morning dew on blades of grass. I saw he still had on his dog tags.

“Do you always wear these?” I asked, fingering the metal discs.

“Yes, they were Anthony’s.”

He carried a constant reminder of his first true love around his neck. My heart broke for him.

“I’m so sorry you lost him, Jack.”

“Me too. But it’s okay,” he said, pausing to cup my chin in his hand. “Because now I’ve found you.”

Jack pulled me in tight so both our bodies were under the hot running water. Our dicks, which had partially softened, rubbed against each other. The friction coaxed them back to life. My 7.5″ slid up and down his thick 9″. We kissed again with a passion reserved for two lovers. My hands went behind him, grabbing at his hairy cheeks, making sure there wasn’t even a millimeter of space between us. His hands mimicked mine. It felt like he was able to entirely grab each of my cheeks with each of his big hands. We rocked back and forth gently in each other’s arms, like a couple enjoying an intimate slow dance.

Jack found the bar of soap and rubbed it across my chest, lathering suds on my skin. He continued down to my stomach, and my dick, coating the front of me in foamy bubbles. He pulled me into our lover’s embrace again, using the soap on my back. Our now slick bodies made it easier to grind our cocks together. He set the bar back on its holder and used his soapy fingers to wash in-between my cheeks. I pushed my face against his chest when his fingertips started teasing my tight hole. I sucked one of his hairy nipples. When his index finger pushed inside me, I moaned against his chest. Jack pushed his finger in a knuckle deeper and I whimpered.

“Such a tight hole, son,” he whispered, pulling his finger out of me.

“Mmhmm, it’s been a long time since anyone’s been back there,” I said into his chest. “Please be gentle, daddy.”

“Don’t you worry, boy, I will.”

Jack resumed fingering me with his soapy digits. He pushed his index finger inside me again, going one then two knuckles deep, searching for my prostate. I kept one hand on his ass and another wrapped tightly around his hard cock. Each time he pushed in deeper, my cock twitched and dribbled precum. He pulled back canlı bahis out and cupped my cheeks, squeezing and pulling them apart. This time with his finger, he shoved it in me more aggressively, pushing all the way in and causing an umph sound to escape from me. I bit into his pec with enough force to leave a bitemark.

“Feisty one, are ya?” he asked, chuckling through a wince.

I chomped my teeth in response and smiled up at him. In a flash, Jack spun me around and had me pushed up against the wall with my hands over my head. He held my wrists in place with one of his large hands. With the other, he pulled my waist and nestled his cock between my legs. He leaned down and nibbled my ear lobe.

“You’re not the only one who can bite,” he whispered into my ear.

He lowered his mouth and gently bit my shoulder. Pain mixed with pleasure and my dick spasmed. I wriggled in his grip, squeezing my thighs together tightly against his dick. Jack sucked on the sensitive skin between my neck and collar bone.

“Fuck that feels good, daddy!”

“Does that feel good, boy? You like daddy marking you?”

I nodded and he sucked on the other side of my neck, adding a quick nip at the end while slowly fucking his soapy dick between my smooth thighs. He made my toes curl.

“Let’s get you back to the bed,” he said, releasing my hands and turning off the shower.

Jack took two fresh towels hanging from a rack. He wrapped me tightly in one of them, rubbing it against my body to dry me off. I loved how he took care of me. He dried himself off as well and led me to the mattress. He sat me down and I took this chance to grab his dick and brought it to my lips. I looked up at him and made eye contact while I slowly pushed down onto his cock, taking him to the back of my mouth. I fondled his balls while getting his shaft wet with my saliva.

I pulled him out of my mouth and lapped at his hairy balls, working my chin and tongue into his taint. I adjusted my position so I could lay on my back, with my head just off the mattress. My hard cock pointed straight up to the ceiling.

“I want you to fuck my mouth,” I pleaded, pulling on the back of his thighs and opening my mouth wide.

Jack squatted slightly to angle his massive tool. He ran his dick head over my outstretched tongue before pushing it into my mouth. At this angle, he got about half of his dick in my mouth before hitting the entrance to my throat. He leaned over me, putting his hands on either side of my waist. I moved my head back to better open my throat’s entry point. His cockhead met resistance. I gagged, but I wanted to take more of his pole. I relaxed my throat and pulled down on his ass, signaling Jack to keep pushing. He pushed past the resistance and slid the full length of his meaty cock down my gullet.

I took steady breaths through my nose as he started to move his hips up and down, sliding his cock along my tongue and down my throat. Jack leaned down to take half of my cock in his mouth. He bobbed his head up and down my shaft while fucking in and out of my mouth. It felt amazing having him blow me. He turned it up a notch and started fingering me again. He stopped sucking me to suck on his finger, getting it wet with saliva. He resumed the oral pleasure and pushed his long pointer finger back up my ass. He added his middle finger, stretching my hole. And then he found it. He found my prostate, making my dick throb in his mouth. I moaned around his cock. Jack started pumping his hips faster, his balls slapping my nose and forehead.

He stuck a third finger into my hole and I instantly burst into his mouth. The second my cum hit his tongue, he pulled his hips up, flooding my mouth with his load. We both continued moaning on each other’s cocks while we swallowed our salty loads. He stood up tall, swung me around, and laid down next to me. We shared a sloppy kiss, exchanging saliva and the remnants of our salty cum. We broke apart and I rested my cheek on his hairy chest. He draped one arm around my shoulders.

“This can’t be the last time I see you like this,” he said.

“Don’t worry, it won’t be.”

To be continued…

**Author’s note: Thank you all for you kind feedback and call-outs to grammar/proofreading. I’ll admit it’s one of my bad habits. I tried to take more care here. Thank you for your support and patience as I navigate becoming a new writer. Cheers

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