my birthday present

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************************ My Birthday**************************************

For my birthday I told my wife, Brandy I wanted to go out for drinks, so she called a
girl I used to see on my sales route. Lori is a divorced libriarian type girl who is
a natural beauty and sexy as hell but doesnt know it. She is about 5’9″ 135 pounds great body
with long blond hair.. she was born in Denmark.Brandy always said Lori had a crush on
me, but i played it off saying no she doesn’t. But my wife said a woman knows these thing.
We talked about doing a threesome with her many times.We had her over a few times and
other than a kiss goodbye nothing happened.
We gave her a call and invited her over for drinks. She arrived that night in a very sexy
sun dress with sandals. As I was undressing her with my eyes Brandy was smiling knowing what
I was thinking. We grilled outside and had a few drinks and the mood was getting looser with
the alcohol. There was a few inunedos throw around and Lori seemed to go along with them.we
then headed in the house to clean up.As Brandy was doing the dishes she said to Lori you know
its Bobs birthday today. Lori said Happy Birthday and I said what no Birthday kiss?. Brandy
then chimed in thats ok I dont mind, give him a birthday kiss. Lori came over to kis me, it was
a soft kiss on my lips. I then pulled her closer and kissed her deeply, she pulled back and
looked at my wife. Brandy then came over to şişli escort us and said thats Ok Lori its Bobs birthday, and besides
he really likes you a lot, and I know you have the hots for him also. She protested she would never
do anything because she knew I was married. My wife then said she knew and thats why Bob was going to
make the first move and I am Ok with that.I then puled her close to me and we started kisssing and
feeling each other all over.Brandy said why dont we move this in to the living room.Lori and I
were making out on the couch acting like two teenagers.I then had her straps to her dress down and
was playing with her tits. They were medium sized and very firm with small hard nipples. I sucked
on them and licked her all over them as Brandy watched.Lori looked over to her and asked “are you
sure your ok with this?”Brandy said yes, let yourself go have fun.I worked her dress off her and
licked my way down to her pussy, it was shaven with a tiny patch of hair above it.I was eating her
out for what seemed like hours as she writhered around on the couch, pushing my head deper into her
pussy.Brandy then came up behind me and pulled down my shorts and my rock hard cock sprang out.She
started to jack my cock from behind. Brandy(and I)love to dirty talk, so she starts telling me to
eat Lori’s pussy. She was asking Lori how it felt to have her pussy eaten out by her husband.Lori was
moaning pretty good as she answered my wife. Then Brandy went up to Lori and licked her ear and
whispered into it, “Do you want to fuck my husband?” Lori moaned god yes, I have for over 3 years.
Brandy then said not yet just enjoy getting your pussy licked.Lori then said please I need it now.
Brandy then said, beg me if you want my husband to fuck you.As she begged,Brandy then asked me if I
wanted to fuck Lori right in front of her. I asked her if she would allow me to. she said maybe.
This went on for about ten minutes of me and Lori begging Brandy to let us fuck. Finally Brandy stuck
two fingers inside of Lori’s pussy and said I guess she is wet enough to fuck.Brandy grabbed my cock
and guided it into Lori’s pussy. It felt so warm and wet. I had her legs over my shoulders as I rammed
my dick deep inside her.The whole time my wife was kissing me and telling me to fuck Lori good, and
was asking Lori how good it felt to have another womans husband fuck her. I felt Lori’s pussy tighten up
and she had a pretty good orgasm.The feeling was awesome around my cock and I felt myself ready to cum.
I said I was gonna cum, Brandy grabbed my cock and pulled it out and guided it over Lori’s face and
jerked it off as I shot ropes of cum all over her face.As she licked it up Brandy was telling her
she was a dirty husband stealing slut and to make sure she got all of her husbands cum off her face.
I then put my cock into Lori’s mouth as she licked me clean.Brandy kept talking , telling her to get
her husbands cock nice and clean so she could fuck it also.I guess the dirty talk got Lori all excited
again and she started to cum again, without me even touching her.I went down and lapped up her juices
as she cummed all over my mouth.I got hard again from hearing my wife telling me to lap it up. Brandy then
climbed over a laying down Lori and told me to fuck her doggy style.As we fucked right over Lori’s face
Brandy told Lori to lick my balls as we fuck. The tightness of my wifes pussy, her telling Lori to suck
my balls and the feeling of Lori’s tongue on my balls made me cum pretty quickly. I filled up Brandys
pussy with my cum. as I was cumming Brandy told Lori to squeeze my balls and get all the cum out.
All three of us showered together soaping up each other, then we drank some more and watched TV in
our bed.Lori stayed the night. The next morning Lori and Brandy both sucked my cock at the same time.
feeling two mouths on my cock at the same time was sooooooooooooo intense.I thanked Brandy and Lori
for my Best Birthday present ever.Brandy said it was a lot of fun and whenever Lori wanted to join us
she should give us a call, but have respect for her and I and dont do anything stupid behind her back.
Lori said she would never hurt our friendship that way and if it made her feel better would only call
Brandy for the invite.After she left Brandy told me she knew Lori had the hots for me. And I said
Yes honey you were right….again!.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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