My Brother and His Boyfriend Ch. 04

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Disclaimer: So far my stories have only featured males, and this will continue to be the case for the most part. Part 3 of this chapter introduces Eli’s girlfriend Kimberly; if you’re so uninterested in women that you don’t even want to read about it, you might want to skip that part.



I’ve wanted to join Lars’s gym for months now, but I was usually too busy to drive all the way downtown like he did just to go there. This week, my dad was away for business, so I was staying with my mom and decided to hit the gym with Lars on Saturday.

We met in front of the gym; it was a sunny day and Lars greeted me with a huge smile and a passionate kiss. He got me a guest pass at the reception, and we went downstairs to the locker room. I felt a bit disoriented at this new place, but Lars was right at home. He took all his clothes off before I’d even unzipped my bag and stood next to me.

“I really want to work on my abs more,” he said, patting his hairless stomach. He had a visible six-pack, but like me he was still quite skinny.

“Aha,” I said, looking at him and grinning. It was the weekend and the locker room was full, with three other men changing right next to us.

“That and my obliques, these muscles here,” Lars said, pointing with his index fingers and making a V shape down his lower belly, going down to his smooth shaved cock. “That would be dope.”

“Yeah,” I said, pulling on my jockstrap before I got hard in front of everyone. “Really dope.”

Lars grinned at me one last time, and pulled on his shorts (no underwear) and a tank top. We went out to the gym floor.

I headed straight to a treadmill, mostly because I didn’t know my way around and it was the simplest thing to do. I watched

Lars go around and say hi to some people, a couple of the trainers who worked there. They, like most of the clientele, were visibly gay.

The gym was loud with thumping music, so I couldn’t talk to Lars too much when I was done with the treadmill. We grabbed a bench and took turns, Lars teasing me and grabbing his crotch whenever no one was looking. After a while, we went to one of the mats so he could do some crunches. I stood next to him and could see his entire dick and balls up the leg of his short shorts, which was exactly what he was trying to show off.

We soon got frustrated with how crowded the place was, so we decided to hit the showers and head out. We undressed in the locker room and wrapped towels around our waists, when Lars said we should go to the steam room first.

The steam room was a tiny one next to the showers in the men’s locker room. There were only two other men there, one with a towel wrapped around his waist and the other wearing board shorts. Lars unwrapped his towel, laid it on the top bench and lay on it, opposite the two men. The one wearing the shorts got up and left, and there were only the three of us left.

“So you like this?” Lars asked, lying on his back and looking my way. “Not too hot for you?”

“No,” I said, pretending I was more comfortable then I actually was. “Just hot enough.”

We were sweating within seconds. Lars closed his eyes, and started rubbing the sweat all over his torso. He went to his arms and legs next, and then moved his dick a few times, first to the right, then to the left.

He opened his eyes and looked at me and the only other man there. He looked to be in his early 40s, but had a decent body and salt-and-pepper hair. He gave a faint smile when Lars made eye contact with him.

Lars closed his eyes again and went back to rubbing himself. He started with his chest, went down his stomach, and then grabbed his dick and balls. He was getting hard, and even though it wasn’t easy to see in the steam room, our new buddy and I looked at Lars and enjoyed the view.

Lars was fully hard by now. He was squeezing his balls with his right hand and going up and down his shaft with his left. The heat was getting too much for me but I couldn’t leave. My heart was pumping hard and I wasn’t sure if it was the heat or the show. I was also hard now, and I glimpsed at the other man’s towel to see he was as well.

Lars started to arch his back and moan in ecstasy. I only took my eyes off him to look at antalya escort the door, to make sure no one would bust in. His movement was getting quicker and quicker. His moans got louder and I saw his toes curl up.

Then, I got up quickly, went to Lars and squeezed his balls, also pushing on his perineum and almost slipping my finger in his ass. He yelled out “Fuck,” as four or five shots of cum shot out of his dick, hitting his stomach, his face, and the bench he was on. My heart was pounding so fast I almost lost consciousness. I stormed out of the steam room like I was being chased, and ran to the nearest shower, which was thankfully just a few feet away. I turned on the cold water and breathed in deeply, as my body started to cool down. I was still hard and grabbed my dick and started to jerk off. I came within seconds, shooting on my feet and the tiles.

I stood there for a few minutes, just letting the cold water run down my body. I washed everything off and met Lars next to our lockers.

“Well that was fun,” he whispered with a smile, toweling himself dry. “That guy said he felt like he should leave me a tip.”

• PART 2: NOAH •

After hooking up with Darnell I got Grindr on my phone, but he and I never talked again. There were never many guys around when I was at the house, but I was staying at my mom’s for a few days and there were always plenty of new guys in that neighborhood.

I started chatting to a guy named Tim one day. He was only a year older, thin and blond, which was a nice change from all the older guys who tried to hit me up. He went to St. George’s University nearby, and came to the city whenever he could.

Texting with Tim was nice. He always replied quickly and made me smile. For a few days, we’d wake up in the morning to emoji-filled texts from the other person. We’d send each other photos of our food or books we were reading, as opposed to nude pics. But we’d never managed to meet in person, which is why when I’d heard Dad was going away for business, I knew I had to invite Tim over.

When the day came, I told my mom I had to pick up some books at Dad’s, and instead I picked up Tim and drove to the empty house. I was worried the ride would be awkward (we’d just met and we were sitting in a car together, not even facing each other) but it went okay. Tim had sent me plenty of selfies and I was happy to see his smile was just as nice in person.

When we got to the house, he didn’t want to drink anything other than soda, so I gave him one and played some music. He started talking to me about school, but I felt like we should be doing something more. This was a rare chance for us to be alone together. So I went up to him and started kissing him.

At first, he seemed a bit nervous, but after a few seconds he relaxed. I took both of our shirts off, and reached for his belt, when he asked me to stop.

“Can’t we just hang out?” he asked.

I was stunned. “Sure. It’s just, we met on Grindr, so I thought you wanted to…”

“Yeah,” he said awkwardly. “It’s just… The drive here took longer than I thought and it’s getting late, so we probably need to head out soon.”

“Yeah,” I said, feeling embarrassed and wishing this would all be over as soon as possible. “I said I’d be back soon as well.

“Maybe we should head out.”

“Sure,” he said and put his shirt back on.

The ride back was the most awkward car ride I’d ever seen.

• PART 3: ELI •

The main reason my ex-wife and I got a divorce was the complete lack of sex. After a few years of both of us trying to make money and run after the kids, things slowed down to the point of complete abstinence. We tried to rekindle it, but it just felt awkward and embarrassing. That was when we decided we’re better of separating, while we’re still young enough to have a shot with other people. She found someone within the year, and they’ve been together ever since.

Me, not so much. I buried myself in work. I went to trendy bars full of sexy younger women. I’d buy them a few drinks, we’d fuck, and then usually never hear back from each other again.

I realized Kimberly was the one who’d stuck around the longest. We both came from similar, strict families, but we’d gone two very different lara escort ways. She rebelled against her conservative Korean parents, falling out with them completely when she told them she’s bisexual. She was an artist, as were most of her friends, and I had no idea just how many tattoos and body piercings she had. I wore a suit 70% of my time, and had the office with the big windows on the top floor. Windows I sometimes felt like jumping out of.

We didn’t consider ourselves to be exclusive, even though she was the only woman I was having sex with (something that didn’t go both ways, I had a feeling). She was adventurous and introduced me to a lot of new things, something I loved about her, even though it took me out of my comfort zone. After all, I had a family and a high-stakes job, so I had to be discreet.

Kim and I never fought, mostly because she never took anything too seriously. Our first fight ever happened when she invited me to visit some friends of hers in New York with her… for a sex party.

“What’s the big deal?” she’d said. “It’s not like you know anyone there.”

“Kimberly, you gotta understand, I have to be careful. I don’t even know what the fuck a ‘sex party’ is supposed to be.”

“Just come with me, it’ll be fun. And you don’t have to do anything you’re uncomfortable with.”

“But I’m uncomfortable with going in the first place. If you wanna go so bad, just go, okay?”

“Without you?”

“Yes. I assume you still fuck around with others, so just go, have fun.”

As soon as I’d said it, I knew it was a mistake. Kim didn’t get upset, she just asked me to leave. For a week, I felt it eating at me. Work was a good distraction, until it got stressful and I felt even worse. I tried to book a massage with Thiago, but he was all booked for the next two weeks. Finally, I had to call Kimberly.

“Listen,” I said, half-surprised she’d picked up when I called her after work one evening. “I don’t do this often, but I have to apologize. I don’t think saying you ‘fuck around’ was quite fair.”

“No, it wasn’t.” Pause. “Do you even know why I wanna take you to that party so much?”

“You’re into that sort of stuff…”

“Kinda,” she said, “but that’s not it. I want you to come out of your shell. That’s what I keep tryna crack! You’re unhappy, I can tell. When work is over, and if you don’t have your family there to distract you, you don’t like your life. And you’re paranoid about trying out new things that might make you happy, as if you’re the President and you got people watching your every move. Next year, your kids will be off to college and you’ll be all alone then. Now, do you wanna live a little, or find yourself on your deathbed in a few years looking back at all the things you wish you’d done?”

“A: You’re extremely dramatic,” I said, “but you’re onto something. And B: I’m not ready to give you up as a part of my life yet. And I have a feeling that’ll happen unless I cave in this time. So I’m caving in. We can go to New York.”


I packed a bag, and told my sons I’m going to New York for work. I got Kim and me a nice hotel room, where we spent our entire first day in bed. She blindfolded me, handcuffed me to the bed, and told me to relax and let her lead the way.

The following day, we walked around Manhattan, and ended up a bar getting drinks before the party. “It’ll be just like any other party,” Kimberly reassured me. “Only… everything goes.”

We took a cab to Astoria, and got to the house where the party was after midnight, even though they’d told us we can be there at 8. It was hosted by two men Kim used to hang out with, who had moved to New York recently. They were a couple, but “not gay,” as she put it.

“Hi!” we were greeted by the guy who opened the door, completely naked. I was relieved. Kim had a gorgeous body, and I worried I might look like a troll next to all her friends. This guy looked perfectly average, awkwardly boney, with dark curly hair all over his body.

By this point I was drunk; I drank like a fish at the bar and it was really starting to hit me. I vaguely remember Kim introducing me to the hosts, both fully naked, one of them the guy at the door and the other a similar guy manavgat escort with a huge piercing on the head of his dick that I tried not to stare at. We went to the living room, where two guys in their underwear and two topless women were sitting around chatting about rent prices. I seemed to be the oldest person there, but surprisingly enough, I didn’t feel like I stuck out.

Kimberly grabbed us beers and led me to the living room (even though it was her first time at the apartment, she moved around with the confidence of someone who knows where everything is). The living room was darker, and I could make out a few couples sitting in different corners, and I could hear them kissing over the tantric music playing silently.

“Have a seat,” she said and pushed me down on the couch. It was a large couch, with another couple sitting at the end, but they didn’t acknowledge us. “Now, is this so scary?” she asked.

“Not really,” I admitted, and pulled at the collar of my t-shirt. I was thirsty, and a chug of my beer helped me relax.

Kimberly sat on my lap with her legs spread open, facing me. Her fingers and long fingernails went through my hair, and she told me to close my eyes and relax. She started kissing me, mouth wide open, forcing my tongue out of my mouth, forbidding me from being timid. She only broke apart for a second to take her shirt off, and she took my hands and guided them to her back, hinting that I should unhook her bra.

I heard movement on the other side of the couch and opened my eyes. The couple had moved, the woman was now lying on her back, her head only inches away from Kim’s knee. The guy was standing up, ready to start fucking her.

I’d never been in the presence of other people fucking, but I didn’t want to stare. I looked Kim in the eyes and undid her bra. Then I kissed her, full of confidence as I felt my dick get heard in my jeans. I pulled down her bra and started playing with her nipples, already hard at this point. I hear the other woman moan next to us, and I knew her partner had started fucking her because the whole couch was shaking – it was large but not very sturdy.

Kim undid my zipper and gave my cock a squeeze. I picked her up and moved to the large wooden table in the middle of the room. I sat on it, and Kim went on her knees. I faced the couple fucking on the couch, as Kim sucked my cock. She knew exactly how to tease me, she’d get me hard, focus on the head, then let it go completely and just play with my balls for a minute. She kept alternating as I watched my first live sex show, my head buzzing from the alcohol and what was happening around me.

“I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum,” I heard the guy from the couch exclaim. My dick was deep in Kim’s throat and under her control. I wonder if she heard him as well, because just as he started yelling out while cumming, she made me cum in her throat and swallowed all of it, like always. I tried to keep quiet but I let out a yell. It made the other couple make eye contact with me for the first time, and they both smiled.

“You… you’re fucking insane,” I told Kim, pulling her up as she smiled and kissed me. I could taste my cum in her mouth. I zipped up my pants and she led us to the kitchen, still topless, to get some water.

I drank my water staring at the wall, not wanting to talk to anyone else at the party. I asked Kim where the bathroom was and she said to try the hallway to the left. It was very narrow and dimly lit by the light coming out of the open bathroom door on the other end. I started walking in that direction when I realized there’s someone else in the hallway. I squinted my eyes and saw the two guys whose house we were at. The one with the pierced dick was fucking the other one up the ass, while he was leaning down on the facing wall, creating a ramp in the hall.

“Sorry, I have to go through,” I said, desperate to piss.

“Sorry, buddy,” the pierced guy said, and picked his partner up, pulling him closer to himself. “There you go.”

I squeezed in to walk through, coming face-to-face with them for a split second. The bottom had his eyes closed the entire time, head tilted back in pleasure. The entire time, the top’s hips kept thrusting back and forth, fucking him.

I peed quickly, wondering what it’d be like to fuck or piss with a pierced dick. I flushed and went back in the hallway, where the two men were still at it, this time the top thrusting harder and the bottom moaning louder. I walked right by them, to the kitchen, and asked Kimberly if we could leave.

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