My Brother, My Daddy


Susan Evans stared down at the pen and blank piece of paper she had in her hands. How was she going to tell him? Sighing Susan lay her head on the dining room table of her mom and dads house. Well, her house now. With her parents gone, she now owned the house along with Chris. Susan closed her eyes tightly at the image that flashed through her head.

She remembered the last night she saw her parents alive. She was lying on her bed hugging her old teddy bear that Chris had given her the day he left. Her thoughts drifted to her brother. He had escaped their parent’s strict rules and cold emotions. She had cried herself to sleep the day he left. He was the only reason she put up with her parents. When her father yelled and her mother screamed at her, she could deal with it because she knew that she could always go into her brother’s room where he would hold her. He was more of a parent to her than they ever would be. He took care of her. Made sure she always had money and clothes for school, always helped her with her homework.

Then one day he got fed up. It was the day of his graduation. Their mom and dad felt they had more important things to worry about then watching their son graduate college. Susan had gone and cheered the loudest when he got on stage to get his diploma. After his graduation he had all his things packed in his jeep. Hugging her tightly and handing her the teddy bear he left. Susan had fallen to her knees on the ground and watched through teary eyes as the one and only person she cared and loved left for good. That was five years ago. A knock on the door jerked Susan from her thoughts. She looked up to see her mom standing in the doorway dressed like she was going out.

“We’re going out.” Her mom said.

Susan sat up wondering where they would be going. She looked down at her shorts and t-shirt. She’d have to change her clothes if they were leaving.

“Not you. We as in your dad and I. You’re grounded for that shit you pulled the last time we took you somewhere.”

Susan sighed and lay back down on her bed. She remembered that day. They had actually taken her out with them to some stupid function thing they had to attend from work. Susan had been polite and friendly to everyone at the party. One of the men that worked with her parents must have taken a liking to her because he kept leering at her the entire time. She kept her distance from him and his uncomfortable gaze.

At the end of the party Susan and her parents were finally leaving when the man walked up behind her and slapped her ass. She turned around and slapped the man hard across the face. It turned out that he happened to be her parent’s boss. Once they got home her mother had given her the same treatment she had given the man and slapped her hard. She yelled at her for over an hour about being a no good daughter and possibly ruining her and her father’s careers. Susan had run into her room and locked herself in with tears running down her cheeks. She’d hugged the teddy bear tightly wishing with all her might that her big brother was there to protect her.

“We won’t be back for a couple of hours.”

“Fine.” Susan said dryly.

“Don’t you dare make a mess with your stupid cooking in my kitchen.”


“And if I hear you had any friends over you’ll be sorry.”


Her mother turned on her heel and left closing the door behind her. Susan stuck her hand under her pillow and pulled out a much worn piece of paper. A tear fell on it as she looked down at her brother’s loopy writing. She had read the letter over a hundred times but she never got tired of it.

Hey Baby girl,

I hope you get to this letter before those assholes you live with find out I sent it to you. I’m living with John in an apartment about two states from there. Remember John? The guy always had a major crush on you….baby I’m sorry I left you. I just couldn’t deal with their bullshit anymore. In two years you’ll be starting college and pretty soon you’ll be able to leave them too. My address is on the front of the envelope. I’d call you but I don’t want to risk them picking up the phone. Write to me when ever you feel like it. Don’t let those sorry excuse for parents get to you baby girl. Every time they give you grief just hug the bear I gave you and pretend I’m there comforting you. I love you sweetheart. Be strong okay? Can you be strong for your big brother? Write to me so I know how you’re doing. If anything happens let me know and I’ll be there in a heart beat no matter what.

Love, Chris

Susan had fallen asleep on her bed clutching the teddy bear and letter tightly in her hands. The sound of loud knocking had startled her awake. She knew it wasn’t her parents because they had keys. She ran downstairs and opened the door. Two cops with grim faces looked down at her.

“There’s been an accident…”


Susan paced nervously in the living room of her house. Chris was coming today. She had finally written to him and let him know. He had called last porno izle week when he received the letter she sent. He told her he had a surprise, and she couldn’t wait to see what it was. Susan looked down at her clothes to make sure she looked okay. Maybe she should’ve worn a skirt. She thought biting her lip. The black hip hugger jeans and tight red t-shirt she wore weren’t looking as good as she thought. She had her long brown hair loose like her brother always liked. The doorbell rang making her jump. Her heart started hammering in her chest as she walked towards the door. Taking a deep breath Susan opened the door with a big smile on her face. The smile fell when she saw her brother’s arm wrapped around a small blonde.

Chris grinned widely before stepping inside and wrapping his arms tightly around his sister.

“Hey baby girl.”

Chris’ husky voice rumbled in her ear. Susan held on to him in a vice grip never wanting to let go. She had missed him so much these past few years. He chuckled before pulling back. Susan smiled brightly.

“Hello big brother.”

Susan looked into his warm eyes, they’d always fascinated her. They were a Mediterranean blue; bright and beautiful. Her eyes drifted from his and she took a good look at him. He had changed so much from the brother she remembered. His light brown hair was short and spiked up at the front. His lips were full surrounded by a sexy five o’clock shadow. He filled out his black t-shirt nicely and she couldn’t help but stare at his strong arms. She could see black lines peeking under the sleeve of his right arm and was surprised to see it was a tattoo. His slightly baggy jeans were low on his hips and held up by a black belt. She noticed his sneakers were also black. She secretly wondered what he would look like without a shirt on.

An annoying coughing sound from behind them halted Susan’s thoughts. Chris stepped back and took the blonde girl’s hand.

“Susan. I’d like you to meet Tess. My fiancé.”

Susan felt like the air was sucked out of her lungs. Fiancé? She blinked rapidly a couple of times, never taking her eyes off the girl. She had curly blond hair that went to her shoulders. Her eyes were an ice blue and were currently narrowed in what Susan thought was anger and . . . hate? Her breasts were big at least one size bigger than Susan’s so had to be a D cup.

“Hi.” Tess said in a high whiny voice.

Susan winced when she heard her. Urgh! That voice was gonna take some getting use to. Susan looked up at her brother who was watching her expectantly. Susan forced a tight smile on her face.


“So. You gonna let us in or are we just gonna stand in the door way all day?”

Susan grinned at her brother. She stepped back and let them in. They walked into the living room and sat down on the love seat. Susan took a seat across from them on her favorite chair. Tess had her hand on Chris’ knee and was rubbing small circles on his thigh. Susan looked up at her. Tess was staring right at her a smirk on her face. She leaned in and gave Chris a kiss on the lips her eyes never leaving Susan’s. Susan felt anger and to her surprise jealousy flare inside her. The hoe needed to get her paws off her brother. An idea popped into her head and she smirked at Tess before bursting into tears. Chris was at her side in an instant.

“What’s wrong baby?”

Susan covered her face with her hands her shoulders shaking uncontrollably. Partly from holding in her laughter and partly from her ‘tears’. Chris immediately engulfed her in his arms. Susan hugged him back tightly, looking up at Tess with a shit eating grin on her face. Tess’ eyes narrowed in hatred and she crossed her arms over her chest. Chris pulled back and wiped away the tears from Susan’s face. Susan looked at him with her most innocent expression, a small pout on her face. “Don’t pout honey. What’s wrong?” Susan bit her bottom lip and looked down at her hands. “What’s gonna happen when you leave? You’ll go off and get married and have babies and f-forget about me.” Susan burst into tears for real this time. What if that really did happen? She would have nobody. She didn’t have a boyfriend, they’re parents were only children so they had no aunts or uncles, and both their grandparents were dead. She was on her last year of college, what would she do after?

Chris stood up and lifted her in his arms before sitting down on the chair. He cradled her like he used to when they were younger while she cried on his shoulder. After she was done crying Chris kissed her tears away.

“I’ll never leave or forget about you. You’re my baby girl.” Chris whispered smiling softly at her. Susan wrapped her arms around him and buried her head in his neck. She couldn’t help but kiss him softly there. She was happy to feel him tighten his arms around her. Susan heard the annoying cough again. She moved so she could see the look on Tess’ face and smirked at her.

“You can put her down now. She’s not a baby.” Tess said raising her eyebrow at Chris.

Chris amatör porno made a move to get up but Susan tightened her arms around his neck.

“No. Hold me.” Susan whispered. “Please daddy.”

Susan felt Chris stiffen slightly at her words before sitting back and holding her close.

“Chris!” Tess shrilled. Her whiny voice making Susan wince again.

“Tess calm down. My sister’s sensitive. She needs me to hold her right now. Why don’t you go to the Chinese store around the corner and get us something to eat? I need to be alone with Susan for a little while.”

Tess huffed and reluctantly got up. Susan stuck her tongue out at her while her brother wasn’t looking. Tess gave her a look of pure loathing before she walked to the door. They heard the door shut and Chris pulled away from her slightly to look in her face.

“So. What do you think of Tess?”

Susan rolled her eyes and looked away from him.

“Aren’t you guys a little young to get married?”

Chris grinned. “Baby girl I’m twenty six. That’s old enough to get married.”

Susan pouted and looked up at him from under her lashes. Chris brought his thumb to her puffy bottom lip.

“Baby don’t pout.” Chris whispered.

Susan’s tongue peeked out of her lips and she licked his thumb. Chris smiled and rubbed her lip again. This time she sucked his thumb into her mouth nipping on the tip. Chris started to pull his hand away but Susan held on to his wrist. She sucked his thumb deeper into her mouth before pulling it out slowly, looking into his eyes.

“Baby.” Chris groaned softly.

Susan rubbed her cheek against his hand, kissing his palm.

“Why do you always call me that?” Susan whispered.

“Call you what baby?”

“That. Baby.”

Chris ran his fingers through her soft brown hair.

“Cause that’s what you are. You’re my baby girl.”

Susan sat up and straddled his lap. She wrapped her arms around his neck and buried her face in his neck.

“And you’re my daddy.” Susan whispered.

Chris’ arms went around her and he hugged her tightly to him. Susan pulled back slightly and started to kiss his neck. She nibbled and sucked on it before slowly kissing her way from his neck to his jaw. When she reached his mouth Chris moved back.

“Baby. You shouldn’t be doing this.”

“Let me kiss you. Please. Please daddy.” Susan whispered grinding her hips against him.

Susan felt Chris’ cock harden under her.

“Yes.” Susan said breathlessly. Her head was thrown back and her eyes were closed in pleasure. “Want me.”

She rotated her hips harder against him. Pulling him forward Susan pressed her lips against his. Chris cupped the back of her neck and kissed her harder. Susan moaned into his mouth. His other hand was rubbing up and down her side very close to her breast. Susan sucked his bottom lip into her mouth before resting her forehead against his.

“Touch me.” Susan panted.

Chris cupped her breast in his hand, his thumb rubbing her distended nipple. Susan moaned louder and felt her pussy juice gush into her panties. The sound of crunching gravel made Chris jerk his hand from her breast.

“No.” Susan whimpered.


As if saying the name made Chris come to his senses about what they were doing; he stood up putting Susan to her feet.


“We shouldn’t have done that.”

“‘Why? You made me feel so good.”

Chris looked over at Susan. She could see he was having an internal battle with himself. He knew what they did was wrong but he couldn’t help but want her.

Chris sighed shaking his head. “No baby girl. It’s bad. Tess is my fiancée. We’ll be married soon. No more, okay?”

Susan felt tears well up in her eyes. When Tess knocked on the door and Chris went to open it, Susan ran upstairs. She locked the door and lay on her bed tears streaming down her face. She clutched her teddy bear in her arms tightly. Eventually she cried herself to sleep.


Susan woke up to a knock on her door.


She heard her brother’s muffled voice from the other side of the door. She really didn’t want to see him right now. Susan snuggled deeper into her bed and stared at the wall.

“Baby girl open the door.”

Susan covered her head with her pillow. Chris knocked a couple of more times before she heard him walk away. Sighing she hugged her pillow to herself. Looking at the clock on her bedside table she saw it read three in the afternoon. If that stupid bitch hadn’t come Chris wouldn’t have stopped. She lay there for half and hour thinking up a plan. Smiling she sat up. Tess would be gone and she’d have Chris by the end of the week. First she needed to make a phone call.

After speaking to her friend Susan got up from bed. She needed to change her clothes if she was gonna go about in seducing her brother and getting Tess out of the picture. She took out a small black skirt, and a red tight T-shirt. She took off both anal porno her bra and panties before putting on her clothes. Looking down at herself Susan pinched and pulled on her nipples so they stuck out. Her skirt was short stopping right below her ass cheeks. She didn’t tie her brown hair letting it fall down her back in loose curls.

Kyle would be arriving in twenty minutes and she needed to be downstairs when he did. She opened the door and strolled downstairs where she knew Chris and Tess where. Susan ground her teeth when she saw Tess with her tongue down her brother’s throat. Susan watched Tess slide her hand down his chest and onto his cock which started to harden instantly. She couldn’t let that bitch keep touching her brother. She stepped back so they couldn’t see her.

“Chris?” She stomped her feet in place then came down the last step.

She walked into the living room to find Tess sitting next to Chris. Sauntering passed them she sat on the chair in front of the couch making sure to keep her legs slightly parted. A wave of satisfaction ran through her when she noticed that Chris couldn’t take his eyes off her legs. Tess glared at her.

“Are you okay baby girl?” Chris asked his eyes traveling up her legs. He lingered between her legs before continuing to look at her distended nipples then finally to her face.

“She’s fine Chris. She was just being a little drama queen.” Tess said in her whiny voice.

Susan opened her mouth to answer but the door bell rang. Susan grinned and got up. “That must be Kyle.”

She went to get the door swaying her hips provocatively for Chris’s pleasure. She smiled when she opened the door and Kyle grinned at her. He was handsome with his short blonde hair and green eyes. If she wasn’t so hung up on her brother she wouldn’t mind going out with Kyle.

“Hey.” He licked his lips when he saw her outfit.

Susan smiled. “Hey. Come on they’re over here.”

When she called Kyle earlier she had asked him to take Tess out of her hair for a few hours so she could have a chance alone with Chris. Susan knew no one could resist Kyle’s charms and convinced him to do everything that he could to get Tess to sleep with him. She needed a video proof to give to her brother so he’d leave that hoe and stay with her.

Susan felt Kyle slap her ass and she turned her head to wink at him. Chris looked up quickly when they walked back into the room. Susan grinned when she saw Tess checking Kyle out.

“Guys this is Kyle.”

“Nice meeting you.” Kyle shook Chris’ hand. He shook Tess’ hand but lingered a few seconds making sure to keep eye contact with her.

They sat down and all started talking. Susan noticed the looks her brother kept giving her and she couldn’t help teasing him a bit. She made sure her legs were slightly parted so he had a good view of her shaved pussy. Tess was too occupied with Kyle to notice. Kyle on the other hand saw everything and grinned.

“So, I’m going over to that new mall they built. Do you wanna come?” Kyle asked Tess.

“Oh, I don’t know…” Tess looked over at Chris.

“Go ahead have fun.” Chris said never taking his eyes off Susan.

“Okay let’s go.” Kyle shook Chris’ hand then turned to give Susan a kiss on the cheek. Susan turned her head and gave him a quick kiss on the mouth.

Kyle smiled before walking out the door with Tess.

“Come here baby girl.” Chris commanded.

Susan got up slowly and stood in front of him her hands behind her back. Chris looked her up and down.

“You know what you look like in that outfit?” Chris asked.

Susan bit her lip and shook her head.

“A little slut.”

Susan felt her pussy gush even more at his words. Teasing her brother had made her extremely wet especially knowing that Kyle had been there watching them.

“Do you like little sluts?” Susan asked biting her lip.

“Come sit on daddy’s lap.” Chris said leaning back against the couch.

Susan closed the distance between them and straddled his lap. Her skirt rode up and her glistening pussy was in perfect view.

“Look at what a little whore you are.” Chris murmured sliding his hand under her to touch her weeping cunt. “You’re so wet for me.”

Susan gyrated her hips moaning when his fingers brushed her clit. He dipped one finger inside her fucking her slowly.

“More. Oh please daddy fuck me more.” Susan whimpered.

Chris grinned wickedly and added two more fingers inside her. He picked up the pace finger fucking her faster. Susan moaned and lifted her hips riding his fingers. Her juices ran down his hand and arm as she continued to fuck herself.

“Take off that scrap you call a shirt and let me see those tits.” Chris commanded rubbing her clit in fast circles.

Susan lifted her t-shirt over her head freeing her breasts. Her nipples where hard as bullets and she desperately wanted his mouth on them.

“Suck them.” Susan panted as she fucked his hand.

Chris took one of her rosy nipples into his mouth and sucked hard. Susan cried out and increased the pace. When Chris bit down hard on her nipple Susan screamed out his name and shuddered violently from her climax.

Chris pulled his hand out of her pussy. His fingers and hand were wet from her cunt juice.

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